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Jan 17, 2014|

according to a report from Fox News… the FCC has received about 100 complaints about the CBS show ‘2 Broke Girls.’ The complaints focus on sexually oriented content on broadcast TV during prime time viewing hours. Is this really anything new? “Seinfeld,” “Frasier,” “All in the Family,” “Maude,” and “Married with Children” on Fox’s own network all had sexually oriented content. So why the hysteria now?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Got a text earlier telling me that there was a full moon last night in his salute again tonight it really a beautiful moon hanging up in the sky is sign this -- to get a chance take a look at take a look at it. There's a heart talk about whether or not strong the full moon causes people to do crazy things. Yeah. -- Last year when it was a full -- night I did some research. And I've talked about earlier that night and you know we hear from police and emergency room nurses and doctors and medical health peoples -- there's an increase in strange activity during a full moon. So I wondered is it really true or is it just perception because sometimes perception. Is not reality. So I looked up some information about full moons and human behavior. And it's always been in this this mysticism about this object in the sky for for humans the -- And even though man is walked on the moon there's still this mysterious. Power about the -- even when it comes to modern day life. The word lunacy comes from Luna the Roman goddess of the moon. And one definition of lunacy is those moments of insanity believed to be related to phases of the -- Now person who is acting in a crazy way you're an abnormal way is often described as being a lunatic. And I've been referred to that quite often on the show. A nineteenth century in nineteenth century English. Lawyers actually used the defense. Not guilty by reason of the former. To prove that their client should not be held responsible for their crimes. That we hear about not guilty by reason of insanity not guilty by reason the full that's how much respect there was for the full blown. But the relationship between the moon and human behavior. Along time ago was when it was documented from a scientist in a military commander believes that the full moon created heavy do. They heavy do need the rain. Extremely moist and that affected behavior. The power the full moon to turn somebody into aware wolf has been part of literary and has since 1941. So I guess it's easy to understand it is full moon has this this image of having power over people's behavior. Also before modern lighting the delight of the full moon kept people awake -- -- And the lack of sleep sometimes lead to behavior that was out of the ordinary. The full moon also provided light for people to continued drinking and participating and -- able to botch re willing to the night. And they wouldn't on nights when the moon wasn't full so these are some of the reasons why the full -- has gotten this image the phases of the moon to affect the tides of the oceans. And since the body is between 65 and 75% water some people believe well the moon must have an impact on the body is well. On -- most of the blame for violent crime suicides epileptic seizures births deaths sleep deprivation. When you think about the the effect the -- has on tides. It's my understanding from from what I've read that. That's large large bodies of water. The gulf. Seas. Oceans. But when it comes to any closed late. That doesn't have. Access to ours not to is not subject to. The ties have a large ocean -- the Gulf of Mexico for example. Then those smaller bodies of water or not really affected by the move. And so the argument is -- so in the human body would not really be affected by the faces of the -- So. The answer really is no did despite the belief from police officers and -- nurses and doctors and mental health professionals and even the general public. Strange behavior. Does not. Technically increased during a full -- There are no studies that support this meant to be really cool with a full moon does this to -- that would that would make for better talk radio then. Being honest about it say the moon really doesn't have this effect. And doesn't that also explained that the nature of of of entertainment the nature of media in general. If the moon ahead. If if I had information here in front of it said the moon definitely causes abnormal behavior. That would be a lot more interesting. And that would lead to more calls -- more reaction. Then study showing that there's no direct correlation between the full moon. And and behavior. And if your reasons why there is this myth that has created and there's this perception that the full moon causes people to do weird things that I. You know I I've I've talked to people over the years and on talk radio and they've. Said that people act strange during a form. But they're there are no studies that really show this to be over fifty year period were some studies and we're we're following behavior. Over fifty year period. They were just a very very few studies that established a correlation between the full moon and abnormal behavior. But follow up studies prove that the original conclusions. Were absolutely falls. So you -- romanticize about the full moon and its relationship on human behavior. But if you believe that than your lunatic. Now on their -- absence of scientific evidence about the full moon tonight in and I I guess -- we've had a few listeners tonight that might make you believe that the full -- must have an impact on school children nine people were calling and texting. But in reality. Those types of calls and checks come in every night so again today it would be really cool if I had the information -- -- -- be careful tonight. Be careful because the full moon does have an impact on when in reality it's. It really doesn't. Obviously a blog tonight which is -- turning on our website at WW dot -- is titled sex hypocrisy and big government. According to a story that I found it to foxnews.com. The Federal Communications Commission the FCC. Recently received about 100 complaints about the CBS sitcom two broke girls. And complaints focused on sexual overtones and content considered to be inappropriate for children. To broker -- comes on at 730 on Monday night on CBS. The back in 1975. The FCC established a family viewing hour from 7 PM to 8 PM New Orleans stock. And that was voluntarily accepted by the three major networks at the time CBS. NBC. And ABC. So as a result of the family viewing hour in 1975. All of the family was just by far the top rated show CBS voluntarily moved it to the 8 o'clock hour outside of the family viewing hour. Last year the FCC began to review its indecency policies for cases involving isolated expletives. And non sexual nudity. For example what happened with Janet Jackson and her wardrobe malfunction with Justin Timberlake halftime at the Super Bowl. Or a football players that -- let the F bomb fly. After game Joseph Falco did that. Geared to the superdome after the after the Super Bowl last year. -- but this has led to an outcry the FCC reconsidering its indecency policies involving these isolated cases. It's just led to an outcry -- it is causing people to predict that the use of profanity in the sight of nudity is gonna become common on broadcast networks and this is gonna lead to the deterioration of America. There are some groups and individuals who seem to be obsessed with this fear. That broadcast television is -- cobra. This obsession is nothing -- In the mid 1970s there were TV producers like Norman Lear. Who were challenging the limits of content on television shows like on the family and law. And there was deep concern that television would cause the downfall of young generations however. Many people who were young when they were watching that are now part of this new establishment. It is it is so concerned about a young generation today aren't giving -- -- pretty -- opinion poll is is is very interesting to me tonight. The question is are you concerned that sexual contact in sitcoms. Hurts young generations. The last time I checked 74%. Said yes. And 26% said now. And yet. Where where are the callers. -- are the text. The can actually say from personal experience. They were affected. By seeing. Sit -- that included sexual innuendoes. I'm not for blatant sex on TV. I'm not promoting sexual content on TV. But I also think it's important for parents to understand that. You have a responsibility. And you have a right to monitor what your kids watching if something is not it's not appropriate for your kids then don't let them watch it. And I find it interesting that the baby boomer generation many were young and then in the mid seventies and I guess that would be the early part of the part don't lighter part of that the baby boomer generation. They defended the freedom of television in in the bowl direction the television took when they were young put it reflected the attitudes of their generation but today many of those people were so fearful. About the impact of the content on television on use today and yet. How that it really affect you. Here are some of the complaints to the FCC about two broke girls. On the -- the completion generally sit around sexual content on the and suggestions of self gratification and again I can use those words I -- I choose not to but I can use those words. One complaint reads. I feel it's soft porn talking about two broke girls. No wonder our countries in the condition it is the end when shows like this. Are on the year. Another complaint to the FCC reads I tolerated enough when it was on cable due to the fact that I chose to purchase cable. But now public television is riddled with sexual overtones at inappropriate material for children still another comment to the FCC. I've said this. I'm asking that the FCC do their job and remove these types of television shows from our public broadcasting systems. I have served my country with honor. And I am proud to say that I am an American. But when we continuously allow these types of shows to air I am rather embarrassed and ashamed of us. As a country. That same comment could have been made by somebody -- was talking about all in the family. In the seventies. So is it really that much worse in the context of the world that we live in today. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a -- number is 87870. And spied from three WL joins us on -- W else but good evening. I don't power I'm doing it. I'm looking at the net income race and what struck me is that. I think the -- -- people more and are sure. I need. But it's I regret that -- -- so -- -- in our short term it's blatant it's not let. You know a lot of weight street spring and and you don't want -- -- -- critical juncture and from. -- -- First all critical juncture. In law got -- -- Obama Joseph and -- -- so. It worked at a hotel. You know there were a little better come down on the tracks I mean that bought it and I mean. Short and petticoat. What are your initial and yeah. I do remember the opening where they pulled their their their petty coats off the side of the water tower which meant they were follow flicking in the water tower. -- looking -- -- -- term say that the Obama you know rollicking -- -- good way to vehicle code that would limit it. Oh you know. -- America. You know you got or whether there mr. Bill Cunningham -- what you are but at all. You're -- -- you know. That's true is that there were implications about funds even the guys were always trying to get lucky I've I've. I believe it's always been they are -- it it I understand what you're saying and it is it is. It is different today. The question is the context of the world today how much more outrageous is it then some things that came out in the show -- Well mark whispered out letters and it age and are both camps are. Re back though. I don't it just kept on are -- due -- it's it's even not public dollars. -- and public airwaves. During -- Well look there there oh sure outcrop log on an Olympic Medal purple all. But -- a double -- batteries if nobody it'll go away. Well exactly and I think that's that's that's my point it's a show that I haven't seen because when -- get off on Monday nights because of Monday Night Football had been watching Monday Night Football it comes on at 730 so. I haven't watched the show or I'm on the air when it's on so I -- I haven't invested in that joke I've seen Promos sport it looks like it's funny but again I've I've never seen the show. On if it's something that somebody doesn't like -- not buy -- I agree that it don't watch it but. Some people are gonna find it it's funny united I just -- I just I just senses the degree to -- receive with with my generations so. Fearful and concerned about a young generation when I think sometimes we forget. And how much there was that the establishment at the time was concerned with us and we think we turned out OK we're just worried about the younger generation today. But I think maybe you can also let that our generation. Remember all the stuff that we do you know like I sit here and look at my reach here. And entertainers to -- younger as well. And I think on some of the try to get away -- and get out Ager and in my early morning don't. Look you that I can call it map drop it like I can now I don't want them to do that cheap and it can't call or put a point in time forever. To. Alert about stroke like to you know it are two men. It's. -- job and that now. Most popular comedy. Short of the I think maybe -- -- -- probably a little bitty chip -- Problem that the teenagers make a market and how much -- And I I think that's the yeah I think that's the course of action -- I think that's what you do and obviously that's something that you do you -- -- -- right you can't. You can't shelter you kids from reality you can shielded them from things in your home. But they're gonna inevitably hear about things at school or as somebody else's house so you have to prepare for them. To be exposed to things so they know how to deal with the temptations that they're exposed. It's just like when you're nine I mean I had that conversation on the -- so did you talk about it. Your kids are gonna drink unless they -- have been touched by at the holy spirit and don't want to your kids are gonna drink ago. What I want to collar telephone seventeen and gets what I'm lucky that all it was a couple of months opened and get -- The simple fact of the matter is we've had conversations and going. I am already like my daughter you know. In the about music like that Spain has -- champagne -- -- at first campaign new music. She knows what it -- -- are we gonna. We're gonna let her traits then -- -- in front books so that she knows what it is fortunately that you -- -- would -- and -- would stop. You know before we collateral -- Well I think that's Smart if you teach your kids. To look both ways when they cross the street why we should not teach that something is potentially dangerous is has not drinking responsibly and I totally agree with you. -- -- And you know but we all worry about that his parents. Money. But I enjoy it conversations spot in the WL but thanks for calling. -- -- -- -- Now as you -- for your comic tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And I text number is it's of these sanity or your comments next on this coach you know. On -- WL two people died today I'm the guy who played the professor. On Gilligan's Island passed away. -- -- -- -- the sexual overtones and actually. Become a wasn't everybody trying to look they're stuck on this island was and everybody tried to pair everybody up. All right mr. mrs. Howell were married so you'd you know I was a kid -- grew up in thought okay they're out of the equation. But I'm trying to figure out who's -- ginger who's with Marianne. He's -- and we ginger. I don't know I -- we we all we are that we all thought about that and also the other person passed away today at the state -- state match. And he was a guy who played. Reuben Kincaid. The agent on the -- percent. There was some interesting scenes with Reuben Kincaid and little Danny. We're kind of on the same level it was it was it -- him anywhere our thoughts and prayers are with them and and their families. Here's a text you should listen to the Family Guy song. Freaking FCC. Pretty funny. I'm sure it is here's attacks. If there's a problem -- if this is a problem that I can't wait to see the outcome after the Super Bowl halftime show with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Our choir boys. I don't see I don't anticipate. Any. Any problem at all. But I guess you'd you'd never really know these the other night on the golden global awards the sensors were not around. -- and a Diane Keaton came up in Indy accepting an award for Woody Allen. Paying tribute to Woody Allen she let the -- -- -- wasn't done -- wasn't. It was it. It was -- this. That's right -- when does it wasn't -- there wasn't I Diane Keaton. -- when this comes up to it accept an award and she lets the NBS bomb fly. And as I said the other night against the sensors were pretty comfortable and -- visits come into the the podium you know you guys to take a break right now I think we're okay here well I guess not. Here's a text I would like to believe that Sam the butcher. Was not just taking -- the housekeeper on the Brady Bunch show out to dinner and a movie only. You see and I always I always had a feeling that that Alice had arise on mrs. Brady. A Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan tanning hill's wife left of rifle in the back of a rented SUV at the Fort Lauderdale airport. The next person -- the card noticed it and then they realized who read the car before and so they realize that it was Ryan ten hill's wife who. Leftists a semi automatic weapon weapon and our company are fifteen. In the back of of an issue be that was -- They see that's understandable isn't it I mean sometimes you just forget you've got your rifle which. Actually I say that sarcastically because I would really like to to believe that anybody who is. Carrying around a rifle Oregon of any kind I'd like to think that it's pretty top of mind that they have that with them or maybe Carrie its so often you just. Forgot to have it it didn't -- -- out of town you're in a rent a car and you've got an a stuff here that doesn't make sense however as far as I know no charges are expected to be filed. The US Supreme Court is debating whether a federal gun ban on those with misdemeanor domestic violence records. Can be applied to states with the law doesn't say physical force must be used in such a case. Essentially the justices said I have I've heard arguments. About whether or not. The government ban. Can apply to. State laws concerning people who have been convicted or have admitted guilt. In a misdemeanor domestic violence cases should they be allowed to own a gun. And also in less than a month. Two different federal judges have struck down state bans on gay marriage. For the same reason. The -- are a violation of equal rights under the constitution. I don't know whether you realize this or not but this debate is just about over. It doesn't mean that they are not going to be. A lot of debates about this and people are gonna continue kicking and screaming about this this this change. But this debate is just about. Completely over. And it would be time to focus on something else I would I would think you mean you're you're entitled to your opinion I may not change that but when you look at the constitution. Which is for a -- which is is rather avoid. Of religion. It's it's about the law. I don't think it's anybody's gonna successfully argued that two consenting adults don't have the right to get married. Now these two federal judges will have an impact on what other judges. The rule in cases like this in -- or a multitude of cases. More that could end up before the Supreme Court. And I was reading today that these that these federal judges and how they rule might actually have an impact on how the Supreme Court justices rule. So there will be more cases before the supreme court of course we'll talk about it but essentially this debate is over. And it it it's it doesn't mean that we are an immoral nation. It just means that we are continuing to progress. And recognize individual freedom. And majority opinion. Never supersede the rights of individuals. And let's remember there was a time when the Supreme Court. Ruled. That a ban on birth control pills. Was unconstitutional. So that the Supreme Court continues to. To up date. Laws on the books interpret laws on the books as being unfair. Based on right to privacy and individual rights a tomorrow on the Garland -- show it dot Dubuque will be enough for garlic tomorrow -- Friday think tank from ten to one. We're gonna bring you it's gonna happen about 10 o'clock we're gonna bring you president Barack Obama's address on reforming the NSA National Security Agency. -- the president is expected to talk about reform. Oversight of the US intelligence operations. Stemming from the disclosures by -- Snowden. -- and it's just about the broad scope of classified NSA surveillance programs including the the ball collection. A telephone records on American citizens. So president Obama's address. And then. Following that -- -- it was talked to a Don -- about it so we'll we'll get a chance to react to the president's address tomorrow that's gonna happen in about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning we'll carry that live on WWL. And I don't Dubuque will follow that also will remind you that this weekend WW relish your home for the NFL championships. And the Super Bowl. Sunday it's the AFC game first the New England Patriots in Denver against the Broncos pregame starts at 130 kickoff is at 2 o'clock followed by the NFC championship. December Cisco forty niners in Seattle. Against the Seahawks game time 530 on the news talk and sports giant of the gulf south. WWL. And a -- is -- out a full breakdown of the the two conference championship games and you can get that get it that information gets psyched up for the games on our web site. It -- WL dot com and as as a -- standard that the saints are are out of it but I'm still interested in football. And I still gonna watch these games and I'm looking forward to both of those games on Sunday. You know I I love I love Peyton Manning but. Even though I lived in Denver airport was always a huge fan of that the Broncos in it and I know people. Just hate Tom Brady but I've always had a lot of respect for Tom Brady. And the 49ers in the Seahawks. I -- be artists I hope the 49ers go to Seattle beat the Seahawks. But there are some people who want Seahawks to win. And then once they get away from that twelfth man factor and go to the Super Bowl. Then they lose in New Jersey so did their there they're talked about as a team that can only win at home. And oh how we know. How that feels here in New Orleans if you would enjoy an issue with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number. Is a 77 a -- blog tonight tennis sex hypocrisy and big government it's it's about a story there I've sought to foxnews.com. When the web sites that I project here every day. The FCC. Recently received about a hundred complaints about the CBS sitcom two broke girls. Because of sexual content. And we've been talking about -- to throughout the night in there had been other shows that it had sexual content in them in the past and generations they grew up with there with those shows. On feel like they turned out OK and they weren't specifically influenced by the content of their shows and yet. The establishment today the baby boomer generation. Is so concerned about sexual content. In TV shows today. And while the content itself might be different in the context of the world I don't know that it's really any easier today. Than it was. Years ago. And and we hold ourselves accountable for our behavior so why not hold every young generation accountable for their behavior. And this again this is another reason why I'd have to say that I'm a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. I'm proud of my generation on on many fronts but in many ways I'm -- -- I'm not in agreement with my generation because I think there's gist. Widespread hypocrisy. Within the baby boomer generation and you know I've I've talked about this on the the showed today you know I was writing about this in the other day. -- hot pants. Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez young girls are wearing really tight tight shorts today. Why -- why would you why would the establishment be criticizing those girls when the establishment grew up. Either wearing hot pants or dating girls that were hot pants. And -- remember. From every day and my wife at the time I was young when I got married the first time. And my wife for hot pants and we went out and did that dance called the bar. Which. And involved. The bopping of body parts against somebody else's body parts. And that was done it there were many times it she was wearing hot pants. When it was done. So how we -- powers of that much more different today. Then it was back then. Unless you're just willing to be. You know totally hypocritical or just -- to admit that your pitcher hypocritical. I hear is attacks to that reads the free love generation. Has gotten uptight. And two faced. Here's -- checks to if you don't like something or don't want your child to watch something on TV. You can block programs. Based on. What they're rated via the V chip or parental control Celtics. And nets and that's true you. You don't have to watch something or you don't have to what your kids watch something that you deem to be inappropriate. But that doesn't satisfy those people who are insisting on telling others how to lead their lives. And that's a prevailing attitude in America and it's I don't know why I get the impression that it's worse now than it ever has didn't. Live and let live. Especially if what two people do don't really doesn't really affect you. And if you're not forced to do something you don't wanna do. Then. Why don't we what they'd go. Now I realize that this is not a popular opinion and when it comes to talk radio. It's on its very engaging. To be one who says no you shouldn't do this they can't do that we can't allow this to happen. That kind of rhetoric. Comes across talk radio is as being very exciting and compelling. But he doesn't really -- percent logical. Mentality. It represents. A fanatical view. Of the world that represents fear and panic in yet. It is fear and panic that quite often and hysteria of the quite often drive people to the media. I think it's I think it's sad that so many people have built careers. On frightening people. And you can say the same with many. Many pastors. Are -- clutch -- Chris you're -- WWL. Tired me. Out. Or Gator. -- you're saying that there. The saint equally. Well. All I do remember that congress. Well I. Even though is being. Beat it that that. For playing the speaker. -- -- -- that rock solid state there's -- so are they they make game out there are out because pretty. It opened -- Seattle that he that are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in -- -- I don't know all right I like order a two year you know football is a very very rough arguably of violent game but the intent should not be to injure somebody but the intent is to hit somebody hard enough to. To where they they know you're out there and that might make them tentative when it comes to catching the ball. That's right number number number number number I I had a great group. Spewing up with the current owner and -- saying. But I -- tell you look there are real breaks in. Out. We did it but. Are straight -- they got an -- may bust chops to make it yeah at all they all that war. And Chris I'm very very -- and I'm disappointed in the loss -- electorate saints fans are I agree with you there were some very positive things in that game and there was so many positive things this season that. You know I'm really looking forward to the states addressing a few things and of course injuries in -- this year. But -- will we get those people back -- and the saints make a few adjustments in some areas where they need help -- I expect the saints have an incredible year next year. Either that he I don't know what tomorrow -- an -- I do what it called back and then do. Very very very there's been so proud -- -- proud of. Well Chris I'm really I'm glad you called. -- All right you have a good night. As you wanna join our show with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 26 so when he seventy. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 877. Will be right back under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- So with this new concern in new complacent going to the FCC about threes are girls are you concerned that sexual content in sitcoms hurts young generations. Has been on Debian you'll attorney general opinion poll here's an update 69%. Say yes they are concerned at 31% say no they're not. With so many people. Responding durable -- -- they are concerned about sexual content -- hurting young generations. I guess I'm still curious as to exactly. How it hurts particularly. Younger generations that need to be taught to be responsible. For their behavior. Now. I'm not voting sexual contact as much -- signs promoting freedom of expression. Of something that you don't like then you have the power and ability and the right to simply. Not watch it. A list of the most and least stressful jobs is sent to. Is what you do more stressful and being in the military. Or is it less stressful than being a hairdresser. Most of the two extremes. -- -- -- -- What's the most stressful thing that you have to face it your job that's one of the things tummy -- we'll talk about it for a mourning so -- atomic Tucker tomorrow and weekday mornings. From six to ten to be WL first news with Tommy Tucker. Here and to -- WL. And it was Justin Bieber on Los Angeles county law enforcement official. Has said that he did the right thing by sending eleven patrol cars. And dozens of officers. To execute a search warrant. And Justin Bieber six point five million dollar Los Angeles area home. Following your neighbor's complaint that Bieber had -- his house. The Los Angeles county. Police. The sheriff. Representative who's responsible here lieutenant David Thompson. Said that he did the right thing by sending eleven squad cars. And dozens of detectives to Mexican at this search warrant. He said he decided to stop short of sending in the swat team. But he said he wishes he would have had more officers on the scene. He said quote I'm being criticized for having too much but I don't think I had enough. Making that comment about Justin -- property. Is a 101000. Square foot. -- did his property is too is is 101000 square feet with a huge garage and guest house. It's just -- -- house to what is he accused of taking somebody's house. He's the the police. Lieutenant in the police department today has been criticized. For wasting taxpayers' dollars and I would think that's probably a little a little excessive a lesson patrol cars. And it doesn't have thought of officers. It's a search warrant. Because he -- -- allegedly excellent what they do look at the refrigerator for eggs. What you see a dozen eggs and that -- Ford missing must be guilty but you could defeat them. I don't I don't know it's it's it's like they were just more interested in and seeing a celebrity's home then and really worry about their safety although they did find cocaine and then I read an article it. -- a couple of Justin beavers of bodyguards of criminal records. Now you know who knows what that is to me that could be in possession of pot I'd I don't know -- of the police need to be careful not on nine. Suggesting that they they shouldn't be vigilant and and be very careful everytime an -- acute oh Warren put. Mean honestly just to be that we -- we should really be that concerned it send -- an army police. A two execute this search -- for dragging somebody's house. And I I chocolate -- if somebody tells him that's not a very nice thing to do and that they can ruin paint job. And I don't think I was ever in fall and an -- I don't remember that is a kid. A teenager driver I remember so my friends. Egging people's houses. I was never I was I was too dirty to didn't fall for anything. Like that now I did participate in rolling a few homes. And I ice I somehow remembered and if you if you like the girl. You roll their house. So what that was accomplished does that still go -- to day isn't generally houses today. -- still happens. I mean give teenagers or have you had teenagers house recently due to people still -- somebody's house. Which is taking. A toilet paper. And constantly throwing toilet paper all over the over the trees in the bushes in the plants -- needed mixed it makes quite a mess. And I guess I'm just hoping that the statute of limitations is is up. So by admitting this on the air -- somehow get get busted for being involved enrolling somebody's house. And do it very often and and I don't have my house over several I think I think it was centered on if you if you liked somebody. Do you actually. Rolled their house but again and I -- I don't remember all the dismissive of this that specifics of that. I got a text here this is bring back Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby because they show once the number one rated show in the eighties. In the same way that all the family was -- number one rated show in in the seventies and I -- that this was at a very interesting testament to how much. The media reflects an audience more than dictates behavior it reflects the audience. The audience in the seventies. Wanted to push things to the limit. That very audience. When that audience started to mature. They were married having kids that this it was a baby boomers. Buying BMW's. They were affected by things that they weren't affected by when they were younger. They became more conservative. They were moving to the suburbs and that led to a more conservative ideology that the baby boomers they were this wild liberal generation the sixties and seventies. They are the generation that fueled the conservative movement in in the eighties. Reflective of that conservative. Sentiment in America was the -- show. Which was a very wholesome show. So I think what we see is that when we start to get close to the edges of society. We do pullback. And also I I think the because we -- being popular in the eighties and all the -- leading pop in the seventies and chosen partner -- I think it shows that that the TV shows actually reflect. The audience more than dictates behavior. I'm -- and will be right back on WWL anybody who would criticize its sexual contents on television today. Would be hypocritical if they didn't -- the same criticism against golden girls. And election I got the Texans somebody earlier about blanched overall and on on golden girls. -- There was so it was blatant reference to sex in -- -- And yet for some reason that's not criticized but other things are and what I love to do when they show always is. Is try to get us to to not be hypocritical. And and and that can quite often the challenge because instinctively we react to things it's -- it's different today. Isn't really that different today than it did it has been throughout history. And when I think about the things in my generation went through with drugs sex and rock and roll. Doesn't make those things right and it doesn't mean that. In my generation. Now the establishment he shouldn't try and teach a a young generation to not make the mistakes we made that's not the point. The point is that the generation that is now the establishment. Criticizes. So harshly young generations. It's as if they eat they never did any of those things they were never tempted by any of those things. And I just I again I find that to be very hypocritical. Here's a text bill Crosby did come back on television in the early two thousands and no one watched. Because it didn't reflect the audience. TV shows like two broke girls Iran TV because people watch. You don't have to watch. But by watching. People support no show notes I also what was talking earlier tonight about its and this Fox News contributor one Williams. Who wrote an op Ed piece of foxnews.com about. -- dynasty remaining on the air during the controversy and and despite the the controversy of the comments made by Phil Robertson in an interview. Because of the money. -- Williams writes in his -- op Ed piece at foxnews.com. A television executives with the power to pull the plug on -- TV personalities don't care about left wing -- right wing. Right or wrong the only thing that matters is damage to their brand the ratings. And losing money. And that's that's true. And we also talked about how as a result of that controversy would -- dynasty and Phil Roberts and everybody was a winner. Controversy sells. When I think. John -- -- studio producers thank you for being with us tonight is -- update on tonight's -- -- -- -- general opinion poll. Are you concerned sexual content and sitcoms will have a negative impact on young generation 70% yes 30% no. Have a great evening -- New Orleans.