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1-16 5-6pm Bobby and Deke, Saints salary cap

Jan 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk open lines in top 5 o'clock hour and a 6 o'clock -- nobody dropped so that means everybody is on line wants to be. Heard about our top. There and they all season of course you look at. Created and -- to -- and guys. Price reduction. Performance. It happened and every team -- every year the last time you see a team that played their final game that's the last time that team. Will be eighteen that -- like for instance -- here when it stinks up on the field. It may be the majority of them but it won't be the same going to be different it's like that every way in professional well. 21 is suitable he said we don't really back on the bus on Iraq back to the Ryan Wagner -- from the stadium and you looked around and all the players and him both as a you know like the Scott -- of the world and and you know a handful of players that you truly. It's they had a huge impact that you winning a championship. And you know the probability didn't they'd probably not going to be back that night he said that's every team changes every year but yeah. It just goes to show you. The economics the big business of football is it's all about production. And and in. In -- you getting your bank -- -- I mean silly because Jimmy Graham you know why is getting it paid all that money. Because -- produce and earn it now the Saints fans we got frustrated. In big gains there have been against the Patriots and twice is the Seahawks but the market out there -- Jimmy Graham he almost program koskie is racquet. You know when you're talking about the top. Too -- the sky's the limit at tight ends in the NFL Jimmy Graham was in a conversation. In -- of a Vernon Davis Jimmy Graham in the game can't Antonio Gates because -- his age where he's -- So that it's all about leverage. And and obviously and I think. Phil what. How Marcus Colston finished the season. Marcus Colston has some leverage because if you look at what he did in the post season -- by -- to number one receiver. He had twelve catches a 146 yards. A touchdown that nobody was really even close to him and really -- that was the big game that he had to get to -- -- jaguar opinion poll if you had to cut one of these -- Because the better of the team from a profit from me. Price standpoint. Fiscal standpoint. Moving forward. Who would -- be Marcus Colston Pierre Thomas or Lance Moore to the -- to -- -- for Roger -- thank you for calling WW ago. -- -- -- Yeah. -- could -- -- -- -- and does so because. I you know a good and it took about respect and their beloved. That's the question yeah. And I think we're gonna because he tore a tendon which it. You accept the bullets -- real well you don't. Oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What more equitable. Was there any topic is the side. Just. I don't think that. It's a little article so -- definitely it would be here. -- Roger Timmy I don't know we try to sugar coated and you know that they know maybe -- players soliciting -- a correct statement would have been more. Alike that way we're playing. We played much better in the latter part of the season especially how we ran the ball. He did say yeah but did the did the heat is it a whole season when he said I honorary -- when he said. He's they gave him more responsibility meaning more owners showed as a former run a -- ball. Later in the season in the eighties I thought they played well. -- and and and I'm just going by in even and in the post season though we ran the ball well we I tell you what. We run the ball next season. We can do that throughout the season like we did against the Eagles in the Seahawks will have a top ten rushing attack I think right now and me not to beat one of over 26. And then that'll help Drew Brees even played better I think. And help our defense. That that that the let -- -- as good -- it appears it appears to me. It. You know to blow -- I'd almost eighteen that would from the moment it borders. Now they need to that -- yeah. Does it matter. So I hope to do work it out. To put that they had problems. -- got a so we got down with from the wall and are delighted that we have we can't we. Say they say OK gonna blow because I've got to actually gone back is exactly what coach Payton said about depth. Via offensive line Bobby one lead from the wanna get it right in Wilmington game right as he was asked about the ultimate OK here's coach patent office get the -- for the don't -- Exactly yes I was occurs. Especially as I gave him more and more opportunities. Both within the running game and opportunities rushing at him yes and the passing game the other night I thought we played. Very well. I've always protecting well the other night and ran the ball well how they play from the yup that was the same way before that. I think it's a group we feel good about obviously weak -- some snaps. To reevaluate what to -- on the eight Charles. Brown played well for us early on and we just had. We Joe's made that -- we've got veterans at a number of the other positions I think we did a lot of things well I think that group. -- -- And a big you know bomb I'm extremely disappointed -- -- play like garbage. And it's sitting well we paid him and we talk about doll with a line is Jahri Evans. That might have been Jai ram at one of his wars games. In his Saints uniform are you kidding me and in that you -- -- at least he's committing seven and a half million dollars you got to dominate you should never lose. What you look against the Seahawks a bright they he gave up about six precious. Six carries and a sack. As the most allowed in any game since 2008. So you know you are about we Drew Brees does start may be US he reached his because he descending. Battles very discouraging when I when I read that and how I've been at sea -- performance. Dig in. Michael Bennett. And it did Dave put him on the inside and he wanted he -- Jahri Evans he worked in Cologne and your best linemen. And then he came have a kind of -- be a drawl. Yet he committed probably -- hey aren't you might as he battled he might be to 6040. We became -- you know be not only about a vigil -- -- their -- -- and that's act now as the most allowed any game since 2008 and June. This is post season 2014 through five years and 2013 and we you know all season them. I'm I'm writing some stuff down who will work in an -- time together which it much but our town -- all they will work on from the replacement worth of garbage. Mabel colossal listen this without a doubt they would have you told me to listen this year. Who can go to go to ball solidly regarded as a poor play I don't know I don't believe you have to there's a point are you kidding me. And of the world of the power of the world here -- -- -- -- knock out his day had another one. He Brian gallop Wednesday. Now may be a bug that's like he was nobody and you thinner but it but I think oddities that -- free agent I don't know what his market is. But he has some NFL league starting experience behind him but I -- do you think. Going forward timlin lead to might be better option -- Delaware they can be at times. Too many holding calls -- from Mike Mike thank you for calling WW TO. Gentlemen -- the -- and every day thank you. Ball that there's no brainer for me Lance more apt to go. -- and if you truly want this speed we all slow at wide receivers were hanging with the flight to Seattle and they're decent back we have to get faster receiver. You know that that's a great point because that -- I -- now obviously because he did -- law but I mean I think we ms. Devery Henderson. And that and you look as far as -- -- mall yet drove I've done saying that I'm even gone from Devery Henderson. Joseph Morgan that really truly stretches the defense and and how they come I'll find -- semi notes. To show you endeavor he's career. How significant he was not just. Like franchise NFC's I mean New Orleans Saints history franchise history but NFL history. As far as -- -- route -- had a gallery and know by our average and about twenty yards I mean I reception and we and we miss that took that's a great point about. Truly stretching a defense are going forward as him my. One more thing about it more I really on a lot about the guys until at Tampa Bay game. We weren't even in the playoffs yet he scored that touched down and done that -- -- -- -- end -- -- that -- he ought flag I guess that's not a bad people mama. Well it is to a -- actually going there I think that has yet. But you know I I -- we got in trouble there though it wasn't difficult pin at last they called it on you was it still be a big -- came up big -- is Connie imitate an advance I think that was him really -- -- -- that was whack in the world. And I think you get days -- and has Nast. Mean I I don't I think the it is man's thing I think it was kind imitate some it was kind of all humorous -- kind of dry you know what to me. Dry humor yeah all right this is ridiculous that I happily come back to have I don't work on Devery to show you. No Deke. His 2006 of their it would Vincent Jackson and DeSean Jackson I know your numbers gap but -- got to beef us solid because of that was good somewhere -- to play somewhere -- know that I know is just fell all the -- Eli Eli -- -- that -- you can go down that fast. You it you know you think about you you don't stay the same. It's an exam there was some guys -- did not even the same player food when I coordinate they made the right call nowhere not a doubt you know remain without a -- -- that you go somewhere -- and he gets the ball I don't know that are -- feed you balls you know he's still -- good stretch -- beavers -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the Redskins right. C'mon -- Jonas tomorrow would be talk -- eight NFL. AFC and NFC championship games. And damn bone forward Ian Harvey on the West Bank. The -- and 48 vehement about zone -- tomorrow afternoon. Yeah and they got the talk about what I was a bring and I was far stretch and a defense and you know deep balls and and I think Joseph Morgan ammunition to see how he's gonna come back from his injury he's still comply. Who -- in the big play and I'll bust a coverage or whatever but it still was done the big play was Kenny stills. This year with a -- 76 yard touchdown. While the reason I'm bringing that up if you look at receptions and 75 plus yards. Since 2006. Only one receiver had boarding Devery Henderson and thousand Greg Jennings remedies that the Packers yes and in he had six -- had five. Facility that that's something Devery. Bohemian a lot of big plays and I just -- he losses that -- that that's why wasn't able to make. The Redskins and you look. -- receiving yards by an NFL players until six. -- was a slightly ahead of Vincent Jackson and DeSean Jackson. And over and over eighteen yards and you need to get all these stats at a minimum like 120 receptions. So he's a good company so they look event -- next consistent Devery Henderson big play like I think Robert Meachem. At times you've seen him you know make big plays and you look at his average -- the shivers right -- that sixteen catches. Twenty point three average. But. I don't know it to be I think Devery in his prime with smoke -- human race you know you go run a sixty yard dash a forty guys just in my mind. And depth perception by stretching a defense that is not just the opposite day every would smoking and a hundred. On long book of -- is -- meets in the game that we get him in a partisan is that you never was a -- -- ago but but it just say like Meachem was and is faster as far as this year as before he went to San Diego that makes them yeah I mean that would youth all I don't know I mean he made plays. But it was an out now is blowing by people and that being Joseph Morgan has that ability hopefully can't come back from isn't Max on line three thank you calling debuted at you -- They got like to have you know. I just make my opinion and I'm hang up and listen that. I mean -- it to me it's nobody elected last guy you know you watch Marcus coast and watching catchup ball over the middle score touchdowns no showboat class. Has more catches one ball and thank you want a lot of personal. And I guess. And Pierre Thomas and -- back -- you know I mean we got unload that brought him back expect that that screen pass when he catches that screen pass. There's just trying to beauty. Yeah I didn't you know it's great you bring a -- -- of Max in the MR brought it up last night and they knew what I was talking ID get a chance to bring that to drew and you know this is like QB to QB aren't even the coach Peyton. That you did that screenplay. All of a certain teams that they said one thing. Like you know coach Belichick how he takes approached it is one player we have to stop -- take -- Jimmy Graham and it would played haven't utmost success. Well aware of that -- Carolina jumped all over the screenplay Saluki clean Thomas Davis have you looked. We only average and not an out and think about this. We only average. We average I should say we averaged less than two yards per play. One -- screen passes and our final five games. The you know we began like 9101112. Yards only averaged two yards. In the last five games on on screenplays. So teams alike. When you might -- as some other way were we not let you have success would it's -- I've QB to QB segment would Drew Brees at six. Forty tonight here on WWR radio get your take some -- Saints players could be cut to ease the -- on the salary cap if you had to choose. One of these fan favorites who would you -- of these three. Colston. Campbell or Thomas which one would you -- -- in west legal thank you for calling WW well. You don't -- -- thanks for having me on. I'm on the have to go with Lance Moore well. The last two years he does and produce it and don't get me wrong he has a great route runner. Well it's that locality and it's a big slow down a little bit. And with the -- their receivers come out and draft this year and he got -- and all the state he had Beckham and Landry coming out. Utley Sean Payton beer and all -- -- is. Got to go one of the well. -- -- big -- even if we look at he's been a fan favorite in new wish she'd make the team immediately was activated for wanted to gains but he's on the practice squad -- -- So when you look at what -- paying Andy Tanner and let's say you paying Lance Moore four million dollars I mean the informant I mean he's not worth that much more and -- -- Well I -- that it and I don't know what Lance in his age is gonna do. You know they become dumb and and all of a sudden be in his position like Vilma. That -- we still want you around we think -- great in the locker room. But is going to be like at the minimum and the mentally you know could be instead of four million we given you a million. And it's fort Pierre are they Pierre is one of the best all around backs and the you know well. And he doesn't get a lot of recognition about that but you just talk about the stats on the screen. And the last two games we didn't -- And he he he he definitely makes a difference wrong in the ring played it it is just -- second or second to. You know big -- you think about I think in the history of this -- play in the NFL and and meaningful games. I mean take a significant. Which he did on the screen play against the Vikings and -- -- Ruble against the Colts. A bit did that help this wind up by a he was outstanding and so coaching clinic how you set up blockers how you patient. No I wouldn't be surprised I don't know it's -- different meeting rooms. -- it's a copycat league that teams that look out the Saints and when -- success are running this green. And try to teach it to their players. I guarantee prepared Tom this is on those please mister -- AC AC thank you for calling WW Rio. Hey guys thanks and less and Allison after talking to my eight year old son and I mean if he can answer -- their -- -- -- Atlanta all. Kolb. He's he's he's been pretty much. Ended expendable mainly because the Kenny stills and like about it is it. You know with Eddie Kennison on the side and I mean that'll make Wednesday onto. But also have a couple of while collection area guys that I like shields and and felt called to listen to you response. -- Get home. Big fan favorite -- guys -- listened I've been enough fees and ticket holder since 2000. And honestly you know he's wanna about either one maturities but I also think we could shop in the round and possibly get a third of fourth round pick for him. And also. Not that it's -- run him back going into his eight years yes it by only six coming off injury no -- and it and it is salaries like three -- no way you get that there's NCAAs yet looking got to look at the Corso of the did the -- of the value of the running back position. It is -- largely due to where running -- used to be drafted and -- running back so picked up now free agency the lifespan of a running back. The number what they have gone from a cat and what they -- in the course how long they've been leaked. And they're round picks man -- -- -- that rear real prize now you don't get it through -- -- it is not educate trade him but I don't think that -- pay bracket doesn't that it may have three million. Right right right well you know I was kind of -- grown -- about d'antoni would've -- No that would definitely be -- just Pierre has now lost. Right right right well what -- so so that was one area. I'm not going guys. Is Jimmy Graham and that they needed. Continues to spit out this distance top wide receiver contract. I think we tag him and treat him and get to keep ransom form because I don't think we should scrap by a team or handicapped cripple I've -- One player. Especially. Now that tied it I mean lifted. Just like the guy before me it you know you have appointed -- physical guys coming out of the league this year that we can talk you know talks. Target. Benjamin ward Jordan -- well. Or eleven I just don't think we should. You know lock themselves down. Long term war. Well I try and -- -- at the point that you make now. Mean is never going to be a 100% even knew we Drew Brees like usually -- night you know I don't care if that's the Mark -- you know you -- nobody's worth the hundred million. And I'll haven't been I would say. You've had more people simply because. And and meaningful games doubles on the line and pay him to get shut out. That if you're the best that events right demanding a Gradkowski. Tight. In a salary -- remember talking about this even in training camp. Suddenly get done before the season. And you know kind of the market on the outside would have been. And -- sixty million range. Asik cheers around ten million and whether you classify like you said as a why. Receiver -- tight end Andy kind of rolled the dice. And if you look at -- -- surpassed Gradkowski media 86 receptions. Twelve yards sixteen touchdowns but if we had Dole's numbers. And just have a halfway decent game against New England artists Seahawks. Big -- in and -- has said. I tell you what did that this Saints better game as the market is is still gonna be great. But it would have been all of the chart you might need to switch these three up you put somebody doesn't have the -- manageable. Good drive slam dock the pay phone lines -- -- -- eight -- think Olazabal. Yeah what I think he's making is get ready make four million dollars in Tyler and four million dollars arena that they they would want him and added that prize. -- in New Orleans thank you for calling WW well. -- won't know -- the Hokies. You're right about the man you go about it right now. It's unfair to Lance -- -- -- you -- with Pim Pim with those guys you know. EEE. In -- going to be made about nobody in average. An average -- You're going -- give somebody you'd do your outfit. That same -- used -- -- a girl. He needed -- record -- Presley's -- moved by that in Edmonton you can you can pretty much are meant more in. -- -- LA did it take a -- this. The -- you don't think teams get -- changing. Perfect example would you be watching the game come Sunday. Of whom was a Tom Brady's security blanket. And was novel one -- in receptions the pages they -- Wes Welker. Look at the end he's played not -- Peyton Manning. Some say that's -- vague all of them that land to be around or even a -- than. Is that that -- comes in the play I'll tell you what you willing to take as far as salary would be paying you -- and then obviously you production. And we talk about biscuits is Kenny stills and his production. And then Andy -- catches the ball. Very similar type receiver. That that's why wetlands eat. Mean he can't help but if you want to stay on the team he'll have to take a drastic pay cut. I'll Wear a belt I mean I understand. You know his days. Number it was the same expression they had their salaries. Mention I don't know and they connect out of -- today it would yeah it there's doubt it. And -- exactly. Now because all of a sudden a week we got him on the cheap and he was a great bargain. And he had. Few seasons ago EEE earned a contract. But then it's again what do we -- from lately and I'm the last two seasons maybe not like he was. You know comes to a bull run -- we had. You know the top offensive end in the league I -- once season. That he was outstanding member -- close -- was hurt. They've got to look at that those numbers he would that's Soliai earned a contract if he was outstanding and really stepped up as a normal receiver with calls that went down. I Qaeda camp made. Executive decision on don't know the current poll. Since we've been here hour fifty minutes. Isn't in it we had Manning and call as many seven arms and Lance Moore. So it'll open to make a -- is -- Reynard. So all look I'll throw somebody else in the mix with Thomas. And Colston. At the -- next now have a bit about it -- and and then yeah because he because I mean right now you've seen me I'm look. -- bull old bull car available ball boys almost. Yeah and then they also -- -- -- -- -- out of it this does that give you aren't able to give it a little hint that this guy wanted a problem has been a Pro Bowl and he's also been all pro in the past than. And coming off problem the last four years this week -- season yes yet I consider what we got to pay him next year. -- of him I -- dog and him also. Who have agreed to restructure -- oh without a doubt and that would be offensive guard. Jahri Evans Rihanna beat Jahri Evans if you look -- boy he had his worst game since 2008 against the Seahawks in the playoffs. And he's due seven and a half million dollars in his cap causes that eleven million so besides Drew Brees. I mean -- Come on that you -- -- now. At 55 say he was always a dominant and that wasn't the case this year -- you know -- pretty. You -- all of -- align around them but I was disappointing considering what we paying Jahri Evans and being Grubbs. But surely got to play -- being grossed six point one million and -- seven point five. And -- -- eleven million against the cap and being Grubbs nine million. Man did that then -- -- bug that wasn't there this year now you could say well they went that a Pro Bowl but. The politics a bad name recognition. While I know is would begin paid they were not dominant like we needed to be dominant. You know of -- from the get go. And and you look at. Brian Gallup went did senator I know when he took over in 2011. When -- Carl -- don't want side and you had -- Dario that I decided it was very serviceable. But I had to be I -- but playing pain Brian -- dealt with anything so. That's I'm looking at Evans and being growth. And and those of guards you can see how we structured. Went out tackles being kind of keep the end why not you can in theory. And -- Drew Brees step up in the pocket. And that's why I think we always try to solidified into area how drew throws of that that was not the case -- -- -- -- was -- -- his -- game. Says 2008. Against the Seahawks -- Yeah with the -- name Bob -- Andrew thank you for calling WW. They -- it. -- -- job but but they will be to net more to you know. -- -- so you know they they're very important team but also late grandmother lived all of these fit. All well. We are committed in May be the boat animal. And -- -- to -- -- this. What not and am -- going to be around I would be shot -- telling you right now. That will cement Belmont inning Vilma. Probably do something with the organization. But as far as playing I think -- days are numbered. Being Roman Harper and Will Smith now. Yeah you could say never ready restructure try to have the help of the Saints it. And a look at his salary yeah it was going to be do you eleven and a half million with a bad that's not happening -- and Roman Harper over three million. I think those Saints players who's been. Unbelievably important. -- success that you look at the history since 2006. You know Vilma. Being the quarterback get a defense to what he's done is that kind of pass the tar towards the Curtis Lofton. I could tell you now when I look -- -- I don't know how he bounces back from his knee injury. And about Rob Ryan is still thinks he can play. But I'm ME. Is that even close to what they have to pay and he he's I think those guys -- doing OK we still want his services but. That we begin to pay you like witty DeWitt bill beginning gave you a million dollars or whatever not you know make it three or at ten million. And we -- to be ridiculous but I don't they I don't think they have any -- Mark thank you for the call all right coming up Patrick. Sport Bobby Tommy -- and it will get to all you calls plus our conversation would Drew Brees will mix it up a little bit. He's the Kasey Kahne Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia several players could be cut. The key for -- hit on the salary cap we'll talk about those players Knicks this W did you have.