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1-16 2:10pm Open Mind: Sean Payton

Jan 16, 2014|

Angela talks to Saints Head Coach Sean Payton about the Saints 2013 season and the upcoming season.

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Well the saints season has wrapped up another year of giving us some real thrills a couple of disappointments. But lots and lots of fun. Hopefully all the players and coaches can now take a break relax and regroup for their march to Arizona in 2015. At long last we are thrilled and I really mean this thrilled to have coach Sean Payton on our show for the first half hour. And -- -- going to be joined by saints general manager Mickey Loomis in the second. But coach I mean that thank you very much I noted that ten million things going in means a lot that you take its time to talk to us. Well I appreciate you have me on them I'm a big -- -- under some of these. New Orleans are and a typically this time of the day during the season obviously were practicing her meetings but. It's got a little bit of a quiet time where players are way. Coach each all the power. -- -- on a valuations younger age and then pretty soon you begin looking at the free agents coming up in draft coming up in the so it's it's it's a little -- which quite a rush it and there's there's still that staying above point. Well. Yes and hammer gonna talk about that too and I say this collectively everybody in publisher parts. Everybody was just holding their breath and and clearly when you're a professional as you all are you want to be playing. But it didn't turn out like that and I guess I'm really hoping that -- going to be able to take a break and and really get a rest is I know that your mind is probably going 24/7. For next season. Well it's our schedule players the same way it is it's socially liberal but when you get to the season. You know it would be equal what kind of you know. Norway for six months seven months and it's built along your start training camp and so policies and there's always that break. We try to get that break during Mardi Gras arbitrage. It makes central much. School wide and two other kids to school that comment if I would want unification. And then the next breakthrough in the summer prior to training camp so. You know that there a lot of players still around. The financial players didn't -- -- and some -- smaller surgeries done. Coaches are so busy trying to cleanup will be about relations in. -- -- -- Senior -- -- mobile next week. -- -- ask again I know that your looking forward. But if you could just give an overview of your thoughts of last year not just the last game but the last year. Well I think this. That we were in the similar discussion making. Before yesterday and I think. He beat Davis an opportunity. Maybe a little bit more. In recent years -- a lot of young players. From the blasts Donald drafted players we had. Six college free agent made between. A lot of those players. You got a lot of playing time and I think this past year's team at a pretty good mix of veterans. Leadership veteran players. Along with a younger players that they contribute so. Well we were able to see in what we're reading some of these players right now in the evaluation process we were able to see. The -- record growth. With the young clash in the and we were able to see. A group on defense. Really turn things around you know what we are and the defense -- got together. Thought. It over quickly the leadership on defense and I'm talking about Jon Vilma and Kim Jordan Malcolm Jenkins Roman Harper and all those guys that had been true. A number of years -- In different packages different defense is. That would vote. First. I -- you will. That was our first marching order that it to try to find a way to fix that and they do their credit all the coaches players. They are beginning with Robin and in response -- from. All those guys. That would take place in and we saw significant strides I think trump course in year. True artists and and there's there's a real reverence for our Rob Ryan and and I'm just curious. What did you see in him that he knew was special. Well I didn't I've never met rob. Prior to this process and so. During the suspension. I really didn't speak with anyone. Or put guys in it wasn't until after the Senior Bowl. Probably about a year ago. The next week that had a chance to beginning. You've got to look at the candidates. Barely. Early on you know you'll be some initial. Inquiries to try to his people that they -- candidate better. I had several conversations. In the kept coming back the same way. It's so you know -- its initial perception. That I may have just there's a competitive coach. And yet there -- the re search and Brittany with a number of approaches that are -- within. Was very helpful to me. When we had a chance to meet. There and go to an interview process. In and round. One of the most important thing you -- passion. For the game but. His abilities in steps dating someone that really gets along with the group. You know there's. There's there's just. The way about him that gives competence to the players in yet he's got a great Checchi humor he works extremely hard at it. There and so all those other things that you might not. Really be aware of having never -- were approaching. I was able to get at least pretty good insight to it and sure enough now a year later. All those saying that. That. That I was told were were very accurate it and he's been a big plus for a big plus for the -- program. And then. You know you that some of the new peaks and zone defense and there are a number of them you know what you're what you're looking -- RO and you look at. Some some younger players on the -- searchable on Google for some fostering. Redick was a special teams player you're signing. Jean Louis and free agency. That they're. Our league -- transitional so from year to year you see that take place. In fact -- I think the sensibly took place from a coaching standpoint and also took place which regards to personnel and so. The key additions to cancel players. Terror -- incumbent in a free agent played outside linebacker. About Kim Jordan and another outstanding season they've all or what if this year wasn't a year ago. So you'll really like David did a nuclear personally. Because he wasn't available season for. All of those things. I think really the street. As a team and I think that shifted offensively you know we got. Gotta have that balance and we look to really work on time of possession in and we play. -- complementary game we say don't feel longer we convert more third downs. I think by the end of the season. We will probably. Be offensively almost the equivalent of two and a half games last match. The -- year for him -- so. They they go in and you know. All -- -- special teams matter. I think that. There are a lot of things we can point to that we're very exciting. It and incurred in apple working Monday when we left to this past Monday that. No I'm very optimistic and excited about where would go in the players we have on the street. You know we always. Challenging with the -- of the year. To make sure -- -- of communications open the way and it won't speculate. With regard to free agency salary cap they'll come here that you would. I'm not a bit no marched in points it's it's -- -- media. It and it's been told to -- part of the year for the players especially players that have been here because there is that uncertainty as to. The future and match pretty common among the league now free agency. Well you said something very correctly about being excited about the next season and I think that's a universal thought. Among all the fans that next year will be tremendous because of all the building blocks you were just discussing. I hope you'll stay with us everyone we'll be right back and continue our talk with coach Sean Payton I'm Angela under the W well. While we're talking with the saints coach Sean Payton. If people have told me for so long and -- -- of people out of them. -- just say there's something very cosmic about the relationship of Sean Payton and Drew Brees and and I'm just wondering. Is is that very re your. Well. I think it's I think it's something that we search for and it was coach -- You know. You were blessed to have an opportunity to coach players that. Better as dedicated as gifted and talented you you would start -- and all these boxes law. You know you're hopeful as a coach and certainly for me as a first time a coach to to have an opportunity to work with a player like drew and you know how we. Found a way to this pristine. We all ever -- a different paths back in 06 when out our list. That January after Katrina and there was a lot of transition taking place with the team I think even more importantly the city. In. You know I I remember that year put the staff together and trying to find. You know there assistant coaches to come in there and you know and then trying to decide free agent Scott Fujita being the first one we were able to sign he was with with me in Dallas and and there was. A little bit of a quandary as to what we're gonna do quarterback and right after the come by the end of February. It was apparent drew was going to be available in. And and so we were. Certainly one of the scenes there too but then had a ton of interest. They're there was a terrorist because the this significant shoulder injury yet. Discredit you know news is Rea how he was gonna approach is rehab is work ethic -- things. Gave them much chance to come back and then come back even you know stronger -- so. I think that. You don't take it for granted picture question I don't think it. It's common I think it's sought after in the -- and we as coaches are always looking for. I think it's more recognizable when -- quarterback and head coach but. -- -- and actually exists. What position coaches and their players in there are jobs are -- that teachers you know our jobs are to help them get better help them. Maximize. Their potential as a professional football player. Motivate there and stimulate. Be creative. And get to know the strengths of each one of these players because there are these players or dislike your reward of us you know they have day's work. They're challenged by issues at home where they had day's work. They had great days in so. Bringing them all together and change. The news sometimes complex but it's a charts with the right people -- church with the right staff -- and also the right personnel on the right people in the locker room. It becomes a lot. A lot easier to do and then you know you're able weather the times. You know I think following seahawk game one of their. Most moving moments was. In Drew Brees -- press conference when he in essence was saying you know there's a clock ticking as a player and how many more opportunities. For him -- there to be to get as close -- you -- -- frankly. And I think because he's so beloved people absolutely hurt but he was saying and I'm just wondering. What you would say clearly is has coached perhaps as a friend. To someone who is going to that thought process. Well he was in yesterday turn today Thursday turned 35 yesterday. And he was in the office and so you know we don't have a kitty to putting racer anything. But he's in tremendous. Shape Pete he's someone who's extremely meticulous. In his preparation and how he. Pay attention to not only is straining his -- his regiment. All of those things. And which mostly urging is at a position that history show that. -- Well into their thirties if you look at both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and in everyone wants to make comparison the only comparison I'm making is that the history shall does that. Quarterbacks. Who are. As dedicated -- through and quarterbacks that are talented. Have careers that. You know that go much further maybe than the average career pinnacle players. In India we none of none of -- to take any season or any game perjury and with regard to their health than. You know he's -- he's he's been surrounded. By a lot of players that have done a great job of blocking and receiving get an open. And so are our goal each year to try to. Make improvements. There and and really you know you kind of this is a little bit of a cliche that you really live each season to season with regards to. Notices it is it is its -- it's -- a three year -- and we never came with a plan to. To you know after four years we want to win the Super Bowl it was it was more immediate more a sense of urgency is to. Let's begin to function right now as the championship organization. And let's split each team right there own history. But what is the toughest part of your job. I think. Without a doubt the toughest part is -- having to go true. That -- cut student training camp where you start with eighty players are neo Nazis and you're actually giving -- 53. Then you get to this time of the year where you're having to get to a basically it's salary cap number which is no different than it would budget. In your revenue dipped below it. Before the -- year obedience. In April in so definitely would be. You know releasing players. In. Especially the ones you've got a long history with I think that's always that never gets any different your year it's the same. -- it's the same. Heard if you will. And that's the hardest thing. Other than winning. What's the most fun. I think it daily interaction I think the process. Is what. You hear we'll talk about missing the most I'm certainly one of the things I miss the most a year ago was that. That interaction in the locker room where interaction that your coaching staff. The work environment is so unique is so different. It's very competitive. -- You know year year graded out there for that. Herbert Warren each week but that's that kind of goes along with the winning in having success but I think the work environment. Is. Is pretty unique and pretty special. What was it easy to jump backhand and coming back or did you have. Took sort of readjust. I think it. The easy -- would you missed it so much. That from the first became active in either this man this is. This is you know what what I do. You feel back home again but that they didn't necessarily make it easy to do and so there were. You know certainly. Growing pains coming back in the re entry if you will scorers. You know your schedule and in in really getting acclimated to roster that it changed over the course. The better part of a year -- -- days in Coldplay I mean there there's a lot that. That you know you you were saying. It was an unnerving but it was you know you'd get acclimated again if it's almost like you're you've coached. There are many years sixteen and felt forty some years and also -- -- quite hear. It and so you don't even -- you're back on the course. Europe and get adjusted you know. Well speaking for the entire world thank you for getting back. And next year is going to be a very special year and I really mean that I think that everybody feels that everybody wanted us to win. And we didn't but we're gonna go forward from there and we will be in Arizona. I do have to ask you -- in the final seconds who you're picking if not us to win the Super Bowl. Are to win the Super Bowl I think -- have to start with Denver with just the way they play consistently throughout the season. I would say -- and each -- yours differ but -- this year ball for the east team. I have to play well not that different times separate Cisco -- say. Really gotten on a -- here playing with competency. Adults who along that it took place for and he can do to win. Denver. There's probably. Along with Seattle the most sit sustained success and then quietly New England it's hard for me to say quietly but it's amazing proceed with they've gone with. Which some of the injuries and it'll -- -- ourselves included have gone through. And for sure the players that that you lost during the season choke. I think it is difficult this year it took to select all of those force that has been in in the last 1840 years are you leaning toward Denver them. I'm leading that John fox and I worked together for years. If the giants and is close friend -- I I would consider. Nobel checksum Lugar they're good friends as well. -- you argue look forward good football games and then at the same time there's fit your stomach because you know there's there's nothing like playing in those games. Well again I cannot thank you enough for being on the show and we'll look forward to it again next year enjoy your summer and go -- thank you sharpen. Okay. We're gonna take a break when you go to news that we come back we'll be talking to. Mickey Loomis stay with this I'm Angela under the W well.