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1-16 11:10am Think Tank: Sediment Diversion

Jan 16, 2014|

Garland talks to Executive Director of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation Dr. John Lopez , President of the Save Louisiana Coalition George Ricks, Deputy Executive Director of CPRA Kyle Graham, Kerry St. Pe' of the Terrebone National Estuary Project, and Louisiana Fishermen and Oyster-men about sediment diversion and its possible effects on the Louisiana Fishing Industry.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back go -- rub it over with whooping take time. We have welcomed Little League all -- -- -- inflicting celebrity I've been talking. To Brookline it's been. The item of interest from the ever since I've lived here. -- opens walk around and I didn't have losing and have been in for president ever served. We're hearing these days is we need the billion dollars. -- order to keep from being destroyed and in the its most of self -- easier and with hardly broke from losing misery statistics. Over you can leave them. -- -- -- Every day. So visible -- and we're very quickly. And one of the things we've heard for decades of study and study and study that. Jamaica -- and economic plan and economic plan. And only okay we've got a master plan. Pilots -- were after the money and now we're hearing. That apparently. Or Finland oyster men for emperors. Charter boat captain. Disagree with -- blown apart to the point and that is river diversions. With me here in the studio George -- president it's a blue million coalition. George welcome your predictions thank you -- pleasure to be also doctor John Lopez executive director league punctured rebates and foundation welcomed the -- But Sherlund. Appreciate -- talk thanks. Will result in -- dude your response in the good Georgia's functions is room. June 2013. National Marine Fisheries services cents. Proposed -- versions. May have an adverse impacts. To economically. Important issue weary and reading pitchers and there have been number one. Displaced. Fisheries species -- to reduce -- three productivity. Number 3 convert the central. Fish habitat areas no longer supportive. Of some federally managed marine recruits these seized. Or their prey item. -- wetlands. Impacted by diversions more susceptible to erosion from storms. Number of -- duke -- water quality in six cause so through economic hardship. To those involved in the fishing industry. Well what are your thoughts that. That that seems to be. -- merger condemnation. Of the diversions citizen. -- -- girl and certainly use it raises a lot of issues or issues all of a -- As you figured -- your first comment Chenault the Obama I am lost in terms is as dramatic and going to her in the issued a true engines of all of ministry everything and is our flood protection surge protection. Of so. Fisheries certainly might be effective but frankly. Any any restoration prosecute as strong negative in our art. Ever and one of the few things that. We -- we -- or personal processor nature take advantage of that. Are at the end of the day we need is not a store story functional socially awkward it restored we can't keep what we've had in the past trying. -- that back. We can't trying to achieve a stable functioning or -- -- George Brooks. I appreciate mr. Lopez's comments -- you know. They would like to believe that the general public and most general public does believed -- that -- rivers is civil bullet that. The river built the delta. I'm so -- in that but it was a different ribbon and it took 7000 years the ability delta. And now and a river has a fourth of sentiment and head back then and half of that -- doesn't get past the horrible locks. I was pleased last week I went to. Spoke Friday that it does scientific panel for rewarding instituted to -- in Baton Rouge. And general to Deluca from the core engineers. Raised a lot of uncertainties and concerns that I was so pleased to hear his. Up until -- like we would only ones at that abortion these concerns. And he said this rumor that all settlement. In Mississippi River is going down about the ribbon drop off -- no showpiece at its -- campus settlement. The sediment -- doesn't go past stole roadblocks so. If the river is the magic bullet to bill -- and if it's -- the best answer. Why is that the bird's -- -- at the -- the group which is the biggest natural diversion in the world. Why is it is that suffer and -- at the beach erosion -- just like every other -- state. Lipscomb back try to get answers about it -- gone -- but it will be a think tank. What -- -- to get a -- resumed fishing community was fighting -- easier in the settlement diversion project. So it's -- destroy their businesses a lot of -- we have Joseph -- goes with this executive director. Lake Pontchartrain bays and foundation -- -- for the break George was -- and -- directly. Hold -- thing you please don't we have enough settlement in the river. He's saying experts say we have what we think we it's a world. Continent which opened in all week that it is and the the better idea would be just to dredge the river and pipe that is what your. Well certainly regret like the average -- International Bowl on you know. And radio -- any compliment techniques that need to be used argue. On in terms of the supplements have on them tremendously. On the ground. Bill Burton's. Work what effect we think it's actually a -- That they can work from work. Despite it is just. Stay in the choir and a small portion -- this agreement and I agree. Were fashionable but they -- -- in our. Like restoration. There you know little people question -- a Democrat -- can channel question open. But we've listened and they players. Katrina. And what actions were. So. We have to listen in and here but also trying to a -- end and working across. So the person or central and as important. Compliment. And for workers. Or -- it a good judgment that should we view or expert at Ford and -- -- Tokyo. Take a good morning Garland. But Garland it. And we do -- -- welcome back to you and George institute and commercial fiction association. Or you witness. -- the mongol the happening here today -- you what are your thoughts. Not -- in this same addresses of their that we travel sort of version arched an acceptable tool. You know what it will -- o'clock PM let's get. That seven minute. God Leah so would be must -- beneficial analysts detrimental. And then supplement -- -- and stuff -- have to let that that was about it. Not just -- -- -- benefit from -- you know participate so to speak. That doctor Lopez. -- all the studies we've talked about victories have there been studies to see what the effect is on the fishing community. 100 studies. -- in actually economic urgent and it's on it's it's not clear picture. We know treasury. -- Whether there. There all or course well -- expect and actually they're able. Odd question saying complex. And you know 2010 holes which may affect it twisters in addition to other factors. -- Story during -- for war in. There. Only when there's so we -- that actually -- war war patterns and the essence of -- early markers. -- We can't miss candidate for 42. But it won't be. Patched it will be something -- can anxiously in the country. Margaret. I agreed we're gonna but estuary. Need fresh and salt water. And I'd like to also added that the Bretton sound and -- issuers look to the most productive. Largest issuers in the world not just in Louisiana. We deal when he -- we deal with Louisiana sustains. 90%. Of the total -- lost in 48. States on it and why is that part of its. Oil and gas industry. Doctor Eugene turn this past weekend at the dredge -- loyalists it. We gave presentation and he showed nobody is did Corley and that the timeframe between 1973 in 1993. When the biggest oil boom was that was when we sustained most erosion. So auto industry has something do it. But it's also to Mississippi River. The Louisiana what is Louisiana had been that -- -- status as the Mississippi -- so could it be possibly nutrient load from the river actually cause and -- erosion. The thing is don't you mean black Newt note overload of nutrients. This did the river overloaded nutrients and -- Because there fertilize that sediment and sadly I don't eyes and -- on that -- we had no problem at all said OK we need to we need to set. But it is unfortunately is not an -- and reward cards in the -- treason and operates or. In the -- Water column creating algae bloom what every killing -- exactly what that's what caused dead zone golfer every. You know it amazes me my -- fell environmental groups. Some -- -- file suit against EPA. To tomorrow and in my own fertilizers and nutrients come and review from -- all. And and and they're fighting to keep it out of the Gulf Coast and dead zone which is because it's a New Jersey every. But would amaze me as it's OK I did they could fight it don't want and and gulp but he won in a march in our right to put it into the motel law. Right and and we deal would estuary. On if we don't get this right if they screw up disaster word but would diversion it's too late. It's done. -- -- -- -- question -- -- -- -- -- quite long you know you can produced an offer was too much you can kill you put too much. And so that's true it is important as important as the shot. And -- an annual acknowledgement is all about the slowing. Only -- -- And is. Or. Not trying we have -- -- by. The fact is that. There is accused of saying that we can reduce the burden you feel that you mentioned that truly is that we -- support we can it'll force more attractive for several -- Two. Years. We believe we would like actually -- -- generations of shall we can industry one it can. Be monitored. And managed effectively. But without the example. We -- -- -- had to fight the coast problem. I'd like to interject you have been missed -- and I disagree Richard but I brought this up at a meeting in in Baton Rouge -- game trip got up and said that yes. All the way we're gonna find out what these diversions do is to build one and mine after it. In CD effects of it and I told mr. trip that he sent like Nancy Pelosi would there would obamacare passed before and which in. If -- if we spent. -- -- 100 back to our epic -- estimate cost 235 million right now we've -- diversion. And run it and it damages -- resources and and and -- hire a thousand acres of oyster beds. It's -- It's a done deal and you gotta tell me that we're gonna study it and it is not working -- it weighs 235 million dollars shouted out you know that was a mistake like mr. ago. Or worse. What are we we don't build it. We lose more weapons and storm surge comes in America are basically destroyed almost amusement park rooms are -- Even bring it. Let me tell you is would switch around to -- critical engineers at the first five to ten years of operated diversion you actually lose landed irate. -- -- -- -- -- Now what are we doing at five to ten year time frame while we wait British Land pop up from divergent. Okay for us and that's an increased saucer that now will lose and it would lose and a sixteen behalf. Square miles a year. So before -- diversion stars build in land. Okay we can lose -- high of 65 square miles before built one. And then in the meantime we -- a four point one billion dollar a year industry. That one out of every 45 jobs in the state Louisiana is directly connected to commercial fishing industry do you wanna take pitching it's. Do you -- to -- wanna risk risked their economy how we're gonna make up Danica Patrick. Well as good career excellence what do we don't mean you know the surge. Comes into their period of communities you know all going to river. West Bank won't you know. Repair corrections. I do that alternatives are organs or in the street like Reggie. But. The financial right now. Not just science would be -- they -- sorry and call me or else that we can't roll right. Into the great -- And and if we can come up with a way to do need to be greater. Effectively and efficiently. And they need to become more pliable. State right now -- -- If you re doing and will be one versions and every election. Because -- -- based on. War. War convergence and shifting. Quite correct. George and about thirty seconds. So it does Scopes -- -- -- -- -- -- what he's saying they only spent four billion dollar convergence. They just got 67 point nine million dollars okay put pressure on BP -- and where they don't money. They've taken four million of it and put it right engineered designed Amerigroup diversion. That you don't even know in the department's. Now that's forty million is on engineering design. Not one dollars on -- Was gonna happen on a football it's where peoples involved with people's livelihoods about. They don't dislike mister Lopez that there's a lot of surged in don't know they have done states she was conducted -- so do we wanna take their chants. On uncertainty. To divert our particular break come right back to this debates that he will the scarlet Robin that we call that the thing. Are welcome back -- John -- -- we show or Hubert around get to you again -- Edwards -- doctor John Lopez executive director league. Pontchartrain bays and foundation. Doctor what do what do you think your argument -- uses that to -- all this money is going to. Set -- -- system that we don't know if it's got worried and wondered comes inundated it if it comes in output in the kind of settlement you'd put in. If you piped -- them from dredges and studies ought to be done about what did Howard's -- effective community and in dredging should be one of the answers. Well certainly agree that it should be in the that we also the burdens or. Want to look. Two and over. Like restriction techniques. Rational approach to work very completions. -- -- -- try actually -- here in the current what works best in different areas that hole. Compliment project -- work you -- in the -- Campbell -- -- and efficiently as possible. -- You know anyone that that -- When Butler. Drawn. And -- and toward -- court booked a slight push well. It was bought. Actually he's too liberal groups like. And you know -- you can make your point there's there's sir -- it was a natural potential it will work again you know national public street and there's an example that. Actually in the war since cook. And that reason -- support actually world war port -- just were. It or question bird is. You know -- its users to choose. It accurately. And here careers forward corruption can buy your workers here. We rebuilt that protection -- learn -- as we -- that we went white. The -- order where you'd like that system but we also. -- -- -- -- -- We saw a tremendous devastation. From my agent we salt are approaching. These -- in Japan. First. Something more appalled when he. -- -- -- -- word. Of caution. Rather dramatically. So. I welcome discussion. But let's let's keep these kind of discussion about going to -- that would what's happening here working very cumbersome. The slow broad -- interrupt 12. Did you talk about that -- untrained and in and there's this cypress trees well it gave river is such an important. Restoration to while we open up the bikers go away every in the spring. Well if you if the sort of going into the -- -- -- where you are great idea when I get a -- -- -- like why is -- a good idea put the blue -- in a -- constantly -- Because we need to -- -- Not -- concerned about pollutants in in in the rhythm going mentally I know that sounds good in utilized it doesn't come tumbling. Let us that stale and so. To receive Pedro and is terrible natural that you -- project. The largest -- problem we've got a player of the week and Hughes beat Karrie welcome damage. We've we've got. You're familiar with. Oyster men here. If by understanding -- they're saying does this supplementation. River diversions. Isn't where it gets convicted years actually -- land for five years. And with dredging we put a pipe and rode the river. Sustainable financially. Independently. And boy wonder what are your thoughts on. Well they actually probably to a long process to develop. A plan in. We we hear it talked petition and we talk to homeowners we brought people back those errors terrible urged. We've talked to every one that upon a process that and as well outside Butler. And bill part of a process to develop a strategy. A plan. You know to restore coastal Louisiana. And what it came out where is. Which support diversions. But we need. If it's a matter of how much -- you talking about. You know it's well known that depressions. Can sustain. Created martians or existing options. But what will work out predicament is we need to restore the land now to get the benefits for. Schroeder are picturing as well or our community extra two knockdowns sponsors. We need to land that's out there and all the way to do that quickly. Is to congress the courts -- greens aren't mature bottom of the river and puppet to pipes in just strategically placing it. In -- places that were washes or ridge's. Book full and these types of whatever we've lost one. But we need to -- -- to a string you know. Where rid of birdies to beat the debate we talk about. Is not whether we knew we air major diversions. It's talking about -- You know under the debate this shattered on volume of border into it. 200000. That would -- out at myrtle -- blast everything it would. You've probably our communities. It would. Edition ever relocate and just look at our fisheries. I mean. Yeah when the river built displaced but there were no people here and -- slow entry. Now we have people are people here that use abortions. You know to live down and communities. And a street and in part was national West Bank. And we can't do during that it will destroy the people about -- life. We -- candidates. Defense started -- all the sentiment -- them. From bottom of the river where from afar. And we can sustain them with. -- urgency but small small -- scale -- Doctor Lopez and no we're getting record lose you any comments. I think a curious thing -- We needed ball but primarily what we needed bright now wants them to build it. And the diversions are gonna come and that too many. Cubic feet per second. We're really was money well spent a good area. That supports. That the compliment the birdie and and and the dreading. The week. Balances. Due to calls in one of the projects and in the -- accurate though and a few years ago beat marsh creek project. 67 dollars an -- That's what people in the huddle. That is relatively -- stretching basically. There was like models -- -- read movies require -- mile doubling. You -- call succeeding as per acre. I mean we have -- -- council calls just become and -- strong local. It on iTunes to work progress and gladiator that supports -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lou thank you calling a rug back. Or human ought to be deputy director. Of pro and -- they would lose double. Are we think about -- trying to save the wetlands and trying to save the -- were in which fisherman. Or achievement and troopers make their living. John does that would try to go to Europe earlier bill of loss to phone. -- Louisiana -- whose Houston or. Whitbeck thank Iguodala. -- -- investment. But what -- to say it it it. Important that we get this -- this is too important just to just to push to -- brought it down. -- world culture industries. That are stakeholders in in in these areas. We can agree on one. Push to war we all agree we need. But we also need to accept -- war. You know and in this is that it is about the ball like like -- -- the volume freshwater will change the bracket. Salt water -- Into recordable. Recorder afterward. That it is an engineering problem we needed sentiments. But not the water. And -- need to looking outside the box we're using old technology. Making decisions. And caught the very old technology. That. -- Be looked. Outside the box with engineers looking at how we can deliver that at least taught. With out the unintended consequences. We have here it is we have a strong group proponents. It's something that and so. That they're not looking closely at the unintended consequences -- is just like. All right let's let me getting covering deputy executive director called for a protection. Uncle Al what what do think of hearing correct me got the wrong. Is that even if for revert to version works it's gonna take years to do we need to have settlement now. They're saying we'll -- dredging the river piping that settlement in the African that you were river diversion. These via. It's beat per cubic. Put to of this settlement coming into our water. -- -- -- in a few words you can build it up first and maybe didn't versions later your thoughts. But the first stop thank you perhaps mean and that we think that it balanced approach. There there have been. To hear often one of the -- We've we've recognized him and -- pretty immediate question of sediment out into the marshes in the bear island and at least you know what it is -- on going today that we've done the last few years. They were we've -- about two billion dollars for the sentiment much about it from the river whether stupidly carpet large creation projects. You're on sentiment when it and how about the scope of the island and shell island. Not -- to just completed about three months ago. I'm originally developed another -- nine dollar project just stop -- New Orleans looking at the long distance that pipeline burst out which a quarter -- to me that sentiment. A minute into its investment bank with the immediate need in and give it Marcia -- however the virgin. And we look at those are is that possible to extend light of their investment we're making today and we definitely recognize that is an investment. -- future generations and that's always party that locally or on the bottles we -- that again and again and again. It is. And I'm looking at something from via US appropriate emerged. National marine fisheries service and it says one -- can displeased from reading different species to. Reduce marine pit crews productivity. Number three convert -- into fish habitat. Poor -- wetlands impacted by -- more susceptible. To erosion and storm -- -- -- water quality in six. Cause so fuel economic hardship to those involved. And and that's from the national marine fisheries service that that. Doesn't -- river divergence -- Yeah what -- -- looking that is actually a letter that we requested from there we know that these products are really part of it never got and this adamant about opening that anywhere in the world that so what we did what we've done is we've got out. And try to solicit everybody's opinions payload. This is type of project it's been on books of every master plan in the state of Louisiana -- we've been thinking about the coast. We implement a tremendous amount of diverse today but -- -- look at doing some additional divergent than compared Jerry Brown what are your concerns. And what I think that you would like -- it's addressed. As we go and that it he's been there and so the national marine fisheries service excellent job and kind of laying out what their concerns -- things that they want to evaluate. And that we didn't. I'm -- kicking off an expensive. There are disparities I do want to point out that. There's typical process when you develop a project like the mid -- Terry -- -- you do -- being in. You try to get everybody's opinion. I'm bored doing that's well ahead of that process we have not even gotten to the scoping meetings yet with these projects. Which we do anticipate coming in the next several months but it is very important that we understand every credit concerns so that we can do all of these detailed analysis it. -- have that conversation to be able to make hard decisions that whether it's as part of the overall goal of the coast. We're Barbara we've only got a minute left but I'm being told. They've been telling you this -- you guys -- is that the state has for decades. And it just goes in one ear and out the other end and they don't think they've got in these cities so when -- Know that that's not true and actually if you look at any divergent that -- -- on the river today. What the power that we have whether it's from the old river control structure -- in the gulf Morgan it's so way. On a chaotic and Marvin Davis with the during the river. But we don't. They -- these structures that dot. Not what you could do with them. But you're gonna manage them attempted to have that balance the being of the that they an Arctic coastal community. As well as the working coast that is so important coastal Louisiana. So it's it's going to be a delicate process as we move forward but we need to do those studies which are currently investing in. Says that in and spring the reported that in law and the result of really sit down and make our decision. -- -- -- -- Joan -- and not enough time for a mega important subject to will do this show again maybe two or three hours worth hopefully. -- -- go back to talk about it again thank you so much free time. And you know. Iraq.