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1-17 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 17, 2014|

Dave talks about sex making you smarter, stick vs. automatic, and NFC/AFC Championships

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this January 17 2014. -- rarely beat. Me I am. -- Ready -- wildly again. Yeah. Okay. A couple of minutes of life. I went yeah you just wanted to get -- going dad finally try today. So welcome to Friday details of his if it wouldn't I -- in my my jacket this morning. Pretty nice short sleeves times. Well it's. You're assured slaves. And no Brightcove -- of Dakota. Comfortable in its that it would. -- texted -- into the 37 degrees in parts to that. I -- -- -- minimum investment men and honestly I got an unknown hammonds forty flogged by the chili's -- I can -- -- new roads and 41 says. That's knowledge went back out there. So on -- on home. That's I think this whoever Tex and -- 37 degrees and -- to a mental problem but there. Due out tomorrow and I'm -- give that there's an -- but -- in the forties and Hammond which is not far from it there -- ago. Yeah and I it's pleasant out there and waited it's more. Glad for that you don't watch the AFC and NFC championship games. Yeah I'd probably well IG is it's not going to be the way I watch a saints game. Word you know. Chip and dip in the whole nine yards and watched the hour before and but I will be tuned in and I. I'm really I think both games. And they should be they sound good. On paper yet this is hugely competitive football should be good yeah I could care well. And it's funny saints fans -- really haven't had for a hard times and I've been finding her. Deciding who they hate more and still hot at 49. And who they want to lose more the Seahawks for the 49ers. And I've -- people on both sides of this debate. And I find it kind of humorous and -- Because I'm panel lukewarm animal that. Yeah it's like by the government and in the bottom line is no matter how are you hate one more than the other one albums onto the big show yes and you're gonna have to live without. I think most people watch the Super Bowl even if they don't watch the lapses by bet on a lot of things stances that you know it. Once the sense out of and I'm not. But it turned out in super -- IG did the camp that I have been around. Leans towards -- Seattle. More than about any team has ever been made -- crap out itself even though the 49ers is not much while there. At least in my my plan. It's of their leaning towards radio -- pounding. Seattle policy and she named in the aroma how on the house and and sit in the other sad news of that is you wanna see the Seahawks win all -- and today at least we were beat by the team that won an operable and look at -- -- you know at least that team that the best team in the NFL. Team -- the ninth in the playoffs. I -- both lines of -- share. Most Seattle smog Q do you really say that than they've had kind of an attitude. Gas -- us wider area and I did not really cocky or anything -- I don't know they're just hated. Now when you're hated you're rated now and they beat -- -- a lot of people hate the but I will be watching how about you. Yes I think it. It is likely that fans. Are getting to those days where it's about to be gone to surprise you. Per capita us. New Orleans. Watch. -- football team more than any other team in the -- More than half of all New Orleans televisions are on -- the saints game went on television. That's the highest of any market in the NFL. And the reason -- -- It's sold out over no Bertram and we love our science. An apparent love more than any other city loves their team per capita. Does that surprise you and surprise me. Al -- forecast a surprise either it's a lot more of the same -- that next and we'll get mark minority here with sports or circuit and predictions for the NFC and AFC championship games that's right after this on your -- today. 519 days -- -- it's nearly edition of WWL first news of elaborate a little bit on those numbers of how many New Orleans watched the saints during a game. Think fans can post the highest local TV market rating of all NFL cities during the 2013 regular season. According to sports business daily 52% of all homes in the market we're tuned day and during saints' games this season. Tied to BWLs Michelle southern some attacks made 8787. He says the real question is what the hell's the other half of New Orleans watching during the saints' game. Well that's the highest in the NFL believe it or not you know you can't he get him please all the people all the time as they say -- To have 52%. Of all television in New Orleans on the saints game when their playing. Is the highest in the NFL so per capita. We love our saints more than any other city loves their team. I don't know what the other 48%. Are watching during that time compliance and that's a good question and not about it that way maybe they're watching. Professional meeting. I don't know I do know that missed meteorologist Laura -- as a weekend forecast. Another beautiful day in store forcibly just some clouds this morning it will gradually get out through the afternoon at that cold front continues to push through. -- -- in the fifties for much of today but they will drop tonight down to 27 north of the lake. Expecting another moderate freeze they're. I don't -- South -- wanna see lows dipping to about 34. Then up to 56 tomorrow with the sunshine in -- cool Saturday and Sunday even milder up to 66 and partly cloudy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell -- rights as some freezes again tomorrow morning but this morning. Temperatures there in the forties and fifties it's 52. At the international airport 52 at the Lakefront airport 47 at the National Weather Service opposite fight Al 51 in belt states. And I'm sharing all of these temperatures with you 43 and Gonzales. Because I'm confused by these text messages I'm getting someone texted me. Aides have any its tenets of an ice on their windshield this morning in Slidell. And ice at 47 degrees doesn't make any sense to me a text and banks and real and I said yeah. So -- announces 39 and could be 38 in Madison now but even then. And that's on the borderline forget a little frost because surfaces cooled down but he's got frost -- now but -- And that strengthen its 47 degrees the national weather authors of this man's night out that they have a process. -- -- All that having been. That we are getting excited about the AFC and NFC championship games that this weekend we find out who will be going to the super ball. They get us ready for that and tells everything else on this Friday morning in sports today mark mark Mark Davis. Happy Friday happy Friday you. -- -- -- Just cranking up my music video hit the moon right slow start to -- and we got ease into it. -- coach Sean Payton is already getting immersed -- has offseason duties and he says URE lights -- his team is headed for 4014. I think there are a lot of things we can point to. -- For over -- one. Club area optimistic and excited about. In the players we industry. He also gave glowing marks one of last season's biggest acquisitions defensive coordinator rob Bryant. One of the most important thing you know his passion project -- abilities. To really get along with a group there's just the way about -- that gives confidence to the players. The UNO privateers were victorious last night winning handily over Lamar 7855. Kevin Hill led the team with seventeen points to Gary's McPherson chipped in sixteen. Major League Baseball instituted replay system when the new season starts this spring allowing umpires to correct missed calls the measure passed with a unanimous -- approval by the owners. And will allow managers to challenge calls much like the NFL does managers will be given one challenge each -- -- that challenges upheld but yet one more. The challenges will allow teams to challenge out and safe calls with the bases and home plate. And Serena Williams is now the all time winningest player in the history the Australian Open. Williams won her 61 match all time at the Grand Slam yesterday as she advanced to the fourth round with a 6363 victory over Daniela Hantuchova. She broke the record of sixty previously held by Margaret Court I'm -- and art and that's sure early look at sports. All right I am going to get fewer picks now for the championship games will start with the AFC championship this half hour and then in the next half hour we'll get to pick for the NFC championship games so. At this time who do you think will win will it be Brady or -- The rest of the patriots in the Broncos they don't matter it's just -- Brady against Manning in that case. I think Brady's got better tackling skills and an ethic and -- wondered deep I think the one on one he might he might take it. I I think the patriots are gonna win ices I don't trust Peyton Manning in the playoffs he's he's. Very rarely. Gotten to the Super Bowl is I -- only -- their twice won it once and generally he -- kind of falters before he gets there had been -- Tom Brady's got the skins on the wall he may not have any Super Bowl victories recently. But he played into Super -- recently he's got three championships. I just. I'd I can't discount Brady and Belichick when it comes to get to the big game -- this game is in Denver it's in Denver but the patriots are very good on the road. It's a year picking the patriots to beat the Broncos. In Denver Steve Geller who is under the Weathers got the flu that's right -- week last week. -- all four games correctly and predicted who would be in the NFC and AFC championship games he also picks. The patriots in this ones that you and he agree on that thank you -- -- point I meant to get more sports with him here on WWL. He'll give us another preview of the AFC and NFC championship games. And you'll make your prediction for the NFC title as a teaser of the -- forced to ask the very NFL heavy be ready. -- FL and be okay us. But there again. NFL lifting gear on the markets are expected to implement more sports I'll think your predictions now on both games and mediate mark 49ers of the Seahawks. -- and yes I'm gave -- the early edition of Debbie WL first major weekend forecast right after this. If you're a homeowner who's faithfully major mortgage payments you deserve thanks for doing the right thing. And I'd like to tell you about a powerful financial tool that rewards your commitment. Hi I'm Jay foreigner president of Quicken Loans in the tool that I'm talking about is the home affordable refinance program or harp. -- is designed to help you lower your mortgage payments. It's for homeowners who are current on the mortgage payments -- due to the housing market may have little or no equity left in their home. And even if you were unable to get -- blown in the past new guidelines mean that now you may be eligible. More than two and a half million homeowners have already taken advantage of -- -- saving an average of 250 dollars a month. If you're one of the millions yet to take advantage call us today at 800 quicken. To learn more call Quicken Loans today at 800 quicken -- -- to Quicken Loans dot com. That number again is 800 quicken. Important terms and conditions apply calls for custom -- equal housing lender license and offers distinct and -- number 3030. Some called -- you know like finding a -- in -- wish to apple at Louisiana workers compensation cooperation we don't just -- -- yet. We call -- doing our job we work hard every day to provider policyholders -- a little something extra. From on site seeking consultations to our mobile CP training. LO WCC is committed to helping create the safest workplace possible. No WC CL workers' comp is supposed to. Have a -- just coming -- need to clean -- your shopping maybe your garage until -- scrap metal this year for all of your metal recycling needs from container service to bringing in your aluminum -- all scrap metals locally owned and operated at number seven veterans in Canada canceling a lot on the left call 5044710241. That's 5044710241. On the web -- a scrap metal -- -- both sessions service -- market and remember it's it's -- -- -- money. 5 point 7 good morning I'm gave -- -- edition of WWL first news and time to check on your forecast. Another beautiful day in store forcibly just some clouds this morning it will gradually get out through the afternoon at that cold front continues to push through. Tents -- in the fifties for much of today but they will drop tonight down to 27 north of the lake. Expecting another moderate freeze they -- -- South Shore wanna see close to be to about 34. Then up to 56 tomorrow with the sunshine in -- cool Saturday and Sunday even milder up to 66 and partly cloudy. From the eyewitness -- -- forecast center I'm meteorologist larva. Tell and it's a warmer morning but tomorrow will be called again I'm 52 with the airport and -- 47 at the National Weather Service office and find out coming up. Have more sacks it makes you smarter. -- -- WL radio pulled the saints LSU -- your New Orleans pelicans. Big station gets bigger the news talk in sports legend. WW. I was not happy person I feel anxious and worried all the time about everything. I was snapping at my husband and kids I just miserable. Simon has said enough is enough. And I called it tries sample gloomy day. And now. I am so happy that I did. If you worry too much feel anxious or hostage limit -- -- feel more relaxed confident and positive in giant complimentary two week sample now by calling 1809052991. Limiting -- -- natural supplements uniquely formulated with ingredients clinically proven to promote a more positive news in the day has helped thousands of people feel more relaxed and -- happier dates and it's now the number one selling mood enhancement supplements at DNC -- if -- ready to feel more relaxed confident and positive around now for your complimentary sample -- is available and GMC Rite Aid pharmacies in vitamin world that you can only get your complimentary two -- -- by calling now 1809052991. That's 1809052991. The -- it's me Deke Bellavia in football it's all about winning and when it comes to trucks to all new 2014 GMC Sierra wants to win so the 200438. Minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WWL first news on this the seventeenth of January 24 teeing heads. Finally CGI. Apps as well go -- Pride game. Everybody jumped around. And driving don't number. Had time to get up and down. All right you can. -- -- -- -- Everybody job. -- jumpers yeah like you're jumping and not my job it yet but I'm getting there. I'm just feeling very good about those -- yeah. It'd be nice if the saints were in the NFC championship in my field and battered me to get drunk right now at all since they're not we're -- get -- from -- that maybe jump around. That there's a chance reviewed just a little -- and wrong and it's all right good. I think -- -- And have jumped. Didn't happen now but there is the AFC NFC championship games we are times for those of -- -- your plane -- I'd just playing because I have not even looked at this you know both games -- Sunday. The AFC championship games to 2 o'clock in the world. 2 o'clock I knew FC not -- tendon and a beer market so they go first Leo first at 2 o'clock. And in the NFC championship game is at 530. AFC is on CBS in the NS is on fox lot both here at WW -- it just seems -- it's -- an awfully close to. Is that as the game goes a little bit. Just have a three and a half hours than your cut and of that -- start time but anyway. So there you again are you -- so Saturday. Is completely clear wide open wide open Sunday football most of the rights on -- -- predictions AFC to a clock. On. Sunday. Brady vs -- that's it it's as an nfl.com everywhere -- -- greatly -- -- -- -- and I -- patriots and Broncos now but it the only two guys on the field to -- Brady and Manning very interesting. And I'm gonna go with Manning. I really just I think -- going to be there -- and the NFC championship game at 530 that's actually the entire Seahawks team against the entire forty I think it's time for Seattle to go to our own I think you had your heart. Both talked about -- option that's a good answer it down I'd your pick and they 49ers. And the Broncos. Ago that David -- I think there are forces out there that one day Seattle. Broncos' Super Bowl. Relate to others and I am not not the way I've got -- it's a -- niners. All right let's talk about the movies very quickly. We do you have several new movies to choose from this weekend. Jack Ryan shadow recruit a lot of resentment that -- Jack Ryan came from -- -- -- back a young Covert CIA analyst it's the roots of Jack Ryan with Chris Klein Kevin Costner. Keira Knightley and others right along this is a PG thirteen rated comedy with ice -- and -- are leading the pack. -- fast talking security guard. Joints -- cop brother in law 120 far patrol. Of Atlanta. Reich as he wants to Mary's sister and that's the test. Doubles -- -- is an. PG rated not job all of that looks like it's going to be very -- today and animated comedy. About the search for not that -- Rodents in the embezzlement other animated animals. In that one. As well so following elements the top five now of lone survivor frozen the legend of Hercules the wolf of Wall Street and American also what will be on top. -- Monday morning. Believe it or not I'm gonna go where it's. Not job dollar today you may be -- -- that prediction but it's your verdict and assemble a -- with a thank you David with Nike and twenty minutes more for listeners. God let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast -- figured Bart and happy Friday day. Since this meteorologist Laura but. Friday yeah I -- -- it I feel so much better -- and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Partner freezing just about every outlets like we had. Two nights ago not last night but the night before you know -- -- -- looking at a moderate -- that's -- -- tonight north -- and other moderate free snatch our right and so we're on this weather pogo stick man. Today Pleasanton and warm Mike yesterday yeah tomorrow morning at deep mid fifties tomorrow and mid sixties on Sunday mid sixties and then that -- -- more of rain is back in the issue -- -- -- this weekend we're just looking at the clouds this morning and -- kind clearing this afternoon Saturday -- sunny and then some more clouds moving in Sunday -- connect. But no rain in the forecast for the not -- -- and I like that a lot and I'm happy to hear it. I am ready for winter to be over to be honest -- feel all right well kind of it just happened out there who now but I'll take fifties and sixties an estimated yeah it if you would right now what I mean our average tab for January it's like let's sixty's so we've been unseasonably cold yet this wintertime so far so. You know normally we are in -- sixty maybe that's why I'm over and maybe that's why if you can maybe that's -- bad enough. -- I have a what -- people this morning -- from Springfield Massachusetts. Great trio of would be car thieves had hit the brakes on their plan because none of them. Knew how to drive a stick -- want to talk about. Stop you got to drive a manual trans I'm going to be honest right not it's never been tried no I've tried and tried it a surprise and tried. I've we have it not because my dad has always driven -- to -- I mean. All ways and so you know that was one of his goals was to get me to learn how to drive one and I'm 32 and it it's just it's not in the cards for me at Kelly played tennis it's just not gonna happen for me. It's not gonna work. And I enjoyed I when I was younger driving Emanuel -- People don't like at the -- one of my hands of variable and -- so -- in the last that was realtors car purest love -- Yet manual that the only way to get my twelve year old son insists he will never drive anything bodies dictionary so now you get to a point when -- early release and you know I really one but anyway in Springfield they pulled a knife on a food delivery driver demanded his food and his keys. Then they noticed the -- a manual transmission. Police say the thieves actually argued among themselves for about a minute. Trying to figure out so what are we couldn't hear you -- those. Two. And they took off with the -- they did take the food we did not take the car when they realized there was no way they can drive well maybe that's another reason you know which tries to sets because maybe you're less likely to have your car stolen there you go out you see any safer from -- yeah. Can't drive -- -- or more about now or future yeah you'll be stealing anybody sister -- you're thinking dollar now -- the holes I was not call and you don't. Criminals by nature -- -- I'm telling you when you when you sit -- -- try to drive it you can't you do feel dogs. A I don't have those with you -- patient with you as you -- he -- not eighteen topic again. And very patient at -- I had friends in college try to teach me that park in lot. I just I would I would get so frustrated with myself -- I I just I cannot do it's just for me it does not. The Klutz things it does not work with my brain I don't hit it. Some people it just sounds that way I doubt you are -- have many other socially redeeming while a figure that will let you go on the I have a great day or about now I haven't heard from the Eyewitness News forecast that does. How many people who drive a manual transmissions fiction anymore nearly every vehicle even top and sports cars are automatic. You drive a stick -- an automatic lemon -- made 878 that night coming up sports with -- -- are more predictions at the end of the AFC and NFC title games and I'll tell you why researchers say the more sex you have the smarter -- 878 Saturday from people who driving manual transmission mistake shifted by. It just. The first two vehicles I found when I started driving worst access and I loved it nine Hewitt. Being. Conducted in my car and and that is driving experience but since then every vehicle like -- has been -- automatic just because. I find it to. -- need that hand and that put for a lot of it. And it is more convenient than you were tried to talk on the phone while driving a manual transmission. And you get a hold your steering wheel with your knees sometimes and you know either hand on the wheel matches dangerous. Are so anyway so there is that by the way if you weren't a relationship where your spouse doesn't. Enjoy sex as much as you'd. Wake them up now they're not out because right after sports I'm -- share this -- with -- -- says the -- that you have the more intelligent this is my public service to the community. This morning. And also as a service to the community we bring you sports on this. Friday morning so we say happy Friday to mark Menard coming up right after it is sports. I need your prediction for the NFC championship game as you've already given us your prediction for the AFC with two preview of this I'm ready. With Drew Brees having just passed -- 35 birthday The Who dat nation wants -- -- how much the -- triggerman has left in the tank John Payton says he's not concerned about the advanced each of his. Quarterback history that quarterback. Who are as J. D. Drew quarterbacks that are talented have careers that go much further than the average career and both players. And he says no prepares like number nine but -- -- two men dish shaped piece he's someone who's extremely meticulous in his preparation and how we pay attention to not only history -- -- rectum and all those things. Seattle receiver Percy carbon has still not been cleared by team doctors for this Sunday's NFC championship game against the 49ers. Part of it's still undergoing concussion testing after leaving last Saturday's game against the saint with a head injury -- has only appeared in two games since being signed by the Seahawks last summer. Patriots patriots quarterback Tom Brady was back on the practice -- yesterday though after missing Wednesday's practice with an illness -- downplayed his -- stated that the team will be ready to take on Denver on Sunday with the AFC title at stake. What both title games for you would -- to -- well starting at 230 Sunday afternoon. And after looking like he was on the hot -- towards in the last season New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has now signed a fresh new contract extension the new deal runs at least to -- fifteen. But it did but is instead of Leighton the work depending heavily armed playoff wins. The deal also isn't fully guaranteed after 2015 mean pressure remains on Ryan to win now. I'm mark and -- and that's your early look at sports side 52 days. Gone Mark -- with the on your radio on Friday morning and -- Indy Brady vs Manning game. It's not the patriots vs the Broncos even on nfl.com that's what it says written another page Brady vs Manning. And the rest of those players must feel very left out that they don't get to participate. Come Sunday at 2 o'clock central time but you've already given us your prediction that the patriots will win Steve Geller who got -- all right last week who's got the flu this week also predicted the patriots. In the NFC game which is at 5:30 PM. New Orleans time on Sunday Steve Geller is picking that. 49ers both road teams who'd you pick mark -- I picked Seattle. -- -- I just think that they're the better team they dominated the organizers when they got him at homer earlier in the season. They lost a game late in the season at home to Arizona but I think that was the anomaly they've been very good at home all year. They ruled last week over the saints and I think they've they might be the best team in the league and I and I think that there had to do you think the Seahawks patriots. Steve thanks to the 49ers. -- people. Like think that the 49ers. Broncos so we got three -- three different prediction. It's like the Highlander only one can be right if that level I think what have you we'll be right that it we'll have to wait till Monday to find out who that is well every fifteen minutes get more support from -- -- -- about like mark I'm they've gone up acts. Excuse mark and your forecasted. I'd 555. -- -- also about this research that says the more yet. Get -- smarter you get. Need a reason to have sex can make you smarter so say scientist at the University of Maryland who found that sex can jump start the production of brain cells. Generating new neurons in the hippocampus. Where memories are formed. The study suggests that frequent sexual activity can actually -- sure brainpower. The bad news if you stop having sex the benefits are lost the brainboost also seems to be greatest in middle age while sex has the least effective -- generating brain cells in teens and young adults Jim -- VC BS -- All right teams don't count but the older you get at least in your middle years more sex make you smarter share that. Research with your partner 556 your forecast. We're here Friday slowly clearing skies from some clouds this morning as the front pushes on through that keep temperatures in the fifties all day. And then dropping tonight a moderate freeze north of the lake with lows around 27. South of -- we should hit about 34. Then tomorrow back to some sunshine -- is about 56 and even milder on Sunday looks nice partly cloudy and a high of 66. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator -- urologist -- Tell we have -- out there but it's not -- 52 degree to the airport and tanner 47. The the National Weather Service office in Slidell so enjoy this -- morning before we get. We're near freezing just about everywhere again tomorrow in the twenties on the North Shore I'm Dave -- and -- -- -- of WWL percent happy Friday. You know people are funny some Texas native that it that it is could you please please please. Three please could you please please please call appall me fifty degree I get such a kick out of it when you say. Ball. Okay it's 52 at the airport that's down right partly compared to what we've been having. That makes you happy I -- I'm glad -- -- Devious smile on this. Friday morning. They've gone. Nearly addition of WW well Burris is all right don't forget we at times on Sunday new GM New Orleans time. Or Brady vs Manning and then 5:30 PM for the Seahawks and the 49ers with some people expect to mediate 7070. They've really don't care anymore about football that the saints aren't in it anymore. I don't care I still enjoy the game and you're coming back and watch the Super Bowl at least for the commercials and Bruno Mars at halftime just because they've done in the Super Bowl.