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Scoot Show 1-16 9pm Sexually charged TV shows

Jan 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As a full blown out tonight the question is. Do people do crazy things do people become crazy year. During a full moon you know we've all heard that that before as it is it true is it is it fact or fiction. Like it's a research last year of the got that coming up here just a moment but I want to remind you about some the of the things we're talking about two on our show tonight. Up from the Fox News contributor one Williams there's an op Ed piece of foxnews.com where he argues that -- dynasty remains on the year despite controversy because of the money. He -- television executives with the power to pull the plug on -- TV personalities don't care about right wing -- left wing. Right or wrong the only thing that matters is damage to their brand the ratings. And losing money. He's absolutely right. It -- dynasty benefited from a controversy. -- any benefited from the controversy and also. There's there seems to be some new concern about. Sexually oriented content in -- in particular the sitcom two broke girls. There's another report in foxnews.com about the FCC receiving about a hundred complaints. About the CBS showed two broke girls in the complaints focus on sexually oriented content. When -- broadcast network CBS during primetime viewing hours. But I mean this is really anything new. And I I wrote a blog about this -- once again proclaim myself to be hostile witness to the baby boomer generation -- blog is titled sex hypocrisy. And big government. And did it may give you a different way of of looking at all of this it may -- it something you didn't consider but it's on our website at WW dot com you can read it. Com and articulate and this year when on this we'll talk about that our show and here's our -- -- pretty general opinion poll tonight. Are you concerned that sexual content in sitcoms hurts. Young generations. Think about how would hurt your generation if he did it before you answer my semi checked our poll 71%. Of for well over a majority. Said that they are concerned that sexual content in sitcoms hurts a young generation. I guess my question is. Did it hurt you and if it did how to virtue. Because it's. Many of us grew up in in many fewer we're very young when they were shows on that had a lot of sexual content in them at the receivers jokes. But you really blame the network people watch and that's why the networks put things on TV. And since the FCC the Federal Communications Commission. Is a branch. Of the executive branch of government. This is a really precarious position to begin because the government. Is not supposed to control. Content. And yet you want the government to control. Content. So we're talking about down on the show if you would give your opinion about whether or not you think sexual content to insert concerts young generations go to our website at WWL dot com. Also remind you that there's a lot on our web site of the Oscar nominations a route to big movies were shot here in Hollywood itself. Including Dallas buyers club. And it was stunned by people right here in New Orleans. You can also check out all the nominees plus the big chief Deke Bellavia has the four great games this weekend the NFL championship a conference championships he talks about those. And -- saints fan and you missed Angela heels one on one with saints head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis. You can check it out in a podcast all of anymore on our website at WWL dot com. So the question is the effects of a full moon which were under right now does -- matter where you are in this country. You're reform right now. Have a chance to take a look at the mode it's attire in the sky now that it was early use. That yellowish orange shade earlier when it was rising up over -- meant to me and that's it write it up over -- -- from my perspective downtown earlier tonight and that's always a beautiful site. But there's a full -- over us and we always hear about police and emergency room nurses and doctors talking about how there's an increase in strange activity during a full moon. But he is that true. And since there's a full loan will we detect. Interesting callers. Will we detect interesting text. Because of full moon. Well I did some research last year when it was a full -- And I discovered some interesting things about full moons in human behavior. The mood has always been on a mystical object in the sky to -- the next. And even though man has walked on the moon the mystery of the power of the moon is still president modern day life. The word lunacy comes from -- which is the Roman goddess of the moment. One definition of lunacy. Is of those moments of insanity. Believed to be related to phases of the moon. A person who is acting in a -- -- abnormal manner is often described as a lunatic. In nineteenth century England. I read that sent lawyers actually used defense of guilty by reason of the full moon. To prove that their clients should not be held accountable for core. You know we we've heard about how ridiculous it is to sometimes plead. A case. As say not guilty based on on based on the reason of insanity. But the defense which used to not guilty by reason of a full moon full moon was an excuse for their their behavior and so I guess not holding people accountable is there is nothing -- Now the relationship between the -- and human behavior is well documented. A -- scientist to military commander believed that the full moon created heavy do. Which actually made the brain extremely boy east. And affected your behavior. The power of a full moon to turning human into aware wall's been part of -- literary -- since 1941. So I guess it's easy to understand how the full moon got this image. Before modern lighting the light of the full moon kept people awake at night. The lack of sleep led to behavior that might be out of the ordinary because people were sleep deprived because the bright moon kept them awake. The full -- also provided like for people to to carry on. Drinking and participating in general to botch re well into the night that they might not have done had there not be in the light. Of a full -- The faces of the moon to affect the tides of the oceans and the body is somewhere between 65 and 75% water. But does the moon affect the human body. Full -- have been blamed for increases in violent crime. Suicides. Epileptic seizures sleep deprivation birds and even guest. But it's a full -- to blame for lunacy and abnormal behavior in in humans. And the answer is really no. Despite the belief by some police officers ER nurses and doctors mental health professionals in the general public that strange behavior increases during a full moon. There are no studies that really support that myth that the full moon has the power to make people crazy. And there are. -- just a few studies over fifty year period to establish some correlation between a full moon and abnormal behavior. But follow up studies had actually proven that the original conclusions. Were falls. So we can romanticize about a full moon. -- if you actually believe that there's a direct relationship between a full moon and human behavior than I can assure lunatic. Now in the absence of scientific behavior with that tonight's full moon. Might still lead some of us to believe. That people do crazy things during a full moon. And I guess if you do something crazy tonight you can always blame it on the full moon. But but ultimately according to what I've what I've read in and the little like studied about this. There are no studies that did make a direct correlation between the full moon. And make it -- human behavior. Have few noticed that people are stranger during a full moon. If you wanna join -- -- comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number. Is -- 7870. A -- like tonight a sex hypocrisy and big government. And we'll talk about some believe that the new complaints about the TV show two broke girls. I've seen previous sport looks like a funny show. I do they show a tight supplies are feeling during the day so when I'm not on at night I just I really haven't invested in shows it's on CBS at 730 on Monday nights and if I was home on a Monday night because Monday Night Football was on I was watching Monday Night Football in -- two broke girls but a lot of people now I guess be exposed to the show because there's no more Monday Night Football for the season. So we'll talk about whether or not this is something new whether or not this is something that we really should be concerned with or maybe there's a lot of hypocrisy. With today's new establishment concerning. Sexually oriented content in sitcoms. This is the -- show. -- -- -- a full moon and we'll be right back on -- WL all right full moon tonight. But don't use that as an excuse for a negative behavior. This is the -- show here's an update on our -- WL party -- opinion poll tonight are you concerned that sexual content in sitcoms hurts young generations. I'm surprised at the results of this also for 74%. Say yes and 26% say now. If you believe that sexual content sitcoms really does her getting generations. In what way do. In what way are you concerned that young generations were actually going to be hurt by sexual content. On TV. All in the family more very openly dealt with. Sex issues. Sexual content. Gay issues. And many people who were young watching those shows. Have grown up and are now. Parents some grandparents. Part of the the establishment today. If that didn't affect you and in the context of the times those shows were were pushing the envelope. If those shows didn't affect you. And I'd be interested how he would explain that today young generations are going to be so adversely affected by. And sexually oriented material in a show like two broke girls. I am confused about this because. France. Signed filled Frazier. Married with children. In the list goes on there have been sexual innuendo sexual overtones sexual implications. In sitcoms. Forever almost forever so why is this suddenly into concerned today I think this is part of a group of Americans. That have this mentality that it's their job to tell everybody else how to lead their lives. They're not only concerned about what they see. They're concerned about what UC. And if you don't like to show shouldn't just not watch it. And and if you don't want your kids to watch it unless the government forces you to watch it or forces you to make your kids watch. But I don't see what this is really a problem. If you -- to join our show with your thoughts and comments tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a text numbers 877 from battery Brian your WW won't be needing. And good evening there's two broke girls glory really aggravates me included away. The first way. If you're prepared. And -- -- -- -- on an appropriate it should job that it -- you can watch it and so big that they -- appropriately. The second they never really. Aggravate me with these stories in the east or -- a lot about. You know certain story might affect young generations. You -- to talk about the decline on society. While people so oblivious to why this is. You know what you really bring out the blow outs -- family unit it's completely should not broke and chat. And you can look at that the that the that the -- that it that the -- and -- know. -- -- thought that -- follow the bullets from the Japanese and has been rising ever sent. To our understanding is. Why are people so that talk about it it. The other thing that you would expect a you know you -- -- -- excellent. I do understand that Bryant and then of course you also have governments that it does not necessarily reward fathers for staying with their children and the children in the mother's benefit if there's no father in the picture and that's the and that's clearly wrong. I do agree with you about the impact -- no fault divorce. But think about who invented that. That -- -- we do our baby boomers today who were so concerned about. I'm having a negative impact if things having a negative impact on on -- younger generations the essentially invented. No fault divorce. Did you it's obvious to everybody 78%. Of the current inmates and prison -- probably without goals and added an absolute fact. And the person responsible for note well the -- on tolerate it. Though anybody possibly. -- and we use that gives you so that's where it started you can look at the current California. Brian I'm going to go to show of nationalist thing I I've I don't have the statistic in front of me but I wouldn't be surprised -- 70% of those people are behind bars. He came from father was homes. But there's also a lot more involved in it than just a father not being there means that is part of it in. In many cases but that's not all of it here's a -- raise every generation has some hypocrisy when they get older. That's that's true. But there's no reason why. Why generation shouldn't shouldn't denounced the hypocrisy. If it's if it's so obvious. And to me this is why I continue to describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. I. I I I can't help myself. When it comes to pointing out the hypocrisy of my generation and maybe that happens with other generations as well I can't be -- every generation I mean I'm. I'm good sermon every generation but I can speak first hand. From the standpoint of my generation and if other generations followed the baby boomer generation is now the establishment. And they find themselves to be very. Hypocritical about. A number of things then they should they should talk to themselves and try not to be hypocritical. There's just there's so much hypocrisy. This idea that sitcoms are gonna somehow have an adverse effect on a young generation. I'm amazed that our whole is so overwhelmingly. Saying yes. They are concerned that sexual content and sitcoms -- a young generation. But is anybody willing to explain how. I mean it's really easy to say something -- gets terribly well okay how does it really hurt. You know people freaked out over the wardrobe malfunction. Janet Jackson halftime of the Super Bowl -- Justin Timberlake. And Janet Jackson were. Doing some maneuver in and part of her breasts. -- show. Aren't really. Big deal. I wouldn't encourage that. It shouldn't have happened but he did happen it was quick. And did did. Did anybody become. A sexual pervert. Did any young person go out and do anything wrong as a result of that. My gosh what if you happen to see that in. In public what what what if you happen to see that on the beach what does your kids are on the beach. Gulf Shores and Pensacola Destin for ball -- -- on the beach. And some girl has on done the back of her her top and she gets up in such a way that she's not really that careful. And your kids actually see her breast briefly. What does that do to them. How how does that how does that have a negative impact. You can point out and that was inappropriate. It would probably be very funny. To teenagers who who see that it probably snicker and it. You know this. This this country's gone to the point where there's so much temptation to to create fear panic and hysteria. Over certain things. Coming up a distant a moment I'm Gunner Reid did a couple of the complaints to the FCC about two broke girls if you wanna join us for the comment tonight about dating we're talking about our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889070. In a -- amber is a 7870. -- from uptown George your Debbie WL beauty. I'd like they all the Bret thank it and let that that's not block call that was his call that there -- down. The full. To visit. That there be sure plan your day around -- Because I don't know what it is an hour ago lot like here oh. Plan your dates around a full -- when you say you. You get lucky during a formal and you don't mean going to Harris of the treasure chest our Boomtown. Well like you go to. Now you're not gambling. OK. There -- a I George I'm glad that I'm glad that works or yeah -- to be honest with yeah I've really noticed I I haven't noticed anything personally. About myself during a full -- I think -- I tend to have lunatic. Tendencies so all the time and registering a full moon but if you just joined a series of full moon tonight. And the research that I've read indicates that there really is no correlation between a full moon and abnormal human behavior in spite of what you hear from. Police officers and and nurses and doctors and a lot of different mental health officials have a lot of different people who say. No crazy people come out when there's a full mode or -- normal people do crazy things during a full moon. But research doesn't really bear that out and over a fifteen year period where's the studies were done. There are only a few that. Make a correlation between the full moon and says -- human behavior it's abnormal. But other studies subsequent to those original studies have demonstrated that they weren't -- they more accurate in the first place so as far as we know there's no. Correlation at all. Again in spite of what we've what we have been told by so many people -- -- is no evidence that supports. So the album. The TV show on CBS to broker -- is on its 730 on Monday night's. In 1975 the FCC established the family viewing hour from seven to 8 PM that's central time indoor courts. And it was voluntarily accepted by all three major networks are only three major networks at the time CBS NBC and ABC. So as a result of the new family viewing hours CBS actually at the time decided to to move that the top rated number one show all in the family. -- -- So that was voluntary action to. And make seven to eight. I'm more family oriented. But. You know when when you think about the shows that are wrong. I realize that there are some people who are overly sensitive to broadcast networks. Which would be CBS. NBC. ABC. Fox. And is there's still -- Warner Bros. or. Whatever any other networks are these are broadcast networks. People who view television today don't really distinguish between broadcast networks. And cable. And cable isn't regulated by this at all. -- have to do -- put on Comedy Central once in awhile during prime time and you know that there's no regulation there. But the point is that you do your job is apparent. And and you do your job as an American and you exercise. Your right to choose. And if you don't like to show simply don't watch it. -- so one of the complaints sent to the FCC about two broke girls. First of all the complaints in general sent around and you know I can say these words legally. But I'd rather not. It's. The that the male and female private parts the keyword. And that he word for male and female -- I can say those words I don't feel the need to but those of medical terms. Also on there are suggestions of self gratification. On two programs again this is not a show that I watch. And many of you may have not been watching it because you watch Monday Night Football that's on Monday nights at 730 but now -- Monday night football's over maybe more people will will will watch it. And you don't once again we're talking about controversy. That's. Is only going to lead to more people checking out two broke girls. So what does that tell you about controversies. -- that we talk about a lot of national controversy. Is beneficial. One complaint to the SEC says I feel like it's soft porn. No wonder our countries in the condition it is when shows like -- are on the -- Do you really think that two broke girls. And shows like that shows. That feature. Sexually oriented kind -- you really think that's why the country's in the shape it's in. I mean if you were only that simple. If we get only disband those shows. But the we could but -- -- -- -- shows and then America would not be in the situation do you really think that's all ideas. Under the complaint to the FCC says I tolerated enough. When it was on cable. Due to the fact that I chose to purchase cable. But -- public television I mean not literally public television but television it's broadcast to the public is what dispersants saying. Now public television is riddled with sexual overtones and inappropriate material for children. Well if something is inappropriate for kids why are they watching it. They don't have to watch it. Parents have the right and the responsibility to tell their kids what they can and cannot watch. And I would think that you would check out shows. And you know it it it's not gonna take long to figure out what -- show is is about it if you have never seen Two and a Half Men. And you started watching it it wouldn't take you long. To figure out the direction that they show is going again. It would take you long to figure you know this is inappropriate from -- But there is this mentality in America where people are so concerned about everybody else they wanna control what everybody else dies. They wanna watch what everybody else that would be there they wanna watch out for what everybody else is doing. And to -- that's a pompous and Trent. Still another view complaint to express to the FCC but two broke girls in this is in -- a Fox News dot com article. I am asking that the FCC do their job and remove these types of television shows from our public broadcasting systems. I have served my country with honor and I am proud to say that I am an American. But when we are continuously. Football when we continuously allow these types of shows to air. I am rather embarrassed. And ashamed device. As a country. -- if any pre purchased two broke girls if anybody seen the promo for two broke girls which I have. I receive shall receive the Promos for it it doesn't take you long to figure out the premise of the show. Does the premise of the show not give you a clue as to what the content of the show might be. Mean I can't imagine anybody who's interested in it watching a show like two broke girls would suddenly be surprised that god there's a sexual a comment in here. No it's doing it's it's not as if these sexual comments are breaking out during an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Are some show like data it you don't expect it there but when you -- -- About three's company. Think about how many people today. Are so critical of sexual. Overtones. In TV shows today. And they watched three's company when they were young. And I guess I wanna know how did that affect you now it's it's really hard to get people to understand this process. It is necessary. To judge. Entertainment. And everything. Not based on the world today. But based on the context in which these things occurred. At the time three's company was on the year. That was sexually charged. Material. Though the whole the whole show. Was based on a sexually charged situation at the time. One guy. Two girls. I mean there were a lot of guys who really wanted to be in that situation and then what what was Jack trying to do the whole time that he lived here. Exactly. I don't even at the site. That's exactly what it was trying to do with with Janet with Chrissie and whatever girl walked through that -- more. He might have even had thoughts about mr. -- I don't know but in any event on the whole show was based on. Him wanting to be with the -- he was trying to find himself stuck in the bedroom with one of the girls. We knew what was going on -- So if that's inappropriate then then don't watch if you don't like it don't watch it. I guess what concerns me about this whole topic is the the idea that some people feel like they're helpless. Oh my god what a my to do it's on TV well don't watch it. Or don't like your kids watch. Furthermore how could the FCC ban words like. The FCC band that in sitcoms. And yet allow those words to be used in some of the talk shows that involve doctors that are talking about. Real problems. Sometimes those words come up in the news. What are the problems with it with this country again is this idea that people feel like they wanna control everybody else's world. It what -- controlled much of what they see but what what UC. And yet I don't think people can really point to any way that they were. Impacted in a negative way. -- by by something that's referred to as a sexual innuendo. And you know here's the other thing about sexual innuendoes. If you don't already understand. What they're saying a sexual innuendo doesn't introduce you to the fall. If you don't understand -- then you don't get it. If you are understand that the show didn't teach it to you. The show major laughed because you already had reference to that. Also this idea that the FCC. Which is part of the executive branch of government. Should be controlling content is. It is I think brothers' scary. One of the real misunderstood freedoms we have in America is a freedom of speech that is not controlled by the government freedom to express oneself to entertainment. The only speech that can be censored on television -- in public. -- radio is speech that it poses a direct threat to society in general. Or slander something that causes a -- or threat to somebody's life or. -- negative comments that have a direct impact on on somebody's in which if those things being said or not true. Those -- the restrictions of freedom of speech. But sexual implications. As far as I know have never been -- Proven to have an adverse effect on past young generations. And -- passion and generations now make up the establishment. Again if you don't like to show to watch it if you don't think it's appropriate for your kids don't -- Watch it it's really just that simple unless you have this mind -- that he is your responsibility to control everybody else. Far more frightening. And sexual content on television is the idea that the government. Is in control of content. Which is again why I define myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation here's detects what about getting frisky on the TV show happy days. Let's expose how ludicrous all of this news. Think about sexual references. That really shows a long time ago like I'm feeling frisky Howard. And and Howard would take -- upstairs what do you think they're gonna do. Play checkers. I don't think so. Did you think of another show where there was a sexual references a show that today would be considered innocent but yet you knew exactly what they were implying. And isn't this another example of now the establishment today is over reacting and creating a degree of. A hysteria about a show like two broke girls. If you wanna join our show tonight with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And our text number. Is it 77. This is the -- show under the light of a full -- on this Thursday nights and we'll be right back on -- WL. The other night on Jimmy Fallon late every Jimmy Fallon. Bruce Springsteen came up Jimmy Fallon did a great impression Bruce Springsteen dress like Springsteen from the seventies. Andy they did a parity on board to run on making fun of for a Chris Christie's and a -- scandal the bridge gate thing the whole thing involving the did that the bridge and the mayor who didn't endorse him during the gubernatorial I've campaigned last year. We've got to a recording of that we're gonna play that for you after the 10 o'clock news tonight on WB real. I'm screwed I'm glad your with us here's now -- WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Are you concerned that sexual content in sitcoms hurts younger generations. 74%. Say yes and 26% say no. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com and if you think that sexual content sitcoms really does hurt to younger generations. I think about the shows that you used to watch and explain to me in what way these things actually hurt younger generations. The scoop like tonight is titled sex hypocrisy and big government. It's on our website at WWL dot com here's a comment that Cisco he hit the nail on the head if you don't like it don't watch it here's another comment to the blog. I think it's a shame that so much of the media is obsessed with sexual content to me just proves how people's standards have dropped to an all time low. Not much -- can do to change it except not watch it. How long has television been called a vast wasteland. That's nothing new. That's. -- decades old. And in the observations have been made that television is going to. -- in our society and yet those who are now claiming that television is is is to sexual. Actually grew up with shows that were very sexual themselves. Here's a Texan -- have you noticed most of the people in society. They don't Chan church on a weekly basis are the ones first to criticize. Immorality. Here is a text the game show that referred to making book. Family feud and I think was also on the Newlywed Game talked about making look. Hear hear these Mary couples who whenever they said making whoopee you know what it meant. I know what it meant. Here's another text married with children. And another text to show friends referenced characters all having sex all the time and no one ever made enough roared about it. Again I I I think it's so fair to point out the the false hysteria. In society today over things like. Sexual content on television. If you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas a seventy -- every from Memphis TL here on WWL good evening. -- you know I got on a local listening to you and I and -- while -- was an extremely. Liberal outlook on the effects of deviant behavior on others whether or not they -- -- could be something. And TO I don't it is liberal -- it is common sense. I don't you go oh all right let's try this way. You -- Willis about you not letting children and that's what were only night outlook that you not letting children. Even certain. Eating behavior. Whereas. Others who virtual he actually. Attend school -- Other options with and be subject to what they -- All of -- what I. Seven year old girl in our area. But Troy and scoop. That's the Euro was at school Clinton hurt them out on that little question now none of -- -- -- -- approached her about its. This came from her which means it cheap -- -- -- and inching inspected our children so the notion that UK and not -- George children not been slumping to stay on the -- deviant behavior -- at almost in plain. On TL I don't equates sexual overtones and sitcoms with deviant behavior. 110 -- the idiocy is a deviant behavior I would suggest that she learned that from people that she sees. In her house perhaps her parents. I involved in things and and she did learn that from television. Now now now yeah. You can make it so option I wanna -- public albeit in this weekend we can have an agreement on. But if we want irresponsible parent allow that child who took all of B agent error. So that will not understood now with more and stations. Where she actually you didn't pick up these deviant behavior so -- he would not. But that but don't know there's nothing on television deal is gonna tell a child to do with this little girl did at the school is nothing. And you even go back to our company that is the granite upon risk. And -- seem pretty priced out what he exits. Well because it beat it actually will be. And I'd say it's old it's it's it's it T element have to get to a break and I'm I'm really going to call from Memphis we -- heading in this direction for a long time and the very people. Who. Say they weren't affected by sexual content on the very ones now saying that younger generations are affected by sexual content explained to me. How you were affected by sexual content. It's -- showed we'll be right back with your comments and every WL among other things tonight we're talking about some recent complaints to the FCC about the CBS's sitcom two broke girls and to some people are very upset with a sexual content but yet. Either sexual content insist -- For as long as I can remember. Desperate and Jason -- WWL. -- Hello Jason. Under I could. On what that one city you know all the talk about an election. Usually. People grow its market or are you know that many people watch that -- Home I remembered me. You know tribute about two years ago and -- an intention to play. I hear you know and it's one point 21 point three million viewers well. And and -- -- what I think it's I think it's a very popular show I don't have the ratings economy. It's a show that a lot of people miss because it's Monday night at 730 and they're focusing on Monday Night Football. You know the football's over may be more people will watch it in his controversies gonna cause a lot of people start to want to know. I completely agree that. People don't like should -- it. It will partisan matter -- -- personal responsibility. I mean China can teach at the -- quote not your country can do you walk into your country. Nowadays at all about what. In the country do you wanted to -- shall do you Jason I I agree that I'm getting tired you Jason I gotta get to a news break here appreciate you calling. What about personal responsibility. You put something on TV as -- issue not forced to watch it then. Why you so concerned about it I'm -- ever come right back after that is on -- WL.

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