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1-16 12:10pm Think Tank: Mardi Gras

Jan 16, 2014|

Garland talks to Editor and Publisher of the Mardi Gras Guide Arthur Hardy to talk about the rule changes for this 2014 Mardi Gras season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right in its audience participant in ancient times. We're going to be -- about moderate -- and some rules would talk about the history and talk about Mark -- and a we have via. Problem for its own money. Our authority editor publisher of Mata broke. And we -- the media and the public calls questions about Euphrates. What's happening this year what's going up but Monroe Arthur. Welcome to -- so glad to be here on has been of a few years since we've connected yeah. I think it's almost. Com. -- red grange yours is still black and explain that you know a lot of people -- You know here. Grows on the composing. -- -- Two others and that brings dieting and that -- -- -- Texas 877. Your questions. About latter's about Barbie -- it's about the couches. -- -- gall to talk to our two cents rule one he says. And before we get in to. The City Council accumulates and buy into New York. People's enjoyment in sleep. What do you see moderate broad measures is totally in -- it is -- March 4 which is very lady can go as late as march -- but this is only one. Which is good more days to sell things more days for people pair of their Christmas credit card bills. And have some money has been -- hotels normally will be. More heavily occupied later it is spring break -- a million reasons Warren late -- weather is better we can expect to really help frequently -- And I have the world's worst. But I think. I certainly remember this -- -- -- -- -- to TB thing paid it it almost seems to rain right up to moderate growth. And then to court and move forward well -- imports are stopped. Well in March we don't have near the threat -- -- that we haven't. February we shouldn't in the last four terms that threat to Jews -- much force there was no rain average temperature was 58 degrees. Rex has only been rained out once and seeking 72 -- in 1930 Brazilian guys who were known but never badly enough to cancel parades so. You know odds are in our favor I think or you could say statistically would do for his -- And we got a good month march -- detected early break. -- you get your speed dial ready junior's speed fingers ready. Texas you get questions about water grow we got to me and our party. His publisher of the -- god or give a sculpture of 6018720. Re. Anywhere in the country 866 faded dollar and zero -- them. Are welcome back. Thinking about. Monogram. -- -- about some of the proposed rule changes. Are there hearted -- -- already have called politics and utilities that. Regard there and if you've got questions. It was sculptures Sid 018. Celebrities -- to welcome back to the show aggressive for you and -- haven't spoken. 811 years or it could have been -- and then it's. In a war on a relief or pleasure being on and we show -- yesterday and we re connected to him. You know I don't know that you remember it is what Angela's response -- -- for some being on general for American 1986. And we did a Fat Tuesday together with Henderson. That was. A memorable day after you want them well time a -- and do you remember. Fueled in the true. Angela wars movies in two. Yes yes moderate on New Year's star witness like that -- apart. And an amendment to. When you think of what you put on him tonight and to come here -- apart. You can go home to boot he's ever. -- -- that the I remembered of the year you grossed out. As a former and your line was you were former anchorman. No actually it overall outlook -- four -- Paul shipman -- I didn't feel definitely. All right I'll never forget their Anderson. In the Superman outfit and Angeles and what is that business. I call me Superman my wife calls me adequate to. Anderson. It's no -- dolls that it's not very bright view it that it awkwardly near rise. All right well let's get into some of the certificate certificate to the NC is. That was -- -- probably won't matter if they do slightly before they're really like that I call those who subsequently. All right no more stopping or parking on city droves you're Napoleon avenue parade bright. Broke reverse -- that I assume will. Who does that they're talking about on the opposite he's gotten separated. Two over for two hours after. Here's a great idea I mean it's of course it's going to be inconvenient for some people. But I've almost been an over crossing streets from the catch phrase it's all sort of pedestrian mall in the more room you have for vision. So you can see -- four cars -- more polar Cora conceive. You know all of these these changes parlance it's -- hormone changes in his enforcement and modification of existing laws. It's all for safety you know in and you can't possibly be gains. Let's keep to celebrations say for America's safer. Now. Are you implement so there's there's what's gonna become problematic. Under the parking for me is a no brainer and that's easier enforce its will include two well you've seen that our approach -- -- Our here's what the text. Commercial pro ball or receives bought with -- -- pop. While not an export all -- ordinance has put -- I would think so would it doesn't so you can have pins you can have -- in intersections. Near grows there. -- again and makes common sense of for a part for -- to get through a unit to semblance of the territory of grow its bid has firemen you know so. But I RC nothing it's as your character. Current. -- and ruled -- adjust for Orleans parachute doesn't include Jefferson Parish is where of course Charlie Angel -- city council of North American casual -- Bill you're wrong and -- sure yes yes and I did hear you say that the the West Bank has. Lost a lot of parades come and to a yes -- over since 1994 the. Loss of eleven breaks our own came because most of them didn't they just -- business. What recently. A Cleopatra chart tone this year -- moving over here. To -- Charles -- route leaving only three parades. On the west record Donaldson in the first senator this season. -- talk on what we're calling did me in this Saturday. In the grown Fat Tuesday -- sorts it's its a shame but most west bankers are gonna have to come -- The other side of the river to catch phrases you do they all Golan saying do -- better. No this is all of the central government or different no I mean I mean Liu says they have three left -- through a few -- are on different days different days and children -- -- -- this is Westbury. In a whole different different locations Q -- talks in Algiers Adonis goes. Orleans or Jefferson -- Crowley is just in -- and you should read excellent one operators and -- for world that's it would become jaded now we want to throw it back to back technical stuff you know -- salute. Or it looks move on rules for crude generators. -- -- -- you -- this is a technical thing that's not gonna affect the public but. The crews whether or not you can have a a DJ on afloat and important to a generator on the float. When I think the city in the form of -- you plug in general on a tractor. In in this is -- safari issue but did you know room where new rules. -- move on to something that's happened and who had an instance of this so some of the crews of pollution accidents and rule in effect the quality for -- well what would put the ball. Well. A lot of -- riders when it musical floats -- and a ban. In front of them aren't them so that would negate the music whereas if you don't have something -- -- and perform and to QB problem country. -- -- -- -- There are new rules concerning Lambeau carriers. Those two or not gonna affect the general public is just how how close. They can be to floats and and pedestrians. In the car fuel use and how many people -- been group but to a lot of these things internal logistical. Controls that make things better but the problems are -- -- any better or differently about. Which is -- street all right -- let's go to our callers. We're being the computer says dean Detroit even your listing was Detroit are you calling him -- -- -- They Garland. Mum actually calling -- -- -- and I'm from Detroit. -- -- on current month and April -- third party but I would like he Moammar morally -- welcome. Pretty annual senior. Gonna start Arlen. All I'm RS and it's been included. Don't coroner -- -- All Saints beat the trouble did not know if you the most trouble with Jimi Hendrix stuff. I could really got to -- -- that we went to gloomier. I have no idea I had and Hillary Clinton's support. Hey guys thanks very particular called. Our -- -- wondering moment. Way to mobile pretty treatable and I'm I'm I'm tired of defending new -- every you're down there. -- extreme that they started Mardi Gras and -- come -- we go what now. Well it's a half truth they actually had Mardi Gras parades before we did storming an 1831. But they did them on New Year's Eve even those of Mardi -- style -- Members of their first group actually started our first parade in the 1857 mr. -- Comas. But our parade was on Fat Tuesday where it belongs so I want to say they had a first which homer to put the. -- -- And -- too great to hear from and in -- Arthur and you know contests with the we broadcast that effort separated and third. And there wasn't much room for an article in a week ago. -- it it's a friendly competition between mobile and loans and a lot of grip folks over the fairness to them of foreign market it's not as big as ours but I'm very proud of it should be. Already lips a big blob thank you for calling and a have a good tuchman movies. The big changes to us safety exits and writers raps on the flow. Was it that you are there again during the yeah record themselves would we do we recently haven't had anybody fall off afloat but that's a hole is a possibility. That they're trying to standardize the mechanism. Which you -- writers is harvest to a float. And that's now what we're really reported good reception in general if you cruise. Have some problem again nobody's against safety which you don't wanna be so restricted that you can't throw things or move around you know. But I don't think people act parades and -- -- sent -- writers may not like that choke chain known -- -- not -- -- but. You know you just one of our fallen -- -- that has happened. All right let me use. Lifts the can riders through in their trash pollutants. Course where are you you know you you would hope not a a lot of times in the formation does spanning areas than there are places where there in the corridors let's get rid of the stuff. Here in sort of along the parade route. That's always an issue you know you do these things come throws come packaged and brown -- -- boxes on the what do you do and in. Our editors in the detects. -- in any way you get in touch with the general Pete do you in this a ride in total. The move we make the turn on canal although and then turner and at the -- the barricades. -- sets of four back that it looks Libyans say for the people they can easily bring the barricades board. And floats still have plenty of room to pay him votes -- the being here and see it on the exactly -- with the -- but what I can tell you're a PD is very responsive to suggestions and I think we've got the best police department and they -- to handle. You've probably got a thousand cops are a million people would do that it's from the words no doubt about it who didn't a couple of cities actually try it yeah -- If it takes a special. Police department due to handle what we do each -- and they do and so. I think what. Most of the Sunnis and trident and abandon measures that. You have to put everybody through the drive through directory. That. And -- amendment we've always certain that aren't experts aren't this sex as. Roping off is not allowed to. But also not well in sports do when you were talking about how the imports from here regardless of that one that's true. You're roping isn't his -- -- I don't know how -- -- fortunate the pleased warming has so much to do you know to do they have determined the manpower. To visit a farm operated route in and take every rope down and center with the latter's you know. Great idea to keep the line as far away from the floats but. How do you forces and I just. McCain were to see what's gonna happen with. What did did did you do you know when you talk about enforcement a brief years that if you throw anything back to the writers at the writers. And the catcher it's 250 dollar Poland. Seems like if they put that on the ropes in the latter's -- Dave we couldn't do all of them but a lot of people wouldn't want to take the troops -- 250 dollar. I yeah I think incrementally you can see foreign attached to one of these rules put a throwback thing is really big and really dead in its escalating each year. The very people seriously hurt or floats. I don't couple people start riding. Europe -- -- sitting duck interviews slowly moving target. You don't expects up and comer you've got a mask on it and you can really be heard and we've got a little senatorial campaign and a magazine list for using know throw backs. It's stupid it's legal. And from the federal register there he knows why would you do something on that tomorrow. It's felt like -- in particular you are. Bigger break gave coincident whether our news -- and come right back with our party. You got questions about what you can and can't do -- the oncoming portable session. Or just questions in general about -- -- call two units -- 0170. Told free underwear in the country he would six fixated -- rumored celebrity. Our taxes and utility except. Are welcome back Albert with finger about changing some changes being made it -- -- -- -- can be in there. Nor can City Council and we have to Maine and that then moved about as much about -- grows and by reverend veteran third party. Editor publisher of the market -- god. Before we go back to what you count so. Is determining we should be changing. What really open it up to our troops -- you can speak to him. 260187. Told free it's exits in the acknowledged routes but he also owed taxes you were questions comments it's -- Let's go to Billy Billy you're over the -- -- and appreciate call. But you very much -- led. And this opportunity as. Completely cyanide. And you were talking earlier about Aruba. It would buy goods started back in the seventies with the crowds growing. Beat naturally -- there. The figurines in Nam pockets you know King Kong in -- -- and they become. Well. -- -- is apparently. It continues just throwing it every float at the main problem but it apartment afloat. And -- here. Had been hit so many times in my life. By rose. And get the point -- News gentlemen next to me -- read today out you know for a while because -- -- it was like being Shalit which. In right you know army and you know we'd we have seen police on route you know they have. Beautiful police so every block. And. They do nothing about they just stand and -- police. Viacom's Sunday a full morning grow it. They're little edgy but. Dumping is a vote on the weak side pointed out that a police several times. You know -- -- that ignores completely who don't talk about fines and I'll let me add probably it's on its is that in corrected by its. That nothing was done. Yeah I think that's -- this ordinance is so important and I agree with you everything you said. But let's give them a chance this year because they've been Turks you'll tasked with this this idea of you -- and and forces during and people start having to show you know 250 -- think hopefully it's through Medicaid -- got to do something. Well what does that do you know as it -- kids doing it. And apparently right sales with some. And just going along with us and I just said every -- -- these big props -- the problem they think well we throw it to King Kong queen Kong. We just try to reap at every. -- -- afloat and Bellini. Their aim is not that great though. He -- the rod doesn't want to get hit. Sure sure warlords who happens if I do I make my tax bill is brought to that call. When when we used to broadcast from across and go as well you know the thing and we've sat in the world I'm level with the writers Ron. And people would leave that old chicken wire it is. Is because -- number of people almost got knocked out one year where somebody when they came to our place slightly inebriated. And take the cold be used with the have been rounded puts that I'm probably here and -- -- -- and almost -- to embody that. The reverse problem with the -- Yet is anything you're -- -- about or should there. There's. You know as it's hard to legislate. Discretion you know I mean everybody knows you could hurt some money with -- -- -- or are you so don't don't throw at that -- Why don't they -- far from -- And so it but it's it's just so hard to legislate how do you. Make somebody use good judgment in in many cases that's throwing -- -- you're throwing it to -- that much ahead of this. But there's just too much exuberance -- -- lubricate it perhaps for alcohol. In you know -- a cure anybody's fund which you don't care or not. They get treated Arthur and I hate to the but little -- never gonna make rebuke to true but we always have -- The policeman. Should have little weight on the left and eventually had to throw that way did anybody out there are always. Well -- there's actually talked about that -- -- -- -- suggested that. It was throws V wade in the a blow them afloat writer and his -- throws. To make sure. Would have to which way to before you know but you do miss it makes sense not just a bit better and but -- pictures and doesn't really should -- -- -- and -- -- everybody -- these observations but when you -- -- values. More person we -- radio talk show -- Derosa -- let -- be a little bit of somebody's gonna figure Narveson all right we're gonna take breakup. Right back. Good quick questions -- enforcement questions the rope act. Some but he lives in vitro went to its April but it was some comment to -- Bryant 33 years all coming back -- -- -- once talked about. Moderate growth -- our third party editor and publisher of the market broke god and we'll talk about. Where you can get to god I didn't want to and -- when we come -- -- to -- -- 70 -- 53. Our -- -- not going rob but it with a whip -- or throw harder you don't -- editor publisher of the Mardi Gras guide before. A movement what does. City -- will exchange group called good detects. Brokaw were -- people get this and and tell with a -- -- Well hopefully everything you need to know to enjoy the season and that's of the the promise we make we -- -- -- 38 years and almost every right murder you know that. Really anyplace in magazines are sold this year we released a digital version of the magazine. Concern pricey you can get all of vote on the bill on our on our website Margaret. For diversion or digital versions of -- there in the parade. You can -- phone you can literally. The bureau of preventing it all all karma good stuff with these this modern world we live an -- you wonder where's it going to be in ten years -- might still be around but. Where's this industry -- information was wrong and using it to go to war QB at suggests and he is all right let's move back to do you believe calls -- -- dead men aren't your room with or -- Have a quick question about latter for -- yeah. It it's that it no real way to do. Separate ball like Europe -- -- the Korean and -- And I don't believe lateral partners you first we get on the on the yeah. Now -- street you can see one. The court. -- -- -- -- -- And the export -- make it that rail and not -- it's got to be a lot more. So sure a couple of trucks and truck these periodically. Over it I guarantee -- latter number one that's -- In what -- -- -- out while. The and I think that -- at the office. It's the -- streak but they don't -- Or at the -- go out. And that would be yeah could be wrong on -- out of. Well I think you can be a good Wesley you know we don't know what the tactics aria from enforcement here. But you write you lose usual Aaron you're gonna think -- instantly. -- -- at saint child -- that you probably can not for the white to brown on Wall Street. Would be. Natural bow right that street called -- walks and and not be a little. Mortar that would do it. And it's really that important there -- -- Well one of the big efforts that they are making -- to have uniforms so he used to be. You had delighted to be back from the curb his many feet is it was tall so it could have a six what they've -- But this is no misunderstanding this every parade route six feet is uniform. But -- certainly get your point and now let's see what happens with. Adequate natural barrier in -- spot up and out to be done. You're right thanks -- -- Or lose go to Poland alone year old -- or party. -- The league umps are in the future originated. I've appealed to see the allies are about. That's. That there -- I'm calling it I've been watching great at any child and you are. 8 -- like -- do you're bringing. Think China avenue in the gut -- that let an epic being year and believe me up there high jet latter. And we -- way out measured in my yard. What a problem it can happen at my grandchildren. And my friends -- not -- the great could be from the and dependent on our. How to loosen up. You don't I wish it would go back -- -- We -- he. You know I wish I knew the answer. You understand the reason the latter is you know one of the fall on the street and people get rollover. But the concern I have -- people in front of the latter is jumping up winning back and you could throw people off a lot of in the other direction their rabbit fall on the ground in the street. But you know it it's this is gonna be really Dicey. Hope it works understand the intent but. It's going to be interest to see how this plays out. No one ever. In my group in the last twenty years I don't. One -- out of Atlanta. As we get beer that was. You know that there you go. In a bit you don't argue -- together disease. -- we do not because that's really stupid and we don't. Album. And we pregnant after the world. If everybody was some parts of responsible would you that the parties are a bit species users. And I think you're responsible well. Just -- two and -- a brochure about -- -- -- You know -- -- you should not. It. It believe that. All my years watching operate I don't ever remember being. Pro paper. Why this is just the crew talks as the primary program Toro seat flown to roads and throws and it goes back in the -- early days is for its tradition. And I don't understand big deal about this and among the -- market committee and -- -- Pomeroy of crew captains. And this -- was better before him and be. Unanimous decision that the committee was we've talks in the toilet paper alone. I mean these -- and recently you aliens could that every agency that that I don't really think about it beads and hanging in trees forever. On -- -- mortuary room equipment may be ugly and it's a mess but. I don't I don't think this is a big issue number and we shoot you in the yours. And remember this ordinance hasn't passed because -- -- too -- -- be okay will they ego but I would say we've talks in the corporate world com. I've got your hip problem. Cadets who always went. His -- -- -- one right Broadway. Musical mission widely dude. Why did they do -- in the in the true prince had to have billions of where. One guy that -- the only. Way. We'll put some paper machine around. -- open tight. We'll have a -- poll. And will attract a million people you know the guys that are you gonna do that have improved play has to be all of whom. What single was so extraordinary. That he convinced that god. Great. -- would think it's really well it makes no sense of all things are realistic we just enjoy Oakland Santa Claus. You know like in this regard to our conventions try to explain to bug -- And I liken it to be in -- were sort of what you go to New York. Your line for Broadway Show you Bart Bart ticket in the actors and actresses from opposites. And freebie. The show is on us and by the way too many -- -- freak statistical. He would say. The adult does that and of course on a case. And -- get free gifts we get them from people of Damascus reconnaissance we have no idea who's the -- -- Grownups don't know act like that and reckless behavior and let's say it doesn't make any economic sense. -- has been thousand dollars with -- arriving give houses of gives people. And again thing because I don't know. Do concede that the possibility that the boy and the -- that you know publicly -- -- -- the answer nobody at this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When the first call was for a world. They have no idea what started the huge minutes and gives you an idea yeah -- go to -- -- have to get to reject it it. Are starting great to see engine's design or too long since we've. Be careful of Jim Henderson our developmental and and and welcome and again. Port of people get money -- at monogram aren't outcome or any placement diseases and got digital leisure you residential for you know realized. Yes indeed our authorities have read -- -- -- mark on the right.