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1-16 9:35am Tommy, sound ordinance

Jan 16, 2014|

Tommy talks to Hannah Krieger-Benson, a spokesperson with MACCNO, about the proposed sound ordinance for New Orleans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talking about the report propose. Sound ordinance that the City Council is gonna hear tomorrow and we'll hear from. People who are not in favor of this -- Krieger Benson joins us right now spokesperson at the music and culture coalition of new Holland's. Mac known good morning -- you -- -- -- good as a panel or Honda. Or. Oh. Yeah okay. To settle down we're friendly here tell me about dumb your group and its take on this. Did sound ordinance and how is it for yourself would you object to and now it's gonna hurt. You heard the music industry in the city. Well. A proposed or triple Bernanke. We think it is troubling in a onto the boat in process and and content. I'm -- it was written in -- And then also. Act without. And among -- I think about it. There would be consequences of it that are not being -- -- Clinton and not being well acknowledged. Which could be very very detrimental to cultural business and and and munitions. And I think that it is not a law that rule will serve. -- City with a very vibrant cultural economy. Losing it would process what is it you about bill hold -- way this came about did you objective. Well. It would introduce the week of couldn't have. With. We're there is no warning at all. There was something that. -- Written based. Solely on. Technical center console which is written by. Group of people spearheaded by -- -- Decree. Are property -- but president could. And it did not into account either. The conditions are critical. Report. The report written by sound kind of looking around the city. Diplomatic those recommendations into account at all to predict a I'm an alternate did not into the -- others have been put including. A documented my group grew -- back room. To the -- Principles. Opera guiding. Illegal intruders in Ireland and it contradicts the principle alone and top box for the protection. I am sorry here's something I can't. Can't understand and I and I can't -- control this in my hand in hand is. If it is gonna hurt. Live music and a quarter I don't understand any politician that could get behind is because. For all of as a know and -- the quarters that that's what makes it the French quarters and they'd give me the business model all of if you gotta keep it below seventy decibels how's that can hurt. The music industry and in his second prevent people from going to see it or hear it because it's too low. Church. And antidote for -- question I don't understand. The political. Operatives -- And I would really like now and hopefully. Handset and is I can't believe that there's some kind of deliberate effort to get rid of music in the French Quarter now could well be on -- and it could well be unintended consequence in that leads me. To the second question of practically speaking. What would be the effect on the way music is played the clubs and employed musicians of people would go to see it it's rhetoric if this passes and it's dropped to seven ADB's. No it ought to be content -- you. Were asking them about pathetic one every now and oh. I think I think in his is that it's it's certainly not potential. The Turkey -- in the quarter nobody. What do -- think it's an example is. Along with the language does not reflect. But let's get paid to everyone's saying oh culture -- -- an example. A law that does not. It was not written in that they -- It doesn't seem to have been written -- -- -- through to the consequences -- consequences would be. To give it a little four. Enforcement against cultural business. In a pretty. -- -- and that by it all from going with the enforcement and enforcement of or whether she would have a chilling effect on. Cultural knowing that they could be. Crackdown on. And and I think our underlying problem there is a lack of understanding of the science found in the payment comes up over and over Albert. Is not really understanding. What different levels realistically. Public. And then. -- and we're running out of time here I guess or medium like a ten year old when it comes -- this but. If a guy a laurel woman owns a bar club that plays live music and they're concerned about enforcement and are concerned about. Some kind of sign for the decibels. Opposite the right being too loud there are too high. I think -- then. Quit book and live music and if they do what -- -- and do with the business of war. If it conversely they can play below seventy decibels are people -- -- in the quarter. And wanna go here's some live music and not make info on anything and trying to understand this on the street level or are they then gonna say well it's too -- I'm not going. I don't know that people looking at Nokia music. Would it. How that Yahoo! which could happen that shirt and in the same boat that we didn't -- -- -- business is producing music that is. Too low level commuting to and -- -- -- that -- started out wouldn't be possible that people that cultural that it would stop looking like conditions. Absolute zero here. Here or or because there's actually not a -- -- that you aren't a lot of them in the that the level also. Not an application and the sound measurement. Both different techniques that -- instrument electrical equipment changes at all of that as well -- and I think it brings. -- -- -- -- -- To the talent emanating property. And if you get much closer. And also -- it more than. It. It's not just. One thing to change in a couple of detractors about black in the consequences may be much harsher than than what actually intent but the people who wrote the law. Two the fact that. Enforcement could then be extremely well. I appreciate you time -- really do and and I and I'm just trying to understand all this and let the listeners. Make an informed choices of what they want what they don't want and I think there are coming on appreciate your time. --

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