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1-16 7:15am Tommy, NOPD recruitment & morale

Jan 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Raymond Burkhart, an attorney and spokesman with FOP, about NOPD recruitment and morale

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- we've been talking and is so far this morning about the manpower shortage and NO PDU what are the causes for it in the timeframe. In terms of getting new offices on the street we talked to captain Glasser. In the 6 o'clock -- -- talking about the number of believe recruits that they have for the training class should be thirty there at fourteen. The time it takes to train and we talked to commander Kim Williams that runs the NO PD can I can academy about that. And if you look at the the loss of police officers veteran offices every day. I don't know I don't know how you increase this at all friend Raymond Burkhardt the third joins us right now attorney and spokesman with. The fraternal order of police morning -- -- -- Those numbers are accurate on if you've been listening or not but the if you know some people and a drop out of the academy some others are gonna leave. Between now and then so best possible case and Tony fifteen. We're still going to be down officers. That's I mean you have to think about the fact that -- people or retiring aren't yet people who are gonna drop academy. You know people going to be you know resigned as the supply and wired and a ship off the actual legal cap. All ballclub -- a lot of people should be coming halt police officers. You still haven't impediments. In front of to actually people on the beat column the walls whistle that would be almost all issues chat to issue -- support legal also pleased to -- That's that's Dietz hailed secondary employment is talking about in New Orleans bright and assigns him in in the rate also went down that would. Although it is not so much been set City Council. All the litigation on -- and trying to work the City Council like sat in the way. All. But the uncertainty now with regard to. The latest figure is going to be -- out to Iran to be great column because they are all Serbs living wage. Israel keeping people at all. So here's my thing if if you just talk about somebody else running the DTL program. It is the demand down for that -- is the money just being spread around to different officers. And anyway the man toward the tail has gone down dramatically. Because of the consent decree. All because of the fact that -- you know people a lot apple officers that he or she wants working that. They can travel from one year ago -- people don't like people like mutual and -- can contracts let them negotiate for the safety academic. Yeah yeah so are you losing business dude JP or you lose and businesses sheriff's office. Didn't businesses sheriff's office should lose businesses aren't -- private patrol available at the -- you lose that such a constable law. Anybody that commissioner of the peace officer Alter it a little bit mr. Silly JP deputy and -- -- your New Orleans. All the support. And a lot of text here about the residency requirements man. In if if I'm gonna play live in Orleans parish and town on the money to police the area they need to live here. That's one city's broke too many people work here in the city but refused to leave here. Com. You balance so Louis because there's a it's like a chicken and anything mean nobody's gonna move in if there's a problem with crime and no car so officers. If you if you. They need to live here in -- -- a police officer and who's going to move you explain missiles cycle Tammy and as it stands now let people know the residency requirement is still in effect. Councils said they'd review it means nothing -- a date scheduled for a vote on that. Problem -- they do. Basically you have to -- you know move -- to the parish. Orleans parish. Was fair and one year or call -- Becoming a permanent employee. Meaning you're finished all your field ready for destroyer academy training. And you've got to move into the error should stay here -- -- at all. To maintain your job status as the -- police. If you're the most seasoned Jefferson Parish deputy years saint Tammany and decide you know line is New Orleans parish has offered you motivated by good. You say they need some help you're gonna have to sell your house within a year and by you know inspire. And that's not what people can do it those lateral transfer a call. That you walk right now. It takes for ever and that really eighteen months what reform -- to get a what people all proper. Salute here she is all -- his -- and ready to go gallantry. We don't have neck and arm right now it's pretty obvious that we -- so we want to be. Apartment in the should be focusing on the level transfer agencies. Obviously we usually. You don't really have to teach a lateral transfer legally all the streets. A little bit what the law correct. And their board changed. Had an understanding of what's expected of them from having grown up at an all -- but the -- the other I'll go traveling. Just -- -- also an article please call I really like it. It doesn't fully let you go on money and attorneys so let's. Talk about residency requirement that the City Council thing Nagin. Waited thing keep -- do whatever they wobble when it comes the consent decree. Any overtime issue. Is there a method by which a consent decree can be appealed or is that -- it would have to bring all parties back together how's that work. All well it started -- appeal and that and it's been up well but there are our problems with the consent decree. -- we believe the court system and the city. And the DOJ did not consider the unintended consequences that are -- litigation problem that. I don't like it channeling it is the parties all get together in the -- cold harsh it will you know -- -- police took label organization. And new comedies on the way to -- by the consent decree which can be done to maintain neutral in front of the content -- But at the same time ensure that or not hindering more responsibility to do which shop because of the consent core. And -- process would be everybody gets together they say it is okay in and -- judges approve it. Right just more apt to approve it and ensure. For the city and maintain the spirit to read and appreciate -- time we'll talk decent. --

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