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1-16 10:10am Think Tank: Louisiana Economics

Jan 16, 2014|

Garland talks to Journalist and Political Historian Bob Mann about the "brain drain" of Louisiana, and the economic state of Louisiana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This. Our. In particular this half hour. Comes about because. We on a regular series Michael -- you'll tune in week and usually. Receive memorial and secretary of economic bill. Alive -- social media pre Katrina. You're too hard to New York in two critical. Because those always talking about alike which conditional. Schools. All the problems politically the problem -- whatever. And I I've had by my -- or change my tune. Over the last 67 years because. I hear a lot of good news economic development -- reports -- to broaden ownership quality of flight unit. We bug on the issues not alone. With Michael and Steven -- we've done a Wall Street Journal reported Bloomberg reporters for exporters. But. Let's take a look at the other side. Read this article two days something like the -- Robert Mayer and on politics. Who's unit in life ms. Schmidt writes. Every year thousands over young people give up a little easier -- Stockton college diplomas and cardboard boxes Schobel in pursuit of greater opportunity. This kid taking with them their creativity of the energy and there -- the region of privileged ultra Louisiana's diminished. Because of their crafts it's suggesting. A brain drain in considerable bringing me. Bob -- and is agreed to what doctors journalist's journalist political news story -- he holds you and should cheer in journalism that the mentioned school mass communications. We've reduced the -- problem conclusion. Or warning or -- -- -- the wrong thing we hear from Hector and more rather that being radically better. Well I think things are better places and I think it may be radically better is where I would. What I would quibble with about maturity and abuse that word bit. Well that that that chancellor that's -- Yeah I'm not torture -- I think that the picture that -- connected. And then the chamber here in Baton Rouge are trying is that that we are undergoing -- economic. -- I think that that that is just not the case in fact it's you're you're listeners were reading them. The Picayune -- the beverage advocate in the last 24 hours -- noticed that the the -- revenue estimating. -- got together yesterday and try to figure out how to deal with the I think Detroit by a report Doug million dollar shortfall which actually would be a lot larger. Jindal. Governor Jindal were conducting a garage sale of state -- trying to sell everything in -- Balance the budget is probably more like a hundred. Million or more shortfall -- Take the Buick can't account for bad and so our economy is really booming as they say is that now wire we could could consistently every. Every year six months dealing with the budget shortfall. -- -- Bloomington that would. That would which in a reason that that revenue would be. Coming in faster and it's not and so there are there are signs pointing to but on the oil and gas industry isn't picking up that. And other sectors or coming to life but that display it to -- -- it radically turned around to say that where some sort of economic utopia like I think a lot of these people. Want us to believe this just. It's just not true and I and I think that the that it does a disservice to that the hard work that we still have to do in this state that -- get things turned around. -- and trigger -- for it all right. We're talking with the Bob May and he's journalist. Also Goolsbee. Mentioned school of mass communications and -- Genesee university. We're talking about brain drain in Louisiana is that a brain -- or boring game got two different. Sides that this debate will present one. When we come. But bill big -- -- in -- 53. Older drugs diminished physical emotional. Suffering from an -- rest or oppression. The sure -- looks like to me this is the best who. I've seen that cautious and to call and talk to them they're very nice people beautiful and so it is. Over in Springfield Russell you look altered to applaud the regional and by at 93225395930. Or visit spring for wellness center dot com. If you listen to ensure fairly regular basis. -- Michael Hecht goal and a lot the CEO of the -- week. And he constantly talks about our improvements. What we're doing better but we're world improving our positions and compare including two rest of the country and probably about -- we're fed on Stephen array of secretary of economic developed -- virtually the same thing -- -- Bob -- and used to you. Have journalism and should school mass communications. Louisiana State University. Bob as you know what. People on the shore of heard -- and in particular I'm -- and Michael Jackson thing. Of the reports are things like four million greater New Orleans nations brain -- -- Bloomberg. Righteous number two boom town in America dearly beats number two aspiration of city in the nation. Rank -- in creating middle class job. Top economists in a room that popped in a worker in migration. And then he says this year it was easier -- six straight year of net income migration. Your thoughts. Well -- well I think that the you have to look at where those numbers are coming from for example before. Magazine article it's from 2011. Using data -- oldest 2007 and so I'm not sure how they can say that. How they can take what what is in some cases secure little architectural data. And Adelaide at over today and say this this proves that we're all week that we -- currently doing is is working bad is that -- that's very old data. And and edit -- B and it appears that a lot of that the people coming into Louisiana from 200720082009. Where Katrina. Evacuees who were. There were returning to the state and that's a good thing no one that would dispute that's not a great thing you were happy for that but they were attracted to Louisiana because it was there. There has their historical home they were just coming back it wasn't that they were being drawn here because of the entrepreneurial spirit or because of the booming. Economy so we're gonna cite those kind of studies that we need to noted that that's that's pretty old data and and -- But the thing that I think troubles me about the response to this. I wrote this sort this column in the Picayune a couple of weeks ago and it did mr. responded to in a letter to the editor few days ago. If he says they call that the alleged brain drain as if there is no. The leader is no problem to be dealt with -- I would invite him and anybody else to -- it's -- -- -- -- two -- Theology campus so that the campuses. At Louisiana Tech corps relish US or ULMULL. And talked to graduating seniors. Who are leading this we're planning to leave this state or leaving this state who don't want ago but can't find jobs here. And it had -- places like Dallas and Houston Los Angeles and New York because that's where the opportunity is right I talked to those people to those young people every day. And I hear the despair and and both of the walking in their voices to stay here and I talked to the ones -- even and about how much they wanna come back and -- and and so it's it's it's real I think everybody listening out there are those sort of person who's who's had the had to leave this state for opportunity elsewhere and attempted to deny it. The -- to an alleged brain injury pain I think I think is really myopic I think mr. techniques to get out more. In India and does so and the bill of materials easily appear after shows. And sizzle we zeros and -- -- through years of net in migration US Census Bureau. Board board do you base your figures wrong that shows. The brain injury -- says. -- -- Well you know you've got to look at -- but the age group it's coming and is that a lot of that. Net in migration or older oral of people who actually -- look at -- look at the days ago but more deeply. When you do you know -- I think conceded that a lot of those people who have come back and are coming back are are older they're not they're not younger. And and Elliott stonecipher and the demographer. Page report has done a lot of search on this and I've spoken Delhi as recently as two days ago and and he supports. He supports them my view that the that that the that there is still serious brain drain. In this stadium and were fooling ourselves to to decide it's -- it's that it's happening. That mr. -- Response to my column is most of it. Mostly focused on what's going on and do more balanced but my concern is is not just north of the entire. The entire state and and the census figures that that -- seen in the that there have been analyzed by demographers shows that we still have a problem. In Yorker -- writes quote. I don't know what it's like to keep our kids home we're opening jobs in this -- of this state is alive and thriving. Not slowly die. You think to sleep slowly -- You know at some point I think I think it is an epic it has been for a long time but it but I -- -- for the perception. On all on behalf of but the that the a lot of young people of this state. Have negatives and and and -- -- I'm dealing with not only that they -- Reality of the situation that of them that the other good numbers that that you and others decided that. But but the -- but the perception that the Asia people have that that this is not a place to build future that this is not a place where. Where there were there welcome it's good -- that it has some places in north Louisiana our operatives. Right after the the controversy over that took the comment that still Robertson dynasty made it. And a lot of response to that and I think you know a young person who's fairly broad minded who doesn't have a problem has -- -- the Watergate friends or maybe games. Himself or herself. And again the department's ability. How well what -- -- -- here how how much debate debate since this is the place you can you can really build a future were going to be accepted in this community. And this is a little place on the upswing at the counseling or not stuck in neutral. And that the students the young people that -- talked to -- you know people I've heard from since our publicist column from all over Louisiana have all over the country expatriates. Affirmed that that that that as a very real. Sentiment out there and I think we need to to deal with it I think we need to address that you know I'm I'm I'm always. About -- shock that Bobby Jindal. And -- been vacant and keep the people who work for him don't spend more -- -- camps is talking to these young people that were spending millions in ten million urgently into dollars every year educating. Young people giving him good educations and they take that training and acknowledged. Other states for training the work forces of a lot of other states and and I I'm surprised that governor -- -- -- on on LSU campus every week -- -- people to stay in trying to show them here's what you -- state. You realize you were a couple of -- What can be done -- turn this round. Well you know so well I think that that -- a lot of it in and -- does involve our education. System. And we we've got to have a -- workforce kind of ripped the beer -- the portrait workforce than. Then that it makes the job the people like mr. -- and Stephen Moret in other chambers of commerce around the state have because. Party -- example I have a I have a campus falter or new roads and the that would there was a super Wal-Mart it was just built there. And that won't -- Can't find a sufficient work force to -- step up now. That's not a upon highly trained workforce that's required to stock shelves and and and do the work. Wal-Mart even at a place like new road they can't find trained workforce -- -- worked for governor Blanco many years ago we attracted union to court Alexander 750 jobs. And they could not fill those jobs because there weren't the train workers so we've got a real problem with workforce development the state. And I think that this is it appears the governor Jindal is this is this is committed to doing something about it that we -- association of business and industry is has apparently making it's it's priority this year but. We got a lot of work to do training -- work -- so that when they go out there and and bring these companies and they can they can deliver on the promises that we have a workforce picnic but can do the opportunity can be. A productive for you and help you. Make -- make a profit in the state. Well we're called think to a big group really do try to you're both sides of it. Anytime we liked him on the shall give us more information on this for we'll call you. It's something everybody should fully understandable so -- appreciate you call. It it. -- come out of the actual -- Michael -- and tell his side. Mrs. You know there's this is counting you really do want loosened bolts. And and Figaro. Which one of the most fruitful and there's with the the bottom line and -- that they both Robert and in its own -- would be production. And Stephen. And Michael. Trying to get the best thing don't put -- -- so we can improvement like it's better when you think we're coming right back double to own. Negated celebrity immoral by --