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1-15 6:40pm Drew Brees

Jan 15, 2014|

The Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert goes QB to QB with Saints QB Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You lead QB is brought you by the great employees of Crosby dug down -- and now and -- -- got to go call Joseph. Duke thank you so all the time we know we wish -- were talking about this up in AFC championship game but depth. Your thoughts on a big not that the play also heard you talk about earlier this week it is kind of difficult not to be playing this week. Yeah well the quote yeah I heard it becomes just you know we certainly like -- -- literature literature anybody like we were. Played good football there that your arm. But obviously. Seattle to recruit football game especially when you have to travel where you know and play. Well in those elements but -- Battle like we fought extremely hard elect. -- -- temperature you know we had our chances are of course the game. Not more after his score points on unfortunate they look quite read it but that we -- a lot about -- -- season. And Andrew for gave -- have a birthday to you we have we -- all our our -- I guess I got a lot of your program out there and I don't -- quite all right enjoy. You know -- sure. Now -- drew. Looking at the conditions what you are playing at -- Seattle obviously -- bowl teams of playing in those conditions and describe to the fans may be. The wind factor not so much when it was draining and not raining but it may needed direction away because it's things like. -- when we started the game the first quarter that it was -- and I'll face him we tended to be more conservative. Our burst in the second water. And I guess it was somewhat -- -- bag which is explained that didn't. And just talk about maybe -- demagogue present on that second water will follow him gonna be more aggressive -- -- -- miss Lance. Moral and open pass that that that I know in that inside you always had that but but just. Describe what you are trying to deal -- as far as the ball placement and dealing with the win. I'd say that well. It's the elements are personal I think we are both sides and will be -- really well of all things considered. -- part of the pretty cool game you know when you look at it looked like the ball on the ground puncher in America and Harris. You know one turn over in the game arm report it was you know -- Thought. I tutored the finger made the tradition typical nine game was -- it was so unpredictable. You know it's -- out of it to be raining and windy then you'd like her to just be -- win the people or certain direction and -- -- -- consistently outweigh the whole game. Deteriorated nurturing at all but you know at that time sport I'm ranked and then it's not raining at times the wind is. Archer you know and you feel like it's very favorable and then other times in your face sports a crosswind you know it's right to left left to right it's swirling much. I just say the unpredictability. Of the weather time so like every drive was different sort of like dirt and step on the field you have to assess. You know what what the condition where you know -- How you reveal the full ball downfield and you know. How to air you know on on the stateside in regards to ordered -- at a certain you know Shell. That was part there was talk about the outback it was just the unpredictability of those who -- in the right. Now drew explain an offense to it navy when you talk to coach Peyton when dealing with a win. That it's things like at times you know the fans of banks -- well. Wound is critical four down we went far and instead of going for the field goal. Considering. The -- -- was out our -- -- in that direction -- their kicker Austin kicked a thirty yarder. And a 49 yarder where things like big cakes. That we were given Shayne Graham who was. Was into the wind are dead and another person he barely miss that you know it's a -- maybe. Spinning the laces where he gets a better K go -- -- 45 yard of it just explained that process. And considering you knew it was going to be a low scoring game could have made it maybe thirteen to three and went -- Ford down and in and of not getting anything. Yeah I mean hindsight you know because -- -- hurt the sport that you say it would have been nice yeah or insert. -- sustained drive so. I don't want buildup and the one where we couldn't -- a long -- you know 4840 -- yarder. The other one we were you know out you -- -- -- there. Porter 45 out of the Seahawks are. -- You know a bit but changed the course of the games are caught up there and maybe a label in Larry yeah. Sure we're Rick ware will make almost -- the master. Of replica number one of those four down -- touchdown then. The horse in here talking about -- -- -- -- -- you know he got for a four pattern keep the momentum and go out and get -- -- instead of a few goals helped. I would play aggressive and and that -- -- -- your vertical -- there and we're gonna. It was great part is we couldn't and I actually how many we plan. And and obviously you know put priority -- take care of the ball and managing conditions which I like it pretty well. On in the heat of the day you can do that in sheer numbers. Arm and we had 400 Pletcher -- total perched on that defense shut up. That's if not number one of your defense -- in the week so. Of course we just didn't make the plays they converted a little fortunate. Are you -- are a preacher that you know kind of keep it close until the very end in that article or -- Andrew but looking at this scenario to me this about that never like to second guess the approach all taken. Because we all always going to be aggressive especially in the passing game that you look at. Going against. The top passing the physically sitting how well we're running the ball and all said and done when they -- whip. -- 108 yards a four point two average I thought after a 52 yard reception. To me -- the sun ball within striking distance we have the momentum on the 25 yard line. And considering how well we that we ran the ball to win them again delaying game I know Holliday said the clock and you gotta hurry avenue crowd noise. Now we got to first of fifteen. And they win them going part of for the fifty but it does seem like a -- Iran that are maybe to first double plays. -- running plays simply because he -- average we had big runs were averaging four yards and and maybe take that approach instead. Yeah much strategy that you could sit back and try to get. What you are -- -- but. You know I -- we did run the ball extremely effectively the whole game got to try and do their job in computer. It's like -- blocking favorable run much either you know they had an extra got a boxer return. And get our guys work. To a great outdoors you know. Winning their individual battle for our blocking their man and then the running -- great job recruiting -- -- -- from the over on ordered extra -- party -- A lot of -- -- as regards -- realistically worked in our -- on throughout the whole game. At that point you don't certainly -- we get momentum you know we discourse. An hour ago about it and Trish -- chance to score. Points you know. And I think in spite everything the Japanese game -- -- -- we end up at a Google which. I think and hindsight you say. You know because we have. The penalty and you know about kind of throw burger pupil then then what it should have been eighty just you know cut that we just been able to get some -- -- together. More manageable field goal you know at a fort entertainer and haven't caught the 48 yarder -- -- would have been nicer through sport and I have a thirty yarder -- -- Love it have been recorded five to -- bit of a four defied the fans and alerted you to go for. Well there's -- advantage and you know it. He's the end in -- with the conditions and with momentum. You know if you treat your point there and -- like one game out put down into it as opposed to you know a touchdown and a two point conversions on just the tire so. You know. I again at. That's that's up for the game or -- fourth quarter noticed you know. You're you're you're making a decision that -- -- -- right there in your hero and -- -- and -- you know our record and get. Drew the other a lot from you talk about a -- -- better in the team who would you do they have it takes to help the team get better -- goal was glad beat the best you can be. -- moving forward at where does Dolphins need to improve. Yeah well. So like we make sure I sugar in regards to our. Or commitment to the running game and just our our ability to sustain it and be consistent with it real well. I think it's. You know I saw a lot more younger -- here yet actually year I think carrier option or a lot in order young rookie free agent. Scroll ball and here I thought at -- best years you know so. Really encouraging I think -- running back position in just their ability to try to balance everything dropped here and we're excited that I'm a total aren't. Played really really well. I felt like we had our moments that at all urged you know mentally and had a -- and we were. You know getting big plays we were -- -- statistically if you look at it you check out actually it was first. -- you're throwing -- we were up three important -- three in third down percentage you know good in all statistical categories but. I would just say. Maybe our are lacked consistent on the road something that obviously. We've always been pretty good at them and maybe you look at what our best this year but. Are cited a young so we have on our chewy and we know we're getting better got -- -- you can certainly play. Phillips actually Cutler is best years arm -- -- and just excited about guys the pieces that are place in you know seek out free agency ghost -- -- -- how the draft arm. You know comes around and can you were terrible the cal were able to acquire. Any kind of what shall come given the option in the match that's what's exciting part. Now I drew four. You know go on that that the season -- questioned by the game it that to bill on a -- what you were saying just looking we've always been a top red zone offense and I think at times we struggled there. I don't know for what reason and and I know the last seven road games were only able to score two touchdowns -- -- -- more into touchdowns a game. So when you you know address and that in and you know considering we got our first -- -- playoff win. But now but going back to the game. What happened at the end because I think he's playing outstanding you look at Martin -- calls and ten receptions 131 yards a touchdown. He's able to get the onside kick. And then this fell you know recovered 24 seconds. We -- right there you hit Jimmy -- he finally catches the ball will play a state. And then was that a designed play that he just have a brain part is yes and he never could throw the ball forward. And would you may be aboard that plane just go out of bounds when you -- wasn't behind them he's a break dead now that the fans experience that well. I'm nice -- recess. -- -- yeah I -- today I looked at all so they're using it to desired place of the depart it would put in this week. Just that it's you know last play of the game that's what you know which you've got to play you don't plan. And on your desire to where I I I. You know dashed to the right and then markets cooks it up about twenty to 25 yards on the sideline -- -- so. He catches it and immediately turn them over to that kind of leaks out the back field. You know to the other side while he wrote across well. You know it's meant to be the last play of the game you know with five seconds left. And you know where -- at the time going to be off the clock you know so there's no option step up about there is no other option to throw across field. What does happen -- we gonna play -- about thirteen seconds left but. Were there were a prayer there or across the yard line you know but let's just say I -- we had we run another play. Order to get caught got to where we wanted a boy we have no timeouts and risk getting caught and bound and number two if you get any closer. Then maybe you're not able complete double LaMarcus on the sideline -- twenty yards like you want to because all of a sudden now the defense is you know a little bit closer to you you know that the field not at -- because now your other sporting your apartment for that maybe your own forty -- park. So there are some factors and all of that where he wouldn't be. Great deep prime look we're hoping for but we had to run it because returning timeouts. Thirteen seconds left. Mean when you're Olympic closer than we wanted to be but the play -- history to a market strictly catcher and turner turned pro. He had no other option you know what he what he caught it and and. And took a couple steps you know in towards the middle field and went to pro ball. It's not like he could pull back and got -- bounced. You know Sherman was right there on -- back you would attack -- -- -- -- the clock run out so it -- only option and there was a defender. Clemens Chris -- was actually. Over there like right next exit there so markets were to try and throw it away from Clemens and it happened to go for work there was no place to about -- Computer work -- or work on -- -- so. Yeah yeah yeah bring it to the run this race. It be like oh why didn't work when you. You know -- if somebody started pitching around you know you're like yeah Albers -- Stanford yeah exactly it's a desperation play -- hoping for America. It -- almost June hindsight though you look at it would -- time may be. To have that kind of completion where you can you getting it. The Colts than any does get out of bounds and maybe that that that's well within no matter what the wind conditions that you could throw a jump ball in the end result considering. You have the likes to Jimmy Graham and -- and height advantage maybe to get a rebound type lucky play. You know. I mean again -- respect the decision in the united you know you watch what the end zone for now Mary or beat you at try to execute this this -- -- designed play. Another thing about that I've played it. You know you're hoping to be on the left action in order to run it. So that you know I after the right -- bring the whole defense over to the so that side of the field that I brought to markets and he drove it across we ran that play from the right -- So now it becomes harder look at that to make his way out of the back field. And get all the way to the other -- to a draw a little more attention to him which is like Chris Carlin kind of slot off on him so. Again it would be ideal scenario. Go wrong action more time left on the clock and we're fortunate we wanted to be but. -- -- -- -- QB to QB has brought to by the great employees of Crosby -- -- -- and now and Joseph set got to go. Call June drew always oppose -- -- you -- for your -- literacy and. Tell -- today I'll say who they. Didn't hit. A perfect. Gay guy he's had no -- glad to be home. -- what or any other way as far as being with them but scores were hot stove report shall call -- -- -- about future -- sure. Drew thank you so much time we -- next week. All right Saints quarterback drew brief.