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1-16 7:10pm Bobby and Deke, A View from Vegas

Jan 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcomed the final out of sport's top quality teaching him Bobby -- I'm the ability it's all view from Vegas. And last week he had all four underdog -- pretty good if he picked dogs last week as they did extremely well so you're winning. The last weekend now we move into that championship round and -- -- run out of Vegas front of that comment pregame dot com. -- just now and obviously Vegas is brought -- back acme oyster house bought a difference portrays -- was to agreement insulin for over 100 years. -- let's start off. What the first game you give us -- update it landed totals. Dimmer and doing. Yeah at this flying Abdullah and explain exactly what pat and outlet when the wind came came out at 96. Even in calm in faraway places meaning not sure. And the pedal it before -- immediately money came in the power and only going to win. Forcing the line to -- as well was born I can't. I don't Sandberg and forcing the under this time with these six where it sits right now. -- As during that -- on the board I have one of the most the year and respecting. -- I'm telling you right now with 1% accuracy. That one of the sharpest but respected batting syndicate. Walked up it went pretty much simultaneously. In every year and edited. And fired a little books of short and blasted undermine his sport I can't. And that's why that line is now back up that I can't even sick but at. You're in some. Money and that's why. Can't find the ones that don't cater to one guy actually they had that bind so let. I'm simply saying is that -- that the public that the recreational batters. Going to be on the tingling in -- The professional batters they're going to be -- Denver didn't have a different opinion between the 20 but that -- to -- goalie on the -- -- so they got some people got knowing there was seven. At Atlanta on -- Didn't look like at 115. And hit it. That the sport willingly come quick it was open etc. -- Annika one of the most respected offshore perhaps. Com and it didn't last that long I mean when he came in New England right away. Everyone else followed that move then and open no line at around six and I can't and they got New England money drove it down lowest point. Before -- came back yesterday when that group stepped up and laid the point with Denver. So VR and so when I look at what happened yesterday as far as when they were practice and in. Tom Brady couldn't practice and you consider wins these. If not the most important prior prices in the top two when you keep preparing for a game. So that that did that -- have anything to do with the line as far as. In him missing practice and then maybe his health status or are these LB or. Argued just -- Obama will just tell a beating it did negative it's -- Don't know I think -- I really do because I don't think it was kind of inserted at the top claiming that. They're going that fire in Denver. -- because I remember they couldn't get to date it's not a secret down here that the actual batters. And lipped you know it felt like obviously now in the playoffs especially there's no public money and there is quiet -- money. Don't be professional batters batting in the collegiate. And let the cat better -- -- -- England 95 I don't know England and at the line even before they stepped up in and let them. I hated the -- that people like guide these professionals we're not in the -- against each other trying to beat each other but not number. -- -- I've played in the thing that I think it just add one -- -- -- say you know what it's not -- no longer -- step up and so hopefully I think it did have. Something to do with that I don't think it was coincidence. You know now we know obviously he's gonna play. But I I do think at. At some that do it. Vegas run out of pregame that and -- front of a different outcome of the I would talk again about we talk about -- Last week playbook some downs look in his solid numbers. The numbers that were thrown out. Any entire season of illegal betting which is window baiting in Las Vegas where it's legal misses. Season whack from wherever you started to be here without a football pays about basketball baseball. Hockey boxing Indy have been on sports wise legally there's an estimated at Yale -- at about three billion. Whereas all college football in -- pro football. Every week during the season it's an estimated eight billion dollars a delayed either legally every week. That's a lot of money be on -- It is I am again. If it and sports betting that felt like it is -- -- on it and that six stepped out of the league -- -- -- it is. Now I don't know they wouldn't be who -- look at this it just me coming up at anyone time it was a policy whose favorite. The one of the first plays that turn was the last page of the sports they were living in latest line. You know in the economic state that. On paper plate Jacksonville there tonight. Bob if you're not keep him from Jacksonville. Rather than on the team are we gonna be watching that game. Spreading your. Opponent you don't don't don't make the playoffs won't -- Actually one -- Thursday night. It at that point spread him bop signing as an ad market. Did that -- for the sweep it under the and act anti gambling at the end of the day that they support sports bettors and that wasn't the point spread and Bob. I'm beat Lee would be cute and they are. And VR also to what we talk about to a New Year's Day and the beat the light obviously say the height of we'll put somebody was able -- -- look at the buy dot com this bowl and Vanderbilt Houston. The Saturday before. The national championship while caught Saturday okay is about the heart of the Dallas bowl on New Year's Day but because. I'll Wear those games are placed. -- that the numbers of people making plays on heavy and turn it may diffusion global games like it. I worked and that's not -- I don't think there'd be people. Can be and do it. -- -- that but people keep it that beef it's couldn't. When there's I don't. McCain so that. Companies. Money for the commercial. And toward the end of the game every time people aren't a lot of people out is because they have topped that they have that inning that they have the pack. That hasn't been. You know the results still isn't pain so I mean there's so much. -- then -- -- sports betting helped. The league isn't. That an out here except it was. We pray that we you know everywhere maybe it is the same but fortunately it's been -- that anymore talked about and less hypocritical. Where you know it's like that. Do what we legalize it was elated let's accept it and -- keep the water because it went on and. BR take us through the analogy and the the I guess you take it. When he came about half a point and we talk last week the land we predicted. Was a in the head as the mile we hair last Thursday night -- made depicts. Only showed last week New Orleans plus eight and hand and under was the pick. Eight and -- the final score 43. Fifteen you had -- hair if you went over the top. And like. I said that the game. I don't know -- -- came behind me and I got there because I. Shot one would bat and they would see it that way in which came into the difference between the -- better and a professional better. Came a professional batter bats the number attacked a better team. Meaning -- they're -- put -- -- and driving their sport and and there are. It was Tibetan New Orleans and don't -- -- and earlier that day after nine and they trying down and -- that I have now -- seven. They're still -- adding a professional -- gonna take a step back. He's gonna look -- his -- -- cat and he the past trifling now and many times not even. If you can't get the best number because at the end and that's what it comes down to and I always felt that the difference between being able to -- -- And make it happen and never have to do anything else in your life is one game out of every one -- -- eight and nine. For the rest of your life you couldn't make it in sports. Ten -- ten years -- It's a mathematical certainty that one out of every twenty. The difference between. And not been able to win and how many games Lions would get up and I have a point. That you wouldn't want to do it got better we want to -- we -- -- -- -- Discipline. Is why can't flip out and it's that lack of discipline that the sports books actually depend -- -- -- not happen. Before we get his take Tony AFC NFC championship games the all Vegas trying to at pregame that comedy at Vegas -- on Twitter about. VR. Now how did you make out -- his game. It's and I know it's different regular season and playoffs but boy. -- -- a tale of two halves and end -- Patriots in the when he beat you look at their first meeting. -- the Broncos the Patriots. Then they'll winning 34 at 31 in overtime they were trailing 244 to zero -- halftime. And you -- Peyton Manning had season lows of nineteen completions. A 150 yards passing obviously looking at the weather I think is gonna be nice but we've heard endeavor. Of 53 yard completion percentage when he's normally has been around 70%. Big he had no shine Marino. Rush but 224 yards in however was talking about. In the Gary -- the Patriots running game but then you look at. I think it would Peyton obviously haven't Marino on his back blog -- that kind of production. I mean. What do you think paid to do I think that he'll have a lot of success at throwing silly because I think digging keep the Patriots. All of ballots and and also with the conditions. First game that would block rushed for thirteen. You know it was totally rushed for 31 on and they rushed for -- the army had to attempt at an even in in the game planned. I'm and we know Broncos like what went ahead and acting and it. The Patriots came. Com hand upon keeping his. Actually the hatred that game and I -- why can't you find the next morning and I want it at that. Scored what happened and saw the Broncos actually controlled the time of possession on the difference was in Atlanta it was the efficiency and the -- For the putrid -- recently when they -- And the Broncos in one particular and I think that was the difference maker coupled with K meaning only -- honor to be. But then within that department could be just because the property it's important that they think. I know about as the wanna keep the other offense off the field okay. But at the end of the day I think defense and now that's not gonna happen. I think we're in for another. Offensive explosion now the total time that's like 55 and -- -- and doesn't necessarily. Mean it's gonna -- I'll -- if you look at this match up. As much as -- saying I was looking at running back and and whether or Moreno are not going to be able to dictate the pace and how to game break. At the end of the day it's gonna come down the Brady and Manning and how Manning finally does it look to break through against the Belichick led defense because we know the problems he's had. Burke ever against that I mean you look back to told a lot. -- talent and you'll. Peyton Manning -- not insects. Not get affected me at only twenty times but put some -- and Patriots have been extremely well out there and let the -- -- the last -- -- that are able to put pressure on him. How he gonna respond personally I think I think that talk. Did you value -- that I really do because not forget that -- It's by Denver has at all year at all plane hit it against the Patriots so maybe it's warranted. Still I think it's a little bit too now I -- that should be a little bit higher to be perfectly honest with you. And I think -- not get the respect he deserved simply because they didn't know came. On them well on the flip side of that coin when it went absolutely -- annihilated Indianapolis. I VR make -- play on -- Denver and AFC championship game in the New England give us to play with the best player on his game if you like a -- I don't implement -- Denver Broncos I I don't quite light and dark comedy and and if I. Because now I think it's a little bit -- why I'm probably gonna think that it would be under I think they're going to be a shock new England and arguing -- put up. 4130 -- 43 points the last three weeks. But that was against Buffalo and Indianapolis and more -- those games were at home and we know the court defense isn't what they used to be. I think I -- much more difficult time against the Denver defense -- all over the last three games they have not allowed more than seventeen points -- openly I'd like Denver in this spot. -- -- usually look at the dog but not -- I like the paper and again I haven't that the total. And I think -- on their. I'd be all the NFC championship game his let these -- tricky. They've been outscored seven days something to sixteen -- in -- nobody's ever Indiana 7361 -- that the three early this year so -- -- -- long like what it is is an easy pick in Seattle's only three and a half. Over San Francisco but I'm sure you have a different story. Yes more lenient I think sometimes don't -- and get more power and have to beat. And they usually win convincingly. Not going to. Ten times I don't teams aren't the only time they -- what -- sample and whatnot that game at Seattle in 2000 laughter. I gained Hubert actually so they expect that we had and they only one game by two points concept for me I think it's simple. I'd like he battled back to Seattle hasn't looked good. Last week against New Orleans meaning it -- they didn't convert an awful lot of money on CNN com and Norwood had a -- -- I mean I was talking about I was attacked or can't but let's not forget what their I think that running back. -- broke for a touchdown when they were just in the milk the clock. You know Marshawn Lynch yet. Marshall only just -- me so that would jump punched -- he covers I don't hear about the dead beat because police went down a bit. And got into the back to work it -- got into the -- -- Don't put me I think -- been served a couple of decades to look at it. If -- out -- -- look good. Actually get so line bound now on the flip side I'm telling it that way now -- speak to a lot of bookmakers but at the bookmakers and I speak the bookmakers on the east and West Coast and I. -- -- Islands and I can promise you. That's the most one sided game last week was San Francisco they had more money on San Francisco than anything else. And that bettors -- that -- -- and they have a good taste in the amount with this Sampras -- -- stepped up and again he's. And that bit about Moneyline regular finally gonna go up against Seattle and beat them with and that's not gonna happen. I'll accept it now emotional for two years here's what you do with it -- I'll -- it. On the road that we -- I went against them last week was because I thought they were to -- the paper against. The New Orleans -- -- I was real time. Now go back to the basics and make that needs to date. Let the points with Seattle why can't you could get minus three at one point -- most places. It's not the three and a -- but if you were -- that it's gonna come back down because the public should be the same -- I. I think that the -- I'd be Atlanta's first Seattle in Seattle subtlety help anything that could change. And just the number of weeks. -- -- If Halladay were to get like a -- tease it down would be better to -- -- the favorites and underdogs. Don't I don't think that that keep the because at 18 in the time you get the right if it came to mind is totally which mechanic -- -- again. Do think appointees that -- it and doing it you're gonna happen. Yeah I don't want to read it and you're going to be. So that's what I want to welcome to do -- when doing so -- The team we are all they have to do we came out right and what it took what he had even when. Just -- cashier and then not gonna lose more than that I think they're gonna win -- help keep adequate I think -- the past where he could possibly down. He is the odds Vegas run out of Vegas for a dot com and pregame. Dot -- the hot as always very informative very educated thank you so much we will talk -- week. Enjoyed -- I felt like the money input from that. All right BR we we're BR likes to favored straight up and he likes the favorites if you wanna make a move late. Give them a little better -- them down we'll come back adult -- but Cianci with the prediction machine which is called the predictably there spits out this week in a. In -- and got to dig is gonna break -- give you might -- bit and I tell it is early to be in the week while -- Seattle. It if you look at Seattle's defense. And what did Kolb was only four times in the history of the NFL. That you had a number one. Defense does ranked number one interceptions. And passing yards allowed. The other three teams that were able to do that lead the league in interceptions. And pass defense. All three wound up in the super -- He -- that age -- -- and Bobby -- a plethora of information. Each day on WW it's not Messi what the predict -- spit out this week for the AFC and NFC championship general manager a prediction machine dot com. Who is big and what does since the beginning of his seat sacramental Bob we have call home before we started pre season games. And he say when you look at it surprise team this year the National Football League. You -- in the AFC. We like Kansas City to double if not abort their win total which they needed it also -- weekly Carolina can be an eleven or twelve win team. Carolina was twelve temple. From prediction machine dot com the GM Paul was -- there was maps that tell us about the AFC and NFC championship games all. Thank you so much last week got caught a couple of different things but give a short take. How did did divisional round. Turn out put -- predict -- later. Sure well the goal that we had those human to want it more and of course there means he handle it might take against Goran that we hired a -- -- -- over the final mark victory some people it added -- -- obviously on the day of the game -- -- -- in -- paper to the point one playable. Our lines any -- game there but overall for the -- even now we're 611 against the spread this year and dirty. 32 in not at all times and in the at a point out that not only did pretty good Iguodala and happened over the course of the regular season but this time of the year. A public between heavily that we can exploit a full season's worth of data and motivation and -- and with the announcers and to be expect especially talked about it -- the number. -- these guys animal that published here explain to you what exactly is done for him for his rationale does that open the paper. And did say noticed receive his facet of this and this is that. 61 you won this postseason six or anyone has -- anybody out there within a year. That dad is a phenomenal wreck of autonomy exactly how UConn up. -- -- Chart yep prediction machine lately that we called particularly -- which I appreciate -- -- out there enough to that would that. And played in the -- on -- -- that she played were county for the actual interaction with all 22 players on your local book he's six different sports a couple of parents who were talking about now. And what we're doing it mostly to figure out we're matchup between his curve for each team selection at that game to play out later and things like you're a very important this week. Weather which you didn't import at all Utley typically. And and coaching staff is to come up with the likelihood of just about anything occurring within the numbers -- stroke war games are basically played one time on the field. At least we get that sense as to what is expect. You'd go with him there Disco or the Uga students wouldn't do it to others. -- How does coach and play evidence. It to a degree in his book -- book game all it that we cover it at the most impact coaching so we're looking at usually Asian. Players in certain circumstances at all regret that person. Being conservative out team and player -- like -- and support our teams do when it comes to. Kicking or punting or going for -- it out of -- now it's back indoors injuries the coaching staff. Certainly player they all turned out that he respects sport. -- -- I'll tell my apartment big -- via this in. In any in he's high right now on the forty -- and you consider as of late who's been hotter than a forty niners then you look obviously. How they've gotten what the same guy he's when they've gone to Seattle in a college cabernet. As not. Played at the par -- in like he's putting a lot of confidence with the question I have. In at -- out Adam and let me know deceiving cousin the play public -- Dan Quinn Woody's on the -- -- Seattle defense. And I was reading just a fourth time in history. End of the NFL that the number one ranked. Team with a -- -- in in interceptions and passing yards allow. That when that's only have a four times the three wound up in the super global so there is that it becoming the plays when you're making you -- Yeah adequately. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But all of the defense and and he'll specifically especially -- arm and a lot of that that he's been as we've ever seen your you alluded to deliver numbers are in terms of passing yards allowed and receptions and also they are good agreed to sack. -- and your -- out -- that they've given up on all that I yards per -- it out which are down during the week where. We're fourteen badly did he present more impact on our play by play -- you know -- -- like is. Is what you -- and quarterback consistently throughout the year are at the meeting what they've -- -- and degree there and when it comes in the game I think actually predict because he's been eerily similar teams and our numbers to home field advantage -- -- talked about we worked about three. Going to -- that well. The only other major difference in the game Q are you with that XT at Seattle we only expect into a -- -- everything to tell perk to the rookie. Three yards on 29 and -- at that negated time against Seattle -- poured in nineteen under your predicted Cordero on the string at least at that. So they think diverse wanted to be a five point -- to point 522490. In favor of Seattle Denver and -- we. There has been -- in me because let me -- notable action so quantity of dollars coming in England Patriot it would match. Across books and in the sports books -- short -- yet. They're relying literate or arrange it minus or ultimately the one -- minus six and Edgar took a lot about -- boxer between. -- that -- -- that the books and the deep out and their race and their exposure game they know that this could be sure you will. -- all of the money on -- we have to do whatever it was covered in there and it wouldn't surprise. -- -- you move proper direction even the public what the Patriots just because it is -- that the Denver right now stimulation and now XT and there -- straight up. The quiet at. The lead one to 23. They're predicted score we see New England succeed with them on here recently. Had to work in the running game because they don't have weapon out they are going to be able to get their standard -- ran up against Ron. At age eighteen get and you. Keep up. But couldn't. Score courts -- 3123. Younger are pretty cool what line you got right now. But that is an incentive right now that can Wear or you can't -- record. 26 which could be. In it or are Ingram -- light. Denver to cover your -- obviously. Get better too. All but seeing GM a prediction machine dot com Paul thank you so much that I would talk next week is this episode below. I -- appreciate. Six -- want in your member of the -- that Kansas City in the and he would talk about teams and to make even people. Trust more in -- wasted. They all -- -- it would be a team nick who made the biggest significant jump in Queens they went from what's evident that they were a year ago Bobby. 212 -- plus five Kansas City any also -- that team is -- following harness. The Atlanta -- Yeah I mean big I mean approves in the -- 611 and a dry season Kamal. Yet to begin look any -- going forward and and a C -- You look how they're structured that's why. I'll tell you didn't name me and him and the Panthers and Carolina there's no way they structured and Lovie Smith did the it was a close at the end isn't it Tampa's defense I mean they gotta play maker in every -- -- in the middle of the linebacker and on the banking and now you bring -- again like Lovie Smith this team is way more to already dvd would demands wave mall to. Now -- we put it to them and they got to go Bennett. The thing is Drew Brees almost had a perfect quarterback rating is third -- -- -- in his career in the superdome new year we have regular -- game went down to the wire at Tampa he's you don't ending his. I'm still more scared. As I know that he can correct that it was. Yes I -- most -- would be more to do think is Gator yet scary. An era. I don't know sounds right minimize the Oden humidity you know our the F I'm -- -- -- I'm not not. I'm horrible at Buffalo -- worried and I'm all worried -- Carolina. Because I think cam -- gonna get better. No still -- its -- -- and and you just take it down off easy. Lodges and -- doing Superman polls in its campaign guy yeah. I think I can't party not as fans what Kevin did do seven as the seahawk and I thought it. I lose the additional but I'm I'm not today in my mind. I know yet because you goal that -- what living is I thought against them this year and yet I've gone against them and I think his name is this I'm only -- why I don't think the highlands that was his goal though that dollar reason. -- -- has played horrendous against Seattle but. I think -- has gone far outweigh whatever daughter -- and -- -- played Seacrest and they've played their first game. And today and Crabtree Bolden and then you look at Vernon Davis. NI CK -- I'm I'm actually I just to me. I don't think he has to play great I don't think you know there's other. I just think he can have no picks he can do both of stupid if he goes and am just managed the game they can win I'm Teddy take you win. Would it -- him as far as video but they they had -- they had -- 189. Yards against Carolina in the first meeting they should take it one game to bog down the original. I think he's going to be a low score on any added -- totals of the total on the far. Well I don't like I look at delays don't last told -- almost 38. I think that's no going to be. Very similar to what we've seen recently in San Francisco and San Francisco's the whole team how they beat Seattle like a big day a -- -- type game big they knew was that we. The correct terminology would be even more afraid more frightened and more scared of scared that either gave taking it. Doesn't -- TV in the studio. I got three computer screen in front of me. Bob has got a couple of fronting him will look across its as Booth. On the up to the left to me it would be new department does news and as and other boots it straight across from -- -- a wish -- -- conviction of these of those. -- your phone calls and then. Control to show but Tony's TV we've got to keep it and don't see in the end and we don't we change it that we would talk -- you. Before the last full house of insignia. You you -- is Flacco. You know CNN is almost like years a year you know you could sit there at the -- in the same stuff that top stores -- -- gains every plane. And I want to you would mail home Chris Christie. Economies Briggs -- now about -- keep nobody restored to most and it was already stay in tune it right read I read the USA today to Wall Street Journal and it when -- -- is. But it they O'Neill I mean it gets heated so many people down on way if he had some good days and drove. Well it big yet he's trying to say. Probably had had he not know. Yet and not knowing what is chatting -- -- -- -- as it was people are doing in. Big if you look at that kind of remind his story. You know it to about politics and who you supporting and not supporting you know supposedly the background of that if you would know that the mayor. -- who is a Democrat I think I got that right back. You know -- -- coupons and so basically you know. Trying to cross the bridge is gonna make it's always a traffic jam the stuff like that while. I'm in my graph -- I think telling me this story that when Huey Long back to Louisiana and you know I was anyone else says count as we have parishes in. That at the parish line. That if you didn't support him the mowers and they building highways in the -- and highways and everything then. Then right at the Paris line that if you didn't support them then the Rhodes stopped and you had a shall -- You had like. It does one year old might be paid in righted the but I think did you going along this that you -- the road to be paid no matter what the parish. But but I thought that was a unanimous support meet them again do you Shell -- that it paved -- you know Bobby that was. What's interesting is that. You think back to different stories pitching hair and that was -- you heard pickle ball. I'll tell you that I had a I had a chance to time. The NBA Robinson and it was a a lot of special that was done it was down my name Kelly Wallace alone time and didn't local TV really pretty. Known in my -- passed away a while back and he put to give a lot of eighty Robertson shoves. And in the story they Iran's key Texan came down and he talked about his knees and he was coming up. Grown up before we got to Graham and he would go to see -- saw them play eight ace AW Mumford will be coaching in -- -- wanna go watch. LSU. And to begin to watch Alicia play he would -- to like they were going to work they would do some that were put -- stadium you know it's a statement from president -- -- -- And he told restored Lewis Bobby. They when -- along with governor. You get mad at LSU and Alabama -- revenue plan. He's not a rods would come in on one in this state. The official come to the middle if you. Stop play no matter wanna play well. You're alone and not -- as well. Across the field goal -- -- -- and a box whoever they said in the game would resume and he's here long left before a game was over. They do the same thing stop late. You all -- And that you know up and up they must have we city we've talked number is. We talk about those as I won't governor -- -- marks another little run at Tomas eat eat because he -- he said you know we want to be in sports and we may wanna beat. In journalism -- they reduced the lane. -- -- -- -- The stories -- the stories you hear in the stores that you learn about. Tell low as it because everybody can't print out a stacked on somebody. But that story -- rabbit until was it -- that day -- in -- -- mean a thing right now you know as. Even though -- back -- Annual match in Manhattan and pounding coming up government's top -- -- a little bit of ACC game a lot of people afraid to use long normal is that closes think the Eagles dictator. I mean as far as destroy okay with a -- Ramirez and now yet and that's exactly almost. And Woody could promise and and obviously. You know the get all the poor people. In and as the majority obviously look at the depression time and all that to be on his side that. Will Woody has promise and it sounds great but in theory. It came happen you can have a chink in their replies. You wish you could. Ryan there's you don't know undergo hungry but you know probably chicken every putt every Amanda king -- I can't be thinking -- -- -- in your mind you -- Being king you could be became the all we have right Cassel domain -- and yeah there's we have right now yes exactly solo. As it's in. Always different things to happen in a world of sports -- we hear about different things. This is odd though this had a isn't area end of the regular season with the NFC no off. Champion you know him before at all and Otis have the November yet yet -- -- anniversary Roy yeah okay comes artists have not the last meeting between Chicago Green Bay on. The final day of the regular season this was the first meeting in Lambeau Field. Yet dig this there have been this is in the news ending earlier in the week and I just thought not as this is ridiculous you know. In our families they have a favorite team husband and wives are you might have a divided household who you supporting in. You know we hear about the rivalry and tradition between the Packers and Bears. We look a suburban Chicago man was fine 250 dollars at the allegedly. Used -- used a stun gun or his wife. Pat after she lost a bit on a Packers bear game. Now the couple was driving through merry bill Wisconsin when they stop at a bar to watch in November afford to gain the Bears in the winning 27 that one day. And obviously this how -- care about Nicole grant. His wife said. Her husband. Told her husband is that you could -- -- stun gun on me. If the three seconds in Green Bay lost the she thought it going to have him in the Bears in the winning well Johnny grant her husband. And allegedly used it three times owner and did you called the police and chipped up. Telling all position in big puzzle and actually used a weapon on her. With the extension -- the bed. Her husband now only you know with three seconds -- did it three times all and -- -- and now obviously. He got fighter to -- thanks. Busted big Cheryl Chris Miller on the news and all of all one of -- guess job Bobby and myself tomorrow in the bone -- hobby on the west bank and Don a bone. I'm big building this dude is not mixing it that I need didn't cannon Bobby a bad on the way it -- all gonna IP.