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1-16 4-5pm Bobby and Deke, Saints salary cap

Jan 16, 2014|

Several Saints players could be cut to ease the hit on the salary cap. If you had to choose one fan favorite, who would you cut? WR Marques Colston, WR Lance Moore or RB Pierre Thomas?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports so hello to Kasey -- and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up at the bottom of now -- -- big man Jason Smith -- at pelican big man Jason Smith ticks into the radio huddle. As DC New Orleans gets sent in the month of February late fairway to host the 2014. NBA all star game out of Jason about the team's -- -- performance. Against the Rockets and moving forward. The rest of the season -- -- view from Vegas in the 7 o'clock hour with the law who was hot last week and Paul was the year. General manager a prediction machine dot com. Coming up open minds -- in nations have been sounding off on the entire season so we created out that you date -- just a few guest wanna hear from you -- at a very important topic that we think will. The caller driven. Several Saints players as in any team. Could be cut. Are asked to restructure. Or take a pay cut to ease the hit on the salary cap. Now we're talking cuts. If you had to choose. One fan favorite. Took caught. Which would -- be now. Is these three were giving me. Embody would explain in detail the numbers to production and -- Wide receiver. Balk was called. Running back. Pierre Thomas. All wide receiver. Lance -- all of those three not -- are hearing on got to know those three. If you had. The court one -- GM he's a difficult decision it GMs have to make. Which one would you cook and why Kasey -- to explain why this is a -- it. Well because of their salary comes in the play I mean does that I think you couldn't. Being a situation or all of a sudden they tell Lance Moore we still want your round. You need help -- not needing a pay cut than the words Lance Moore is valuable. But not around four million dollars a year. You know way when you help us -- maybe take a million now lancer is agent or any player you look at the market in and you gotta get it while you can. So basically when you look at it Lance is right on the four million. -- Right at three million right on the three million I should say and and you look at Colston. At five and a half -- You know his salad and you look at how their contracts structured. The cap cost it all varies. And Lance horse like five point one million Pierre and seeming as a salary two point nine million. Colston. A big jump five and I'm going to basically almost eight and a half million. Miscues. So line and and but it's complicated by Colston. Is that the way he gets his -- said and set it up a lot of that. The wage structure where might be difficult for him. To take a cut in pay because his guaranteed in and that definitely. You know cousin of plays that Major League Baseball like basketball when you all of a sudden. You look at those -- still professional sports when they have guaranteed compared to the NFL is like night and day and that's why he's the NFL players over trying to get whether it's -- signing bonus. A more. You know money in the front and because they'll tend to see that. The Versa when they got a big number towards the latter part of their contract like for instance Will Smith. I mean his salary would be over eleven half million in no way the any news healthy. Right he had seen them money you'd have to have almost that -- probably would be a market and eleven how I'm going to be had about 22 O'Neal wants access some. Had that kind of -- a great season and he -- it is cab -- is right on the you know fourteen million dollar so that all Cubs in the place Tigers would all like come. But because because there -- salary. I think that's why they going to be. Consult the wind consulting. -- their agent in Mickey Loomis about whether red hot again -- the team I could tell you. A winning Lance Moore has working against him. Is that Kenny -- kind of surpassed him. As far as production and and look at the way we've -- of all around is that like okay you have two receivers and everybody else aren't -- starters though we'd like four wide so really are you in that top four. But you got to say -- just look at the depth on the roster. The top two receivers were will Marcus Colston and Kenny stills been Lance Moore. I thought -- there's a point in not -- Owens you know players are dealing with injuries. I've thought Lance and towards the latter part that wasn't the case it is kind of catch and a ball and fallen down. As far as yards after the catch -- -- a lot more aggressive. On the last month of the season I could be because he was healthier as far as getting. Some yards advocate at the tickets because since 2006. Now wanna say the Saints are not normal one to either number two in the whole NFL. That's -- yards after the catch -- -- alongside of the Green Bay Packers. But when you look at. LaMarcus -- than that in theory. That they would have loved the need to to step up. And -- nick -- went -- to say based on one game very disappointing. And so the jury definitely still out on him he's a big receiver in and they want him to excel but he had a great opportunity against the Jets. You know his dad's old ball club and and really caused us field position where. Look at that and the flow of a game in when you got momentum lead and then the ball was right there we got the ball on the thirteen yard line. And really almost get a chance to put the Jets away. Where uniform for geno Smith have to pass the ball down the field not just run. A wide receivers green so I think that's why. Colston I think yes a little more security -- -- salary and and it. And also says college structured as far as the guarantees because okay who you gonna put in there. I mean I think need to still has a ways to go -- Ottawa on against the Kasey Kenny stills now. I still think I'd be important hopefully that's the case Joseph Morgan. That he's able to come back I don't know -- healthy he's going to be good. They previously he did a great job stretching the defense will remember to believe particularly gains against Green Bay and Tampa Bay. Where he not only caught long balls. But also got into the hands on the yards after the catch so there's a lot of question now Pierre Thomas. That's the case in point when -- beat them form lately. All -- apparent guide has going for him. As that he knows the offense about as well as anyone I think maybe besides who recently because he beat an every down back. Where first second third down you know who he knows we as the block and he's pretty stout. From a physical standpoint I don't think from from the while we're talking about his exit if you don't necessarily ST Pierre Thomas maybe get run over like -- Darren Sproles. Sometimes it is in pass protection but when you look at what every -- me lately. And and I think he will be healthy ready to roll. But you look at Ingram how he came on in the latter part of the season and also hug -- Robinson. Hero also. That's why that is a question. And I think you know they are fan favorites obviously Lance romance Lance -- in. What can you say about Marcus Colston accommodation with him and Drew Brees. And then also -- Pierre Thomas. And knows would be sort of question out there again in the NC with the fans. If you had to cut yeah one of these fan favorites about a work continue to explained a number while with dramatic of some human music are you talking crazy but it's a number is it the production yeah and it's also was at the position. If you had to -- one of these three which one would you could. Marcus Colston. Lance small ball Pierre Thomas 2601878668890878. -- an -- -- an -- brother's children behind the scenes -- Reminisced about all the episodes of Marten. Analysts and -- won by the -- -- -- C one. When -- his frame cable. Monique Bond issues kind of booties you've found out of state and Marten and him on one on the colon like. Put to expose -- -- really what she wore a suit our apartheid was he was keep it in Rio was she really -- -- re -- again. -- -- -- How does that term who's is that those audits that -- go around when you Cumberland and I'm not some asking what did you when were you familiar waited in the late eighties. I kind of knew when they were talking about it what you get an employee has the thirties forties and yeah private little long of a year cup probably drew a problem like that. In the eighties and nineties that's a memory like a lot youth on certain shows a number on the -- living Carla. But anyway Angelo might let's don't like a pop culture segment in -- me you know kodama. I'm not a new TV -- but like older like in reruns and -- right the active not to be young my flat like. If you are doing a millionaire show the united a privilege a life plan in liked to TV shows they Santa sun. Good times. -- All of the family -- visited they came up. You know I'm telling you out we edict came down to the million dollars I've I've I've been a bit I'd bet my life on the article in today's question right well as an all Loria. Open now let the ride I got all Ramon DV are bouncing them. Well that turned Boozer is like god I heard that animals oh it. And penalized and while little seven episode MBA housewives. All year they use that day it may use if you almost every showed anything out kind of egg blue you know exactly you know exactly and I'll -- to say something -- gentlemen and then at physical. Always physically and sultan and yes that is vinegar and all is not as verbal it is CAA's been the NBA wives in the and that and the -- -- as they they can do like a -- again they'd definitely not a problem getting the flip. Yes they are operated jaguar in imposed several Saints players could be cut to ease the hit on the salary cap. All of these three if you had to choose one fan favorite that would be caught. This is all. Who would you could. Of these three receivers Lance Moore Marcus Colston are running back Pierre Thomas just want you can't say hockey D'Amico double no. We stand on target on -- topic did a follow they go to George George thank you for calling WW. Paramount. Bought. I did it knock it in hopman. No no no we well -- telling use of these three if you had a car while which won't you caught. Man I'll work. I call. Them a good. Man. Okay I of the so all of the two remaining who would you -- -- Heir apparent dollar yes. OK okay god thank you so much and -- you know a big charges not a Sproles van. But but I could tell you this in a big -- will be listed in. Because Darren -- think the -- -- I think -- is around four million. The I think it was flat it was -- economy easy contract owners say it was like a when he came here. I think it was like to. Twelve made -- three years for many who -- a -- but -- go down it kind of was always constant calls for value yet but off that the big -- says he don't -- see him in the back field. Because you know kind of like a -- even running back. But you'd have to say compared to Reggie Bush. As far as running north and south now what now where Reggie Bush is now because I think he did outstanding but it -- looks and the line is he has a duty yet -- but I'm thing in a Saints uniform. We scenes -- look more like a running bank I did Reggie and I told what's rolled the eight and eleven. Was worth every dollar he may not -- -- gave him -- mean for -- eleven and that was -- -- the end and that's why is all purpose yards the leader -- in NFL history and you know I did have the number one offensive -- this year I mean OK he had 53 rushing attempts. He averaged four point two yards a carry so -- like he was averaging two point eight and and you look in the post season. The gotten out now this is going into the the sea dogs game in the Eagles game he -- -- what I wanna save four carries. For 29 yards seven point three average so and -- we not talking about Sproles that. -- Adorning dog is a point it would Sproles and they would all say this is as a punt returner Ted mile deep we were like. Went down we're one of four alas they lose somewhere 2829 active seagull or eight months from practicing so much explosiveness and big plays at him and eleven. It's like -- In me if it hairs I'm not saying he's been visible arm but he's been invisible because we haven't seen him both high expectations and an -- and when you look at it looks as quick as ever we had OTA's and mini camp and training camp watched me practice. You can look I I guess that the block it was better. Because he -- hitting get a look at the big -- had. To help us overtake the Eagles on that last drive to close out the game the big kick off return he had the no I mean. And he got the horse collar and already is a big part of us winning games let's go to a Marrero for Anthony Anthony thank you for calling -- UW now. -- -- -- -- -- Utley is that these last -- already eager. To. They are they'll just coming up to create. So that's why you that's why it's easily you because of the progression of those other guys and. Yeah the only way they cheer a lot about that what -- you had to prove why are. Yet what I -- to do the big -- part because what Bobby says about that the numbers of steals. Tune looks the part I think we all would agree he's -- I think -- And potentially probably be bigger embedded in column but he -- ended doll house athletic Jazz -- began four catches the whole year because he's Cordoba that Jets game. Yeah globally had and not now still not now now is to look still said 37 at 32 catches. Lance Moore had 37. -- averaged one yards a reception. Lance Moore twelve and a half and that is still have five touchdowns. At Illinois and -- who is hard to dog is no it is still -- as they get very confident in a way it's hard but I think. Also somewhere in the back on -- we at least have to fit factor in we beg for the call that. Joseph model was poised to have a big year this year I think -- -- -- here so that day as a guide its own staff. That didn't throttle through San motive of you'd deep -- you big play guy when there are bad at Packers game Bobby and 2012 before before that he dropping -- big balls right and -- any call those and he kind of he kind of got out the dog house man. What it was like to. I would say things his should be -- -- highlight reel as far as deep balls. Those two touchdowns how he broke tackles against Tampa Bay and Green Bay. We talk about like a sixty yard -- reception in big play now that -- that at bat and that's in the conversation. It's a difficult choice but we're asking you all of these three players if you had to cut one who would be. Colston Lance -- all Pierre Thomas. Vote online at WWL dot com that to the phones ago let's go to -- dale for Charlie Charlie thank you for called. -- show you all know just fantastic traditional. Are very much at all like in. But -- -- earlier answer that they would be too much and are not all -- you -- and four. Are up the -- little you care that god he's just in the urban. You could so that it just responded. And you know. And you know I don't end up than -- thought. At that certain that your father I'm at it in a nutshell. This is our concerns and it will be. Scrimp and -- and talk or follow Tom Parker and review Belichick contract. Jimmy Graham and then she injured me in -- in the deal with Ingram com well. Outlook that -- succeed aren't cool with it -- still not sold or are you. Well we not so a lot of because of the getting his second quarter and he fumbles the damn ball I mean c'mon I mean Wright did as well that you cannot do against Seattle roster aren't getting anything about it and get frustrated. A zip file again have to win -- back it's only six to zero. And the beginning right beginning say quade fumbles and on now is thirteen zero. Then that. And against. In that I wouldn't be dropped to -- difficult golf political bring in a gentlemen Hornets big man it was. Out and about today greeting the fans he is out on veterans boulevard in Metairie at most practice he's getting set for the all star balloting. It's coming up with -- and partake in this year and the MBA all star game the third weekend of February. Is into water opponent big man Jason Smith is the -- -- nowadays and know you will issue coming off -- -- on circumstances are difficult loss last night at New Orleans Arena 103 to 100. I know you'll have a tell us how difficult it is to play in his league. But could instead Jason just how difficult it is in the southwest division. You know that they're a lot lot of people and southwest division at such talented team just Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets earlier. Two of the major powerhouses -- it's really tough to go yet in any given night but you know we can't because we -- we just couldn't finishing people who might think. Now Jason though what do you do as a player and you have different challenges. Depending on your opponent. Night in night out but what do you do it is such a long season and you are better now. That may be you might be in -- shooting slump barring. And now because that's going to be magnified a silly because we knew that the percentage but you might have given carries a game maybe struggle a bit how do you overcome that. And none of the ages take it one day at a time mark as he's played that offense how you weather the storm. Because everybody is human and you do have those -- gains are. Our series of games. Yeah it's a -- But that the main goal is really. No matter shot has gone you don't play defense can always go up there and work -- I can't. I think that that's really what Coach Williams preachers not so we're really got to go out there and do act in and night out regardless it's our shot on the planet not. Now I Jason you're apart part of both teams in with the different teammates. And I mean I just look at this approach that and I know coach money Williams. That he does emphasize defense as far as scoring defense in a way you look at gonna get a game last night. I was reading in 92 in games in which you hold opponents to feud and a hundred points and then I think now it's like six in 21 when opponents score a hundred or more. It's so what is your take as you -- you've been around both so you know what it takes to all of a sudden. When you're holding opponents David -- to guard -- 3.2 game but what has been the big difference -- it just -- different players Iowa. You not think it's -- we've had a atop mentality and I changed to try and outscored he can and we can't ask that we have to go out there and at. Defense that mentality -- If you go out there and play defense. They really stepped up -- -- rock and when you get a -- or rebounds. You can get out trying to -- easy layups. But also put a lot of pressure on their defense to give back in transition. But it you're continually taking the ball out of the bottom of the net. It's just have a have to go -- to -- each and every time. Opponents big man Jason Schmidt is our special gas tails off Hornets bought Jason a steal try evidence that said David Duke -- big man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Scoring Golden State Warriors are at New Orleans Arena Saturday night. At 7 PM days in the all star game is coming to town now we were gracious hosts every is back of the companies that gave us. A rave reviews everybody is excited again. A from a player standpoint to have this Mecca of basketball here for a long week -- basically was thought arriving Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday it's also to action. What does that do for operating on all star game is right. You know or we're just really excited to. And you know we -- back with that again. It's going to be February. It's relate to the meeting back in city. I'm not at the NBA all about it presented by expert in the end on Monday we definitely. -- to make sure gauger boats into recruit players are law. Ryan Anderson on a Tyreke Evans and air corps not not I did at the other guys. But. The most -- you can get all your -- and NBA dot com and through the very you know social media -- eight but it's Graham caught up with at stake in the -- I know it's going to be exciting for the people who come. There's so many different events. From out front at that three point contests. The players challenged to campus and for all kids out there. It's going to be a great time for everybody needs a lot coming per -- are we can't. That's why I'm -- after the sprint store armed veteran away really to be trying to promote it. Due to last all star ballot in -- -- but -- voting out there. Time to meet and greet with -- opera 57 it's going to be great. Great time. The -- to come out sprint store and it might be and indeed intention -- do the inherent to come out take it -- Awesome -- I give big man Jason Smith today. Promoting the MBA all star game take out the details there at home Saturday night against Golden State 70 am on the flanks of 1053 -- Thank you very much I mean let's hope -- All right Jason thank you very much all either lit up the had to cut one of these fan favorites. Who would -- be. Lance mole Vietnam is all Marcus both a case of an online at WW -- Dot com back to the phones we go and let's go to a slide a -- kitty thank you for calling WW. So Bobby do you know it's our crowd -- -- lol okay. -- -- rampant don't. Brees and Colston got a -- below dating and COLT involved own. Can't Carlo to -- -- -- -- A business I would spring. -- ointment on it. Well sale lay claim to use you make it sound like it's not too difficult for use them out get in my right big inning. I'm not -- I mean I ministry and a I used to -- bill on an all. -- cable took over orange. Beat out a bit but not the Miami. Wanted to but he came back but Purdue. Well at -- it's arguably not. Yeah a lot and -- just look at his numbers and and I think the production of Kenny stills in. Now -- -- I conceded Dillon. When the one caller restructure their are taken a pay cut. That -- I don't know what Lance is might said that he might wanna test the market I don't know how has agents advising him. A but I think the thing is gonna come tournament. And known in -- and basically tell look who would you play for the minimum Saturn -- years of service that I have to look exactly what it is it. He's almost -- four million. But the -- I look at it well he would be worth a million but not for a million they got a lot of fans they got a lot of fans to take that approach I agree that that you know. That you know you gotta give us a break give us a bargain by -- -- yet exactly. Yep barely in -- down thank you for calling WW yeah. Well you know loosen. -- -- got aren't. I would say yeah. Pierre this. The simple fact that looked like -- bit of development back. And we curry coming on that in the year. Two up with a -- you know like like glance and I mean I like -- but I had a lot trickier. Well I'd like you know I think it and fan's mind also. I think we're kind of pleasing you'd have to say. That was not a weakness that was that we had the production there against the Eagles and the Seahawks as far as average per carry and what were able to do. Lowe went out Pierre. Now I think Pierre is value -- that again. Not he earned a payday in. But he's due by three million dollars next year in. So when you look at cost cutting measures Pierre could be another when Doug pair we still want you here -- and now but you gotta give us to deal. Let's -- Rosanna online name -- anti appalling WW. Thank you for having me you on the I was gonna bite that was told by the gentleman that it. -- And I originally the culture that I changed my mind -- I would have to say perhaps more you know I feel extra piece choice because there's actually not one of the straight. I would be happy with. All Goodell fanfare -- change commander in a phone call what you -- Think about it. You know market and he -- Overall value and what it could you know what you -- and what he is capable of doing. And. It's much and that Utley and I am. Daughter who actually went to Marion. Or -- You know at that but the human beings -- -- you have to get you know talking strictly football and I think of the -- She -- and not been -- -- Right it and it grows and you don't always succeed is that it's shorter term outlook whatever department lately and it and I think -- Yes and but you look at how. Kenny stills his progress and you look at their sides of the art receiver they are now. You know I. Right now I think. I'm confident we don't really have a big receiver right now that -- the skins on the wall that can replace Marcus Colston Arnold need to to do that. Right I mean I hope he does. But I mean big image and city did come through and a Jets game and he's and that's why I'm saying is going to be this could be a crucial season they handled TAs mini camp. And in training camp. Because it didn't really want tune. Take -- look at is -- like pass in the tarts. We had a total to eight next week down a -- Duquesne in the -- -- you bring. Over and move -- -- that -- that is suitable Salinas all don't know I'm no but I'm just saying merry you know it's almost like you I don't think it just think it did you know -- The mindset in mainly. The that we received here this week right lane. I'll would be well -- a lot of Latin -- -- already your adrenaline yet be so far out of man but there is someone. When the clock strikes zero. At the Dallas on the amendment I come back to all you called him and I would I have any -- -- -- the -- the 7 o'clock now all the 5 o'clock our policies clock I was all calls it's difficult decision but if you had to -- one of these fan favorite. All of Colston -- Thomas who would you -- this is WW.