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1-16 4:35pm Pelican Center, Jason Smith

Jan 16, 2014|

Pelican Center, Jason Smith, joins Bobby and Deke to talk NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bring in a gentlemen Hornets big man it was. Out and about today greeting the fans he is out on veterans boulevard in Metairie at desperate is he's getting set for the all star balloting. It's coming up -- faint and partake in this year and the MBA all star game the third weekend of February. Is into water opponent big man Jason Smith is here -- -- -- nowadays on though you wish you were coming off up. Bit of circumstances -- difficult loss last night at New Orleans Arena 103 to 100. I know you'll have a tell us how difficult used to play in his league but could instead Jason just how difficult it is in the southwest division. You noted -- a Lotta -- people and south west division at such talented he just Antonio Spurs at Houston rockets' other. Two of the major power house's current it's really have to go against -- any given night but you know we can't because we -- -- -- -- we just -- finishing diplomat like. Now Jason though what do you do as a player and you have different challenges. Depending on your opponent. Night in night out but what do you do it is such a long season and you are better now. Then maybe you might be in -- shooting slump barring. And because that's going to be magnified a -- because we knew that the percentage but you might have given carries a game maybe you struggled a -- -- -- overcome that. And none of the ages take it one day at a time are that he's played that offense how you weather the storm. Because everybody is human and you do have those -- games are. Our series of games. Yeah it's a long speed and that it's not a sprint but it's definitely a marathon. I think for -- we just can't go out there and have a confident that we cage to ball on any given night. But that the main goal is really. The matter to shouted go on -- can always play defense can always go out there and work our. I think that that's really what Coach Williams preaches not so we're really had to go out there and do it in and night out regardless they are shot -- not. Now I Jason you're apart part of both teams in with the different teammates. And I mean I just look at this approach that and I know coach money Williams. That he does emphasize defense as far as scoring defense and when you look at gonna get a game last night I was reading in 982 in games in which you hold opponents to feud and a hundred points. And then I think now it's like six in 21 when opponents score a hundred or more. This so what is your take as you could have been around both so you know what it takes to all of a sudden. When you're holding opponents David in 92 yard -- 3.2 game but what has been the big difference does it just -- different players Ottawa. You know -- think it's that we had atop mentality. And I changed to try and outscored teams and and we can't -- that we have to go up there and at -- and to mentality urged. If you go out there and play defense. They really set up these things are hot and when you get stops or rebounds. You can get out in transition you can easy layups. But also put a lot of pressure on their defense to give back in transition. But if you're continually taking the ball out of the bottom of the net. It's just have to go against the saint -- and every time. Opponents big man Jason Schmidt is our special games tails off Hornets and boy Jason as the trial evidence that said David -- -- -- -- big man. He -- -- -- is what it's a tough loss last night but a solid effort as the -- lose 103 to 100 next high. Scoring Golden State Warriors are at New Orleans Arena Saturday night. At 7 PM -- all star game is coming to town now we will gracious hosts every is back on the committees they gave us. Are rave reviews everybody's excited in a from a player standpoint to have days. Mecca of basketball here for a long week in basically was thought arriving Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday it's all -- action. What does that do for -- an all star game is right. You know or we're just really excited Cuba. And so are we can back with that again. It's going to be February. It's relate to the meeting -- -- back in the city. I'm not at the NBA all star balloting presented by expert in it and on Monday. We definitely have to make sure gauger -- -- recruit players -- law. Ryan Anderson on Monday Perry Kevin and air corps not not I -- at the other guys. But. For the most part if you get all your -- in NBA dot com and and through the very you know social media Twitter FaceBook and it's grandma with at stake indeed now. I know it's going to be exciting for all the people come. There's so many different events. From -- contest the three point contests. At the players' talents to campus and for all it's up there. It's going to be a great time for everybody that can allow. -- super -- are we can't. That's why I'm going out to the sprint store -- better in LA I really just trying to promote it. -- last call -- out in there did their ability bode out there. Time to be angry with me. -- -- -- and it can be great. Great time. Q it to come out to the -- or and it might be and indeed intention to do that he had never to come out take it. Awesome -- I give big man Jason Smith today promoting the MBA all star game take out the details there at home Saturday night. Against Golden State 7 PM on the -- of 10530 at. Thank you very much at a meeting that goal like. All right Jason thank you very much.