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1-17 9:10am Tommy, dealing w/stress at work

Jan 17, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Michele Many, an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at LSUHSC, about coping with stress

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor Michelle -- joins us right now from the LSU health sciences Saturday morning back. Good thanks for taking the time it was a well issued sick -- for people that have a lot of stress on the job what is the best way to cope with -- And number. One short of the -- You know and you -- quietly strapped small cheer and are accurate. And that. There are. Should opt in. For a a lot of English village -- chew on the spot in the public. Or there. I'm able to schedule. -- It. It sent a that your view where it will the event that. I'm certainly. That you we are. Currently at equal pay your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It anymore. At. Eight application that our ally. Utley and we're at right. -- -- -- And so we need under. That -- hit it four -- We. 88. RD in the job. But again. He was out there are quite. But if we like. I won't job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the deal with the actual back in the dot. As you'll talk about we come back tournament at dealing with the actual stresses because maybe. And the economy you've got responsibilities you can't do exactly what it is it make you -- the ninth fourteen Tommy Tucker back with doctor Michelle -- In a moment and -- here for new attacks comes in as a sales -- we have to meet a lot of deadlines and a workload is tremendous and if we don't sell we don't get paid. That is very stressful back in a flash on WWI. Tommy Tucker get the president's press conference coming up at 10 o'clock or at least. His statement about the National Security Agency and when he wants to do about better plans to do. We sell more tickets to giveaway to the range showed tonight at 8 o'clock at the saying your theater which is a tribute to The Beatles against valued at a 120 dollars doctor Michelle mania is when this. -- issue Health Sciences Center we're talking about stress on the job and -- we read the list of the ten most stressful job and people are taxing in insane obviously these people have never -- a kitchen I don't see how restaurant chef wasn't. On that list -- says I can't believe healthcare professionals are not on a list lot of happy and stressed out nurses out here and -- -- military personnel military general firefighter airline pilot event coordinator public relations executive corporate executive. Newspaper reporter police officer taxi driver I would think yeah. Pediatric oncologists are a cardiac surgeon would be on there somewhere but we'll talk about that after doctor mania if somebody is in a job. That they have to hand because. They they need to pay the bills and they'll like it and maybe -- their position where they're terrified. Of losing a job that they can't stand. -- you'd go about coping with Soledad. In what people. Actually pay. I'm doing. One on national -- was and -- -- the patent. ITV OK and out at three quarters -- Americans -- -- job related stress. Significant portion of life. On that. That large it would be saying that they created much of the they. It's funny how we deal. Economy where we don't have a choice about where we can -- it. I'm sure that we would -- at work play and what wait that. She's too cheap and what available -- and that is. A lot of talent. You know we -- quite to actually -- are attached you know that we -- -- we -- the period in Chile right. Wing or right. On there are. Bound to be a -- yet again. Lunch break -- Are. Building law it would ultimately he trees and you know he'll be okay. I'm a little -- -- door. Is going to -- in -- field calmer and more together in the war in India. War and you know action on the ranch and age -- which would be in it. That once but we can't help but feel extra. Another way is on vacation. -- -- -- For a year on vacation -- during the year and it would be. We really need to -- in order to be up here in the time that we are. I'm -- and shake it like you know we're stepped away is going to need to work I combat action much -- and -- Opted not hate you know anybody is. No matter how Shuler. -- away now. Back there you go late in the evening according. Sure that ultimately. That is going to -- to control year. -- -- -- -- -- And able eat more when. I'm not in street where it you understand better on the stretch -- life. And -- it. By situation that arm -- back to. -- leak and without -- with that or even all -- our workers are aren't there and helping. Managed extract that particular situation. That maybe I'll tell you cope better -- -- late shouldn't. Port or have someone if there were that situation that we feel like we're. We heard when. -- How -- coping and how. Many. Things. Which we see in light drinking. Thinking that's the -- that -- rallies etc. doctor appreciate your time.

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