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1-16 6:15am Tommy, NOPD recruitment & morale

Jan 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Captain Mike Glasser, the President of PANO, about NOPD recruitment struggles

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

618 now I've said before -- went to the break that. If only wishing it so made it so. And it's an in reference to the shortage of NO PD. Offices. On the streets of the Crescent City. And when it comes it is residency requirements when it comes to recruiting him when it comes a time lag. From memory in a long way from getting more offices on the street -- classic joins us right now presence of the police association. New loans -- captain Michael -- and it is morning captain you. Thanks taken a -- this you know ounce in ads from candidates an increasing number of officers and and a net trying to campaign for against anybody oneness of this commercial I thought well it's easy to say but. You know you guys are hiring right now and -- give people isn't accurate. That's accurate to say that hiring -- -- -- -- -- delighted that we have an aggressive hiring campaign in those decisions on the that the great -- the beat well. You have to take -- -- prep -- aspect in fact that is at left -- we had a -- recruit like for thirty days in class. That linking or any questions we can get there thanking in the next couple weeks. In class they should do more first. Academy will look at your training. First crop those that went to a call by herself until January it's the -- fired during fourteen. We'll -- -- fourteen that -- we make due with what we and do all Serb treaties and dropped. What are treated at a tertiary -- Average -- year and the court I'm. One moneys though. You can graduate fourteen. There. You know them thirty or eleven at the super cool we -- Bible. That we put through the -- you know thirty years still down ninety -- well there. Real regret what. People drop for that reason but you're -- You could. Buy or. -- if they -- officer comes over and experienced officer from Jefferson Parish or saint Tanzania or another area. Do they have to go through the academy. And accelerated process collateral -- -- probably what six weeks on the eight we stops and you put strictly due children. And guess and that's not so much about police workers are trained and experienced and that it's about procedures and differences between NO PD in their department there are okay. -- -- why is it that. First solve our a lot of people applying in just nominee qualifying to get in the academy is that a problem with that. Maybe it's -- -- we have a lot. People like we have a lot of it I'm not really we screen out but again. The more you have -- well why -- they get along with that are a lot of interest but not a lot back follow through. And a lot of we can't tell. I bet you are willing to move prettier and the people who are also went away -- -- -- -- Egypt are generally. -- just understand. The class for -- fourteen is already not even full but be done capacity maximum numbers thirty. There India's only. Plans -- money for one classes you -- -- -- and one early at. About 35 or. You can even fill the first there are doubters in class right now. Oh. It would be very realistic to say yet at a minimum you know lose one on the offices. Their best case though he began what ninety's at the number of weeks. Are correctly is effective rhetoric by the time we hired thirty applicant will probably lost that many. -- And then I guess you when you're talking about getting another uniform on -- street you're talking about a rookie officer and that's not the same as -- sees -- having a seasoned personnel and not really. While. It's human comeback we'll talk about why so many offices are leaving and why it's hard to get people to apply -- -- Sure to have Mike last surrogacy is present the police association of new long ones next half hour we'll talk commander Kim Williams. He's a commander. Captain is that a man or woman in. A case she's the commander of the you know the academy and -- and that team doctor Raymond Burkhardt. With the fraternal order police and I don't think is Tuesday and the issue if you. Live in the long ones I think if you community if you come here to work if you if you do anything New Orleans parish you should be concerned about this. Six when he three timely to traffic in that we go to. Six when he seven Tommy Tucker with the -- -- look you're welcome. To call in and answer questions -- making comments about the manpower. Officer power let's put it that way shortage and impeding my class there are guests present the panel police association of new wall ones. And in case you just joined us the best possible case as it stands right now they can't even fill a thirty person recruiting class. So even if they did there's going to be some attrition in the class if you lose one officer every three days. If everything goes. Perfectly and they would graduate all thirty. Members of the class which they're not an experience tells -- that new loans -- to be down ninety offices are. So by the end of the year so cattle -- do when it comes to. People did not being able feel recruiting class and losing officers what is the main reason for all of that. That reason right now. Is that the issue EDT. To our way -- not as police sources in the city that you. Because they were able to supplement during culture PD children were. Being able supplement their. This community that he would get security needs are addressed and worked the citizens because police the streets that should not being war. -- this community. Unfortunately. That particular bit and cripple. For sure. It's local 40 yeah -- -- -- is an. Incident. Is that a result of the consent decree urges an internal management decision real -- result. And let me let me give you some background on this and I -- say -- that term eight order of corruption that everybody repeats. Was coined by a disgraced. On US attorney that was blogging when he shouldn't have under. Assumed names in the -- this scandal and Jim -- office. Not on not an incorrect about that is their captain. You got into it and unfortunately. People to a rifle of an optimal frequently and everybody Jordan partially. The fact of matter is even administration admits that read. Had been to begin with unfortunately. The quote -- fixed -- -- -- -- that could have. Happened -- -- which would negotiate the best possible solution to it. It didn't. It's all in the same direction destination has -- that's liquid heat stroke he can. Doesn't have a snowball effect is our officers leave today they are more. Apt to have trouble because they don't have as much backed government and even more officers leave. Stretched into that question. Goes too much and supervisor. -- it's not sure it's not since the public did not getting the police are able to. That they deserve and expect. To work that. They can deliver the Serbs they want and it's a chicken. So that's a big problem. That scene inside the problems we just chill out. But speaking of end in sight in and fixing this is rapidly as you possibly could -- at least up the bleeding with -- first thing -- it changes detail. -- Okay. The decree. It is now literally -- -- to some extent we have is that can be adjusted. Quite a bit. -- -- these and these lucrative -- collapsed. Were you able to meet the bills. And that's leaving green pastures all the jurisdictions other agencies and those -- just like. You mistreat you you were -- to get work because we can decree that -- and that's what's gonna do. Yet to receive an early deals yen. That.

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