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1-15 5:20pm Bobby and Deke, Saints Free Agents

Jan 15, 2014|

Unrestricted free agents: Strief, Jenkins, & Charles Brown…who stays and who goes? Bobby and Deke talk Saints free agency with ESPN Saints Beat Writer, Mike Triplett.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's on top of the New Orleans Saints or ESPN espn.com. My trip big John just now Mike fifteen unrestricted free agents for the black and go what are some that those stick out for you as far as maybe it's can be close close or difficult to his. To say may be whether they stay all go. You know thanks for at me I got this split -- as daunting as some other years -- salary this year but it served for the Saints -- The list isn't too overwhelming compared to a few recent years we've seen obviously Jimmy Graham has. Number one on the list and they will find a way to bring him back I think negotiations could last a while the it's gonna be a groundbreaking contract. He'll be that I've stayed tight and never -- a -- -- a wide receiver money. So it could take a lot sort that out but he'll eventually be back one way or another. And then three other really full time players. Zach -- Brian Bill Clinton about to -- I think all three guys -- has the Saints would make an attempt to bring back four or stand that weren't that big at all because. Candidates are sort of the Jonathan Goodwin Scott Fujita treatment where. It's another team is that -- more money it might not be able to org bring them back. And you know aren't -- I was looking -- Zach -- for instance that I think yeah he was steady this year compared to last year amendment had a terrible game against the Chiefs. In the superdome but I he was pretty steady this year but I could see a scenario. A -- if you agree with this. That all of a sudden. Maybe not I don't know who you paying denied paying bit. He got arms that -- left tackle and they would keep going to Charles Brown to put him at right tackle. Not a not a necessary it would help their running game considering how well they ran at the end but I think there will make an effort. To sign as extreme but I think more you look at along the offensive line. Because it's happened in the past going backe into Lecharles Bentley not a different as far as the money involved and Jeff -- and John I think he'll win. But then maybe the likes of if the price is too high when it would be dealt with the exact asking for the -- could go the route of timlin lead till maybe instead of the -- And an immediate mentioned at right tackle right there so yeah -- -- a year more experience Toledo he quietly been a really solid. I think street might have had the best year of any offensive line and overall studious but. I wouldn't be shocked at all to see them then move on to elect the right there there. At right tackle or maybe even -- -- you never know but. That is one area yeah Toledo it's better it is about split I don't know did you bet to get an awkward delighted this don't want to protect it does well actually at -- -- or the other I don't think -- probably bet that he's also an unrestricted create it. And he's probably world -- just seen her after the weather here ended up. Now Mike when you look at Malcolm Jenkins then and I think Malcolm Jenkins is. NFL starter. Now to say he's lived up to the number one billing I think he's been a little too inconsistent. And they were drafted bowl in the same area him in -- -- but I think they can it would Carroll's outstanding. His first year is especially you know not missing tackles and and but the one thing about -- -- guy going -- I think Rob Ryan likes this and even coach Peyton. It is that his versatility. And not a pure saved the obviously do when you look at. Well Gillis even this scenario. That everyone's healthy in I don't know how. Dubai -- is gonna come back Willis age of Barger you guys Keenan Lewis and there's argument that that -- The third corner or nickel corner. Their Malcolm Jenkins is as rob probably right there with any album. Whether it would have been you know Patrick Robinson arm Corey white. Our who'd know sweeting how they could develop. But but I still think that they would wanna keep Jenkins not necessarily. Maybe would he might be asked -- him and his agent but -- and I think -- like the versatility that he brings. But obviously I think he's been a good player. Nothing eight extraordinary. Like not that what I'm trying to say not necessarily number one draft pick that I think and a level like abaco. It's such a change people who have been -- -- -- on those it's such an -- per carry it even when he had a really down here last year. I thought he made a lot of bad plays that -- -- -- made more good -- this is such a big play potential guy -- and you know he's been elected captain twice to their credit they're pretty young guy. We talked to -- about football these little brat and he -- you know that's such a present for the game but yet he gets out and consistently. Delivered on that potential and it's it's it's almost frustrated double chain is I think in a really good start -- that -- and rob Brian B yeah. And you're right they use him remembers the way indicated the -- all. I think that's like their nickel package -- -- these instead recorders. That it no question now I think. Playing under Rob Ryan is -- better or am. I think he's going to be an asset to whatever team he ends up on Arabia and be permanent new coach maybe he'll finally turned into a star player I think you. Beat you at the talent and get the drive. Smarts. It -- me. It sort of overrun plays Terry you know overreact -- things too much but now. He. You know that you still only twenty article six it will be guided it. -- -- -- -- If you get it would not be surprised policy at sort of early break out his career but I I've I've been expecting a lot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now might get these are names obviously All Saints fans that the fans who dat nation -- familiar way and you would think because there's salary and also an injury like a Will Smith. -- mean that to -- you know that thank you in and we appreciate what you've done I think Roman Harper. I'm looking at you know their cab cost sending you broken down did an unbelievable an outstanding job. That you look at Joseph prior gray hair and then I am -- the rumor is his knees are pretty bad as nudges a minor knee injury. And then you look at the likes of Lance Moore and and I think that the progression mckinny's bills. A bad -- you wanna keep lands with the -- like almost four million dollars. And then Bunkley I mean he's been heard of announces a lot of familiar names and even a Pierre Thomas at three million. So it is -- -- -- -- a lot of players that I think that we are familiar waiting you mention that like that a Scott Fujita is in all the world in the past. The media you go to different direction. Like what happened with -- to go and Carl Nicks -- ride on and on that. You know that you might go to different directions only because. And not so much at times our ability of what you have and the pay them. No no question -- -- -- area who are under contract. And at some out. We're interest in with the Saints -- last year more than any other year. A lot of guys to take -- to stay it's sort of a touchy said that you don't wanna do that to our. Alec you know we got hurt decent salary spoke to a from under domino Deuce McAllister apparently expert. Last year Will Smith on them and Roman Harper albeit I spent so you know it. It's I applaud a player -- you realize that you know this -- my market but I in my arm but I'd like state. So I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of those guys are willing it may be. You know take a pay -- stick -- And that includes well at the Roman Harper and like those guys so much needed to stay at male -- own one year one million dollars to trying to comebacks on record as saying. Any of them are -- -- but yet two guys that can't be packed their salary. When you look at their role. Morrissey chipped in on that here so guys that -- but I don't really surprised at how he -- take a -- and still remain. He would definitely and number three receiver and still step in and number two receiver this year so I'm interested to see what happened there cinema Bunkley I think he finally. And had a nice year this year and has -- if it was in nights here and split -- -- think that that that's -- 21 out of -- and -- your -- There are peppering -- be interesting to watch Pierre Thomas had a great year I would. Even put in my that -- Except for the fact that. Marking harming your round -- also an extra. Extra hard investment or running back -- when you're under cap constraints. ESPN Saints beat writer for ESP espn.com. My trip a trip how could folks following you on Twitter. That's just my name Mike Triplett Eric PL ETT Arab they -- -- -- album in Belgrade. Hold greeted -- -- pick between -- a follower. Click on the little. I might we will get tortoise and sense in the batted back a quarterback from -- good -- cut -- -- -- do you think he's in the Belmont all right but it. Robredo and thought it. Just thank you so much we appreciate. It.