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1-16 6-7pm Bobby and Deke, Saints salary cap

Jan 16, 2014|

The Saints have several players that could be cut to ease the hit on the salary cap....including three fan favorites….Marques Colston, Lance Moore and Pierre Thomas. If you had to cut one which one would it be?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk our number three he's the Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia next -- -- optics of the week. Our view from Vegas operated jaguar opinion both several Saints players could be cut the eating on the salary cap if you had to choose one fan favorite. Of these three who would you cook Colston more up bought Thomas now maybe you have just slam -- it said Lance Moore. So about an asset for the next thirty minutes. Before we have about Drew Brees conversation. It's so Lance -- make it Colston. Jahri Evans. And Vietnam. -- of a long line WW that I -- -- Why am yet but it ended thing is that he'd. Because he -- too much money. A bank. Want a big Grubbs is due six point one million Jahri Evans seven point five he talking about but it found anything if I made -- in the UK -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cancer blogger Pro Bowl right. They got that I'm saying you know who holds the cards in and now what are you willing to do it what the you know you look at that -- for yourself or to help the team and and I can tell you -- Two other players because hitters salary in -- -- Lance Moore is a category. And no one arm. The shore is is -- of an injury and that's and Andy was playing outstanding Jabari Greer yes look at -- Barger his major knee injury. It is gonna be hard for the Saints. I think that it invest four and a half million dollars in him. Now that you don't want him but it is damaged goods he's still the same player there is -- Jabari is the player that he was. Next season before he got hurt did not say he's deadly work. Of Ford half million in -- line. Would always he's always bragging on a rob rob mean and Jabari now Keenan Lewis. And another player. Who's his role has been diminished. And he's a part of the rotation. Is Brodrick Bunkley. A -- he's had to deal at a number of injuries and and he was part of that. You know help but -- defense and a 12 punch in the middle along with Jonathan Jenkins and Hakeem hicks. As far as you know were stout against the run and helpless. That the Vietnam before all overall defense that. But is Q4 and a half million. They -- away at them -- pain in Manhattan I mean that's just my opinion. That I think they still won his services. But but not at that price and ending. His blog bad luck Jabari juve did you foreigners have Brodrick Bunkley is due for -- habit. Greer because of his in a major knee injury. And they would Bunkley is just. If you look at where we're at we are ready twelve and a half million dollars over the it's projected salary cap. And that's even before signing Jim Ingraham so he got to look at the when you break down on the roster and a team where you got to make cut. Are aware are you -- out and out released today don't wanna restructured deals and take pay cuts and it's like to be a very busy off season the Mickey Loomis. Bobby on line for thank you for calling debuted -- view him. Hello. To everybody. A good weeks ago. That much and let the I'm New England is definitely. Don't let you guys did it comes to my credit the -- And how come out here who don't. So I'm teach you to be involved -- -- -- -- and did they have is -- that. Are eminently -- -- preaching that all run -- and look at. I mean that's completely out of -- can bring -- it because he has. Well right riding you know Bobby did they might be look at all those guys. You know as far as to help when the team out there restructured deals. That that I think. Not a -- ins and outs of all the exact details but I did see Mickey Loomis talked in the Drew Brees Jahri Evans and being growth. I think -- -- it true that they're pretty change probably playing in my not. But we don't particular artists watched penalty. -- -- -- limited to an end even through spent some time put the team I was insulin dependent it. Well you look at his salary -- June 11 million dollars next year and then. If you look at okay. Who's next in line and not even counting them until they signed Jimmy Graham but you look at -- eleven million. -- -- at seven and a half. Being grounds at six point one and in it when you look at it and you're -- and -- million over. I know you -- Florida's big dogs in the head and not the biggest players do not wanna give up money. If you restructured and you put him in the signing bonus RRR. It is they negotiated is that there -- ages don't wanna give up that money. But it's high you work it with the cap cost and that's -- at the figured it's Albert. And and in my truly doesn't an outstanding job but ESPN. And he was advertised it you know always of the beat righted the ESPN. And Drew Brees. And a salary eleven knowing that his cab cost is eighteen point four were you look at Jahri Evans seven have been his -- Cost is eleven. And being -- six and have his camp causes nine million. I don't know how you weren't that -- but just by looking at the big numbers and how were over the cap. And you get -- the cut somewhere and restructure things. I mean Mickey Loomis -- shores talking. That's who drew not only reason that's been. Canada talks of the season and that I think also a Jahri Evans and being. -- thank you for calling WW yeah. Hello -- thank you for calling WW ago. Hey guys on -- when it is out of mine and now the other -- he got to look at it and and on the field or in the locker not a primadonna. And Russia were so. Yet added depth LA even if he was gonna say he was a jerk or whatever it production. Move or will we don't have no big receiver and all need -- can do it. I mean Siena on Kenny is still the small guy. He surpassed Lance morbid and I see nobody. Surpass Marcus Colston. Joseph Torre but don't wanna cut into that he'd go out of it but it -- street. Coach thank you and you -- around. Even though and natural. -- thought that -- screening. I think or you can go out and -- got back in the extra out. Saw a program and under at the free agent come and Mark Ingram on our league and Shula. Right yet yet it Nellie did you make of and make a great point there as far as finding diamonds in the rough and you look as of late. I mean that's that's unbelievable as far as production. But look where Chris Ivory. And nine K rod and Cairo Robinson. I mean from Kiffin and west Texas a and -- I am in and and they look I mean they flat out legit. It is now like go. When you have games. And now and and you don't like a -- bit of what did they do they break tackles you know Edelman and allocating him he's gotten better. And and obviously the back in the season but he's still break a tackle out Larry Robinson of. Alabama running backs most thought done better in the pros and the disdain stigma on hand to Texas front bank and after wreaking. At the Ricky got drafted me in men's the men's. -- the rigging got dragged teetered and it Cedric Benson and Jamaal has been a good back Jamaal Charles yet gave -- an eagle but but I'm telling you they had a look at big money musical -- -- albeit Ricky is -- Cedric Benson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But Trevor dissent he has garbage in on an look in Cleveland those like geniuses now -- gave up -- -- -- -- looks like geniuses that buys it. How we can't give -- look if they had to give away churches and now. Dana White give number one point I don't know it could get another three point yeah. No it is a University of Texas running backs it could have new universe Alabama -- quality. Even now at least. You know whatever department lately I'm I'm gonna come the fumble. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two judges -- two different things. With the Browns and the Colts and and and I mean as -- anything. Nothing. Else yeah movies and he knew he was at a place we had to care to know where it. He didn't have to carry the -- as much Glenn and now and yes and we would look and Andrew Luck no Andrew there was hope and wish him that. Trent Richardson I go to a movie coming in I would like I go out and loaded now yeah I mean -- that -- Allegheny that was the case. Don't know that he could beat out that -- the -- -- income bracket yet again Donald Brown targeted a -- he can and riverbend. Ottawa shall review parkway in malice in the L board. Point for our goal packets for twelve books that go package includes the interior vacuum and wide down. UV phone protect him exterior wax and see that we was cleaned. And dressed. And top it off with your favorite freight to prevent auto -- Parcells in my New Orleans perks that come. Now that's clearly parkway in mound -- you know would it. Fit to wanted to mound Bobby is -- had been in and suites and wanting -- Jennifer all the fun folks who think it was in the entire. Football season headquarters for training camp throughout the season Christian broken myself. He places they've of late night games and also the -- -- we teams. We visit and we stay there have been inn and suites in L wanted they wanted denounced ilk would business par. Ultimate Jennifer and has that it's close enough to everything but far enough away. Right did you know would be used as part again thanks for a great season for helping us out all the fun folks over there at the Hampton. Yet big right there -- -- in your backyard a river of riverbed auto wash. You get a 24 dollar -- flagged for ages twelve bucks go pack go fact yeah. See if you guys did Washington be applied science and I gold teeth the gold -- -- on -- from goat -- And he's deeply with Tommy frank -- thank you for calling WW well. A nice guys -- -- the show. I'm. I would wanna be. On. -- happens and it's like what what do you do on for me lately you know. It. Well well -- looked -- Tommy he's getting paid to be dominant and this season he was not Dominic. And it. To a game like to -- out inspect -- Play ultimate time to step up and he would like eleven million dollar -- the instantly enemy that. -- series we also want to say that. I've been a span since 1967. When the sparks kid Carl. And I contrary I was never so excited or one sort of blow but it never began as optimistic as I am right now for next. Year -- as an atomic visited defense -- You can't let -- -- a minute ago that number four from look at that it just unbelievable yeah and I believe -- -- Karo wouldn't stated so -- -- -- -- hurt but it -- but can't hole real advantage at least two alliance gave up I think we've been so vote play. That's a good point that's like that's I brought up and you say you. You know every team has to deal would -- his perfect example you look at the Patriots that I think Jabari grew where. And Geneva Carroll meant so much that's that's why we're in a main reasons why we were second in as the events behind the Seahawks. Was because Jabari Greer and -- but Carroll -- Edmund along -- Keenan Lewis and all that without those two guys. When you say OK next man up that was a big drop -- blog from Jabari Greer. Glory why certain and then all of a sudden you take out a caning of a Carroll. And then another against Roman harbor and Malcolm Jenkins but but they know can even Carroll. I. Saw the future and in your opinion on. It would cap space. In what is the most needed. Position. So there may be another safety. Maybe even -- -- Williams and running backs somebody. You know our goal or our. Well. Not Agassi are really big date night the way we structure we're not going after a bruise and running back let -- around -- a lot -- Garrett Beilein are real love frank Ortiz -- and age are you look at Marshawn Lynch -- -- -- -- free -- bag yet and I may bring in here are on guided the Eagles valuable you know its value and now going forward as is any teams -- get through this and that's why they'll be drafted in the first round. And if you can fine. Like McKinney but Carroll junior and I look at Malcolm Jenkins as almost a poor man's -- David -- -- say that because they kind of hybrid. They hired did not just a safety did not just that corner they can do both. And if flexibility did Davidson coordinators have with with you -- -- skills that Brian that that they that's why I think we'd be upgraded there I don't know I said. Now call on the cause I mean the question and I agree I have the he'll be. But when greed in Lewis -- we're applying new defiant we don't you shut down corner we beat somebody one may have to be out. That don't give up a bunch of big play out yet again and be -- just goes to show you. That -- Jabari to show you how we didn't have necessarily three and four cornerbacks when -- okay this and we -- Jabari during Keenan Lewis. Well the third best cover guy to me was probably and his slide Malcolm Jacque it's a -- of a Carroll. You might consider as safeties. It wasn't -- Robinson. -- Not you know it's gonna be indecision. And the guy I'm gonna bring this up and and well almost could maybe do another show about this could look at a young and up and coming guys. Is a rod sweeting. Yeah -- out of Georgia Tech and and Keenan Lewis. Took them under his wing. Because he could see a lot of him I guess when very similar to when he was coming into the league long long arms. And and almost because it arm -- considering. That he's like a big corner so that's a name that I would be looking at I'll watch and see is how much he. Against -- and progresses. And -- OTA's and mini -- as to be sweet because I think rob Bryant's high on him. And and then I've Keenan Lewis also that I know Rob Ryan thought the same thing so he might be. That one that's -- of -- surpasses maybe Corey white and I don't know Patrick Robinson coming back. You know here's Pat Robertson he's getting ready. His -- causes two and a half million. And and like derided -- million salary so it's almost let things that are wanting to eat that they might have to just hope he works out to do -- I've paid them. That much now as far as the sound out salary they are ready paid and now -- we need him to produce and come back and in the injury I don't know if he can't. You lead QB is brought -- by the great employees of Crosby -- -- again and now and Joseph set got to go call Joseph. Duke thank you so all the time we know we wish -- were talking about this up in AFC championship game but depth. Your thoughts on the big not that the play also heard you talk about earlier this week is kind of difficult not to be playing this week. Yeah well the quote I heard it becomes so you know read or -- like we -- literature literature anybody like we were. Played good football there at the end. But obviously. Seattle director of football game especially when the travel prayer in the play. And those elements but come up short which fought extremely hard elect. -- certain temperature you know we had our chances are of course the game. You know more after his score points on unfortunately -- -- read it but the -- lot out of -- Nazis. And Andrew for gave me had a birthday to you we have with -- follow our birthday. I guess I got a lot of your program out there and can't I don't -- quite all right enjoy. -- -- sure. Now I've drew looking at the conditions what you are playing at a Seattle obviously are bowl teams of playing in those conditions and describe to the fans may be. The wind factor not so much when it was draining and not raining but it may needed direction away because it's things like. Bad when we started the game the first quarter that it was coming and I'll face him we tended to be more conservative. Our burst in the second water. And I guess it was somewhat battled back we just explained that didn't. And just talk about maybe -- demagogue present on that second water will follow him going to be more aggressive -- million miss Lance. Moral and open pass that that that I know in that inside you always had that but but just. Describe what you are trying to deal went as far as the ball placement and dealing with the win. I'd say that well. It's the elements are first I think we -- both sides will be elements really well. Of all things considered. You know part of a pretty cool game you know when you look at it looked like the ball on the ground departure -- -- -- you know -- turn -- in the game. -- -- you know -- But. I think there -- things remain the tradition typical nine game mark there was so unpredictable. You know it's gonna out of it could be raining and windy then you'd like her to just be aware in the people or certain direction and -- -- -- consistently outweigh the whole game. They're going to be great in their Trammell car but you know at that time or not -- and then it's not raining at times the wind is. Archer back you know you feel like it's very favorable. And then other times in your face or a crosswind you know it's right to left left right it's swirling. So I just say the unpredictability. Of the weather type so like every drive was different looks like dirt and step on the field you have to assess. You know what what to convert from where you -- out. How your real full ball downfield and you know. Out of air you know on on the stateside in regards to -- -- certain you know so. That was part there was talk about the outback it was just the unpredictability of those who -- in the right. Now drew explain an offense to it navy when you talk to coach Peyton when dealing with a win. -- -- like at times you know the fans of banks -- well. -- is critical four down we went far and instead of going for the field goal. Considering. The way -- was out -- -- -- in that direction when their kicker Austin kicked a thirty yarder. And a 49 yarder where things like big cakes. That we were given Shayne Graham who was. Was into the wind are -- that I notice first and he barely miss that you know -- -- -- navy. Spinning the laces where he gets a better K go -- -- 45 yard of it just explained that process. In the considering you knew it was going to be a low scoring game -- maybe thirteen -- three and -- -- -- down and -- and -- not getting anything. Yeah I mean -- site you know because we couldn't hurt the sport that you say not organized yet or insert. You know sustain drives some. I don't want to go out and one where we could have attempted a long field goal you know 4840 -- yarder. The other one we were you know out Hillary think we -- there. Porter 45 out of the Seahawks -- -- You know a bit but changed the course of the game or are caught up there and anyway both in eight yeah. Sure we -- report will make all the struggle we -- -- -- -- -- number one post -- -- we -- touchdown then. There were in here talking about ordered to shoot a lot better you know he got world fort down and keep the momentum and go out and get a -- -- better frugal well. I would play aggressive and and that -- -- do your -- on there and we're gonna. It was great part is weaker than I am not sure how many we land. And and obviously you know put priority on take care of the ball and managing conditions which I like it pretty well -- And the end of the day you -- do that you -- sheer numbers. You know we have four point short total -- on that defense to top. That's it if not number one but you defense and in the weeks so. Of course we just didn't make the plays they converted just. You know fortunate. You're Serbs are are preacher that you know kind of keep it close to the very end and that article or catch up. Andrew but looking at this scenario to me this about that never like to second guess the approach all taken. Because we all always going to be aggressive especially in the passing game that you look at. Going against. The top passing the physically sitting how well we're running the ball and all said and diamond and I'll -- -- 108 yards a four point two average I thought after a 52 yard reception. To Meachem all the -- ball within striking distance we have the momentum on the 25 yard line. And considering how well we that we ran the ball to win them again delay game I know how they said the clock and you got to -- -- crowd noise now we got to first of fifteen. And they win them going part of for the fifty but it does seem like a leader ran that are maybe to first double plays. New running plays simply because you know we were average we had big runs were averaging four yards and and maybe take that approach instead. Yeah like church which if you sit back and try to get -- barn -- but. You know why I felt like we give them all extremely effectively the whole game got to try to protect the job you know Peter. It's like you're blocking favorable run much -- you know they had an extra got a boxer retire. And in our garage -- To a great outdoors you know. Winning their individual battle for our blocking their man and then the running back in Germany that you run from the over follow ordered extra -- -- -- A lot of urge our -- this regard they're realistic market -- out of our throughout the whole game. At that point you know certainly like we -- momentum you know we -- Now record out and extensive chance to score. Points you know and tied -- in -- everything except in the game -- yeah. -- -- up quite a Google which I think in hindsight say. You know because we had. The penalty and you know now it's kind of throw -- skillful than than what it should spend eighty just you know had we just they would get some positive place to get -- -- more manageable field goal -- what could afford constricting and haven't cramped up 48 yarder you know would have been nicer through sport and that are dirty and you're not sure. -- -- are -- to enjoy a bit of a four defied the fans and alerted you to go for. Well there's no -- and you know it. He's speaking in it with the conditions and with momentum. You know if you treat it -- there and -- like one game out put on it as a -- do you know a touchdown and converting on just tired so. You know. I again at. -- that Portland game or the fourth quarter noticed you know. You're you're you're making a decision and it's it's it's all right there in your hero at the wrong with you you know rhetoric and get. Drew the other a lot from you talk about a -- getting better in the team who -- you do -- it takes to help the team get better. You goal is to go out -- beat him best you can be. -- move info wet where does Dolphins need to improve. -- well. So like we may very well this year -- their guards who are. Our commitment to the run game and just our our ability to sustain that can beat and so we're -- -- I think it's. You know I saw a lot more younger marshy -- -- -- year I think tiger option or a lot you know and a young rookie free agent. -- on scroll all year on at -- best years you know so. Really encouraging I think you -- running back position just their ability to kind of balance everything. Dropped here and we're excited about that I'm a total aren't played really really well. I felt like we had our moments that at all search of you know man where we had a -- and we were. You know getting big plays we were on -- statistically if you look at it -- sale actually -- -- finished. Force in the NFL in yards we were up three and point -- street and third down percentage you know good in at all statistical categories but. I would just say. Maybe our our lack consistent on the road something that obviously. -- -- because of that and maybe there wasn't what progress this year but. Our side of a young so we have I'm actually moved you know we're getting better got -- you can certainly play. Phillips actually or your best years arm in arm and just excited about the guys the -- -- third place and you know we'll see how free agency ghost wrote pattern in how the draft arm. You know come around and -- you were terrible the count were able to acquire. Any kind of what sort of get an option in the match that's what's exciting part. Now I drew four. In our goal on that that the season -- requires him by the game it that the bill on -- -- what you were saying just looking we've always been a top red zone offense and I think at times we struggled there. I don't know for what reason and and I know the last seven road games were only able to score two touchdowns and it is going more into touchdowns a game. So when you you know address and that in and you know considering we got our first -- playoff win. But now but going back to the game. What happened at the end because I think he's playing outstanding you look at more of his goals and ten receptions 131 yards a touchdown. He's able to get the onside kick. And then this fell you know recovered 24 seconds. We're right there you hit Jimmy -- he probably catches the ball will play -- state. And then was that a designed play that he did have a brain part is yes and he never could throw the ball forward. And would you may be aboard that plane just go out of bounds. When you -- there wasn't behind them he's a break that now that the fans actually has so well. I'm nice -- -- says. We're here at the odds are today I looked -- so they're using -- to desired place that does not play it would put in this week. Just that it's you know last play of the game is what you know which you've got to play you don't plan. And you know who -- where I I I. You know dash to the right and then markets books about about 225 yards on the sideline our throat so. He catches it and immediately turned over to Tibet and kind of leaks out the back field. You know to the other side lines are -- well. You know it's meant to be the last play of the game you know with five seconds left. And you know where he's at the time going to be off the clock you know so there's no option step -- about there is no other option but to throw across field. What to -- an -- we had to play -- about thirteen seconds left but. Were there were a prayer there or across the yard line you know let's just say -- that we had we run another play. Order to get caught down where we wanted -- -- we have no timeouts and risk getting caught in -- and number two if you get any closer. Then maybe you're not able complete -- LaMarcus on the sideline it twenty yards like you want to because all of a sudden now the defense is Olympic -- -- you know that the field not a big because now you're over forty are like that maybe -- forty our park so there are some factors and all of that to where he wouldn't be. They -- look -- -- hoping for but we had to run it because we haven't timeouts -- thirteen seconds left. Mean you root culture that we want to be but the -- -- the -- -- -- from the catcher and turner turned pro. He had no other option you know what he what he caught it in and. And took a couple steps you know. In towards the middle field and electrical fault it's not like he could pull that back and got Abbott bounced. You know Sherman was right there on the back you attack -- -- -- -- the clock run out so it would only option and there was a defender Clemens Chris Clemons was actually. Over there like right next exit there so markets were kind of throw it away from Clemens and it technical or work there was no place to look back we're out. Crime and you can work thought that we're we're gonna so. Yeah yeah yeah yeah bring into the run this race. It be like well why didn't work when you. -- retro somebody started pitching around you know yeah like yeah cal vs Stanford yeah exactly it's a desperation play here hoping for a miracle. Video almost June hindsight though UN look at it would damage time may be. To have that kind of completion where you can you getting it. The Colts than any does get out of bounds and maybe that that's well within no matter what the wind conditions that you could throw a jump ball in the end result considering. You have the likes of Jimmy Graham and Colson enough height advantage maybe to get a rebound type lucky play. Yeah mean again that was at the position -- -- you make you know you watch -- the end zone were held Mary -- you at try to secure this this you know designed play. Another thing about that that I played -- You know you're hoping to be on the left -- in order run it. So they know I packed to the right I bring the whole defense over to the so that side of the field that I brought to market and he drove it across we ran that play from the right hash. So now it becomes harder look at that to make his way out of the back field. And get all the way to the other Sox to a draw a little more attention to him which is like Chris -- are locked up on him so. Again it would be ideal scenario. -- action more time left on the clock and we're fortunate we wanted to be but. Really to have him -- QB to QB is brought to by the great employees of Crosby -- downing Galley and now and Joseph set got to go. Called Joseph drew always oppose -- -- you don't -- did receive it. Telling these -- I'll say who they. Didn't hit it. Gay guy he's -- -- glad to be home. -- -- -- it in the other way as far as being with them but of course we we look stove report shall call put out. -- about future that's for sure. Drew thank you so much time we'll -- next week. All right Saints quarterback all right -- of Vegas the coming out VR will be one of those he's red hot. Also probably see you on the championship tweaking it back to the phone to go Hammond from mark thank you for calling WW ago. Did you should be brought. You more. -- -- -- -- -- -- But you all ought to argue it would go work for prop -- in one -- dealership and I don't believe -- will make an article appeared there one -- arm archer and it might and it appeared. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- to the -- my -- Bobby if you shake Doug Williams and a year allows Vinny Testaverde of the yeah. Playing well that would coming and it's. Accenture and Goodman and went top men and an and it -- get back to back Brett let them. Get the quick point Lipton I know it out beaten and Jimmy Graham are pretty apparent -- those -- game. You may -- they gave him some. It Taekwondo. Judo jujitsu. Some -- to -- glad that they helped him get off line didn't make you know wait note people instantly. And indeed did. Well you know -- sometimes it it wasn't they would let him get his route but he wouldn't get a separation you don't there was gliding and and and tried. To me they gonna break down those -- -- -- he got shut out the good show what he needs to do I don't a couple of plays you got to come back to the ball. He was waiting for the pass. And a defender and now the sea dogs are great defense is built more aggressive than a ball. I think in a -- rod are you sitting in his own. UK wave the white got to come back to the ball and they'll break that down and all season all right Omar how to go to says sports talk on WW out.