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Jan 16, 2014|

Dave talks about a monk beer, free puppies, and a frosty start

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the sixteenth of January 2014. Is the day before Friday's outcome -- Friday eat rice and you know I still get excited when these signs around town filming movies -- here about a star who's in town. Yang about the running and that someone's so and so -- -- and they had a nice conversation with the stars you know. To me that the whole Hollywood now things still pretty darn cool it is very cool yeah. Really as there's no and as much as is we get excited about it I think New Orleans is such a good fit because people here. And I think we've always going to be in that way yeah. Let them do their thing. Without mobbing them and carrying on like you know all my goodness you know and it's exciting -- right but we don't we don't get in their spot. Yeah I mean this time without thing's been going on for a -- now once in awhile we hear a story you remember. Cuba Gooding junior had. It's the ultimate act -- take pictures of it and more -- you know another celebrity maybe gaps that beacon is the people were a little too aggressive but by and large people around here. This is everybody it was up out. You know I doubt it's it's not a mob scene are obnoxious that is maybe Miami drank maybe -- ideologue -- maybe one just go to get there. In but it did in the Malone for the most bats early yet and we've always kind of been that way for some reason. It seemed well obviously -- melanoma have not have a need and want to. It's expected to do very well and the Oscar nominations. Announced later today. It was some other films. Right here Arianna in New Orleans or around Louisiana. It's exciting it's an interesting. Time and it did I just opening -- -- -- -- and eight and now that's the word used but now you're right -- -- fully agree with that that word and -- neat but it is then. Then it's chemical it is. Yeah I was looking for little frosty this morning at least it felt that cold but I didn't have money in and the winds have really laid down oh I -- lemon at frost on the windshield as well good. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked down just a little crystals of the bond among. And I didn't have to worry about. -- waters doing that but folks if you have frost we Umar. Texas City 7878. And let us know -- Other people may expect to find. View the crystals. Forming on wind JC watts of the upper twenty's. Across the board. Support for a lot of those -- Porsche or chairman bungalows. Open their Slidell. On 28 so yeah it's the conditions are right -- can -- it right right and right. 40. But it is still. Heatley. And we mentioned it briefly estimate were more than halfway through the first month. 2014. Yesterday for some reason I wrote 2013. And it was. The first time I remember doing I don't know it was easy for me to make the transition them back in 2000 the -- out yesterday and it can happen. It with the movement and real fast your right about that and in the late Mardi Gras is going to be coming enters the race. There was an early one -- -- we beat. Did on the parade route driver a fifth I'll read. -- right now we got them that. And the settle it thank you David we'll talk here about. Fifteen minutes more -- and that we got you well AM them. Now my game so we'll check that full forecast for you all the way into the weekend coming up next -- meteorologist -- about talent in four of the Steve Geller who's out with the flu actually we'll have Marc Bernardin was sports coming up next John WWL IMF -- -- I guess that David -- and I would just amongst the lucky ones because again lots of text messages and eighth avenue and he frost and -- frost in Metairie -- frost and diamond head -- hand frost frost in the come heavy frost and Okaloosa man let's keep going I just finished rape in the thrust up my windshield and alma. Plenty of frost and show planned car covered in frost 27 degrees in Covington. Prost and wagon man 33 frosted Marrero had a lot of frost on windshield and belt states. Frost and Thibodeau there's some frost and on to look hard frost Madison bill that. The differences soft frost and -- for a Hammond place. Not frosty says -- -- describe why it says the other methods from southern Mississippi frost in Oklahoma thirty seconds and wipers. Gone frost and on to a prairie bill thirty degrees windshield completely frosted. Frosty in popular -- frost and Watson. Frost and belch day so they don't play B 11 frost this morning. For your Thursday afternoon look for Temps cool of the upper fifties with some sunshine. And dropping again tonight but not quite as cold out at 37 on the North Shore and 41 south of the late. Then back up to 59 tomorrow with sunny skies and more of the same for Saturday mostly sunny and cool high of 58. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and draw just -- tell. Officially it's 35 at the airport in Kenner with clear skies and calm winds that's just about right for frost especially drops on the degree to which generally will before sunrise -- could -- some people it now with frosty wind field. Here in the metro area clear and 28 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell when he Hammond when he and lose that Gonzales 29 home -- thirty degrees. Dip below freezing across most of the region this morning. Mr. right here in the immediate metro area. -- -- right here. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sports cubicle. It tells all about sports on Thursday morning -- -- like to call the -- before he's happy Friday -- the and you as well separated only by soundproof -- Almost completely that -- that the but if you scream loud enough like Mike here. -- I hear you intimate that. But that's good to know and if we ever get a tactic here maybe someone here does them treatment -- the anyway. The pelicans came up short and New Orleans Arena despite all in the -- for almost the entire game. Eric Gordon had 35 points to lead all scorers but as Houston's James Harden who came up big late. Circles that -- Ice bowl games. -- Houston. That shot completed Houston comeback after the pelicans are led by as many as seventeen. And the rockets blasted out of New Orleans with a 103 to 100 win. In addition to Gordon's 35 Anthony Davis also had 24 points but nor the pelican scored more than ten. The loss was the seventh in a row for the pelicans who continue to struggle without the services of Brian Anderson drew holiday. And Tyreke Evans. As a -- neighbor tiger fans as well. Told us. -- LSU and Ole miss retired at 69 at the end of regulation but the rebels pulled away in the extra period but the tigers are forced to start fouling. Final score was 88 to 74. -- for an led the tigers from the bench with 23 points Marshall Henderson of the red led all scorers with 25. The Minnesota Vikings have decided on the ninth coach in team history Mike Zimmer. Zimmer spent -- the past five years as a defensive coordinator for the Bengals. And a five year -- Cincinnati -- -- -- -- top in defense four times in -- replaces Leslie Frazier. And New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady missed practice yesterday due to illness. Patriots are preparing for the AFC championship game against Denver Brady is not expected to miss that one I mark and organize your early look at sports -- How sick which you have to beat him miss the and it AFC championship game and a possible trip to the Super Bowl. I'm that you're missing limb since she had they even be got a fever of like a 103. And you know unless he's got in like a blinding headache where he can't the end in Herat. I can't imagine what it would take but it -- -- the team doctors are very very acutely. Treating his symptoms and trying to get him ready because. I don't remember ever hearing about major player missing a game due to. -- -- -- I mean I've seen play guys played through illness -- -- and get get and I v.s on the sideline and maybe turn around and vomiting or something and then get back in the game we've seen that when -- at times I don't think I've ever heard of a guy. Being too sick to play her unless it was definitely you seem to remember once Michael Jordan having four. Yeah and playing parents -- -- sixty some odd points cores and yet he had a ridiculous and I it was a good it was to elect a fever dream for everybody has a Ellis may keep the average person from going to war if you pay it does not wanna get out of bed and when you're playing for a trip to the Super Bowl. Hard to now go electric yet -- about these championship games the AFC with the patriots. Verses. The Denver Bryant. I'm gonna go with the patriots in the saloon just because I trust. Bill Belichick and trust Tom Brady and in the playoffs I just don't trust Peyton Manning. It is he's won once it. Who want one but. He's more often than not come up short in the playoffs he's got a losing post season. Over in the NFC and -- at the 49ers that -- I think it's going to be Seattle and they're just the best team in the field. Act and a lot of people were texting me yesterday they want Seattle. To me it makes it look a little better the -- at all. But other people that -- they don't want anyone else is -- join the club of Super Bowl winners -- the argument that never won it I mean if I'm gonna go with with my opinion I just think Jim -- laws is that this. Really knowing that the I couldn't I couldn't our our services go to Garrett for him -- -- they'll like him. And I I just -- on the sideline and and is and it's like the -- -- thought about -- wrote me the wrong way. It we like you -- them back in about five minutes or -- that I'd appreciate them. -- Will get -- Text messages frost and lots of places this morning at some logistics to me love my remote start -- we've had that conversation before. In cold days like this that time which had that kind of push that button on the road car starts -- little warm -- tennis you know the price has gone off with him before you know it. No such a lot but we will take your forecast all the way into the weekend in your text messages right after. -- like 6 good morning I'm gave Noah and if you missed a few minutes ago we shared many text messages about frost does since then we've got frost and abuse springs. Frost and -- laying. Frost and slide now for Austin and G frost on my flakes. Thanks for that xmas it hates them idiots that's indeed here's -- -- We're starting off in the 20s and thirties this morning but let's just sunshine -- a bit of a warmup today southwest went. How -- a bump us up to 59 for an afternoon high end tonight dropping into the thirties and forties although we should stay above freezing on both sides of the late. Back up to 59 tomorrow with sunshine and Saturday looks sunny and cool high of 58 from the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist -- -- out. This -- 35 at the airport and -- clear 28 in Slidell. Very little wins an amateur when -- across the area I think it is funny vocalist. Point nine Gonzales thirty in home get the patriots. At or below freezing and almost all southeast Louisiana and dropped another couple degrees for the so the word out of Washington is that when president Barack Obama unveils his. Alterations. To the NSA. Rules and regulations tomorrow he will not change the rules for NSA's ability. If you look at. Millions of phone records from American citizens. Or look at their emails there's sending them from the fifth -- Without letting them do but they're getting from. Some civil rights groups are calling this an atrocity and a missed opportunity by the president. Others expected the president to change the rules but it does look like is going to be manage any major changes mostly -- look at the latest on CBS. Latest from CBS about that coming up next David like gadget WWL first news I would south expected to do well when the Oscar nomination. About it today if your traffic and weather together residents. Freezing out there this morning. Delegate mark and are expected to sports on this stage before. Friday at BID. Eighties. Some -- I AT view and I apparently were amongst the very lucky ones because people have been texting me from all over the area. About frost on the when I morning I just felt the conditions were there men and haven't they are men and they are out. Again everybody else as the united. That's a good thing. At a pales as far as I'm concerned not that everybody else and the business that I didn't yeah. I just don't like anything that set messes up my routine in the morning I don't hear anything that changes -- even -- sixty seconds bothers me is you know you can throw everything out of whack it everything's about that happened in the -- The exact same time in the exact same way every day. And even the slightest little deviation from the course now. An element like I gotta go back in and get that warm water or not warm my guess is water -- through the job. You know I know that -- maybe five minutes. And be more people a couple little of that remotes start there there -- in this morning texting just click whereabouts -- them in the cart does the warm in the -- is old ideas -- -- -- rush again. And they tell -- can go by an after market for Haiti on. The fifth. But they realize in the summer when it's crazy not to go on yours sure -- conditions all right have I think his own man. I would beat them and that's you know the monks and are -- caskets in the debate -- man I sure do and I got a story here out of Spencer Massachusetts. Where's the Saint Joseph abbey. There amongst. Need more money. Do you maintain their building and and now those kind of things that they started brokering the year. More okay the -- That Trappist beer will be produced. In the US it's the first time that apparently this happens that monasteries in Europe. Missed the first time in the US -- monks. Are doing business. In the monastery west of Boston they're probably gonna make lots of money they hope to distribute sweet he's the golden year nationally one. And then you know Internet. Sounds pretty good I wonder if that's been blasters on the coming out -- -- well in a it is wondered that that it that all the giveaway if they'd have to take -- -- silence you know those those loud drunks the drugs do. When -- after they've -- -- got asked our ally asks you can hear Ramallah where differences from its like did you know that the -- right next yeah if that would interfere with their ability. If there you know make in the -- testing the beer. Would have any problems with that would probably. Girl Scout Cookies. They sent you some yesterday. Apparently it's that time of year it is outside and the local chapter remembered that I love angle. Those of the you know -- talking yeah Arianna on the other wrongly voters and well that the we know what's wrong with -- is that when they sent me about tonight eat every cookie in the buckets that opened it it -- -- -- can't stop Odyssey two and thirty seconds that just two more. Before right now and I've read every cookie in the box says thank you -- the Girl Scouts and when little girls come Theodore. Just remember that your opening pure and it is only because they sent me an -- -- bribed into promoting the girls maybe maybe nothing good for your waistline but what I had. And I Somalis to movement that the tag along -- -- one not just Somalis. My my mom goes easy for then it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Drawn to one particular on. Commitment to be naked in IQ that tournament. The first days here and beat him well in an attack -- -- Coming up. Wrong with people. Alone died that -- lavender at the Eyewitness News forecast and it figured morning. -- meteorologist Laura blocked now. Now almost a Friday yes it's the day before Friday EU is a wonderful thing not quite as it is Friday because our talking this morning and what could today to speak Friday already you -- we'll let -- should be if only get. Now announced it closed. Frost just about it. -- in my text he added avenue in my windshield I didn't need the likes of -- -- that it can be brought. But that people texted me from Canner in Metairie all the way up across the North Carolina Mississippi and down at home might just about everywhere that we -- that day. Out their thirties on the south sort twenties on the -- source I'm not surprised at all with light winds and clear skies. -- just right for frost development. Right so that's out there when will we warm up above freeze. You know we're gonna capped above freezing shore up here in the city -- book free were at 35 but -- get after you were up to about 59 today and mostly sunny here sixty -- -- at again tomorrow close to sixty -- with sunshine. That's an -- no precipitation in the forecast no let you know programs Sunday we're looking at dries dies of a few clouds by Sunday and mixing with that sunshine. But I actually -- nice Sunday ahead 66 that you like it just a little bit warmer than it then you're gonna look Sunday. Right and is this the coldest morning of the stress. -- we DC a couple of cold mornings for the next couple of days that's gonna be kind of you know where the coats in the morning and then maybe you don't need them all day into some layers kind of deal with by the afternoon we're going to be close to sixty. It is ego folks and like it and love it out once more. And I want to open up the what -- People five OK you ready for this as a woman says she just wanted to free up up fees. Read that pop -- Norwalk Connecticut police say 23 year old woman spotted by an officer using a rock to train smash open the glass door. Of a close pet shop. Told them she wanted to free up pop sees. -- year add up -- heard banging. While on patrol in at. The Norwalk strip mall Wednesday he spotted a woman running from the puppies of Westport store that caught up -- they're still at the rocket -- AMD says. Well and he said ma'am what you'd do away. He says it just want to set the poppies -- okay. No word on if she was intoxicated or Indian influence of anything else but apparently she gets help pad for the little dogs in there all by themselves and it -- kindness that you just let him with Fareed you know. -- -- did not have the arm strength the break the glass in -- questions failed in her ability to free poppy. But she did it charged with third degree criminal missed it. Posted a 500 dollar bond. And ordered to return to court and made it onto it different at different that the cause a champion. I think it adds that the that the puppies very. You can't do that down because if you do that you get indeed -- problem with people yeah I got a putter and there. And now that the poppies will call sent by themselves and all I mean how will -- sometimes looks more confident they have little puppy that's what it called puppy dog eyes they can have those. So we little you know. So that kind of like my youngest son has mastered the puppy that's why they have to say that the chief -- back to them and you take them home and and you end up with like sixteen -- yeah. They all looks okay. If that's ads from a -- is not ironic it -- -- Greg -- companies not supposed to do and I'm gonna try to yell automatic just a couple of new line. He's mastered the puppy dog I just and a duty to. That second tree snake kill our have a bit more of like fell under direct from the Eyewitness -- -- -- and I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WW golfers as -- get a favorite girl scout cookie. -- I love those tag -- will be back with sports after the size 48 on -- Friday's. Good morning I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first is again we get lots text messages folks from north yourself -- a West Bank that there is frost out there. If you're now one of the folks who gets to park in a garage or under a carport. You may find some ice on your windshield this morning with temperatures. In the mid to upper twenties or low thirties across most of the region of course right in the city where is all the concrete and buildings and stuff it's 3539. At the Lakefront airport definitely Q&A warmer too. You know accurately determined that if you -- -- then -- short time. That -- say good morning and happy Friday to mark my -- And same to you thank you. -- I -- pretty good right now all of I just want to you would. Address the problem. Things look good almost the entire night for the pelicans. Go go -- Arthur Davis a little while -- that. That -- by eighty gave the held in 9046 lead in the fourth quarter. But the Houston Rockets storm back and stole one in the New Orleans Arena going ahead and James Harden jumper knocking off -- 103 to 100. The loss was seventh in a row for the -- that's one squandered a 35 point night. By Eric Gordon. Anthony Davis added 24 but no other pelican manage more than ten. Pelicans now three days trying to regroup before returning to action Saturday night at home against the Golden State Warriors. Likewise and it looked promising for LSU's hoops team on the -- and accurate against Ole miss but paid six cents to. -- -- -- -- The tigers in the rebels were tied 69 as time expired. But in overtime it was Ole miss all the way the rebels pulled away for 88 to 74 win countries for 123 points off the bench to lead LSU. And the Minnesota Vikings the -- Mike Zimmer to be the ninth head coach in franchise history cameras in the defensive coordinator in Cincinnati for the past five years. Leading the big Wednesday to a top ten finish in four of those statements for the seasons of replaces Leslie Frazier. I'm mark Bernard that your early look at sports night if. John Mark -- with the radio here and beat him well. And dom and how. I'm currently kitten a little frustrated. Thinking you know midway through -- third quarter man silicon goods -- get a decent lead everything's great poet. Over and over and over again and that's what now seven game losing streak seven game losing streak note. No illegals he knows it is safe with the pelicans in a bad way it's not like they keep coming back and winning -- they keep pulling ahead big and then they'd they'd they'd drop the drop would aptitude. That. You had yet to keep things these guys have to learn got to keep line through the end well yeah we note that. It's anything. Obvious to use that they continued terrorist and get the guys back off injuries that -- -- They got Ryan Anderson drew holiday and Tyreke Evans on the bench Anderson alone you lose in nineteen points a night. That's a big loss to try to make up and and he also stretches the defense he makes you guard the three point shot it opens up the lane for a lot of guys. Jrue Holiday you know this system -- up big times and polity at the -- because nobody can handle the rock like weekend. It's it's going to be a rough go of it because both those guys are out indefinitely. Again as we close NBA all star game here next month here in new world. What planet completely healed me on strike it well and keep. The pelicans than those. Had the injury might keep Anthony Davis off the balls are to be if they keep losing. He was having a great year in and still having a great year but you know people don't look at you when when you're on the losing side. Mark -- aren't here winner we'll keep them back with sports and about fifteen minutes here and -- -- him well him and that mine -- -- it the day before I game. Than today it's over you'll be 80% of the way you -- Pretty. So the word out of Washington is that president Barack Obama tomorrow will be announcing dozens. Of reforms to the National Security Agency based -- view of the privacy policies for American citizens and the techniques they used to protect us from terrorist attacks. But. It does not look. Like the president will announce any changes to the program. That allows the NSA to look at millions of americans' phone records who's calling who are getting calls from running through computer matrix that the thing maybe terrorists. Or looking -- emails who used to having them too and you're getting them from. But think that will continue. Should it. And the NSA says it's been the key to protecting us from terror attacks in tracking down terrorists and thwarting their effort by. The folks -- the American civil liberties unions say that it's ridiculous and I huge invasion of privacy. As in the president's squandering opportunity by not changing. State here and we'll -- for sure when he has proposed tomorrow right now to forecast. Your Thursday it's looking beautiful with some chilly Temps this morning but by the afternoon will be up to the fifties and look for some cool sunshine expected for today and tonight clear and cold 37 north of the lake and 41 on the South -- we should stay above freezing. Then tomorrow back up to 59 and mostly sunny Saturday looking cool as well what can I say more sunshine and more of the same highs of 58. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist locked out its. -- Most areas Slidell 28. Gonzales 29 whole -- thirties he only part of the match or the southeast Louisiana it's not freezing this morning right here in the city. It's 35 degrees so frost across the region this morning folks before that sun comes up. I'm -- Cohen we'll find out next what's ahead for the next four hours upon the tummy -- 557. They've known -- the early edition -- WL first news Tommy Tucker is in for the next four hours upon what you -- mr. Tommy well mr. David Gergen talked about NO PD recruiting and their their requirements two straight days about quantity of quality when the uniforms on the street real quick do you wanna get. They're great guys and women in the uniforms if it takes longer right now and the City Council keeps it off they got to live in the city of new war on Steven to apply. As the residency requirement that. It's still only in sports is a table to be look at. On -- specific date now you just can't just keep on and off and we have no idea. So if we were to handle pool on whether. City Council decides -- Orleans parish about the domicile ordinance war. Wes -- and picks a house buried Jefferson Parish -- hospital who do you think would now. I within them so it'll come up for a vote and hospital process that it brought in three years they've been talking about this. Yesterday the council decided once again. Do delay a decision while right now audit the three proposals and Friday it more intimate you'll love or hate Wal-Mart which one which side -- I'm actually lukewarm you know I'm not you -- most people you know -- occasionally. If that's under Wal-Mart is either on the fourteenth through the 2829. Would be in the month. Nobody has any money no benefits and what they elected ghost town ghost town know to no weakness and I've the first supercenters opened that love that Mexico. Capping it like -- Yet you know my groceries in my hardware and closed -- an octagon where it well which rarely -- thing John swingman was doing. Back in the -- he had the model for Wal-Mart so and we'll talk about that say one of no one's in a Slidell and the people -- happy MM and -- to do this -- taste I wasn't happy about it either. When you only hear from the people who don't want the law had yet to be walking outside things break Wal-Mart break Wal-Mart interesting pointed something. We'll discuss with Tommy Douglas as far as my.

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