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Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our show tonight it's a chilly Thursday night in this -- part of the country however we've got some cooler weather coming and illicit -- have a nice a couple of days. There's a beautiful moon hanging up in the sky I don't know whether it's technically a full moon tonight it doesn't matter not but. Wherever you -- in this area or around the country. To take a moment if you safely can this year if you're driving to just to take a look at the -- tonight. It's time for tonight's top later -- here at the top eight things we like you know was we begin our show tonight on -- WL. Number eight. -- -- law enforcement officials sent eleven patrol cars. And dozens of officers. To exit -- to search warrants at the six point five billion dollar mansion Justin Bieber. Following a neighbor's complaint. That Justin Bieber. Egged his house. Eleven patrol cars. And dozens of officers. The action has been called a waste of taxpayers' dollars the police chief who's in charge of this lieutenant David Thompson with the Los Angeles county sheriff's office. -- said that he he thought it was appropriate to send to the the eleven squad cars in dozens of detectives. He said he decided to hold back on sending in the swat team. And he said he really wishes he would have ordered more officers on the scene he said quote. I'm being criticized for having too much I don't think I had enough. Mentioning that -- Justin -- property. Is -- 101000 square foot. On his property there's a 101000 foot square your garage and guesthouse. I mean seriously do you do you think these guys should. Really felt like they needed this or did they just wanna see in -- just in beavers six point five million dollar house which by the way I'm in Los Angeles as it's a lot of money but that's not. There's an overly expensive that we think about these these stars in the money that they haven't in Los Angeles. And I'm I'm glad he decided not to swear and send in the swat team I mean really and also. I guess they're just desperate to try to make something stick look I'm not a Justin Bieber fan but I admire the guy. He's really talented. He's very good at what he does. And I'm not saying that he hasn't been -- in some questionable behavior -- you also have a lot of starts. Think about the stars that were part of my generation and the questionable behavior they were involved him. So it's it's not unusual that celebrities particularly those who -- involved in rock type music it's the minutia bullet they get involved in. -- questionable activities sometimes. Apparently they did find a cocaine out in the open it wasn't Justin Bieber apparently it was somebody else's and they did arrest somebody else when they were on this this raid. But I think about but I'll let in police cars. And dozens of officers. To execute a search warrant because. A neighbor says he and his house. Now you know I've realized that nobody should be -- house's I don't know about you I don't remember. I don't remember taking anybody's house but I do remember that that people in. It in my neighborhood there houses were egged. Their house is. Were role I was involved in the the rolling of houses which is due -- toilet paper on that. And I never could figure out if it was an insult or it was a compliment. It seems to me that they were times that you if you like to girl. You would go -- house. And I'm thinking that would just it just creates a mess so how can that be a -- I guess it was a statement. Again I don't fully remember what the significance was of rolling houses but I was involved in rolling if you. And I guess I'm just hoping data admitting this on the at the statue of limitations is up and I can't be prosecuted for that. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan tanning hill's wife. Left to rifle in the back of her rented SUV at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Charges are expected to be filed. I mean that's understandable. It's an understandably -- you'll leave -- rifles to semiautomatic rifle you leave a rifle in the back of the the -- today issued the somebody else rented the car and on the rifle in it and they realize that it belonged to Brian -- knows. Wife. I mean who doesn't make them and who doesn't leave a rifle. In in the back of or renting carts at LA NT ER fifty. And again like I guess this is just one of those. Understandable. Mistakes I mean you know what and actually I would like to thank. That if you're if you're carrying a weapon. That you would remember that jacket. And you would do what if a criminal got in the car. That's how -- -- in the hands of the wrong people. So I kind of joking about this being an understandable mistake I can't imagine. Having a gun. And leaving it in the in the the back of a car forgetting that I that I had -- and yet if you have a gun in your you're on a trip. And human rented car. Again I'm not exactly sure what the circumstances were. Think she should be thrown in jail forever but I mean my gosh should you hold somebody accountable if they don't remember that they left the garden in the car. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Here is attacks agrees before I get to number six I bet you rolled more than houses. You know and I was that age no houses that was the only thing that -- -- you I I have. Been honest about this on the air it was later in life that -- ever learn to roll other things. Like John. -- to I'll leasing. Soft taco shells I would of liberals those. Here's a text about the moon Jupiter directly above the moon the second night of the full -- Yeah I just I want -- to went the distance take notice it's a beautiful -- I saw it rising up from shell met earlier right over -- a full load over Shalit is always a beautiful site. And from my vantage point downtown side by Soledad earlier tonight to get a chance wherever you are in the Syrian in this country take a look at -- practical look at the moon tonight. I here's number six on our list of the top candidate before Christmas a six year old student was apparently told. That she could not continue her speech for presentation to the class. Because she kept mentioning. The -- Her parents say that their daughter was humiliated. Now apparently the class was asked to give. A one minute speech in front of the class. Concerning Christmas. And -- six year old girl apparently was talking about the the ornament on the top of their Christmas tree and it's the star of Bethlehem. And she was talking about the three kings. That followed the start to baby Jesus the savior of the world. It's of the teacher I've told the -- to sit down that she could not continue because she was mentioning the Bible. I mean how dear -- you know you're talking about Christmas how dare her referenced the Bible we will -- a six year old kid -- this. Actually while I'm not concerned. That this is gonna change her faith the antibodies state. The Supreme Court did rule that schools. -- nightly prayers. But students. Were allowed to say prayers. And I would think that reference to the Bible would be covered. Under some kind of prayers so clearly in this case the teacher was wrong. Now if you if you. If you don't. If you don't talk about Christmas. Dan you're not gonna -- talk abouts. The relationship between Christmas and the birth of Christ which -- pretty well established as far as I know. And again while I'm not concerned that this is gonna lead to anybody being less religious or. And less less Christian I don't think it's it's gonna hurt anybody's faith I do think that this is probably something that should be challenged. Because if the Supreme Court ruled that the schools can't lead the prayer because the schools represent the government. A public schools and his van on the student should be allowed to make reference so in this case the teacher. Is -- What you wish teachers had been held more accountable when we were young. Because we know they made mistakes and it would with the ones who got in trouble for our mistakes -- five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- -- went to announce plans for a new 826. Million dollar Louis international Armstrong Louis Armstrong international airport. Have you seen the plans for this we've got it on our website at WWL dot com. Artist rendering of it. It could be completed by 2018. In time for the 300 anniversary of the city of New Orleans and issued no New Orleans is going to position itself to try to host the Super Bowl. Next in 2018 which -- our 300 anniversary. The city is actually older in the United States of America that's how old New Orleans is. You know honestly. Mean our airport is is old and outdated and in spite of this 300 million dollar renovations before it is the Super Bowl last year. And I hope those don't totally go to waste. Now they're talking about building this new terminal mr. structured -- that would be hotels involved here. It would be on the other side of the airport from the turmoil now the north side. Of the airport the terminal right now on the south side of the airports this will be on the north side of the airport so right there toward the end of of veterans highway I'm sure. People are trying to buy that property and those who owned that property that property is going to increase in value tremendously. And this is now the system works something like this is announced and people who have been hanging onto that property many of them. And I've just been down. You know working through life. Not to not necessarily making -- -- some have but some may be in that area have not made it big but they've got a chance to perhaps. Are relieved that wind kind of a lottery. Type thing if if the airport does go through it looks like this is gonna happen. -- our airport is old and an outdated so I would look forward to a new modern airport. Argue you may have a favorite airports that you travel to travel through. To this day beat the Portland airport. In Portland Oregon is. Still my favorite airports the Fort Lauderdale airport is another a really nice airport. There are nice airports and our airports not bad especially with a different iterations that they did before the Super Bowl but. We could use a new airport plus it would create a lot of jobs. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Fox's contributor one Williams who is is liberal out you know fox is fox isn't really fair and balanced. But they do have balance in the same way that the other networks if you perceive him to be more liberal especially MSNBC. They do have conservative voices occasionally Juan Williams is one of the liberal voices on Fox News. Well he writes an op Ed piece for foxnews.com. In which he argues that -- dynasty remains on the year despite the controversy. Because of the money. Juan Williams writes that TV executives with the power to pull the plug on rude TV personalities don't care about left wing -- right wing right or wrong. The only thing that matters is the damage to their image. The ratings. And losing money in if your regular listened to or to their -- showed you know that I totally agree with him on Williams goes on to say that they need. Felt the pressure to suspend -- Phil Robertson for comments that eBay did and considered anti -- We India what all when he beat the -- and that the gay the gay rights group the Human Rights Campaign. I came up with a very loud campaign demanding some punishment for Phil Robertson. So -- -- suspended him indefinitely. But any quickly flipped. Within days. Went conservative and evangelical groups. Turn the network I've turned -- to turn this whole thing on the network. And that creates such a backlash he was actually stronger than the racial pressure from the gay groups. And don't even want Williams writes and even. With the above the suspension was going on -- any -- 25 episodes of the -- dynasty show starring Phil Robertson. As part of this highly rated Christmas marathon. Did benefited. Of the network and you know we talked about this when this was going on. Everybody everybody benefited from this controversy. Phil Robertson benefited. Any benefited. -- dynasty benefited. Everybody benefited. And there is there. Is legitimate speculation that you know may be this was something that was concocted. Even if it wasn't premeditated. Even if it really just just happen as a result of a Phil Robertson making these comments. In she believes. GQ interview. I even if he just made these comments and then they were all blown out of proportion or they were they were they were publicized. Whatever caused the controversy. Everybody benefit. And most most. Celebrities. And most. TV shows for example. Benefit from controversy. What does that say about us the audience. That causes the in the networks stands. The that the celebrities to be benefactors of controversy. They do it. Controversy -- out there are some controversies. For example. Somebody was involved in. Child molestation or rape or something like that their. There are some controversies. It will cause of lasting damage to your to your image and you you can't recover from a but saying something controversial. Doesn't really. Lead to anything negative in your career and and also think about it think about the the the women who have been criticized for posing nude for Playboy or penthouse. Celebrities who have done this. I can't think of any celebrity. Who didn't find positive result after she posed for Playboy or penthouse. Now the argument may be made well Vanessa Williams that would happen but look what happened to Vanessa Williams. -- Williams is bigger today. Because she was because of pictures of her after she became the first like Miss America. After -- the pictures with her and another female appeared in penthouse magazine. Her career took off. So she's bigger today as a result of that then she would have been in all probability just as the the first. A black Miss America so controversy dies indeed -- If you wanna join our show with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text number is 87870. -- Tex coming in order to your text your testimony number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. US Supreme Court is debating whether a federal. Gun ban on those with misdemeanor domestic violence records can be applied in states where the law doesn't say. Physical forced forced must be used in such cases. So if you I guess the question is if you have a domestic violence record should you be allowed to own a -- Supreme Court justices heard from government officials who -- this band to apply to James councilman. He pleaded tag guilty to a misdemeanor domestic assault charge in 2001 in the state Tennessee. He was in -- in 2009 with illegal possession of a fire York. Federal law bars a person convicted of the misdemeanor domestic violence. Involving fiscal force or deadly weapon. From possessing a firearm. A federal judge. Through the gun charges out because the state of Tennessee. On law does not require that physical force. The part of the equation that used to determine whether or not somebody should have a -- As a result of being convicted of or pleading guilty to on misdemeanor domestic violence. -- justices will now decide on whether the ban applies. And that rule com later this year citing the that the question is if you are charged with or if you plead guilty to. Domestic violence. -- should you be allowed to own a -- Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. In less than two months to federal judges have -- -- actually in less than a month. Two federal judges have struck down state bans on gay marriage. For the same reason. The -- or a violation of equal rights under the constitution. And I'm starting to wonder is is the debate over same sex marriage coming to an end I mean is it is it finally offer. With the constitution. With. Rulings by the Supreme Court last year. With more cases. Heading to the Supreme Court with these federal judges in the federal judges do set somewhat of a precedent for Supreme Court justices to rule. And they certainly set precedent for other judges in other states. Are we finally coming to the end. Of the same sex marriage to date. Based on the idea. That the constitution. Guarantees. Equal rights. I don't know that the constitution really addresses things from a religious standpoint. This -- the constitution address distinct from a legal standpoint. And I would think that it. That you know if you have if you have fought against same sex marriage I would I would think that you've got to the point in any bill Reilly Steven talked about this where. You know the arguments the arguments -- over. How can you mean this is something that we talked about before I don't I don't talk about this every time I I I see it in the news because it's in the news. Almost every single day now. But how can you respect the constitution. And also -- two consenting adults that they they can't get -- Is this debate just about over finally. And if you have been passionately. -- protesting same sex marriage. On what grounds can you protest. That would be congruent with respect for the constitution. If you would join our -- -- nights are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. And it takes over -- 7870. As a straight male I have nothing to gain from same sex marriage being legal in America. But same sex marriage to me is is a decision between two consenting adults so who would like to tell them they can't get there. And I would think that if you have been fighting against. Same sex marriage. I eat he you've got to be getting to the part -- you feel somewhat defeated because of these ruling you can. You can discredit federal judges if they don't rule the way you want them to rule. But if you look at this. Objectively if you look at this legally. It seems like. Right now it is almost impossible task. To. Expect this country the government. Or any state to get away with banning same sex marriage. Well sort of an -- like -- tonight number one on tonight's list. A top -- Dan -- According to a report from foxnews.com. The FCC has received about 100 complaints. About a recent episode of the CBS show two broke girls. The complaints focus on sexually oriented content. Broadcast television during prime time viewing hours. I mean is this really essentially anything to discuss blog tonight on our website is titled sex hypocrisy. And big government. And you can read that you could comment on a share with others. You might totally disagree with me you might totally agree with me. But this is another topic. That causes me to once again proclaim that I am a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. Which is my generation. And I -- -- hostile witnessed in my generation because I think there's total hypocrisy here. When you think about. The TV shows. That we watched. In our younger years. And I'm not talking about. Leave It to Beaver and I'm not talking about the Andy Griffith Show and Donna Reed show would Father Knows Best -- talking about shows that. They were wrong later but we were still a young all in the family shows -- wrong in the early in mid seventies all in the family Maude shows that really. On -- content to the limit at the time. Did any of those shows. Cause you to do anything wrong. Did any of those shows shape and mold your. Sexual. Attitude. Did any of those shows convince you. To do something that you were supposed to do. I love talking about this because there are people who were complaining that there's too much sex on TV like two broken girl like two broke girls. Well the very generation that is complaining about this is a generation that grew up watching shows that had heavy sexual innuendoes intimate sexual overtones. And yet they would never say that though shows caused them to do anything wrong so why the concern today again. I'm a hostile witness. To the baby boomer generation. If you and join our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. Tech's number six of -- -- in this is the -- show live from New Orleans a delight of a full -- We'll be right back into the WL. Alright beautiful full moon hanging up the -- had a chance today take a look at it live. Coming up after the news at 9 o'clock yeah I did some research on this one time last year -- -- -- And did some research to determine whether or not crazy people really come around or people get crazier when there's a full moon. The results of the research was interesting that's coming up after the news. At 9 o'clock but Melissa -- full moon and we'll. Detective whether or not crazies come on his list of those who call our children. Also coming up in the show tonight if you if you didn't did see it story here. Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen. Did an incredibly funny parody. On born to run. Abouts a -- gates the Chris Christie Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy felt that this really really funny. Funny parity borne the -- and it will play that for a little bit later it's it's it making fun of for Chris Christie in the the hole on the controversy of the closing off the bridge because the mayor of the city didn't endorse him during the campaign -- here's our RW WL pretty jaguar people tonight. Are you concerned that sexual contents in sitcom this hurts young generations. Now before you answer this I'm gonna ask you to think about your own life. Because if you're part of the baby boomer a stamp was -- today if you're part of the establishment. And you grew up watching shows that a lot of people. Thought word to sexual. The deal with that too many sexual innuendoes. They were to open about homosexuality and a lot of different things. So before you answer the question are you concerned that sexual content its accounts for younger generations of what you ask yourself. Do you think it hurt your generation. Now you're grown up and you may be part of the establishment. -- 77%. Say yes they are concerned. The sexual content and sitcoms -- younger generations 23% say no they're not concerned. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and at the scoop like tonight which is one -- we'll be talking about is titled sex hypocrisy. And big government. And it's a treading on our website at WWL dot com at one of the things that time talk about in this blog that we need talked about -- is the hypocrisy of the the baby boomer generation. You know last year the FCC began a review of its indecency policies for cases involving isolated expletives. And non sexual nudity. But that led to an immediate outcry from a lot of groups that predicted the use of profanity. And a site of nudity would become for comment on broadcast networks and would lead to the deterioration. Of American society. And I'm also -- to share with you some of the complaints. That the FCC's received about the CBS show two broke girls -- from Jefferson Tony you're on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- -- Tony. I wanted to talk to you. Is that like. They had talked. Earlier today on them -- Angeles shall they talked about the beat these hospitals should -- -- -- in the east of obstacles. And -- want to call in the if you don't mind. What about the the hospital in New Orleans that was destroyed. During Katrina. And have -- Well that I'm now after ten year after ten years they've appealed it. And -- -- It's just -- quick -- today I think it -- You know. It's just horrible. That they did you know that. It's grateful that they government that he had two week. To be here in New Orleans and because -- going to be there this week we have a trend but well. And the veteran and I'm a veteran and I don't call me. They were talking about the the new the. Deficit and Antonio I wonder you are you -- emphasis on the Mitchell talked about earlier we were not prepared to talk about this tonight against my mind. Our first response would be do you think it has anything to do not that this is fair but could it be that. We're talking about it's a government facility compared to. Facilities for for profit. It is that the did that the the soldiers and the -- And did the government has them and -- I I agree with you Tony I'm I'm not making I'm not making an excuse for the reality and simply pointing out that the reality and and that would be unfair if we care more about. Things that are for profit as opposed to things that really do -- people and you know these these these two things the the the recent talk about who's gonna -- east Jefferson west -- some hospitals. That's it somewhat of a different topic. Dan what happens with VA hospitals but I think talking about his -- The -- on Easter week and shall -- every night and I just wanted to just say that. Thank you. -- rate. After that suffered enough. And -- ten year. And as they wouldn't be on to. Two medical hospital. Internet. They -- contract is to be and you know that doing medical and is it. Impacted by the politicians here. And then food and -- there. That -- and opened the wisdom the Whitney until the -- is an avenue. Nobody is gonna nobody's gonna argue with you that says the veterans deserve these the best possible care for what they did for our country and. -- there and also. The and you know. We plan to. Accurately you know you write about him and why is Angela. -- -- but he did that they -- -- It's I've. Review -- I'm going to call and I'm glad you were listening to Angela earlier and I want to thank you for what you do for our country and have have a good night. If you join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. X seventy protection -- 77 sodas a full will really make people crazier harboring a crazy people. Again -- -- talk about this coming up after the news. At 9 o'clock which they did some research on this one night last year we had a full moon. And you might be interested in the results of that. Also we'll get back to what your comments are more -- text next on the Schuylkill under the WL. Tomorrow and Angela he'll show. Musical legend from New Orleans L 265. In the studio from three to four renowned songwriter producer musician composer. One of the most influential musical figures in New Orleans will be vigilant and tomorrow. And now continuing to be decelerated some of the world's again nominated for a Grammy for best American -- song shrimp -- -- -- field and against American albums songs books so don't miss the legendary. Alex you said tomorrow. At 3 o'clock a great way to start the weekend. Angela -- an open mind are -- days before. And -- celibate life in the studio -- -- o'clock tomorrow afternoon here under the W well. A concerning the full -- here's a text -- my girlfriend is a hot ER nurse. I'd like to just stop right there but the attacks continues. Hot to. -- nurse. And she sent on full moon nights there are a lot more crazy people and freaks. Doings strange an abnormal. Even. I I guess spell check did something to this as some kind of a strange activities. Wouldn't you. You -- you wouldn't believe it's true I am aware well OK I don't believe different you're really where fierce attacks from some money from the North Shore. As a former borrow and run into or schori can tell you that people who like the taste of their own blood come out and a full moon raising hell and starting fights. -- -- to share the information in the research that I did when they last year we had a full moon. And we were on the air at night and we talked about the impact of a full load and we'll do that coming up after the news at 9 o'clock. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers 87870. There have been some Monday complaints of the FCC about the CBS says sitcom two broke girls and there's criticism of the sexual contents. And -- seems to be this new concerns that sexual content. Any sitcom is is dangerous for -- America. And that's -- -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight are you concerned that sexual contents and sit -- hurts young generations. -- your opinion by going to our web site -- WL dot com from Alabama billiard on the -- show good evening. Bitty thing you know it's a -- -- -- parents to determine what has watched him on TV. He would or what's not -- You -- you can't expect. The networks to be responsible for. -- known you know so that might be morally against it there and they're entertained people and it is -- Off color and make its ratings are gonna put an ounce that's up to the heritage to at Petit the all that I am one at all. Bill I would I would agree with you and if you if you think about a sitcom being on the here today the situation of two broke girls. Why would you not think it in 2014. That that might not have some sexual innuendoes and in the same way that friends did and signed Phil did and married with children did it mean -- the list look this is. This is really nothing new but what I find fascinating is. That the year the baby boomer generation that is now the establishment. It is suddenly becoming concerned about things that they don't really believe affected them when they were yeah. Well I don't know but in any. When I want it column that was the top. Two operates stories about I think two or late in the one about. Mister Robertson. And get views you know. Declaring that law it's our constitution -- they. Go against. Before -- -- the rights of people of the saint six campaign marriage. Acting. Really. Get is that laws reflect changes in society. You know thirty years ago. Most people would would agree with Robertson. You know that would make. People should act homosexual. Activity sodomy was against the law you go to jail for it. And a lot of people. Considered homosexuality like definitely. And of course you know the the law was of course the final in traditional records. There's these kind of things when you have people that about what exit and yet use. You know legalized homosexual out -- -- they can be legal in America that it reflects a change in the socket. Well bill I think you're right. You know there was a time when the US Supreme Court had -- rules that a ban on birth control pills in the sixties was. What is. It was unconstitutional to ban birth control pills. So reflective of the times. The Supreme Court did rule that it was illegal to ban birth control and I think the same ruling is -- ultimately be made concerning same sex marriage. When it comes to sodomy it was a case in 2003. The US Supreme Court -- Lawrence vs Texas. -- a guy I've reported that his shoes to neighbors were having sexy Pete peered into there there there house. And I guess he was a peeping Tom he peered into their house and he saw that they were engaged in -- physical relationship when he reported him to the police. They were arrested on sodomy charge and that would all the way to Supreme Court district court ruled that you can't bans sodomy based on. Freedom of expression based on right to privacy. Privacy right. And it's wandered there and it -- -- is out there about the laws against an affiliate on the -- -- no. Because the difference is that you have you have a victim in pedophilia you don't have to concerning adults. Someone might argue. And every good. Nobody can nobody but nobody can argue that because -- be in our society and we -- debts and that's this is America. And the argument cannot be made that and that their children are not victims when it comes to to kind of feeling that they they are and to me that's the difference. I'm getting a break until I I enjoyed our conversation. Thanks for listening and Alabama. As you'll join -- -- comet tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Text. A 7870. We'll be right back on Debbie WL it's a Thursday nights I've -- graduate this year on -- WL there's a full moon out tonight -- about a that is at 9 o'clock I -- share with you. Some research that I did. On now on on full -- It and you might be surprised at 212 research over a long period of time reveals because you talk to people they say people do crazy things when as a full moon now. Also like tonight we're talking about in less than a month to federal judges have struck down in state bans on gay marriage. For the same reason violation of equal rights under the constitution so were -- coming to the end of that debate in America. And according to a report did foxnews.com. The FCC has received about a hundred complaints about the new TV show on CBS relatively -- show two broke girls. The complaints complain about sexually oriented content on the show. Is this really into concern all of that coming up on WWL.