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WWL>Topics>>1-16 8:15am Tommy, Walmart in Slidell?

1-16 8:15am Tommy, Walmart in Slidell?

Jan 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Slidell Mayor Freddy Drennan about a proposed Walmart in Slidell

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker 818 glad you -- us on WWL having a spirited discussion. About Wal-Mart ready jaguar opinion poll do you love or hate Wal-Mart pretty evenly split 57%. Saying eight. 43% say in -- So imagine an issue like that in your an elected official and I know Billy no and -- who went with had to go through this down black -- parish. -- DOD is saying no we don't want any new business development and we don't want any new jobs and we don't want any. Additional contributions to the tax coffers or do you say. You know what no Wal-Mart we rather yes we need -- Saturdays they know we got to protect the existing businesses and whenever quality of life we have mayor Freddy drowning joins us right now from Slidell morning mayor how you deal one. I'm well Kazan had to decide whether or Wal-Mart comes in or not wondered too. Tell me tell me what's going on in Slidell -- and do what the people this thing. -- -- As part Jewish. You know people excited about a company and I of people -- only going to do it. You know and have them connect to original property and the pollution problem going back to -- yeah. That took -- my knowledge. No one was located on the shop in town we were British which Latin manager the prestige opulent looking -- -- -- Obviously people don't match out of town and it's very excited about so that the prestige property come back in the commerce. And whatever people. Urged dole to open and then the -- there. And fresh -- -- Robert food. There's a commercial properties you know Robert Carlucci. Are -- you know distraught -- they're blue in the in movies and then try to put it -- approach toward. Obviously under controversially there are also. Although you know the ministers of -- situation. In the past it's a double edged sword probably put them and -- -- You remember just don't you dozens nationwide businesses like this and then coached small small as a Jewish. -- there and show them about and and have a group of about that. All you know we fashion. That would dozens injured and pan out of the -- and there's room but dementieva and the exact sort of dementia and action and we know you you know Ronald Ronald. Remove from Prague to maturity. In -- episode and tourism. Commitment approach from the amendment but I'll answer to that we don't approach and so it's a short -- Like you got it now the mayor ship preacher you want it and -- I don't know I answer the question but but you know what is -- process for the people when -- live wonder about this. The properties yet to be sold. Does it come down the zoning and do you guys is a government have any legal right to say no no Wal-Mart but yeah we'll take this will take that not you you not you. No doubt that. But it was definitely an active detentions took -- -- problems problems. And they couldn't do zoning requirements and -- -- an override to our. To proceed with reportedly able to -- Example you know what we kept revenues -- -- range from investment. And greens and in Slidell. We have to Asian investors in the program at -- -- we have -- outraged. That doesn't even take into account number broke the worst veterans and it went to achieve important part. And so you know and I'm in the construction but let him rest conscience Dudley opened only about a couple. -- -- them -- sabotage and enough fresh ground truth and that approach that we got enough good that we don't want him. I don't -- when he doesn't include that you have to do that opposite that the nation's work. You know in the capital is an accomplished -- mention that we -- like this besides you know I'm really we -- and how many we can triple. The market will decide -- Again. So what about timeframe on a small wind going forward when will anybody know if you lived there if you afford or against it. Well absolutely and you know make sure that they know employees not under and you -- an opportune moment talked about it and finished. Jim Rome combat Tibet completely at 630 you know. In the council chambers in this and -- and -- there's other council chamber there will be a public meeting. -- probably -- -- it will be to talk to you know about -- exporting -- to -- as a warning to do were trying to do and no time I don't know have been. -- -- you know that -- -- -- -- -- -- Christians need to informants. Our members playing lead humans to do it and do so well palpable sense that neighborhood and in that direction -- -- -- -- we -- that -- with different the provisions is becoming the governor urged. It's just a moment but it is not a and a in my editors and down. And you don't -- that actually ash from this meeting to be able to come in and talk to everybody and explain what you're trying to do warned them. And I give -- of region -- we came in from many constituents. Says I live in Slidell are Wal-Mart shelves are always empty in the services awful I tried my hardest to avoid him. Great concept but if you shelves are empty in the service stinks the concept is useless. -- -- I want you to -- I don't understand this town will have for wal marts and only one pop -- they need to get -- rate of one of our. -- -- of the space renew Wal-Mart we need for pot -- and -- wal mart's where you stand on the ticket issue. Well I was so bad that you remember -- -- food -- The developers. -- you know in terms of Britain. And and -- that are supposed to -- Oakland in an independent -- Now you know I would -- that -- and -- out seven and sell Coca. That they -- time mayor pleasures always. --

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