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Scoot Show 1-16 10pm Sexually charged TV shows

Jan 16, 2014|

: according to a report from Fox News… the FCC has received about 100 complaints about the CBS show ‘2 Broke Girls.’ The complaints focus on sexually oriented content on broadcast TV during prime time viewing hours. Is this really anything new? “Seinfeld,” “Frasier,” “All in the Family,” “Maude,” and “Married with Children” on Fox’s own network all had sexually oriented content. So why the hysteria now?

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There's a full moon in the sky nights as somebody said that there was a full moon last night this is normally a full I thought tonight was the full motor and any event. Beautiful moon and -- it's my understanding that this system is a full moon and you know recently. I talked about some of the submitted studies that. Indicated today and really there's no direct correlation between full moon -- an abnormal human behavior. If you missed that we'll talk more about it coming up after the news at 11 o'clock. So if you get a chance just enjoy the full moon which is hanging up in the sky tonight -- witness. We're talking about -- controversy that was so on Fox News dot com website. About the FCC recently receiving about a hundred complaints about the CBS sitcom two broke girls. And complaints focus on sexual overtones. And content considered inappropriate for children. And -- -- blog tonight is sent over talking about it's titled sex hypocrisy and big government. And again I just find it's so interesting that to generations today. And that are the establishment in making decisions. Are so concerned about. Superficial things I think things are superficial. On like sexual overtones in in in TV shows having a negative impact on young generations when they were exposed to. Sexual overtones in many TV shows over the years. And that they don't feel like they have been adversely affect. And in the context of the times all in the family and Maude shows like three's company that there were -- sexual overtones. In. Many of the shows that we watch I'm talking about the shows from the fifties and early sixties but after that. When the baby boomer generation. That started to started to change the the the attitude of of the world that the country. Then it shows started to to push the limit with content and that generation is now the establishment might find it very hypocritical that they are so concerned about. Young generations today with sexual content win. Time when they were watching television they were exposed shows that really -- content to the limit. And yet I don't think that they would argue that they were adversely affected. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. In a text number is 87870. Here's a text that -- said there you go again with the sex with sex as a topic. Can you not find. A subject of intellectual content. For those of us. On whom are not sexually perverted. Once again man get a boyfriend I don't doubt you'd get off on these discussions for lack of better. Freeze solid -- because it's your perverted way. I don't see how. A story that I got from foxnews.com. Is. Indicate not that I feel the need to defend myself but for anybody who shares this this techsters. Opinion. I talk about a lot of different things on the show. When topic like this comes up. And it's so indicative. Of a mentality in this country. People being hypocritical. The baby boomer stamp which meant being look I'm a baby boomers but I'm not always proud of hypocrisy of my generation. So concerned about younger generations when they themselves were exposed to things. And yet. They think they turned out okay. Where they would not blame what they were exposed to. On four for negative behavior and again it is it is important to judge. Everything in the context of the world in which it exist it. Mean it even The Beatles in the music of The Beatles that today if you look listen to their music and you look at their hairstyle she wants an outrageous. How ignorant you have to be to not understand how outrageous it was in the context of those times. So it's it's -- it's absolutely ignorant. To take things out of context and in and judge them today. And I don't think anything in two broke girls is any more revolutionary from a sexual standpoint. That shows like all the family -- marked. If you gonna join Russia with a comet tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And -- tech's number is 87870. I get to more pure text here more vehicles here just a moment but as promised I wanna I -- share with you -- was under Jimmy Fallon the other night I missed it I saw at the next day. I'm Jimmy Fallon came out dressed as Bruce Springsteen. How Bruce Springsteen looked in in the seventies you know what kind of the fro. And the the red Bandana. And the jeans and I think a sleeveless shirts you know obviously the -- -- -- Bruce Springsteen personal Jimmy Fallon did a really good job of imitating Bruce Springsteen. And Springsteen came out and joined the the song it's a parody of born to run. And it's it's making fun of Chris Christie the governor of New Jersey it's making fun of Chris Christie's. Whole situation how involved was see the whole. On detour routing traffic over. Changing lanes to get back in -- mayor. In New Jersey who didn't endorse Chris Christie so here's the parody of born to run. I don't know I can and do these live. Oh. Still has translated on the GW. Hey she Dan. Total loser over because we -- And then go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rest the real thing here. It was Jimmy Fallon doing Bruce Springsteen now Bruce Springsteen comes in just. Yeah me OK. Here's where we're taught us. Then here and and you my team okay. Okay. Okay. Good news then. Those elements into Jimmy Fallon show Jimmy found -- do an excellent job of Bruce Springsteen and brings Bruce Springsteen joining him. Parity and born to -- all about the year Chris Christie. Bridge gate scandal in New Jersey if you're holds they would this this is this -- show we're talking about I'm controversy concerning two broke girls. But CBS. Here's a text that reads. No sorry -- two broke girls often way over the top. Well maybe it is way over the top but the question is do you have to watch it and if people want to watch it shouldn't they have that choice. Here's another -- 23 and I find all these sitcoms. Use wait too much language two broke girls is nothing but dirty jokes disgusting. OK that's fine. Then don't watch. But what about the people who choose that for -- of entertainment. Should they not be allowed to watch it. I'm -- him to be right back on WL. Are you concerned that sexual content in sitcom hurts younger generation's. Answer -- -- W a pretty general opinion poll here's an update. 74% say yes and 26% say no but I have yet to talk to anybody who has explained to me. How. Sexual content in sitcoms really does hurt a young generation. I'm not promoting the content. And I realize that there's a lot on TV. But I also see a lot of parallels in arguments today. That date back to the mid seventies and actually that the late sixties. My sexual content in -- comes in yet generation that grew up with those shows in the past don't think anything was wrong with them. Even though they were exposed to too content that was. Really pushing the limit so. Where's the evidence that it really does. Her young people today. Here's a -- I challenge someone to find -- more sexual character on network television and blanch Deborah -- on the golden girls. That's an excellent point. Anybody. That. Is protesting. Two broke girls. Anybody who is protesting. Were complaining about sexual content. In sitcoms. Must also complain about golden girls. Which is still on in reruns. And it's still very funny. And -- Deborah Rowe is still. One of those kind of ladies. This goes to show you that you really never over your price. Often ignore short Ed your under the WL. It's good I don't say I'm good and I I think I think it is the I believe it or late. Now led to a brought up are strictly. It was a little bit more subdued -- yet that. But now when you watch certain -- so like for example what are they chose. Its two and a half dead. You're not gonna get more. Actually. Did just that that a show like that but I think it's just more direct more open -- -- war. Well I got that -- that word yeah. And it's it's definitely different today but in the context of the times in which those shows hired they were pushing the limit. All in the family. All -- the family was criticized by the establishment -- but was -- the number one rated show. And it was over rated show because people wanted to watch it so why should one group tell another group that they don't have a right to watch that. As long as you're responsible for your behavior I have this problem with. This idea that. That if people want to tell everybody else what they should and should not view. And tell them how to lead their -- I think it's a big problem in this country. And when you go back to all in the family at the time that show was absolutely. Sexually. Outrageous. So and -- in the context of the times it was as blatant as a show could possibly be in the same way that shows today or as blatant as they can possibly be but if if you're not forced to watch it then what's the problem. But I only thing as I do believe that show at all or. He bore all the like for Apple's that it nightlife you can't get -- correct that bought it -- -- and tight. I think it's the responsibility. Of the hour. As they don't let the kids -- said that our. Fed. All that's the whole point of this this discussion and it's it's really about to parenting it's about choice it's about it's about being an active parent in and stop boring about. Hi everybody else stop trying to ban things for other people that you think are inappropriate do you think it's inappropriate and then don't watch it. And and really I think a lot of people lose sight of the fact. That that it is the audience it is it's it's you it's me. It's us it's the audience that actually tells the net -- what to put on TV and what to keep on TV. -- we tell them what we wanna see. By what we watched and on political show thanks -- a committee -- a rich you're a discussion. I didn't think you know essentially and the -- and on he meets certain to be getting. Opt out watch seventy I'll probably wasn't some gun smoke from lights that each critical comments he used to. I'm pregnant. Little -- haven't had a different French every week and her -- to let everybody know that they enjoy what you really good terror. Are out and -- Barney and Thelma Lou -- there smiling at each other already taken about eight so. Yeah I agree with you. I mean if you think of one set it. I can be show it's on the turn your two year old girl shoot what would you allow parent didn't get what. Rich I think that's a really good point I'm glad you called this really does come down the parent. I hear is attacks that reads these trashy shows. Come on basic cable cable so it's hard. To not be subjected. To broke girls the Big Bang theory Two and a Half Men too trashy. Talking about. Eight balls of Coke and three ways. Isn't family viewing. Well if you don't know what an eight ball of -- news. They're talking about an -- ball of Coke isn't gonna tell you what it is it's not gonna promoted it's not gonna tell you that it's okay to do it. If you don't know what a three way news. Reference to a three way. Isn't going to introduce you into what a three way -- If it if you hear that the phrase three way. That's not gonna make you wanna become part of that. As the world changes it takes. More and more extremes in every different area not just sex it takes extremes and every different area. To. Maintain the audience's attention. And that's unfortunately. Human nature. So again I just don't see it being that different today from the way it was in the past. Here's attacks I don't recall telling the networks. I wanna see trash. I guess that's why I don't watch TV. And innuendo is one thing outright explicitly talking. Is another so what happens when a kid goes mommy what's an eight ball. Well then maybe you shouldn't be watching the show with your kid. If you're not prepared to answer questions. About it. About things that kids are exposed to whether it's in the supermarket. Or on television. Then. Maybe you should reassess being a parent. Not trying to come down harder on parents here but isn't it your job to know how to answer questions. Every parent is put in that position. You figure out based on what your kids know -- figure out a way to answer the question mommy what's an eight ball. You know what son or daughter. I don't know how you answer this a bit I mean and I guess I'm saying I don't know how you would answer yes you have to know your kid in order to answer it. But you can say it's an adult matter in if you don't make a big deal about -- chances are the kid's gonna drop a for Memphis Chris you're on Demi WL. In any year -- eucharist. That's what it's. Ever. Been Russia that in check out two broke girls. And immediately it was an embryo for me -- -- no one degrading to -- women. I hit it. Championship. Cheaply or. Any ambition to improve themselves. But again it's it's like you say. You watch. But you don't find that -- you didn't find that entertaining so you don't watch it but he if somebody else finds it entertaining shouldn't they be able to watch it. Absolutely but at that point something out what went out the equipment. Working from. Did you. God one. Add some set up -- on the air and it and everything they were talking about the the mechanical thing. -- -- What do -- -- -- from school. And you know not take care of cells that we just thought I mean it's definitely it's not just that -- Judge well you everywhere. It was. Good -- to police. And worked great and and and the Q what are the channel if you're not going to be they're just super -- now. So it's not just the sitcom that trash until the option trashy. You know they talk about things -- it. You know slowly. If you you know. If you get to if you get technical about it there are things on some of the shows with the doctors did talk about things very explicitly. A -- is is part of humanity. That's not to suggest inappropriate sex in any way and you define that by your own personal morals. But sexiest part of humanity. And therefore it is a topic that is discussed and should be discussed. But Vinatieri in a very respectful way but you know one of the complaints about. About to broker -- to the FCC you know I'll read -- -- read a couple of complaints again. But the complacent centered around using what I can say the word but I choose not to. Because I think you know and radio words -- even more powerful than on TV because there's no visual. But it's you know it's the medical term it's the I I choose not to. But there was criticism of using those words will be FCC -- crackdown on that -- SEC cracks down on that then you have to stop the doctor shows and talking about those things. Where exactly and and it. It just exactly what you said yeah. How can you. To be ended. If you didn't turn the channel that would talk radio. It like the subject each -- channel it -- actually nobody is forcing you to do it. But it got responsible parenting. To. Show you -- So. You don't like in the -- -- church -- they eat yeah -- -- responsibility turn the channel. Chris I totally agree with you -- magical from Memphis here's a text. Oh and oh this is a great way to answer the question if some kid wants -- no money what's an eight ball. This text reads it's the black ball on a pool table. Perfect explanation. Equip yourself with -- If your parent. Here's a text about two broke girls had two broke girls is basically Laverne and Shirley with -- -- language. Another victories the whole show is about them trying to better themselves. From Kent Markus a year on the -- -- to -- W good evening. -- 09. Markets lose. -- and mark I'm sorry. Astute and patience. -- -- -- agreed that it's huge apology. -- -- yes laboratories to watch or to not watch. He would -- earlier get away from that that. Lot of thought that the policy. Center earlier. It is registered to prepare shall shall. From from Arctic execute what awaits on how to do so. Should. All of the experts say closest -- know people -- like the site at different I think we only. To liberals for example. Is on. On different topics. -- that day. A lot it was. A lot of hours. You don't. For example what's -- Archie they would -- Just bought almost kind of different topics every week you. You know I did today Marcus if I -- Davis junior. Kiss somebody like Archie bunkers character on television Baghdad it was a black guy kissing a white guy today it would be about two guys kissing. You know that troll. Or so you know is that week to week. The subject matter was different even though so people are. So all that's so typical Archie can talk about is all. That. So -- Or more to make then had a different -- And so what we're talking about in Asia. So you're what you're saying is that all the family had since social redeeming value in that they did deal with issues but when he -- I understand their borders but when he does come down to. The things that are criticized its its the sexual content and and in the above and beyond any message that would be on two broke girls or or two and half mend their people who would complain about the contents of those shows. And I think what concerns me is this idea -- you're you're well wait you you're watching two and a half you watching Two and a Half Men you're watching two broke girls. And -- it shouldn't take you long to figure out the direction of which the shows are going in terms of content so if you find it offensive. Why are you watching it's it's not like and I mentioned this earlier it's not like -- you're watching Little House on the Prairie and all of a sudden something comes -- about a threesome. And ask users to. Recruit. And recruit that it wouldn't you if you music or however we're. -- like to ask you. You write about. -- This statement just made its careful adults -- -- sort of regulatory deal. Sugar -- I want you are subject matter. That is not easy. One reason aren't out -- -- language. Racial situation. What we. Can get what you want to show. To watch what you thought. Or whether it's sports politics where somewhere along the draw. In -- -- to try and have a choice if you don't. -- and in -- in our society and in this country one of our great freedoms which is often misunderstood is is. The freedom to create entertainment and contents on radio or on television whether it's about politics for sex. Without the government intervening and the FCC is part of the executive branch of government. So real a real tricky situation will be asked the government to start controlling content because of the controls one aspect of content. Then depending on who's in the White House they can try to control another aspect of contact. So it cannot figure out what -- -- on watching it is one more aspirin it's okay. The problem is we can't trust the Nazis in otherwise SEC. In what should be like the terror. And we try to do that. Marcus I'm glad you called the show we shouldn't trust anybody to be parents. Except parents. Here's a brilliant text that reads equip yourself with knowledge. This could block tonight is titled sex hypocrisy and big government. You might totally agree with me it might give you could a new way of looking at hypocrisy of big government him. Similar things that people I think are over reacting to today in terms of sects in in in sitcoms and not promoting them and I'm not saying you should watch if it's not for you than. Then don't watch it and don't like your kids watch if you don't think it's it's right for them and I would hope that you would say that some of these shows are not right for your kids. But let's not get hysterical and think that it's. That's what's going to lead to the demise of young generations because young generations that are now grownup. What were exposed to sexual content that comes. And they don't excuse the behavior so why excuse behavior today on these these shows. This is this good show and then we're coming right back -- -- your comments or more of your text. And -- W. This. While the hurt you don't know you don't know. This is the voice of Allen Toussaint. Tomorrow the mentally ill show you its music legend -- to stand in line with Angela. From three to four renowned singer songwriter producer musician. One of the most influential figures in music in New Orleans. It's excludes other nights were building coal mine would dream and the list goes on the celebrated southern New Orleans -- once again nominated for a Grammy. For best American troops on the shrimp po boy dressed at best Americana album. -- Don't miss alleged Geri Allen to -- tomorrow at 3 o'clock. Fabulous way to start the weekend it's Angela an open mind weekdays from one to four here on WWL here's an update on RWQ -- pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Hi are you concerned that sexual content in -- -- young generations. 74% say yes and 26% saying nobody yet. I have not heard any body called with. A real explanation of how it actually hurts. Younger generations. And also we've been talking about since there's criticism of this this show. Two broke girls we've also been talking about some of the shows that. Did blatantly especially in the context of the times blatantly implied sex. When it went powered or Marion would say Howard I'm feeling frisky or Marion. I'm feeling frisky and they would run upstairs. What do you think they were going upstairs to do. You know what they were going upstairs to do I know what they were going upstairs to do so. Whether it was -- or not it was obvious what they were gonna go upstairs to do. Here's a text that says so why have the FCC at all -- Well the FCC does a lot more than deal with with content. And over the years and ended being in this business this is something that I've I've followed over the years. The FCC has really left it up to communities. To determine what is acceptable and what is an acceptable. And again I I think when it comes to content. It's very frightening that a branch. Of the executive. Branch of government. The FCC. Would -- have an impact. On content. The FCC. Deals with a lot of things involving the regulation of a broadcasting the regulation television radio stations and they do a lot more than than just to deal with content Brian you're on WW LB leading. I just had a comment about the real -- I think it. What about on that it just -- -- hole. That. I take personal responsibility. You know what you're saying earlier you don't want it they'll want to you'll hear it he would tell them the I've got three kids might. You know might find them the appropriate for them. I just turn the channel but all right actually we think it's funny and there's nothing. Necessarily equating about it like that it's just time people's. Being so you get there be certain things that we got that -- You -- -- adopted in these people on the appropriate. And Brian I agree it not only is it this idea that qualify find it offensive and everybody needs to find it offensive it's also this mentality of well if I don't like it then I don't want anybody to -- and there's -- there is this this mentality in America today. I've had many people have of of trying to infiltrate the lives of individuals when it comes to on specific value uses specific. On ideas of what's -- you what's wrong and again where we're not talking about. Doing anything physically wrong we're we're talking about references and again added it's my contention that. If you don't already know being you don't understand the references the references don't actually explain anything to you. Yeah and it like that violent you know violent video games everybody trying to blame. You know violent hit and whatnot on video games in 08. You know not -- these video game because they're violent. It's the apparent pay attention to the video games and see what their rating is to see what -- -- in the -- -- -- it right there ought. Just like with the blue beer anything else they're rated and it's up to the parent to actually be paired. Dipped into the -- they're giving their children's -- that you what they're allowing their children to watch. And if they find it inappropriate for their children that they need. Brian it sounds like you're an active father and that's all we can ask you could be an end to. Some parents some adults don't take the time to do that and they want things band as opposed to stepping in and doing their job. As a parent and you should be cognizant of what your kids are exposed to what they're watching. And monitor. Much of those things that they watched right neglects to time to call our show. I hear is attacks to it's. He -- are jumping all over the place because come and so rapidly as of today. Still all of the family had a warning when it first came on. It was so over the top for its time people need to get a grip. Again it's so easy to say always not it's it's different today. It's different today. But when you think about the context in which The Beatles came out. The context in which all the family was on TV. These things both pushed the limits of norms of the establishment. And what's happening today is really no different. I'm -- and we'll be back under the WL. -- what do you think Fuzzy was doing with the Polanski triplets. -- mean he wasn't playing leapfrogged. It might seem similar to that professional -- front. I here's a -- -- here's what's fun. When your eight year old daughter asks you would male enhancement and erect tile dysfunction are sometimes the commercials get -- When you weren't even watching anything controversial. That'll teach you to get up during the commercials and -- at the state put during the commercials. Remembered that kids don't need much information. And if they ask for it then then give it -- But what if what if some kid asks what's male enhancement or erectile dysfunction what he says that it's it's a medical thing that involves meant. Most kids will accept that answer. People tend to put their. Their brains. In the bodies of children. And they they see the world the way they think a child should see it forgetting that a child doesn't have the same reference points in life. They're adults now. A -- -- Charles here on WWL. -- group -- two despite her show pushes the boundaries that night. Well you know. Allegory that which you all -- on this story Politico I HBO because they. They start itself -- he started to Atlanta again. And you know I agree element in the broadcast TV is just do you know -- -- -- liberty. And -- felt like that you know you're in -- lack turn out. Well. I don't think those things should be promoted. During hours when kids are most likely to to to watch it quite -- Outcome that now now you're now you're -- -- when you're in the oh well it's going to be. -- -- Charles wherever -- Charl Charlie you can argue that no it's not about offending some unit tell me that there's no difference. Between showing sex. And non sexual nudity and sex innuendoes YouTube is -- David's been showing sex and sexual innuendo. On what. Not really ought to outlook view you know you know I mean you're hearsay and -- stop its. So Charles Charles and there's no difference in your mind between saying a threesome. And actually showing the activities of a threesome there's no difference. Well again. And then it began and HDTV you know it's. Hi Charles really listen I really enjoyed this conversation. Charles may be the result of the uniform and -- -- tonight. So there's no difference between a sexual innuendo and actually showing the act that's implied in the innuendo really.