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1-16 Tommy, sound ordinance

Jan 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Meg Lousteau, the Executive Director of the VCPORA, about a proposed sound ordinance in New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we move on says. A pretty controversial. Things partly to musicians as it relates to view great property owners some have labeled it. A noise ordinance which I guess is kind of pejorative. The threat at duke rape property owners residents & Associates. Now organization. Prefer to use the term sound ordnance and with that we welcoming in the executive director. Of DCP ORA -- this morning. Well thanks for taking the time witness her mom. You know again I think this is one of those issues that people know. A buyout but they don't really know the the details of its if you could give us the Genesis of this now it's started and how we got to where we are now and what's expected it happened today. Okay well. Appreciate you getting immediate entry it will where you are you down personally international and you're a parent and volume. Not at any type on a particular. See you make in this now you know here it's. The sale wars in distress but whatever it was a terrible example which -- But I look at it may do and an obviously. Yet a look at the problem is in the Ukraine. In -- -- many are able to Crockett in the count that there aren't simple. Except on a problem for with ability and doesn't -- -- end ala and so does. Has been a major problem and the key -- for many years and if you look at the ability of the French Quarter -- And you look at. You'll find that there are buried here is your -- -- commentary anymore because he really hasn't done very good job of enforcing. Any any implement the -- on the books right now -- And as organizations and Albert. At the neighbor for decades. It. But it's typically as it relates to sound may get when you since major problem for many years he DD you address it now because of the time is right for that you feel as though you have. The votes you need or the agency sympathy because that's -- as -- with the understanding of it from elected officials or is it getting worse. Getting worse and the big network to Germany years but became a major campaign issue during the last election four years ago. And so grant park held court and could go to and Palmer who with a list of things and it completely I mean people from the encourage people from Mary warehouse to search from Carol from -- -- the Pacific. Situation. Trump a list of things that we thought would be important leader vision to be ignorant and Albert exit there at ground books and encouraged to march meeting. Our amendments to be important. And so we did that came with the where we called a potential at least -- -- -- work extremely fair ball and -- and sensible. And we brought it's cute -- execution across the city the work. Brought the -- council members and you know take a while we have been in internal controls Hamlin on the coming -- to Mario and and our current court. -- so what's made it worse. The -- of what the sound yes what's made this sound. Worse because we we said earlier I think he says that it's gotten definitely gotten worse and I just wondered -- -- -- the the root cause for this I'm presuming it's not a a horse and distressed. -- and it helped I think. I mean I'm not trying to attack happened in Italy. Speakers that you can cost I don't know I don't know across hundred that there are a lot more establishment. Have high powered implication that continue to before. -- I think some of the typical people have been using sound in a way to attract customers that is not really you know in the best interest of not only -- -- it encompasses Q let me get a complaint from cancer in a quarter of the current account that because somebody is -- thing. I'm incredibly. That they they're having a hearing -- their -- customers. And then. And there to some good some bad actors I think it couldn't agree on that you are are. Not respond to you neighborly complaint like taking turned down a little bit. We eat we are having trouble. During -- up and down the matter and hammer and -- No apology to come together really actually at a critical level now. It seems like he you know I call anybody out but he is the main problem. Prerecorded music be in blasted out a teacher -- -- -- -- main problem that has been a serious problem in the French Quarter which is the only country short -- magnet who seized the -- They're just so many problems that it hurt any particular year. You know limited to track it down. And -- -- Q you know that aren't accurate count the commander in house. Or you have a meeting -- Morgan will get to work. But the problem no matter what -- -- And the -- -- the matter so much -- not because as you know we're gonna try to make it meteor trying to make. Interest suburb one of the great about -- -- neighborhood that we have diversity. And all morning -- It got it potentially the next corner stores and restaurant next club. And on everybody attack and it neighborly way to maintain that the urgency. But wanted to uses actual hate that concludes feet you know enjoyment -- -- -- that and another property your another. We're having problems that quietly and massacred in the apartment. -- so I guess this is measured in terms of decibels. And what if you could you know I know. -- would dolby or doppler here but he if you could. Really related to something else and here's -- on China's in my own clumsy way meg what what was the requirements be. And you know they talk about crowd crowd noise and times and relate to a jet engine taken off sweaters it's in now where do you want it and in terms of things we can relate to where is it now way you know if you can make a comparison and where do you want. It's a great question it's hard because right now that are based on the opening on the property and time to -- Here's what levels between Canadian and you know and other or between Indian company. And then -- sensible and it changed your are into an agency line and you'll get a light industrial. Ukraine -- district although they get really play but only changes that that we have prepared collection. It is you. Turn deductible. In the quarter and commercial. District act where they were in at that race. I'm returning and don't want a car with Mary and so. Caddie writing on music scene in 1987. I don't think there's any evidence returning it has any negative effect on on our cultural. I'm sure we have some audio files listening but DA had the number of decibels. That it would. Change it to. I mean again it should turn toward there weren't any candidates at a rate cut and comfortable and -- -- district and I -- and -- would bring back count I'd I'd contemptible. Taylor we appreciate your time -- take some calls when we come back if you could. Find out where the number is so and and called Jordan back in would you use for background. Information use to compare it to whatever and we'll look it up and do our own research. Thank you Amanda appreciated. Have a good day meg loose though the executive director of the VC -- RA. If you -- property owners resonance & Associates.

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