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WWL>Topics>>1-17 6:45am Tommy, how TOPS works

1-17 6:45am Tommy, how TOPS works

Jan 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Brian Beabout, a UNO Professor of Educational Leadership, about the history of TOPS and how it works

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker talking about the top program man and and deal I guess an effort by markets -- it's been pre filed. To require some money gets tops money to spend four years in Louisiana and after war at that point and I'm paraphrasing a -- bill here. The -- money would in essence become alone and that person would have to pay it back and I am a whole bunch of questions about how this work out. Practically in doctor -- be about jones' a year and a professor of educational leadership from my -- -- morning senator. Good doctor tell me you know a lot of there's no of the tops program but we don't know I noted and I added text is now on a phone call talk about public money being used is -- taxpayer money that funds the pool of autopsied. Certainly -- your original brainchild. -- look from Patrick Taylor private foundation you operator little small program but then that moved in to. Selling the idea. -- making college affordable for those who got it down otherwise wouldn't go and instead it's been predominately. State program. I did it predominantly state program so in terms of who gets top money what are the requirements for that in terms of grade point average. There and -- level. There's that obstacle ward. Sending people to our own career technical schools there's. But market as -- top opportunity to war there were required 2.5 GPA. Certain high school curriculum. India to achieve the state average score on the PCP which -- -- -- to. And is there any means requirement for any -- When it was originally instituted. Under bush over there was. -- that Foster administration. That was stripped away so now. There's a pretty large chunk. Between a quarter apple recipients. -- -- -- -- -- I so we've got through tech in the opportunity what are the other two levels. Better you know competitive levels of for -- CPAs and these CPI. CQ score up at the -- toward. Firm peers that were part one step -- -- and that that more competitive top awards aren't they they match. The tuition and everybody. That the state has achieved. But they provide a little bit of respect and to cover. A portion of the textbooks and student fees and not so it. And these that's not that it had yet to more and more for Butler from. -- Bombay when it comes syrup quick game if I may make this about me for a second I -- a 27 on the SAT is that not a good -- It. And it's that used varied -- pointed out but let me let me talk about -- I thought it was an unintended consequence of this slate. A case organ and a big jobs come and everybody's hopes and anticipates in the biomedical industry and everybody wants to major in that so it seems like what you're trying to do. Is back field and is not necessarily a bad thing again as of yet. If you give people jobs that are high paying and prepare for that but some people don't wanna do that so. Is is gonna force people if it passes to ten major incident and Natal one Q so they don't have to stay here for four years and and what happens if they major in what they want. And and -- got to stay here and in big job. And I think what you're likely to see. That if you would but in political start in. If it takes to -- gonna have a different -- -- -- -- it's not a big deal to pay it back in that situation. Are gonna take there. In opposite state anyways those certain things. Is going to be a burden. Short term -- A more likely to take a second -- -- Career options to avoid. Thing. But you have an equity problem Maryland when people that because people become -- problem -- the fact that. I only take you bring about something else while it can't be in a minute or two that we have left how do you draw the line or balance. With somebody that wants to do something and and they wanna go to a -- school but then they have this enormous debt and am getting an example of a person that. All their life they wanted to go to Stanford say okay and and they have the grades to do it but no scholarship and one major in English. I mean as a good investment or not ski ye live and college experience and when you get out is to be hard as an English major to make enough to pay their money back. Given that it's. You know what you're speaking. And education raiders you know. And I don't mean and mean and and and has -- practically situation presented to order and judgment -- -- -- -- so I think. I think that we need to do it. Counseling. Available available careers are out there -- professors anger and think that we need to put people into. I still work -- whatever. Or. You'll highway work that is I think we -- often predispose our students are going borders who bought all. Are we make we would be a lot of money. And put people wrong. Doctor appreciate your time tell about it you know hello -- --

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