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WWL>Topics>>1-17 8:10am Tommy, NFL playoffs

1-17 8:10am Tommy, NFL playoffs

Jan 17, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about who you're rooting for in the NFL playoffs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I David Blake who we -- talking about the saints and playoffs and I don't mean a rehash any old ground hero darling don't birds aren't but I mean but going I would you know as Ghana. -- I was watching -- inside the NFL and showtime yesterday. And and it's an idea but they did some -- fashion but none and on and all are now watching that game in the -- -- -- and wanted to make sure. Dom. We were not that far away to tonight no you know that's it's. During the emotion of the game. -- and -- think that it's terrible it's horrible it's the end of the world that we can't win week in there James. I'm gonna come back but. It's frustrating is if you look at it up and after in zoo in unfolded. An element on the markets Coulson at the end of the game and -- not now not that -- we re you know any of opportunity we got the on sides kick your eyes it was all coming together. And it came together a little late but even before that it play any opportunities. That's bad when you can't season and if -- you know if we -- At least a touchdown. In on that first half but to go score Wallace. I've made it's so hard. And actually didn't hurt it didn't frustrate me it made me feel better about it thinking you know what. The future is very very Brighton and this year could have been an Elvis story if -- taken advantage of the opportunities so. Actually got encouragement and it didn't make me feel bad so we're gonna continue to take calls honest. As far as NFC and AFC championship scenarios -- -- and for a team or against a team -- anti bailed lottery nine and look -- and I like some of the ones we've gotten so far about them we will lead they don't want the saints to the Seahawks to win. -- at all they want the Seahawks to win but go to the Super Bowl in men had their dreams crushed by Peyton Manning. Not a lot of passion on the AFC side exile for. Peyton Manning the people here -- like Tom Brady either. So you got to remember their play in new England and that's part of it is well if you want to root for or against somebody in both sides and and they're the ones. Like me that that one. -- -- -- -- they want this Seahawks who win this weekend. Billing -- killed in the Super Bowl without their twelve man or maybe you want the 49ers. To winning -- loses second Super Bowl in a row and at that point they beat. The Seahawks as well so are going -- include -- forty niners lose jagr got a return for one and that's an area on I liked that one and then there's this when Tommy I want the 49ers shy of that blue twelfth leg up Pete Carroll. No way error go to New York. And watch Peyton Manning neuter the 49ers with the whole world watching bill Broncos. No passion there anything we're all calls in just a second there right now I Tommy Tucker -- WL that creativity. And the reasons behind money one team or the other to lose. Is fascinating me and apparently everybody else in the text and get -- and the calls were didn't hang on we're getting back to get. In a second but let's congratulate Ron didn't injure. He does one impaired vacancy rain that tribute to The Beatles at this angered 1098. He's our third winner this morning and we still have two more appeared to give away just keep listening for ticket to ride. At your ticket to rain tonight and it to please keep in mind tickets are only 4 tonight at 8 o'clock so if he can't use them. Take a break and let somebody else -- in this time before we get back to the phones one of the creative texts. Patriots all the way everybody hates the patriots and after they win. All the NFL fans can be as miserable as we bar. So that's interesting in and then negatively cash -- -- got a W -- the morning. It. Little electric assert. But actually in the Brentwood on call about it right on the money everybody that the speaker of the special. And I -- person. Want to -- in the Ruble. And I think it'd be because they're in the five the last year. Well bill Belichick's not really warm and friendly either. A -- operating so it is. What is what does he do. You know you know what I think it is I think it's because. He's tall he's going to look at he's rich he's athletic. He's one of the best quarterbacks ever play in the game and he's married to model on other. And I don't see any reason and I don't you. No -- don't you know that your actually won more insane. At Wal-Mart scenario it's kind of interesting. If the patriots ago. And 48 hours ago. They inquiries. Can go -- there are fortunate old rating would beat. Gators you know to match market in -- forty. And who -- forty corporate concerts -- it was going to be really interesting. Sort yeah it at the peak for an artist gears of war. It's violent talk -- and talking about this morning -- there's so many different story lines are angles in this cash and let you cult called accident. You iTunes Lewis in loans Lewis -- got a W out morning. Are you go you. And out of your caller and I feel I want them there you -- -- though. I wanted armored that we are only 10. Well. That that is the first. Really mature and preached -- call I'd handle -- I'd god like -- handed this morning and do it all I'm sorry go ahead and I thought it at that -- done. Though. I want column here we -- our. Guy in the playoffs. That you were actual somebody else tanks and I think is pretty interesting. They won the super bull in the went disease on to win the super bull because next year we'll have that Super Bowl hangover. And -- well I think we're on audio but -- want to be the ones are guarded green I got to -- At least they won't go ahead at least you start at -- -- -- It's an -- again I'd heard the idea that it or your. You -- a model -- some audio there for on that other people -- I'd lose on its treatment lady called and things taken time and like you break -- archer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Started -- and went downhill quickly but a lot of -- and now I'm just talking about. There are no no you can do anything wrong didn't let me finish insane but most of us do because you know. You start you know -- season -- borders and bought. And and a bullet comes in and we let. Our true feelings about Lewis I'm glad you called -- thinks they. Know you didn't do anything. Lewis. -- you didn't do anything wrong and Hussein in terms of when he college higher level like we all do it's like you know and and he -- thing about the hurt with the saints and manages all kicks him. You do anything wrong Lewis but I hope you call again. And today. Mean anything we don't know do witches. You know. The other trees you'd start off night in less hard. Blessing. Man -- this i.'s most. West Bank willing to morning your debit WL -- on. I'm fine but it's -- a chemical that. Forever as to my mind is that picture of Jerry writes quote the outlook goal line without the football and look we re using to -- -- Remember oh this is backdoor would be a candidate yet -- hear what they -- -- services in the way. And I want Seattle to win just -- tournament is to decide believes that the home field advantage. Means something. Let them be seen this is. You -- come through war and stick it to the Super Bowl. Another interesting angle on the West Bank Willie Indiana goes back this season I guess the Carolina game. To the Seahawks game runners Carolina would at least given the second seed but the initial Seahawks games and you know what you wanna win you better be a number one seed. What specifically the Eagles it is the game and the New York Jets -- the game that we should. We -- that once -- Now -- -- he Peyton Manning went to both -- it. This will be effective of respect to bubbles so that he can retire once and what -- -- is what you. -- I'm glad to Dublin thing you said was St. Louis Rams and you're like me use -- got -- -- -- -- you know I do I got the rams in Saint -- I say that all the time I got the colts and Baltimore old habits die hard man. In January purely -- Thanks for taking the time a column because that -- you -- will that take a break more your calls when we return. NFL playoffs the urine for a team query against a team and it amazes me that nominations of reasons that. That all of us have 51% are saying -- for 33%. Are seen rooting against. And a final answer on a pretty jaguar opinion polls 16% percent bailed out there to do some -- And if you are gonna do something else besides watch the NFC championships in the AFC championship but he and -- I think -- a wash your car Sunday if the weather's nice and then check in every now and ended -- donates one a three time -- -- traffic now for that. It's -- Bob Ross. Sorry. -- no problem comic Tommy Tucker double WL still to come this hour another pair of tickets valued at a 120 dollars to see The Beatles tribute show. Rain tenant of the singer 8 o'clock and and please don't call -- try to win them if you can't use him as a human nature but he gets as much use them as they can. -- talking about the playoffs is weekend in. What would your side's story to this switch your reason for hope and somebody wins or somebody loses a war. Do you have no interest. I'll probably check in on -- school hours and maybe I'll change my mind and if the weather's nice is they say it is near seventy and sunny on Sunday. I think coming it's an outside stuff done. Now some people are little more bitter than others about the saints not being in the NFC championship game this one says. With any luck the West Coast will finally break off and slip into the ocean this weekend lots of problems solved. And any put a smiley face and it seriously though I held San Francisco wins the championship and loses again in the Super Bowl so there's that scenario. Cynthia in a car hi we get you before new here on them. W. A -- And -- now. -- opting out. The how Corbett. Is Google. Believe where I -- Oh. Cells that earlier reward. That's on the AFC. -- you want him to beat Seattle see you know even on CN heard. Garden now they're trying to go out took the -- the great. And deeper look at Saturday's. Tickets available as so tired that it being now -- C eighty. If you -- effort that -- daily tickets available at their stay in -- you Google period there. My got a text to hear. From some people travel a lot. And I am trying to find did and it says something about oh here -- when I travel. Two away games. Might and I travel the one away game every year by far the rooted as ugly as fans and companies sign about appearance but. In terms of behavior we ever ran across for that reason go hawks -- San Francisco not -- very far left that part out not a friendly place to travel and they're pulling for the Seahawks in Europe Poland. 08. And let you know. -- caught your went went to go. Go call or you're on the top eight. So that I fail and go. I'm great. -- India he'd like to -- Caught you. It gives some things done outside nice leather upper. I don't know we get to dry -- -- -- -- What -- car. Now. A so bad -- in -- Let agreed. The reason that you decrypt it. Out back in fact you know car. You could you the full forty lately had been an extremely. And I asked the reason I asked about the spotting is if you have a black cars and I had won one time you had about. I'd say between three and four seconds to dry it before it spots thank you for taking the time the call and it really appreciate it. More calls only comeback David Blake ever and a black vehicle now. For that very reason they would good minutiae and fellow Italian -- a little better of allied high maintenance first thing to show the dirt. Got bush if you have one more calls and we come back right we continue to take calls about the playoffs this weekend and second biggest week and I guess if you look at it this way and in the NFL season with a conference championship games see who's gonna. Goes Super Bowl he -- Seattle and San Francisco playing in the late game -- and kick off until 530. And the early game you got Denver and. Denver and patriots in David Blake just did just to recap now easier than met pardon me master. When it comes to predictions. Your little off of the -- Yale -- on the -- comedy think wins this weekend where. There's the hard and they had I don't go at the heart yeah again. Hard is all the hard once Seattle's on ten flattened out and there right now I'd like to see the crowd start to leave real early. In Seattle -- about discovered -- up like oh well here another year we don't go to the super. Just hated a picture for me that. That is hard to turn down -- 49ers beat down. Like -- -- -- eight three now and around the beginning of the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter the twelfth man is gone our aid there's there's not even a tenth man. No eight manned up they -- and his leave and. Now -- -- -- -- -- -- their coffee places and while I don't know lot of dog how does that sound on anger. Him on a little bit. It did kinda get this man yeah that that's just a -- but I ended you outline -- what about your -- had an Asian heads it I come. Now they have says 49ers ran OK and the they had on the hard match -- on the other Lanka's I'm Tennessee -- events saluted what do you think I think Denver rules I guess. Ever wins -- they match I would -- thing to 6018782038668890870. I saw one of -- when my co workers tells in the hallway ages now and she said got to go Seahawks all the way. Because it makes the saints look better by losing the eventual Super Bowl champions I guess it's if you're about how it reflects on the same -- If you if you get some kinda what is the -- Freud why -- -- ever says that words that it frightens China. Shot and -- where you take its German word meaning you take pleasure in somebody else's. Disadvantages. Over or failures Richie on a sell high here under the W good morning thanks for. About title cut. -- -- -- -- -- Because you know it's become a small -- and it did it at that one possible steps and the passion you know integrate it would perish. Some podium and present lot alike while Michael Russell will also be viewed clip you know to relieve the if I needed -- role model the cute stuff like XM also on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. I really want you to -- in Seattle incident bolts. I don't wanna -- -- that bring all of that up again -- Obama is watching. Maybe the BCS champion Bono was another -- I don't know it was but it. It is not uncommon for the losing team to get off the field as quickly as they can and I'm sure they. They talked day after and drew breeze and and Peyton Manning a friend's side is -- adaptive. Alan I just want to be accurate you know and saying he's usually is in his second daddy starts born out of the cannons and it's not for them. They get a feel pretty quickly but I'm glad you called Richie. They've taken time 960187. 20386. Exit 89087. He got -- -- Below we come back talked at the swami in BJ on the West Bank everybody out she got about. Oh I'd say one line open right now at 2601878038668890. -- seven if you -- claimant. Tell me who you want to win the playoffs this weekend and why in our people and force somebody or against somebody not as a soul factory and the sank Tommy title and more rain tickets to The Beatles tribute show tickets for tonight at 8 o'clock will give -- chance to win those when your ticket to ride so. Lot ahead stay with the sirens -- VW thank you -- enough. Are taken part in a feel Good Friday and we're -- here today talking about the NFC and AFC conference games. Are you rooting for a team or against a team and if so why or why not and averages bailing out not even watch him. And we had a call earlier that said you know just like in the saints' Super Bowl yearly they feel like Seattle it's -- a year and once Seattle to win. Despite what happened last weekend. And I get an email and we we had talked about these yesterday but I forgot. There's something on YouTube about. Seattle fans already getting their Super Bowl tattoos. Which seems a little cocky it also seems. In terms of karma Grigory whatever you want college not the best thing to do. And and -- another win here that says I really admire Russell Wilson is taxed and was pulling for me go all the way until those obnoxious Seattle morning show host from the -- last week. Talk smack in -- are saints. The south and Mike from the parish not a fan of the whiners either but now opening -- -- Seattle and shot Ramallah. Then hope Manning takes it to the house. BJ and West Bank night thanks for calling on you aren't -- WL. They target market wanted. Yeah really I am afraid and it actually that despite -- that it -- well Evelyn. Temperatures go. I guess ultimately I would like to see. Statement except in the Super -- and it'll -- into the census but. -- are also committed comment about it I called for about but Brady you like because it today the guidance and said. Yeah -- would that it would slow bridge that morning and actors that played India on hoopla. And and did I can't believe that he didn't support the child and -- about. Maybe maybe it's it would amicable -- in the -- and just you know. Do. Well what a lovely choice of words between. But luck is so what team do you think -- be easier for Denver to beat Seattle or San Francisco. Out of noble and without Steve it's. I would think it. The easier it was probably the -- just got. I do you think a lot of people don't like Tom Brady for the reasons I said. -- he's pretty much everything we're not. We're not right yeah. Or maybe Jim editor of time to call and call backs on an errant shot and -- Diego go Eagles 852 more. Calls and we comebacks and hang on we'll continue to discuss this through 10 o'clock -- feel Good Friday as well as stressful jobs. There's a new list of -- And you might be surprised what is the most stressful what is a lease stressful and I'd like to know from new way to your -- -- in. On his list and -- what is the most stressful component of what it is you do for a living right now -- time particularly at a traffic. So we go to I Tommy Tucker big hour coming up we'll talk about stressful jobs continue our conversation. About who you rooting for in the play offs in the loss of giveaways and more tickets. To that Beatles tribute reign as -- saying you're denying.

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