WWL>Topics>>1-17 11:10am Don Dubuc, amendment threatens public anglers

1-17 11:10am Don Dubuc, amendment threatens public anglers

Jan 17, 2014|

Gulf fisheries management council made an announcement that they want to pass amendment 40 a bill that would give red snapper resources to only 17 private individuals taken away from the public anglers. It is called sector seep ration and has been hotly protested by many user groups several times but this time they made the announcement for public comment on Christmas Eve when no one was looking hoping to get the resulting opinion they want. Two issues you hear, the unfairness of the amendment as well as the underhanded manner it is using. Don was joined by David Cresson, La. State CCA Director.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And walking into the Friday edition of the think tank is done to be in for Garland Robinette -- become a shortened think tank dead due to the president's message hopefully you heard it in. You know I mentioned in them by name Edwards snowed in and that was part of what we were going to discuss last hour -- fortunately we don't have a lot of time but it is the topic consumption about ready opinion poll question. Asking you to cast your vote at WW -- dot com do you think it would -- is a hero. Or eight trade -- right now 62% of saying trader. 38%. -- hero and I think this is one of these questions that probably will not be answered. Anytime in the near future it may take a little history to go by before. The country can come up with a fall firm and -- opinion on whether. It would Snowden dad did the right thing by now spilling the beans on the NSA surveillance program. Or did he violate his oath of enlistment when he broke trust with. The oath he swore to -- uphold the constitution of the United States in -- -- the president the United States. In all military officers his superior what do you think cast that vote at WW all that come what we will talk about. We have David grass on the Louisiana State CCA -- executive director CCA of course being coastal conservation association. Gonna join us to talk about the gulf fisheries management council. They have made an announcement that they want pass amendment forty. This is a bill that has been floating around out there. And what it would do basically would create the sector separation. On the taking a red snapper. Also would put in a pilot program that would give seventeen. Private head -- operators their own. Allocation of red snapper. And the as a pilot program to find out if this will be a good way to help adhered to the quarters prevent overfishing. -- a lot of opposition nobody more vocal against it in the coastal conservation association particularly here in Louisiana but also the coastal conservation. On a national scale. Now we have hoped to get the east at the national conservation directed Ted banker to join us. A because this is really dual issue not only is this one about the plan itself then -- it merits. I'm being implemented or not but it's also an example. In how government manipulates. The media to accomplish -- and I'll be back talked you more about how that happened on this particular issue. And also the implications for a fisherman here in the state of Louisiana. We'll talk Louisiana State CCA chapter director of David crests on one remind you about our opinion poll do you think it would Snowden is a hero or traitor right now 64% saying trader. 38% saying hero. I don't forget about a text message board 8787. I want to thank the text and reminded me that it was Snowden. Actually was not a military analyst he he was a form a government contract government contractor. Who blew the lid off the NSA's surveillance programs however I think the question still remains the same even though we've not taken enlistment. All the he did violate an agreement with the United States in making that information public but did he do the right thing -- the wrong thing. Is the basic question and -- voted -- W -- -- let me bring in David -- on executive director of Louisiana chapter of the coastal conservation association. David thanks have taken some time to Jonas. Pretty good we're gonna be rock and mineral pretty quickly because the president's speech put this behind. In well first of all let people know that this announcement on amendment forty. In fact there was a press release that Ted banker who is -- CA conservation director for tied magazine he's also the editor. Titled it anglos get dumped and now basically it's a two part story one. About government and anybody who like me who has done a Friday's show at this time of the day knows. That its immediate tactic. Used by government elected officials. To release information that they know is gonna come under criticism and controversy. On a Friday later in the day because the weekends there. In -- very likely to get media coverage. That gulf fisheries management council went one step further by make an announcement on this amendment forty on Christmas -- If you would David explain first of all what dissect a plan is. In also about this pilot program that would give seventeen ahead boat operators their own private allocation of wrist snap. Yeah well or again thank you -- made on that as you mentioned. And announced on Christmas Eve which so -- president when he comes to this sort of thing that. Object separation. Is that notion that. A recreational sector. -- centuries -- and I and the quota that the allegation goes to them should be divided even further. In 284. Tires sector which charter boat captain and boats. Andy regular recreational fishermen like Whitney so. -- And so on surface. Maybe it's not such bad idea. That the main problem this disorder keystone problem with that whole notion that it puts the blame. For those fisheries management -- squarely on the shoulders of the recreational. Fisherman. And I'm here to tell you that we are not to blame for this out. Yes the recreational sector has over finished its quota now for number of years ago. But the problem is not Patricia it's to quote it's a it's a process that. That comes up with the allocation that we hear it -- -- needless to say if you give us an unrealistic. Low allocation. It won't take that long to overfished even with forty days and -- to pitch well. Sectors separation. Is Islam rules by. Special interest groups and in a small group well -- both Japanese and others to don't buy it out. Portion of that. Recreational allocation. Even further and -- it specifically to. Two charter boat captains but again the the real problem there is not. The recreational fisherman its speed -- the way to Campbell Padilla allegations. That's one part. I want David before you move on the second part will probably catch the second call on the backs on the news that stain on this. Dissect -- separation. Is CCA you know what would you support if there is -- separation because this is for -- and is being you know it's a commercial activity where. The charter boat captains are making money shouldn't. At least all part of that quote -- given come from the commercial sector because it is split between recreational and commercial total -- as close. Well you're right about that right now the the recreational. To charter boat. Quota comes directly out of the recreational quote so the commercial pitchman get 51% -- -- -- -- or under the actual background Gulf Coast. Millions of fishermen we get 49% according. And if they were separate direct additional quota. You know that part -- ghost in the charter captains would come out of that recreational 49% so we'll certainly have. If -- gets the separation we would be all -- paper. Of taking some of the commercial quote given it to. Two charter boat captains. You know who frankly would meet so. So yet so we don't support -- separation by any means. But it's her work come past. And certainly they should look at re allocating entire century. And being comfortable the greater percentage. -- -- so that the recreational sectors not once taken to brought it. David congratulations did an excellent job of explaining a very complicated topic in a short period it's tough. We are gonna come back after the news and we'll get into the pilot program aspect of it and also. Alert not only CCA members and all recreational fisherman that even though this announcement was broke on Christmas Eve. There is still time to get those all important public comments made federal government the national marine fisheries service also the gulf fisheries management council knowingly. Assets of recreational and commercial seasons for its -- and knowing that the data is flawed they've admitted that says they can't do anything immediately. To rectify that so they have done some other things making suggestions such as this amendment forty. Which suggests better management of the quarter numbers prevent overfishing through a process called sectors separation which would remove. From the 49%. Total that recreational fisherman did. A certain percentage in amount and give those to private charter boat operators not the 51%. And give into the commercial fisherman. The coastal conservation association including the state Louisiana chapter have been opposed to this has been the congressional sportsman's caucus. And governors of states. There's been much much opposition to this. Well on Christmas Tivo would apparently looks like an Enron. They made an announcement that they plan to proceed with amendment forty in this pilot program. Did it on Christmas Eve I guess saying well you know wooden -- when asking for public comment well. And making an announcement on Christmas -- not a lot of people heard about it -- -- people had time to react to it so maybe this time with less opposition it will justify. A decision to implement that. -- this is David crests on the state director of Louisiana CCA. David if you would we're talking about the pilot program that would give seventeen charter boat operators -- only quoted what percentage would they get in -- we talk on anyone here. In Louisiana at this point. Yeah. Well get answers and questions first note none of the seventeen. A boat operators -- Louisiana based. Hand these seventeen bulge would get about five pursue. Of the 40%. Beyond. Percent to where party's -- so to talk about given seventeen people. 5%. And unfairly so quote so right off the bat you know it's it's not not fair system. What Scotland is gone it's it's being called. Exempted fishing permit for our program that is that the pilot program -- shares. And a foot in the door respect separation so. What we are vehemently opposed to this as has been the general public -- -- most of the chart happened out there. And as are many. Bad attendees meeting we have public meetings that Asian -- -- -- rights and be. The opposition to both this and -- -- forty boards was overwhelming and truly it is not a voice the there's not a voice of support for those two things in the -- out of 400 people are so attended these -- nobody. Was on board yet the federal government finds a way to sort of slipped -- -- on Christmas Eve. And expect the public to make their thoughts known or January 23. We're doing the best we can get those. You know get that folks who make their response been known you got excited joints CA dot org. -- click the the story about a forty and there's little link inside that story you can communicate directly. With media decision makers at the federal government. Meg and meg almost secured time mrs. an unfair. Pilot programs put in an apartment saved them trouble. They're trying to find out whether this pilot program will will prove that. You know catch errors basically are beneficial. Our activities. To beat operators recent trouble. They're gonna make a lot of money. Why haven't you know -- -- give them. Do what one was there with their own quote while the rest of us in the gulf I have to live with our -- -- season including many many charter operators. At least seventeen economic -- this year. I am better try and prove that other captains can do -- -- in the same system implemented -- support it's just not a case. And it's all fair as has -- many of -- Policies toward bodies -- go about it. We're talking about the move by the gulf fisheries management council to announce on Christmas Eve. The intent to pass amendment forty bill that would give red snapper resources. Taken from the recreational allocation to seventeen private individuals. In the gulf it's called sector separation its pilot program. David do we know who made this decision to release this announcement it was a consensus of the council. Wasn't it chairman was at some other influence on has a question even the -- of America's I'd really like to find out. Yeah you know. Public comment. Destruction that we had in Baton Rouge Lafayette that question was -- to the gulf counselor -- -- -- number of times. At all she can really tell us is that. This was a decision by -- the national marine fisheries service not so much adult council the -- council would act -- -- against. This and somehow. Somebody because somebody had an actuary church reserve decided -- -- move forward anyway. Despite. Outcry by the general public by the recreational coaching community and and to some degree by legal counsel shelf. They went ahead and shut outs they're gonna take all so it's it's pretty frustrating it makes you -- to. What what. Public comment really means do they pay any attention to it whatsoever. And and do that do the -- -- and they're gonna do what they want to do matter what I'm immersed. There's undue influence here by environmental. Special interest groups. That a lot of dollars and somehow neutral traded away into open. You know to make decisions that are unpopular stroke I don't know who. Besides that but. I activate it it was against the will of the general public and and position community. On top. I think it also calls into question the the his strength of the gulf fisheries management council Wednesday as a council. I have seen and heard enough public comment and looked at enough data to be opposed to on their own why would they go ahead and take. A suggestion from -- on national marine fisheries service to proceed with. Well I'd do I -- that's sort of the problem with old system is that no matter what you know what to -- -- from public is no matter what should sound decision council. -- -- -- and meetings where I would counsel whole boat it'll go. Logo. It'll go awry it's spoke against some of the -- -- players and rumor concurred and no real little later are trying to help. To try to get it right. Here right now -- break for lunch Doctor Who people voted the wrong -- vote again and in and Ali you like to stand so other opening like that that that take place it's hard sometimes Obama and all the intricacies of that -- -- guy. -- -- It is great convoluted in the -- broken government that -- Frankly offered some solutions to. And even those solutions. While their their widely accepted by many. And sort of ignore that and -- Well -- that I take what I wouldn't feel like can be doing my job as a member of the media -- I didn't get this information up particularly London on the weaknesses the circumstances where with the announced was delivered. On Christmas -- January 23 is the cutoff date to him to have the public comment hurt. Is there on the CCA website an explanation of it or is there actually a form. That someone could sign on to which basically sums up CCA's. Philosophy on an opinion if they agree with -- -- just simply shoot that to him. Yes there is -- you again if you go to join CCA dot org you don't have to be a member of all this to go to Johns appreciate or urgency right on our home page. A story called amendment forty recreational fishermen get -- And an issue really terrific story to get the details of what happened here also do an opportunity click on. On hyper link that little. That wolves. Allow you to send a message to -- the people and policies -- councils so. And actually look at that story you read. Down the next story or two and all of them at this point are. Are sort of CCA stances on these particular items or would encourage members are members alike recreational fishermen. Or people are just concerned about. The you know government gone awry you two major opinions heard here this is not right way to do as well and -- man we go oh I'll also played on February I think it's. Second third fourth somewhere that neighborhood. Tuesday Thursday tried to excuse me Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday. A bad week they will have the gulf council meetings in Houston we hope all our friends from Texas to make over there. I know we'll have a big Louisiana contingent there and now here from -- -- -- This was bogus deal and we hope that your listeners do this. And David Willis -- an issue that'll be taken up at the state convention which is set here in New Orleans are coming -- beginning of the month. Yeah absolutely well our government relations committee will meet on Friday morning at the Hilton Riverside. We invite. -- members and non members like committed licences to our process works will discuss this great deep rail car. We've got both our federal and state wide gulf. Excuse me -- relations committee members and then it'll be taken up again and our board meeting. Afternoon at 1 o'clock. -- back again until Riverside so. -- come one come all that our our meetings are open to all of our members and an -- not a member I'd like to listen welcome to come as well also. Again this is this is not -- systems -- -- work in public talks exposed to it. Disposed pebble and apparently in these two cases. That bush did mean much we're gonna stay after Don. And but it can also -- David thanks so much that taken time on very short notice to Jonas and talk about this very important issue and look forward to the next visit. All right David -- on state CCA director. For Louisiana talking about the controversy you'll snapper -- separation plan. Also this concept of pilot program which would take away fish that belong to public recreational fisherman from their quota. Which is 49% of the total and given to seventeen private fisherman who would be exempt from the dates and regulations and everyone else. As to compete war in order to earn income should that come from commercial. Sector if it's even done enough first of all most people alone thousands on talk and hundreds of thousands. The recreational fishermen that have given their opinion on this are opposed to this. As are many charter boat operators themselves I would be right back to continue with the think tank tell you what's coming up next hour we're also gonna get involved in the an issue even hear us talk about for a long long time freshwater diversion some new revelations coming from brigadier general duke Deluca with the corps of engineers will have his information come -- out right after this time around listening to the think tank. I'm Don -- Good Friday morning from the big 87 he debuted -- BO.