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WWL>Topics>>1-15 6:20pm Bobby and Deke, Judge rejects NFL concussion settlement

1-15 6:20pm Bobby and Deke, Judge rejects NFL concussion settlement

Jan 15, 2014|

A federal judge rejected a proposed $765-million concussion settlement. Bobby and Deke speak to Tulane Professor of Law, Gabe Feldman, about what may be offered next.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He is a mover and shaker in the National Football League when he comes to talking and all settlements. All of the big networks all of it. Everybody talks about the NF feelings on this next inning gave ailment Jones is now -- good to hear from you again in earlier this week. The judge came out. Could just birdie basically said that that's not enough. That being 760. Found me in the sentiment on the concussion law suit jump righty gave me tell us what this means that you felt. Well it's not that it's not enough of it's that the Jets sent that out the information. Took true that announcer just right now saying. It's a pretty big number seven inside million dollars but can go to an awful lot of potential player that's out there who might have access to this money. Q got a -- -- done. An economic analysis and then study to show that it's well that I'll look at that's out there. That the basic threshold issues not the -- element to make sure that. The plaintiffs are getting enough and read the lawyers are getting in my diet now on the -- -- to Concord with the studies. Which they claim they don't. This show that it's not that they didn't that they've got that studies that the deadline at a recruiting. Yeah I gave so my understanding that that issue with the seed documents then -- the words I don't wanna say that if it will be covered. And that that you know is not going to be a problem. That I was reading where that she used primarily -- and not all retired NFL players. Ball to me receive a qualifying diagnosis are there related claim itself will be paid. And like you said dealing and all of the different numbers but she's kind of saying that the certain percentage or whatever and and went out when all's said and done that in that policy documents proving that there'll be enough money the retired players. Claims I'm really not -- it'd been like what's on the goes about down the road. Because there's so much uncertainty in and who's going to be available for this money's. And given how many retired as you get under article players are out there might be able to. Make a claim for that. It's not enough to get so -- there's a big part of money he vanished so there's a reason that might be enough to go around Ann -- this settlement has in. They negotiated for a long time for months and months and months -- the assumption was. That this is exactly what the lawyers for giving figuring out where it let's make sure this is enough money to make it go around Prague despite the ugly can't okay. Or -- to all settled the case that -- are right now again that the settlement done over. It's not gonna be blown up yet which at the Jets says that need to see. Yeah I need to to documents and not -- that part of -- and that there's some other notes that the -- makes her opinion. Better a little trouble getting where she says I want and know more about why. In its elements. You are making Atlanta's -- and neither -- against incredible. As you -- have to get an answer bat it's another thing that well. The director of the -- sports law program Gabe Feldman is a space against gave. With everything that is has happened the block out the bulk of cushion. How many how much more has Agassi say popular as you'll Clancy's your teachings be calm be worn in in. How often. Dude did you phone ring -- be. Visitors about it until the last couple of things I know how much we've probably bother -- kimonos program how -- have you -- just. All on NFL along. It's been -- like it's. He -- the lock out the -- litigation and octagon and apparently mean -- because it is -- -- -- pretty good game it or Owens obviously. But I days that the interest in the sports industry and the money chasing the sports industry. Has just exploded over the last 101520 years and has that monies are so. Then the stakes -- Browning and whenever it is but it is lawyers to follow that money -- -- -- talking about it a 8910 billion dollars to ask how that might grow and to fifteen point Torre thought Billy I think the popularity. In -- -- sports -- sports business the only -- I grew up. And that's just in itself that support like that that it up. I don't talk he has much about it but the baseball basketball hockey into the -- there. There's always something going on to their spirits a steady hearing about it so throughout the week. Gains they get the NCAA it just seemed like to me what what was going to learn now. That the how move is being -- Basically what we've been here you know paced by paid to -- -- -- -- now -- camera basically comes out said the thought process early on if its a thought process is that the big guys being the -- how common it is. Will be able to give us -- -- because they can afford it. In my -- is that there's got to be subject forthcoming if it happens. To me I don't know how across the board that can be fair -- in the onus on eleven players who would you claim that you fail 123 division -- schools. They can be so far removed it's only five conferences. Came pay players a stipend and others can't afford it. Pattern and that's what a big issue incidentally so it's a deal that's an idiot competitive balance it's wanting to look for competitive bouncing and it only got 32 -- But we've got hundreds of teams and different resources and different locations and different coaching staff and different stadium and facilities. It's really never something into the player that can never actually confederate battle it's never indicate. As much that I liked it to be to get stat too late in Canada he equal playing field without -- -- -- you and football. And every now and then and then but that's not really what incidentally has never out. And -- actually become typical -- that beats speculate sometimes try to use that I'd be competitive balance as they wait to. Rationalized. No case for player. And and hiding behind it's it's competitive balance and hanging. I'll try academics. And schoolwork and I think that that's an issue that that we're seeing shift and the question has. How -- the ownership political breakups and to be our operatives but the end of the day. Letter because schools that pay their players or pick the school to have better facilities. Well. Better prospects are turning pro there's always going to be competitive in bouncing into Atlanta and that's unavoidable. Now I gave -- you brought -- lawyers in and you know I've talked a number of retired players and when you look at at the benefits of this settlement they can't get it done. Obviously. The players that I gonna suffer as you prolong this of the ones that need immediate help. That are dealing with the -- yeah Alzheimer. Lou Gehrig's disease in and then all of a sudden until something's final. But you know they kind of waiting in the wings within two media a lot of all the players they come to me. And they don't feel like beginning represented. And assess where they might have to deal so that what's coming down the road and I was reading where the lawyers for the players. And boy that a lot of they're really getting on the lawyers for the players that. And because the lawyers said that they had economists and actuaries. -- said there'll be sufficient money available and the judge says not so fast that but that's close to be. The lawyers representing the players and that's how might be in cahoots with the with the NFL and the owners. Well that's a concern and that's why they required judge to go through these settlements Nick Markakis. These are complaints about class action suit if you get these maps of awards but the trying to get very little that successful here. And the Jets want to make sure that's -- that's not happening here. And yeah I'm not gonna say that the order -- -- that is enough about it I haven't seen. What they're studying our. But this is the guy's gonna -- if you don't come potent state or not approve the settlement. And it'll fall apart and then they'll continue to litigation and that may mean at the net dot com back but the bigger number. That's by the church. What we don't know what what interest you know what we're seeing and then. What you what you mentioned Bobby is starting to see other lawyers some players. They get upset about it's -- and it yet at the Sharks are starting to circle that eliminate or not getting a fair deal. And whether that leads the entire settlement being blown out or. It just leads to a number of players opting out of the settlement. It's not -- but but this. May not be over a long shall we meet the -- partly players say you know what I'm willing to take -- risk in litigation I don't need the money and it's really right now. I'm so I'm just gonna say I'm not that they might from the settlement that the -- -- fortunate thing is our. Obviously a large number of players didn't -- remind -- that prepared out editor sacrifice some potential long term gains to get to get the short term money. He's director of -- sports law program. Gave Feldman gave thank you so much of the time always a pleasure.

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