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1-17 Tommy, NFL playoffs

Jan 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to David Elfin, a columnist for 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C, about the NFL playoffs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker will be talking about the playoffs this weekend -- NFC AFC conference championship. The first is the AFC game that starts at 2 o'clock on CBS of course we'll have all the coverage for you here. At WW well and then the second game start now at 530. On Fox's the Seattle San Francisco game which I think we generate more interest here I'm ready jaguar painful asking you. When it comes to the NFL playoffs are you rooting for a team or against a team 59% are -- rooting for. 41% are saying rooting against I think I know why that happened in and then. As it stands now 0% are saying bailed out because the saints -- and it. David -- joins us right now a friend of -- has been on a lot he's a columnist. For 1067 the fan in Washington DC he's a former president of the football writers of America morning David. Eighth army can't believe I hit it down to a lot of time and no wonder that many. Well that might be part of it -- why we ought to be an interesting question oppose and that might be -- 59% -- seen a root for a team. But they can also be -- -- for the forty niners to win or they could even David be rooting for the Seahawks who win and then. To escape crushed in the Super Bowl ever wrote delegates that ice and just telling you know. On the other if you look quickly at any jeopardy answer that question today. It's -- -- on top we're talking about 20022010. Cancer. 2002 and 2010. What are the years that Seattle went to the Super Bowl and now they got -- I knew that but I was -- -- for anything else. Our answer is only years that Peyton Manning and property have been healthy starters and not one -- -- to be kept him. You know my second. Eight at ten years they've been healthy starters together. President in 2000. A pretty certain that many mr. wonder about what about the -- in addition to stick their incredible. Tell me about the history between those two in playoff games at setter and was so with the AFC who we -- -- -- him. Brady dominated that most people now and even in the playoffs it's to the one but it just games it's 11. Brady. They want pretty easily in England in 2003 but. 100 games I ever covered them for people nor want a bailout paid the price remember little bit on 2006 -- colts to their Super Bowl first time. They were down 21 to -- the patriots at halftime came back and -- 3834 behind patent so that one sticks in the memory and -- -- victory. You know I'm stubborn but take this one just because the whole the weather's supposed to be you know one patent like entry like which is warmer. But I I I get them in the drink it ought to do is this pretty much stick in the patriots because there. Is playing better football right now they're on the ball out their defense has come up where the Broncos -- bot network murder kind of suspect he's. In Vegas doesn't. Necessarily disagree with if -- again Denver assigning half point favorite over New England let's move over the NFC because I know. There a couple of different scenarios here are some people are saying here at least David that they want Seattle to win and even go on win the Super Bowl so. Then the saints can say -- saints fan can say they lost to the better team I. But the best team actually they went -- bull then there are some that are saying they want Seattle to lose at different points -- -- -- -- go to -- tell me about the game itself. Well obviously there that's becoming the and the new robbery and a felt for some years we get the colts and patriots punted -- -- -- in this playoff -- Without -- there like a little something. This one and because this division robbery. And yet to young quarterback to concede that one on for years and years and years and it's. It's really good because both teams are very good defensively both teams have brought -- brought about -- quarterbacks that match up really well but I viewers appreciate. Ebenezer -- Quite dealers entry angle on it now now that places so loud it's a lot of outdoor stadiums ever ban. Obviously the -- go there every year net success here every year it -- tough place to -- another one that play out. Mean that the ducks beat the saints and a playoff game what five years ago and -- four years ago -- was an incredible game in part because the -- it is tough place to play. Immediately outside the game -- got -- the fourteen I think in the playoffs and I am glad they got there that you liked it about ten point four. Let's move on if you're right and Seattle goes to suitable played Denver. Might be called nobody knows the weather's going to be exactly like in New York could have a clear fifty degree day then again -- -- -- blizzard conditions but. All at his side -- -- Seattle -- up at San Francisco. With we would like yeah Denver. It's Friday David. -- I think -- -- that he -- football. I think they're doing almost everything right. Obviously Pete Carroll has big game experience than USC. Honesty and -- beginning during patent is John talked. But I think and outdoor game in New York the first week in February odds of it being at sixty degree they're not that I. I'm that it it was the. You right David -- gotten here eventually like that name and teams are only 32 problems in these are up. And down that's -- much in. And fortunately at the saint -- because we still carrying that around David I appreciate -- time I really do that.

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