WWL>Topics>>1-17 6:15am Tommy, changes to TOPS?

1-17 6:15am Tommy, changes to TOPS?

Jan 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Marcus Hunter about his proposal to change TOPS

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Marcus -- joins us right now represented him markets under from the what district representative. And -- workflow Monroe west Monroe great scared high school football tradition. For what will also -- -- I to tell me about tops in this bill and what it is that you hope to accomplish and -- roadblocks that easy to. Well our own personal good morning I haven't won the -- you've got. With this deal is doable it was really the reason it's it is more are what we've -- reinvestment act. -- -- -- -- Our cultural one billion dollars on the top program -- years and we have no way tree -- -- Old people who we couldn't bear to be here are states in this state and implement their. A bad example for -- later. The credit that they want to do it. And what he should I think that we need to actually. It's what we've had pushed back the people's that's going to about two alone. We require him to stay. Indian state. And we've discussed -- the probably the -- from all -- it will mark the Washington. Defer all ultimately useful wrong. Tops is not alone write some music deferral problems. So -- -- although it is that are very. A walk to the troops were -- some requirements. Initially it was where we want you that your your -- At one stage. What speaking with some of the people. By the people state. Better been discussing the sale everywhere we give you -- you -- You decide that you that you wanna work and stay there one more. Than just -- There's on the equitable. So late so this would be expanding the -- program for people who didn't qualify but yet could get alone. And and you saying I don't really really. Urban governance and recognition in addition and it's now. No public market -- black. To report it to 50000 people here yet currently it. -- -- I'm just confused on what people understand how do we get from -- to alone. -- -- -- -- -- -- Where the idea that people start to do it do to be noble peace corps to. That and and -- -- music you know what opposition knows what I would say that people almost certain that. The requirement that state in state. All -- but if you move you pay a penalty almost in having to bat. Does that dealt penalty if you well yeah that's what it is got it. And and -- be that via way to conserve our people must pay in state now the other Asian people it will. We're all in all the Joseph -- well they'll end up here and there are gonna get out here but I think that people. That doesn't jerk reaction to say well nothing Google -- artist -- -- -- market -- for what my desire credit review. Is below what -- there's not and Louisiana. Represented we got to go to traffic get a couple more minutes -- -- good is gonna tell you about a first thing that. Popped in my mind when I heard about your idea and it's got nothing to do with. Politics is more practical consideration. And it relates to the student and I think it may be unintended consequence but I'll ask you when we come back represented markets -- our guests from that. Monroe west Monroe area talking about tops and a requirement that would say you know it. You stay in Louisiana for four years after you graduate or if not the -- program in essence becomes alone and yet the pay it back. I think again that right six when he to announce on a check traffic. Friday morning feels good on Friday morning -- little chilly though highs in the upper -- temperatures in the upper forties around the area right now -- Represented -- mark his hundred years there is our -- state representative from Monroe and west Monroe and talking about. Either requiring students and and representative please correct me from wrong requiring students to. Stay in Louisiana for four years after they graduate with top money or if they wanna move. Then tops becomes alone that they have to pay -- You know there -- -- -- Every year and -- across the GPA record. In attendance levels in part. As you. Basically straighten this thing. I don't want you update. -- -- -- Our students are a bit -- -- in -- in the state at its worst national security or injury. An epic. -- one can wage eventually the. Now and I wondered about Jabil -- discussion in the office when we planned show which. A lot of as a surprise a lot of people actually planted but we do somebody's. You know it that's good with the with a biomedical corridor open and -- and -- jobs here in Louisiana and they are going to be jobs and and as a booming animus and nobody years ago any awareness and yep it. What if you don't want a major anything in biomedical industry and what if com for what reason would you -- study there's not a lot of demand for here in Louisiana are in essence. Back dictating or forcing people to major -- things that they that they don't want to and and I thought well then after four years. You're probably not gonna want to college again and at which on this path pro life but also represented -- analogy talk. I thought you know what maybe they're too many people on a nice colleges majoring in English. And then get a job making 30000 a year they have 200000 and student -- -- -- surprised. How do you balance -- To solve yeah. A need based. Call you. Should -- want people to. And -- And the greens. Are ultra. People acknowledge them as. People were true. More. Education. Being. The board -- you can be a bit to get used to the soccer ball. -- partner but obviously. If you will change won't be there. -- real issues. And the major this year and even. A big issue albeit. We prepare. We can get. -- -- look -- subway you're part of the -- should be good at work but also if you the story that we -- -- -- -- -- Watching you're the opposition should be created in arm the pot we have two big picture. You know the work that could be -- and create more interest. We have more. Children typical recruitment. Arm and that educated work. So. Here. More educated people who all work now and he reduced it but we'll get more educated workforce -- can -- -- more like. I appreciate your time I really do floor toilets on lighter note. On that -- you rod was an honest nation heard from one time all was accused of -- different. -- Distinction -- station. And show real. I document -- and openly and honestly look you know on. Problems like record about it all. Of the. No understanding the only point is some now on you come on us first. Well yeah. -- the course isn't. At least one disputed point. With this legislation that's what brought all of you wanna get respect from some of the ball -- -- We -- -- -- state. We condemn America. He had gesture can -- -- -- --

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