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1-15 5-6pm Bobby and Deke, Is Jimmy Graham a priority?

Jan 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number two -- sports so he's the case he came Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia dot first break. ESP and it beat Roddick over the New Orleans Saints might trip will be what -- -- about. The free agent. At the New Orleans Saints -- who's like in his -- who is likely to go will be -- troops thought on that. Professor of sports -- to a university. Gave Delmon will be what is in the 6 o'clock out to talk about how the judges. Is rejected in the NFL concussion settlement -- this thing that's not enough. So it's continue to be a story this offseason about concussion awareness and the concussion. Settlement. Drew Brees will be what do citizens clock now senior -- -- -- -- comic Brian Lazar we'll visit with us. As well and you'll head -- to the LSU sports network at 730 on 870 a M. As LSU was on the road Ole -- both teams -- 11 in conference play. Did it for game five so right where they are very even as we into the thick. Of the conference of them against the first wave of conference play LSU coming off a victory at South Carolina. On Saturday and -- -- -- thoughts on the players that are forgoing any remaining eligibility for the LSU football team in any of dates. On the who could possibly be knicks' offensive line coach for the LSU tiger like Brent Grimes could be be a front runner. Right now had a successful stint at the university of Auburn. And with said he was there with gene was there any -- was there and obviously Cam Newton won national championship one of the best rushing offenses in football -- Cope -- seasons. And this past year not as good as a -- he was at west -- detect. But the -- one of the worst offenses in college football season that's across the board Russian passing. And told at a 123 team 2109. -- We'll get Bryant's thoughts on that. Operated jaguar opinion poll online at WW dot -- should Jimmy Graham be the number one priority for the Saints. This offseason. To 601878866889087. Unrestricted free agent at the Saints have off fifteen. They are -- back Jon Vilma. Offensive tackle Zach Strief. Safety Jordan -- Wide receiver Robert Meachem quarterback you McNown. Safety Malcolm Jenkins. Linebackers Kenyatta Dawson will haring Ramon -- Kicker Shayne Graham. I mean Jimmy Graham. Tackle Charles Brown. Sent a brand at a point day. In defensive -- Kenya on Coleman. Totals of the unrestricted free agents. Think their four restricted. Players Joseph Morgan Tom Johnson -- on the Reggio bush. And two players on exclusive rights. Tackle -- Harris and cornerback Kevin way. To the -- -- to go to -- for JR JR thank you for calling WW well. Year ago going to be decent. Although a couple of comment -- open this. Bigger than it did Malcolm Jenkins -- that enough. Earned himself another country or what the -- -- you are over you were our group which recital defend the current record of actual book landed I can keep permanent essentially typical. Well read one -- Raphael is restricted so you got Alou would be got a little more room in August it's a wiggle room. A day off with that one compared to Deke easing is unrestricted how point this out TV week. It was a last that we spoke -- -- they -- the coaches showed this was that could be. -- his game going into the books game in him and we have Bobby pose a question was asked about the last play it was camp and a touchdown pass and sneakers and a shout amen. Put a hand on him but didn't bring him down. And now it's -- basic came out saying look well that -- who was both today was that play Malcolm's he's he's having a very good year and so. About what coach Payton says not Rodriguez's had a had a good year now. What kind of contract without about. And this is probably -- the money contract think about what the last time -- one Malcolm was signed you know come out of Ohio State. We of the first round pick him now so this -- that second contract. Usually money contract. What the market bands and when he beat test the waters. Will have to wait and see I don't I don't know if he's -- make. What some of the top two safeties in the league in the -- -- but I would I would think that JR but did -- in. I don't evaluate these for you like these coaches do and Nate they know obviously more about. What this is what we see you know we put it all together they do -- that that's -- I don't do it for -- But from I think I speak fairly wind and nine you'd Timmy if you get -- you think the top. Flight safety in his league Malcolm things is not a top flight safety -- easier good safety. -- say yes -- may be coming off the British year. In black and go as a pro but as a top flight safety made may -- you know the -- he can become one under coach rob Bryant. Maybe he's on their way but right now I don't think -- year. -- -- -- He's kind of up and down but up by Rebecca from -- from larger numbers somewhat but traditionally been welcomed. Him. America in the world -- -- review upper orbit. And the group that has been put aside I don't see him return and do you figure it will gross three at this sort protocol and. Where are living in everything you do is there was there was a drop ball. When it went -- wood in there and they were all agree with that and it don't matter whose whose start. It to start -- down the quarterback on our team has come and after we don't know net animated that it happens every week it in the National Football League when it happens. So you hope -- jacket maintained. But TDs easy and maintain on. Or easy easy easy you know -- retain that position -- continue to be. A star in his Lee and I do think that you know when when Grier was out. And you know what when Louis won now that. It was it was a drop ball wasn't serviceable if it was serviceable but. We got picked doll so we'll we'll -- we'll -- and policies are what they did they would look at -- direction know for sure at least see what's available. After. Any little. -- to -- on the break on that particular. He's on top of the New Orleans Saints or ESPN espn.com. My trip big John just now Mike fifteen unrestricted free agents for the black and go what are some that -- stick out for you as far as maybe it's can be close close or difficult to his. To say may be whether they stay all go. It'll thanks for me have me out guys this split -- as daunting as as some other years or seller at the shoot out it served for the Saints. On the list isn't too overwhelming compared to a -- recent years we've seen obviously Jimmy Graham has. Number one on the list and it will find a way to bring him back to negotiations could last a while it's going to be a groundbreaking contract. They'll beat I've stayed tight and never a pride do a wide receiver money. So it could take a lot of sort that out but he'll eventually be back on where another. And then three other really full time players. -- -- Brian Bill Clinton and Malcolm Jenkins. I think all three guys are at the Saints would make an attempt to bring back four or staying that would that they can all because. Candidates sort of that Jonathan Goodwin Scott Fujita treatment where if another team is that -- more money the Saints might not be able to afford to bring -- And you know -- trim I was looking to exact treat for instance that ID -- he was steady this year compared to last year -- had a terrible game against the Chiefs. In the superdome but he was pretty steady this year but I guess he -- scenario. -- tell if you agree with this. That all of a sudden. Maybe not I don't know who you pain -- not paying bit. He got arms that -- left tackle and they would keep like the Charles Brown to put him at right tackle. I don't know how that necessarily would help their running game considering how well they ran at the end and I think there will make an effort. To sign as extreme but I think more you look at along the offensive line. Because it's happened in the past going back he meant Lecharles Bentley not to different as far as the money involved and Jeff -- and John anything go and but then maybe the likes of if the price is too high -- it would be dealt with the exact asking for the -- could go the route -- -- lead till maybe instead of the eloquent. And and he -- mentioned at right tackle right there so yeah even as a year more experience it the Leo he quietly been a really solid and I. I think street might have had the best -- of any offensive linemen -- all -- studious. I wouldn't be shocked at all to see them them move on -- breaks terrorists there. And at right tackle or maybe even a -- you never know but. That is one area -- little lead or center it is about it and you wanna do that to get proper delighted this don't want to attack it don't quite see it at net or the other -- they -- probably bet that he's also an unrestricted free agent. Your -- world to me to see her after the way this year ended up. Now Mike when you look at I'm Malcolm Jenkins then and I think Malcolm Jenkins is NFL starter. Now to say he's lived up to the number one billing I think he's been a little too inconsistent. And they were drafted -- in the same area hemming Geneva Carroll but I think they can it would Carroll's outstanding. His first year is especially you know not missing tackles and and but the one thing about -- -- guy going -- I think Rob Ryan likes this and even coach Peyton. It is that his versatility. Then not a pure saved the obviously do when you look at Gillis even this scenario. That everyone's healthy in I don't know how. Jabari Greer is gonna come back Willis age of Barger you guy Keenan Lewis the there's argument that that -- The third corner or nickel corner. Their Malcolm Jenkins is as rob probably right there with any album. Of whether it would have been you know Patrick Robinson arm Corey white. Our who'd know sweeting how they could develop. But but I still think that they would wanna keep Jenkins not necessarily. Maybe would he might be asked him for him and his agent -- -- but I think -- like the versatility that he brings. But obviously I think he's been a good player. Nothing eight an extraordinary. Like not that what I'm trying to say not necessarily a number one draft pick that I think -- a level like abaco. It's such good shape people who -- -- greens -- on I don't it's such an advocate for about drink it even when he had a really down here last year. I thought he made a lot of bad -- that surely try to make more good it's honesty it's such a big. -- potential guy -- and you know he's an elected captain twice which is impressive her young guy. We talked to about football these little brat and he just you know that's such a pass of the game but it. Yet he gets out and consistently. Delivered on that potential -- and it's it's it's almost frustrating don't change it and I think in a really good start to the -- and rob Brian B yeah. They direct you to remember so late inning in the car all I think that's like their nickel package had reached safety that spent the recorders. So there's no question now. I think. Play in and around Bryant is it -- better -- -- -- I think he's going to be an asset to whatever team he ends up on media and new permanent new coach -- finally turning into a star player I think you cut the talent and get the drive a Smart. It at any sort of overrun plays Terry you know overreact to things too much but. He and he you know -- still only twenty article six they'll repeat it. Well -- opportunity. -- -- would not be surprised policy that sort of -- break out his career but I I've been expecting a lot of paper or or or or are. Now might get these are names obviously All Saints fans that the fans who dat nation are familiar way and you would think because there's salary and also an injury like a Will Smith. I mean I -- to -- you know that thank you in and we appreciate what you've done I think Roman Harper. I look -- you know their cab cost sending you broken down did an unbelievable an outstanding job. You look at Jabari Greer. And then am -- the rumor is his knees are pretty bad is that just a minor knee injury. And then you look at the likes of Lance Moore Bryan and I think that the progression mckinny's bills. A bad -- you wanna keep lands but but nodded like almost four million dollars. And then Bunkley I mean he's been heard of announces a lot of familiar names and even a Pierre Thomas at three million. So it is as. There's going to be a lot of players that I think that we are familiar winning you mention that like that and Scott PG does that all the world in the past the media you go to different direction. Like what happened with John to go and Carl Nicks bush tried on and on that. You know that you might go to different directions only because. And not so much at times -- -- who -- you having to pay them. No no -- -- -- and get in that area and all are under contract. And at some out. We're interacting with the Saints who last year more than any other year. A lot of pats to take much to stay in it it's sort of touchy sent that you don't wanna do that to our. Alec you know we got a decent salary. Open look from time to time -- -- Deuce McAllister apparently expert. That you Will Smith John -- Roman Harper albeit. And so you know it's. It's it's I applaud a player when he realised -- -- -- you know this is our market value tomorrow but I like steak. So wouldn't be surprised -- a lot of those guys are willing. Maybe. You know take a pay -- stick around. And that includes well at the Roman Harper and like those guys so much needed it to say male -- own one year one million dollars it's gonna come backs on record as saying any of them are on pressure but yet two guys they can't -- -- their salary. When you look at their role. Morrissey chipped in on that he has so that up but I don't really surprised at how he it's actually still remain. He was definitely the number three receiver and still step in the number two receiver this year so. Our -- to see what happened there and the Bunkley I think he's finally. -- -- -- -- here this year and has speed and if it was -- -- here and split time which I think that that that -- to wanna ordering gallery your so. Yet there are peppering him -- into it too much Pierre Thomas had a great year I would. Put in my that where. Except for the fact that. Marking -- -- but also an extra. Extra hard and -- or running back here under cap constraints. ESPN Saints beat writer for ESP espn.com. Mike Triplett trip how could folks following you on Twitter. That's it my name Mike Triplett era IT LE ET and they -- comedians in that come on the -- a belt major. All great idiot picked to keep your wanna follow it click on the -- I might we would get -- and -- in the batted back a quarterback from Iowa good hair cut -- a -- do you think he's in the Belmont all right but it. Hey we're -- out and look at it like it is. Jim thanks so much appreciated. Sunday's championship Sunday of the AFC championship game. Follow by the NFC team to gain -- him Bronco Seahawks and nine all right year. On WWO. Radio don't get to Pomona on Friday and John Bobby and myself we will be. On the west bank and down ball four in Harvick talking Saints elbow AFC and NFC champion teams and for college football recruiting that will be Friday from four entity and the -- In the bones down nets as you'd bones no -- in the palpable Gordon. Sports talk. Right there on the Wednesday and drive forty big fans the media over -- beat VT. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She did -- Graham be the number one priority for the Saints this offseason can't civil I'm Debbie did you go. Dot com arraignment leaves us off for a friend thank you for calling WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You noted Drew Brees -- we're talking about there was an opportunity. I think that Slaton had to. So where do you rate slipped would be altered to Seattle and important and it's evident. And they also law emphasis global problem as many games that they couldn't close out. To me I love jewelry and Drew Brees. And all of a selfish. And to me he'd take a pay cut. Because basically he's busy and it does somebody who also that we have this year. Well suited as a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In time if -- -- that they keep that bad. On the best of them the most shall. We to me at that as opposed to grow. Vietnam -- it would get above all image that you and I think and act back immediate impact on the strength we have so it would -- young -- in due in court and a our turn to sit and and I think they need to go to one or more 12 -- system that is real fullback back by committee. I think that place and a great opportunities you that it took to him too and it. But put vehicles and it is difficult it is not. Everything but he aid to go to Asia an -- job. And the second of Kolb and AJ would be has played lights out they really did -- are qualities as a we do you know. The cornerback position a hockey who has played a good -- dog eat. And you know why they keep it -- tactic is expected attacked him without he was on the field. Yet -- it and you look at it be innocent is C. Good because I think. Rain pounding Jabari where I mean I heard his knees hurt Brad -- and Holly's gonna come back from that did you look at -- his age. And at his age so. I mean though what direction we go. You know to help out Keenan Lewis could you really need. Official word to probably even three of four cover guys so. In you know that is given Ares that you definitely have to address and you hope all -- you hold that Corey why -- -- -- developed. I don't know how -- -- as it goes back I'm from his knee. Also known as a lot of questions but. When you look at opportunities. I think any part of San Francisco. I think you're talking about. Back in 2011. Well that that battles all of the defense. -- you score what thirty some points. Drew Brees is outstanding game ago when you think about it. And we took the lead twice and the five minutes the goal in the game -- in the blues and Buddha but I think on now this side. Of the point so to -- you look at the gloves against Seattle I -- the -- play winning football. You know it's buster to move on and maybe get that NFC championship. We've talked about you need like Drew Brees to take a pay cut. Okay that would be along the lines of saying you -- Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers Peyton Manning to take a pay cut when he hasn't they don't know about him Mabry struck -- it gets it they don't need to take a -- to help the team. You go back and look at a lot of these guys they'd be taking they've restructured. They don't take a cola. Yet he had that that's O'Bannon and then you know a lot of obviously a high expectation -- and and -- of the territorial what we're paying him. And everything but it ABC that Drew Brees is. That he's trending downward in our he's descending no I mean if you look he just finished this season. You've heard me say this you can devote more of 5000 yards for a third straight time third straight year and a fourth overall. Andy when you look at NFL history. That no other quarterback as even done it twice. And he's done it three times in a row and he's now than -- born and he was one touchdown pass short about three straight seasons with. A forty touchdowns. And brought -- Tony's team and Indy was the Saints offense is ranked fourth in NFL and I think it held drew in. And overall if we run the ball more obviously like. On that -- got to be like we were earned on nine and eleven to six best rushing attack but I know we don't need to be like 25 no you know at least he could be. Because we are passing team still -- somewhere at least in the middle of the pack. You know rush in to football. But you know everyone's disappointed how we lost to the Seahawks but I still look at it. Then we had to play a great perfect game so to speak about the great start. Special there with the Seahawks have better you can't -- is double hours thirteen zero Gramercy for Steve thank you for calling WW. -- -- -- -- -- think it's a ERO. Line ordered that Biggio started in the top chair. That all out they Indian point -- that it does that Butler drop. Brought he. Broke all you want it -- go out and keep it turned out pretty good quote well. Maybe ticket that they are able to regret pre. -- out there are people who aren't so they're bigger people they -- Saw maybe that respect to change. Or was it a lot it made big plays at the return. They have been out our return I think appeal wouldn't. Yeah it. It'll. A lot that. I feel I. -- PLO -- disparage you but they can they play or -- it would get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at the block on a true that it -- the that chain guard became our. -- that what we do what it'll be wary but -- what the -- it is the year. I like it took a lot out there would need a big. They'll do it. It all better battle but a little bit of the big a lot. Of jump out there. Well you know offer a lot you're -- 52. But. You know current topic would be pretty good. Steve thank you so much for the call Metairie for Johnny Johnny thank you for calling their BW it. Panic on he's. -- Our priority. As far as where they need to go at that salary cap. Think that they I don't immigrant immigrant as part of the equation. All it is just what are deeply about guys feel more. -- thing you know I don't that. And -- -- actually. Did you think that a lot and it actually that -- but. But aren't that concerned should be should be on the offensive line I mean not aware that your guys in the air but -- you know both -- the. So the block better is that the network game Marty others. All -- each other and it worked in the. So John -- -- have been on since signed Jimmy Graham what directions quantity. That mean the draft that tied and then. I mean did they take you go had been yet they don't that you like you saying give he being easy Jimmy Graham just that piece of what they're doing and and so let's say. He's goals often is there another team in free agency mean who'd you. In only what you come on Josh hill then Indian Watson are these draft at tight end. In his Sam I'm saying I mean if you know you've got an and the sky's the limit and of side. Of the Jimmy Graham. -- that I think he's definitely in the in the plants. Where I think you should be in the -- at the that he would be better -- decided that we have there's no question about it what not where I want. When we almost grown yet they're bidding is -- are frustrated and and you -- play big got to come up big in and the big time games. But he's on the verge. Break in Gradkowski is a touchdown record. You know yardage and a number. Things receptions and I mean. Mean when you look at the conversation. And you look AFC NFC. Who's the -- like when you -- look at top to a three tight ends. Jimmy grounds and conversations says that that's why I think. That they don't work out a deal and I don't know they -- franchise was enamored I don't think he's gone anywhere. I think they should rank -- -- and not a good elect either I just think that that aren't you know priority though. He shouldn't -- -- the only priority number one priority I don't think that basically they have the astronomical. You know you bring -- John you bring up the offensive line and I think he was the most Danny Zach Strief do you think. They'll work so that I would Zach -- far because I was telling dean this if you look at right tackles. And now woods -- street dead there's definitely a market for him. There's not 32 starting tackles let's say 25. Starting tackles. Better is batted in Zach -- decide I think Venus in the C. You know if the if they pay him a good good I think considering how well he played this year. Then he's become an unrestricted free agent at the right time a whole lot better this offseason compared to last offseason. A judge has rejected the concussion settlement or former NFL players. -- -- Professor of sports law at Tulane -- Jonas will visible Drew Brees plus we'll get to try date team Robert and delegates basketball at 701053. LSU and Ole miss college basketball at 730 on 870 this is WW.