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1-16 2:35pm Open Mind: Mickey Loomis

Jan 16, 2014|

Angela talks to Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis about the Saints 2013 season and the upcoming season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But we welcome you back and so we're lucky again today because our next guest for the next thirty minutes is saints general manager Mickey Thompson. Mickey thank you very much for your busy time today. -- Mickey with this I noticed there yes OK. I just that welcomes and you're so busy and I know you do -- -- different things right. And actually. Has the radio and some listening Du'Shon. But sitting still on the. Who -- pleasure thank you very very much and I you know I as I said to him in the very beginning I hope this is time that you can take a break everybody can take a break after. A really intense season or. Well I hit. You know the the intensity as the week to week games is he is. You know it -- to be difficult. And yet that's part of that. Part that we enjoy as well. But then you know -- season's over where were moving on to the next season and they're allowed to do. Especially this first few weeks so we're we're right on to next year already. And I think that. Everybody is with you -- that and we know you have some big decisions to make you know even the coach was commenting on -- and certainly something she never gonna tell Ming. But I have to ask and I know on the 300 person to. What about if you're anticipating having to restructure that drew his contract. -- Tuesday yet come. It is indeed questioned him and would it may have the answer I'd be willing to disclose these and that. Today. Right this moment is it is going from news. Evaluation of -- -- scene. And it just seemed and look we were. In terms of salary cap but. In terms that prowl in in the what I. Which restructures and then what we anticipate. Signing and restricted free agents. A world war. Debt that is is yet to come and that's it's. In strategic proposal would no pictures so you go pieces. And and you trying to put together. He would didn't seem to be complicated but idiot and so we're just in the early stages of that -- came into question. But you know that's exactly what I said yesterday when we were thinking yeah show was -- jigsaw puzzle that's exactly what. -- -- how much over the salary cap is it. Well the legal. Good and now -- I don't have the exact dollar figure it's pretty significant yet. And it just so many variables involved it's not it's not a simple math problem of you know when numbered list. My -- it's it's. It's pretty intricate depending upon. Guild which contracts some which players are involved where we see. You know in the deficiencies in the holes and thirteen and now can we need skills holes when the list. Where it's you know free agent. Player this is may be part of roster but injured during the course of the season. Or. You know drastic. In this upcoming so that there's lots of variables they get involved with that but look work. Where you know pretty did pretty good number over the cabin and looked at a consequence of have a good team for pretty good stretch of time here. We have good team and you have good players and you wanna keep -- keep -- together. You know I think it's experience season and in and that's what ran. Can I say that it's equipment that Jimmy Graham will be with us. Well we certainly want him to be witnessing in a look -- You know two people need to answer that question you know obviously we have to want him and have to make and offered it. That he feels good about -- and then and then noticed an equation if it is except Britain and the -- continue that for granted -- -- Jimmy would like to be back with the north of saint. I know that we would like to have him back with a New Orleans Saints and and whether that we can agree to -- financial terms -- that remains to be seen. I think this is when the general public for the fans realized that in fact football is not just entertainment and game it's a business. And so these kinds of decisions have to be made and sometimes. They're hard breaking. Because we fall in love with. Well -- Yet they can be in this and we do we make the same. You know we did the same thing here in the building will quickly -- popular players come from lots of reasons not just because. The performance on the field and the people -- and and you know wanting a real proud of and we are real. Over the last the last sixty years here particularly being able -- praying really quality. People into our building into our community here in new Warrenton and I would think it's important. Well please stay with this we're gonna take a very quick break we'll be right back and we're gonna continue our conversation with Mickey Loomis run after the our guest right now is son Mickey Loomis and we're so appreciative of your time. I wanna know Wanda and go back to the saints I'd like to add to couple league issues. Recently I read an article that there's talk about expanding. The playoffs and I just wanted to know your thoughts on that. May actually have a proponent. Expanding the playoffs and have been for quite some time -- outrageous -- that. He'll we have we can get more cities involved in these gains as gains to tutors is that she's in NATO. In -- and we can give you more cities involved with. You know more coaching to have more groups of fans get -- into. Inexperience. I think it's a good thing we do in here and I personally don't like the idea of having ties in play. -- those two teams. In east conference -- about in opinion yet separation between the second and third seed and even the first and -- -- and time is so small. That you know. Just don't think that's a level playing field I think that if we see if we. If -- Morton in the -- and in the work any side I think -- -- I think it'd be better. Better things for us competitively. Did you think it's probably gonna come to pass. I you know I don't know that I do know -- that for the first time in quite some time -- I hear a lot of talk about and and maybe some momentum but whether and I think it's accomplished. -- and -- we do get an expanded playoff field. Remains to be seen. But I know personally am in favor of it on. Another subject is because it was in yesterday's news being on the lawsuit that the players had the sentence of 25 million dollar settlement sort of now slowed by a federal judge. Saying that there may not be enough money for being. Settlement length of time which is 65 years and and just again your thoughts on on that lawsuit. Well into the you know I don't know that day. And expertise to speak on it I hadn't noticed though -- To identity news simply had some issues and some some health issues. Relative to their their football playing career and you know I know just from personal standpoint negate denying knows that it did you know from when -- first certainly thirty years ago. -- -- -- Are you -- do you have concerns for them and and and feel you'll feel like we're obligated to use to open as much we care and so. Is that you know that. Settlement meant that -- to excuse them and certainly in favor of it. You know I cannot believe that you have been in this league for thirty years. Mean he has. Sometimes it's it's been along time I started. Would you CX making means Iranians and it did did you ever did you dream come true for me in and to be you know still involved with the league here in 2014. You know. Problem you have got to pinch myself sometimes. Do it's it's been a great read them to agree organizations in this. Seattle Seahawks in Orleans saints and and -- A lot of great people and really that's what's needed to. You know -- agreed saying it's it's not so much what they do it to do whip and and we had. An awesome group of people here -- starting with ownership and income India Benson and and including new ownership of the COC. You know she was with them. You've been you've seen some changes clearly in those thirty years I'm just wondering very briefly. What some of the good ones have been and what some of the not so good ones. He has to believe it's good question in part to -- hours and hours -- -- give it some -- answer -- -- you know step that would say look -- greens become more sophisticated. It is more. Use more things on the -- here is. -- specific. -- was not just putting eleven guys out there and then playing for thirty please -- substitutions in specific situations that exist now. Seems -- more sophisticated the athletes I think are better. The coaching you when it first we have -- nine -- -- definitely think we have 122. So along with that comes you know a lot more sophistication and more technology. But it but it still you know that it's still blocking and tackling and it and affordable questionable line and again in the against patients in the game. So it's a lot more similar than it is different from when it started. You and coach Payton have been so good at finding sort of diamonds in the rough in the later rounds of the draft. To what do you attribute that. Well I don't think it's a bunch of things first that it begins with really agree. And scouting staff. You know we have you know Croatian and close outs that do agree that you. I don't want to say looking under rocks -- that now what they're doing that being willing to you'd go to the smaller schools good news -- -- remote places. And their country where they're playing football. That's where again to find that kind of athletes that -- at least are capable physically. Of playing in the themselves. But just as important it has do with their coaching staff and a willingness by starting which on. To not worry about how we acquired a player but it just by going -- with what -- the and being able to two. You know develop. In in coach player and maybe it'll further ago. And again and comes straight from LSU and he made to -- in itself. As opposed to -- home west Texas in hand it and no one knew about. Com and yet when they get on the field the other demonstrating that they complain league and so our guys have been very open. And which have also been able to fund and the whole world. In the free agency market so it's the same thing. -- -- -- We've -- some good. And and fortunately you know we've had success that we just focus on the game we've and and and we have talked a lot about the guys you missed it. You know we've had some good -- you know -- can listen in brain you know if you know some years ago and and so. Oh yeah. That again as a product really good player and on valuation and ability of our coaches to take skills that these guys and be able to incorporate them. Into into our system. Without trying to force you know force square peg in -- program -- they find ways to utilized today. And their skills and not asked them to do things that may be enough people doing. I -- answer I don't want to sound flippant but are you still having a lot of fun. Oh absolutely. -- this is this is this business in the world to be involved listen and thank you. And again get back Q the people that we were quit because -- at this level. Starting with ownership and end rate down to to everyone who works in the building welcome communities and so we have we have that in common. Com and in all -- east being part of the team and so we worked together -- things that make permanent work excellent everyday. We we've got dead here and in the and we got to -- and the advantage of each week and being able to see. The particularly neighbors -- -- good. And your your hopes for next year are our greatest strengths other than the coaching drew. Well look I think we can agree instinct is really our organization as a whole and yet. You know who we daddy did mean we've got a lot of good players. Who would certainly have great leadership in. In. In the quarterback can -- very coached absolutely that's where the end. Broke but we've got a lot of great people. Got a lot of good young players that that we're excited about. And and we have some great veteran leadership so look back I'm excited about about next season and they think it's started -- -- started on it. I think we just come up with -- good season. In ten years. Look there's been many years where we would have called here in -- -- called last season -- season and yet and we you know we've we've been able to raise the bar. To a level where we feel like it was a good season -- -- -- and -- a great -- skinny and with us playing in the suitable. Well we're gonna see in Arizona. And I cannot thank you enough Mickey Loomis and and just have gets some rest and good luck in the new season. Thank you and data -- with him. Thank you we'll be right.