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1-16 10:35am Think Tank: Louisiana Economics

Jan 16, 2014|

Garland talks to President and CEO of GNO Inc. Michael Hecht about the "brain drain" of Louisiana, and the economic state of Louisiana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Irv were cut and little debate to go we've been hearing a lot about Louisiana's bring gazans all the young people coming -- and stories about how were improving as well as quality of life and our middle. And all on the -- we're hearing no not quite there usually bring drinking and we got through talking. Bob Andrews the have the men should -- Journalism it mentions -- as communications. Of Louisiana State University. And thinking and Michael Hecht exchanged. A couple of missive about. There is a brain drain Yahoo! not so much in Michael Jordan to sell president. -- your view and awaiting Michael ware appreciate you taco. Of course -- agreed to be here and very very proud to have the state where. Good -- gimme -- your thoughts before I get in -- the suits. First there's actually a lot that faster man and I agree Arctic they will both passionate about that we yen. And we doubt it was real back in the sixties and -- people here. And he also did say that the war working at a fourteen is better in the chip pre Katrina in the war in the Louisiana. And I'll -- on stage -- on air. Our annual meeting is that progress optics. -- mark -- parts but in no way we assure ourselves all long term sustained prosperity yet. Agree on professor and then goes and is in his piece and he writes quote almost every other state. Promises more opportunity. And -- all flights. In the Louisiana I'd have to object both apparently totally. I don't think that back wreckage site on my back from New York. -- -- -- A Lipsky and and Jews specifics in his article. He uses the writings -- vote to Lynn University lecture in systems analysis and data mining a Raymond breezy. And ended they have they poured out several examples. They say that you -- the brain aging champion and February report tomorrow magazine. But this and uses data from 20072000. And and the professor says every -- your student in that statistical forecasting cleric collapsed. -- learned that term a liar and data point not representative of a trend. In the years Jews in Forbes study simply or odd dollars or even Puerto. The author of the article qualify as a result posting New Orleans is number one for example. A reasonable one but is likely product to the continuing recovery of the shrunken population. You're. Do you like street stocks like Garland for quote what Mark Twain sent right -- -- lies lies and statistics. In other factors that and you are going to be able to get numbers where are so. Part of that trust but where -- not in the ranking but also talking in person on the street and again from people quantitative there are typically. This is happening around the other the second point is that I believe that that that doctor Brady. Using 2013 Bloomberg report is ancient history -- using the four report. -- well you know the fact is that we use the most recent data available trusted sources. You know like guests that doctor -- at the Bloomberg report is wrong I wish I'd like this from Bloomberg report from the US censorship. I feel that I'm doing my job -- The point that it's critical make which seems to be -- is that it's absolutely -- -- -- That just -- everybody left Britain or they would come back there were turning public tired if you look around mr. many city. -- to shorten your work to their lights and seven they never came back. The fact that people coming back to new laws that -- and it is our experts like that -- Our collective effort among industry -- elected officials among people on the street and that before and this is forcing these results. Are -- tempers break here. We're asking and -- little -- -- a bureau -- judge barred opinion poll. Do you think reports of museums bring rain or true in 74%. The Busey at salute -- -- Coming right back Garland -- have what we call it the thing -- are welcome back -- Garland rub an overview of where we're debating is who examined sustaining experiencing the -- breaking or bringing game. We do spoke with Bob Maryland who has written articles and always -- Cyprus -- the same finger demographer. Abuse of Freeport they're -- losing people might gain. And 11 of the group called Michael had -- the UFC you know. Funeral week. We talked to a regular basis. A cheerleader. And and I think that's -- W good. Description the question is is is cheerleading. Over something that doesn't sound like news or sound better than this. Michael. I quoted. The the O line and did the did you lose and -- 53 years of net in migration. And that's the US Census Bureau. Numbers. And -- me and said well what what isn't said. Is that group is an older group it's not the younger people. Well you know again there recent empirical data that says otherwise -- came out from new geography. And it said that our -- that is number one for migration of workers by 3049. Number one pre migration workers who are there're there're -- the third part. -- career -- workers and numbered in the nation for young workers brokers Egypt there in. Being number nine in our country -- to indicate it was still are. Finger expected that other data on or apple were huge for America per capita. In our region and forty years after it come here in the neutral about cheers. 80% of the -- there are so here generic number indications -- for example now. But at the -- the largest -- in -- any school in the country. And it appears that -- 44000 applicants for 200 slots so very clear about the cheerleader on a tale that optimistic. But all I wanna be objective and I'm investing -- family and all what my career. And so were trying to get in China recognized the progress we have made that consolidated and you. Real success and again -- saying that that next by yours might actually be orbit previous. -- Katrina money has gone away. And the rest the -- coming out of recession -- -- in this this but the turnaround. -- -- -- -- -- get a chance to talk to rubber band Elliott stonecipher. -- you know -- not neglected downward pressure. I met occasionally at all with doctor Brady because I think it's really important all. Real -- actually acted as we don't start -- that. Objective and not political power are based on that abiding archer -- should not get to the right answer and you know and used to work -- with the governor Blanco and -- ordered and you know but it is a political angle to this I'm trying to look the numbers. That over the past decade. The new Wall Street had more announcement economic development went south. There was right behind at number two. And so again. -- that and it's there we should be doing something right. So were -- and -- it's. I suspect he Michael -- also very interest in staying in good graces of government jungle and economic development secretary. Steve and more red area after all they can provide students and groups that -- -- attract business whose region. One operators and very fortunate record since about that are absolutely we are partner. Are at this state and the governor are key partners in January but it also happened. Governor even more problems out -- economic development one Q Arctic history. So all satellites well organization like -- reached. That the reason I ask you if you ever have nutrient suit to meet with mayors and to lawyer and professor Elliott stonecipher. I know -- pretty well we use you wonder where political analyst I don't whom and who knows for -- I think I know you could well. I get the feeling that all you want what's best for the state. And just like -- do the -- -- and analyzed and statistics. I fully believe that anybody could grab statistic to to. Approval port you know usually there US census figures. Does represented. A young group coming in this state and says does not. What were making groceries and paying bills and making sure the kids get an education. We don't have a chance to go check that out but yeah and it's not because have you on the show this from me in the references including. The the thing that you don't -- -- and -- thing you've -- a million I think for a lot of people. You've convinced me this is a better place. You've convinced me. That we're attracting younger people you've convinced me that the economy's getting better. And and I think once region were sent yours -- -- adopt some. That's a big step in turning things round. And win when me and says I think very legitimately. There's revenue estimating committed -- on the legislature. We're coming up 35 million dollar short again could be a hundred million that governor -- was routes that that's selling all a lot of three articles. With a group of you getting together and saying OK we all look the same thing. How to we present this to where. One side doesn't sound like they're saying. Don't believe that so we're we're not doing -- in the other important. Doesn't sound like they're just -- early. Yeah incidents it certainly does a great question but the router at me back on. Our. It's largely a timing issue. -- -- -- oil and gas. Under the cause of chronic state. Is really just beginning. And really see the impact in terms acted upon impact that program. All -- treatable chilling ought to Portland. -- between -- and Katrina. And the beginning of the energy matching that was in the law that -- get lost in this article or radio peace and so getting together and work that gets the -- for the better every body. And it wants in the reason and it is the work. Since that in their own problem beating he Europe's business. Ever since peppers cut in broadcasting television. You get twelve seconds. Bob May and gets twelve seconds uprooted in the script in that suited in opinions report. Radio even though it's been on edit it opened in compensation. It's constricted by time. If you guys get together that all sent home like you want what's best for weeks -- It's OK let's let's take our argument you couldn't Gore's argument. You can live here Richard we'll take it all went to the end. Where I don't have anything more they -- you. In the and submit those papers or at least agree here's how we could proceed to where. Everybody begins benefit. And of that collection angle bobbled it just seems to -- common cents. Governor it is common sense would you want the same thing quite frankly currently -- on the same challenges workforce is going to be a critical change what our state if we don't -- Increased training capacity there to -- school. While grew more people there in Louisiana or get gastric comebacks. Not fact that like in the minor step -- child together. And art anti war are real strange you Archie or our ability to work together are finding consolation. Is just another Churchill. Michael a bid to go to just echo his preacher -- time for -- call in and agreed to. Sit at. Coming back.