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1-17 1:10pm Angela, NOLA Bartenders have a heart

Jan 17, 2014|

It’s OPEN MIC with local bartenders. Just like restaurants, New Orleans is known for having a great bar on every corner. Well, our bartenders have heart. Angela was joined George White, Bartender at Hoshun on St. Charles and Miles Holding, bartender at Good Friends Bar. They listen, counsel, comfort and often entertain their clients, but they also give back to the community. They tell us about the Barman's fund and how you can contribute the next time you go out for a drink.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And WWL. The nearest dog in sports leader needs Angela and over mind. With the New Orleans legend Ben Stiller film called final four to 60187. These. Toll free 866889070. More tax -- -- 870. 870. You know -- a -- Angela at bay hill WW. No live from the heart of the Crescent City -- pendulum. Another day in paradise absolute. -- in -- target this data from the last three Jason and breathtaking. And it's so nice that it's Friday that makes us happy that it's prime. If you saw the Golden Globes you heard Diane Keaton in tribute to Woody Allen sing -- song. Make new friends but keep deal. And that's what we do on Friday's we make new friends. In our open Mike segment today we meet two young men who are professional bartenders. And listen council comfort and amused their clients. But they also have a heart. They're part of an organization called the bar -- fund it raises funds for local charities each month you're definitely my cunning guys. Miles holding is a bartender at good friends and has been a bartender for four to five years. George white has been a bartender for ten years and works at -- shine on saint Charles avenue. We don't want to talk about. I really appreciate you all coming and thank you rabbits. First -- let's talk about because I did not know about the garments on until I saw that wonderful piece that Monica Hernandez -- when channel four. Great concept. Kind of tell us about it. Called Barbara responded it's so Motley assortment bartenders it's a group of us. We did one show tomorrow and on that shift we don't need a 100% of the -- we make and together we -- those steps and we -- local charities and nonprofit organizations. That -- contributes. Yes. It's. Good because a 100% of it goes to the charities. Our board doesn't make any thing we don't spinning on advertising so we we do do a lot of FaceBook Twitter etc. I kind of things. But there's literally zero overhead and -- we try to -- great physical we don't like writing checks. We prefer for instance you know. Our December charities we had a couple of what is in children's shelter isn't so we we run we get the presence ourselves we wish lists from them. And -- That it it makes it very satisfying and it also sort of helps us keep track of exactly what we're doing and it. As I said since were entirely going off of just sort of viral marketing. It helps if we have these pictures of us dropping off these things that we can showed the people get us money and they can see. This is literally what you did this month. -- the phones are going to mean you know what what's incredible is that you live off of your tips I know you make what two dollars and thirteen cents an hour is that correct yeah. You on a good to have you -- but so are your tips are meaningful and you're giving. The -- Yeah after after taxes so the most part has he actually they. It's funny they set did you check printed out that says zero dollars I guess I've never known why the other printed but they do they give you zero dollar check -- You know we're even after being tax on the tips that we make you know we're actually in a negative but. I mean to me -- I don't see it that way. You know what seemed a good that we -- meeting the people that we have the people and organization. I mean. How did that start somebody just said we need to do this moment and actually started our with our Brian Floyd who was now in Austin. And Brian. Has done a great job promoting it to where -- Polly Williams and David Stephen massacre. Down here started to -- the world's apartments one. And I actually got into that meeting only he's a frequent her barn where she was working that. And she was coming to Russia -- don't know at this organizations like hey you know -- departments on. And -- she she. And they pushed it on FaceBook -- were finally one night I went in and Saul when she was doing. And got to meet a lot of people who went through and she actually you know show me some pictures of what she was doing okay. This is a charity that we're sporting this month this is a local charity and so. Heard that in hopeless and how to log event. And it went from there at what other group made -- that it went in shelters in the children's shelter very important especially at Christmas what other kinds of things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- the good thing about things a Saint Bernard project and we're trying to do more of this going forward we actually restore mother's last meeting is. In addition to giving up money we like to give up time as we can and so for the paper -- project. In addition to buying them amongst tools to help rebuild houses we also took today where we all Wentz and helped with one -- their building. And we also when possible we've got a lot of people who wanna be involved in more than just coming in and tipping us but they don't work in the industry. And that kind of thing allows us to bring in some of them you know if you're a fan of -- fund that you work as a lawyer something in addition is giving us money. Then say we doing these events -- gonna go to actually work on the house you can come and hang out with all of us has -- you know. Doing so. It's a great idea it's a wonderful idea to generous idea and obviously you get something out of it. You know it is. I mean to friendships and we I've made through. On the customers -- support us. A lot of people a lot of our regulars. You know hey what's this -- fun thing and they make it a point to come see me first Sunday of every month. -- tell Tony and as as excited as I am about it they are as well. You know they follow us. Do you have something on the bar itself that says all these tips are going to fund. I easily. I easy tell people you know and a comment. In house OK tonight you know. How much they called they called me to Jamison bear where one of our hostesses are used to -- the years. And I was signify and I paid a small varmints one night you know this is this is all my chips -- wanna charity arm helped me a note you know. Yeah that's one of the things kind of varies amongst all of us I'm not as comfortable with telling people -- it's all gonna show -- -- One of the things -- like -- charity is I'm not going -- just asking people for some things. And so -- I prefer to just you know already here's something you can do if you wanna do it and so I put out little laminated signs of their incomes Tennessee. And then they wanna talk to me about they can but -- way I I don't have feels awkward about like K please give me some money for this charity. And -- -- us sort of one of the perks of it and we. We have a few people who you know don't even talk about at all -- just quietly died attempts not advertised. We we actually had one girl who -- Kept having really slow nights whenever it was her her nights that I just like oh that's bad -- -- I'm not -- tell anyone thought I don't give them -- one of my good -- women a lot of money elsewhere BR OK I'm noting that one you know. I'm miles and not a stop to tears as us you know. I get busy and it's like it's just you know trying to inform but people do want to know what's going on. You know I'd be happy to tellem also tell them -- check out FaceBook page check -- site. The mormons -- out of work. Arm watch what we do see what we do I mean. When we do to drops it's really cool -- You know especially when you see behind the scenes of what's going on like we -- have to New Orleans mission we went there coming we didn't drop for them where we we went to Sam's and we bought. Ridiculous amounts of garbage bags. -- and souls you know just essential items and toiletries things that they you don't need to run and -- deal. Com. Your wonderful guys I really mean that I your wonderful big hearted guys it is our day to as I said earlier make new friends as what we do in our open Mike where we get to know people. Really away from what they do -- -- these two guys do is pretty incredible. Miles holding and George wider both bartenders. And they're part of a group call -- fund. Where once a month that give all their chips. And they raise money for incredible causes and as they were saying which I think is very important a lot of the -- through media. Social media. And they take pictures and say it isn't just giving an organization a check it's giving them physical things and so we have the pictures to show exactly what you don't. Wonderful wonderful and and in giving this a sacrifice because you're getting -- really. Your livelihood -- your tips. And so you're giving a day's worth the tips good for you a lot of talk about what it's like to be a bartender. I almost can glamorize it. Because. It's you can be quite a showman I mean you really are an important element I think in the experience of somebody going to a bar. Yeah you're right I mean we're we're behind a bar -- Was there to take care people -- -- them. Whether to make sure to have a good time and do what we can for them. You know we play a role you know some people just wanna sit down have a drink. You know talk about a day others they wanna be entertained. You know they would do you know what you -- what's on special but it make her even more enjoyable. What was the draw. For it to the profession. I started parts and into to help pay for college and I've really really loved it actually and so I. Did that for a couple of years after and then to your brief break to go into the hole wearing a suit making a lot of money thing -- -- and really didn't like it's -- back to Argentinian. It. It's something about the the social aspects and something new every day and personally I prefer the the really busy nights 'cause there's sort of this physical challenges. It's it's not really seen as you know a Smart job but there's certain amount of you know in getting you know six or is it time and making sure everything lines up and all that and and also sort of as anything of what you batteries spin this way and that way in order just do it really fast and so. The challenge of that. Not just sitting -- -- moving Nina. The council immigrant on exactly what model says. I mean busy nights you're running beyond bar and you got -- you know find balance between service and you know being social swear. You know getting the customers' needs we have an interactive time but also keep an -- -- food and drinks home on. It's it's a challenge sometimes but it's it's actually some lights went in the night when you've been slams. It's very rewarding knowing about it you know people leaving like thank you were coming back or we had a great time. That you were an important element to their having a good time. And there are a lot of ways he can do that I mean you mentioned sort of therapists and are -- good time and all that that. In -- their varying approaches to to give people a good time I actually. I'm not really even that nice -- I sort of make my money out of being a jerk bartender. But in it and another amusing ways that you you know when Mario as we've -- don't come back and all that so you can do -- over the net to. So they're rolling it it's its -- sometimes I mean when you get to joke around when you get that you know. It's -- you know just balls in general conversation like Obama or you didn't you know just getting that reaction from them and and also and you see them walking up. And it's it's it's pretty fun you know. It that you I mean you may have regulars are you may not even -- them that you may you see life when let me say that you see life. You may see you know the same guy coming in with three different -- need -- think yourself. Or -- woman covenant reported on two different guys I mean are you sort of looking at that is this is life walking buying. Armed gangs do certainly I'm with you on did you see a lot of things -- -- I mean beyond the bar. I am the only. -- Situations where it's like well. You could Freeman leaderboard -- know what it's definitely put. A home victory victory just sort of there. But also to you see things you know people come -- and -- -- you know I'm stressed out today. And you know he's -- hey how you don't know how can take -- you know running short -- An idea and you -- like they're relaxed they're happy they're content to bellies full got a drink and you don't they leave and alike thanks you know sincerely thank you on that senior senator on the -- yeah it is it is that is. And it can be interest in you you get to. C aside of people they wouldn't normally show like. Just -- if you work and at a bar that has a lot of locals and regulars. Then you know -- and at FaceBook and you and you see what they're putting out the world going on number -- in this in this thing today and then you see them drunk later and you know I tell him not. You're not a person at all you can thank you should probably yeah but it is it's you also -- what's what I'll do -- about the profession bar -- is you get to meet. A lot of people from all aspects of -- you know and I mean I've made friends. That I never thought I would be friends with you know to person and I. But it's like well school you know what have you ever had to break up a fight. Terror attack. The cut. Not really admired my current -- we don't have like I'm proud to back back when I was younger and working at. The poorest other kinds of bars it was a pretty common thing actually come. It. Yeah actually. You almost it's it's unpleasant feels kind of -- is has been with real salute on the rush. And and that's not in anyway meeting a violent person if anything IE one of the bars I used to work -- they they actually joked he wouldn't be -- Gandhi because. It every a lot of the other people you're just kind of -- someone throw them out and I could usually you know just kind of get them restrained for long to stop them for a second and then they come down and then like as they were leaving the chick mine and the like all right thanks -- tomorrow be nicer and so I it it is. You know -- -- -- -- to that yeah out of. Ahmed Al Gore took some venues and you know college and is where frat -- get out of line and anxiously to just leave congress and have a good time and but you know like muscles in his column of a thrill you know it's like and it won't know what to do not see on next week little lack. And yeah. Have you ever had a situation where a not much is -- that a verbal fight between a man and woman. Big -- fight. -- Back or call if you. At some venues and have worked out in the past where it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Canada problems like take this time out. You realize that are causing a scene in two to two shot apologized. And actually they started talking. Think you aren't doing a little psychotherapy. In May not put a shingle out but in a way it is you're paying attention you're looking at a situation and your. Calming the situation. -- comic situations is definitely. A big part of it. And yet cut a couple fights are sort of the worse because. It anywhere else argue and you feel like good news that then whereas that users of it more of you know it does -- a little bit and what's going on bottom. Do you have between couples it's their only interest in -- -- each other not anybody else beat them you know you just don't wanna be just don't want that situation happen. And especially when alcohol is involved. In -- 3:4 o'clock in the morning at a bar and just like this is happening here. -- let's all hold hands and -- by. Close it out for the night did you have to go to school to learn to make the drinks or did somebody just train. I've actually found in the industry they have -- schools and -- I've found that they're actually generally not looked on that well. I I yum after -- already been marching neighbor couple years I just kind of when one out of curiosity is and cause -- marshals on like a week. And actually I liked it but it it turned out I'd never even put on resonates because a lot of places like we went to bar school that. That's not how we do it is closely and in the industry and all latins and have to explain like no I was are doing and I just. And so now I just kind of pretend that it can happen if I'm applying for job justice for some reasons not really. -- this sort of seemed that way they prefer on the job kind of thing. I depending on to bring you that I've worked out I mean really I learned from watching people. On seeing the bartenders listening to them. Asking questions. Just a couple of places that I worked at they would have like a little course in house course you know regarding warnings are. You know pairings and such like patent you know personally I would like to learn a little bit more about ones but. Not just learn from experience are you finding people are drinking more wine. Or no -- armored Martinis the big thing. When whom. I would say no -- that as far as trends. There's a lot of people asking for IPA's and things like that the moment. The -- a lot of the boot. It's actually you can tell how many of us really lower job by the fact that we we sort of -- -- learning afterward because we we can't -- talking about it I actually. I I've radical friends other industries make funny because what I do when I get off work from our attending his go to another -- sit there with a bunch of other -- is cut off. And talk about drinks and -- we're a company party for one of the bars for for Christmas and it was seriously just three bartender sitting around talking about Scotch and like so it is things we've known early this morning that one antsy to get some learning now wait just because what most of us are. Really into it and we just can't stop talking about it so -- -- -- -- -- relative there. I always -- and what moral sodomy now Moorestown trying to things you know arm. You know especially you Democrats are still seen as as has developed so much in the past appears in this city I've noticed. And there's a lot of great bargains out there were a lot of great ideas. And you know there's also a flood of new products coming onto the market. You know sometimes it's like. You know I hear something like wanted to come out with business. And that's actually my favorite social activity is I'll be out. At a bar with a couple of friends and on of the arts and around like we just got his bottle and it's something I never heard of before early here tastes a little of it. What do you think we can do with this and movie like three or four to concentrate on trying to like who can make an industry that this new thing we just came up with it has got to -- have you created during season. A few yeah yeah. Let's see. When I -- first came -- Since moving to New Orleans and actually ended up making a lot of sort of New Orleans themed drinks partly because you -- year your Taurus and the -- thing. I'm made one that I totally -- -- to tase me bro in Owings drank. And -- during Marty Brothers that are bunch of sort of you can get king cake flavored vodka but it's not really that is easily and so other a lot of tourist -- can take shots and I made up a really simple one it's. I have met friends who have slate clean they -- a little bit more -- like intake but mine you can make in two seconds and then people -- or intern -- -- I'm having won it tastes you know pretty close object in the Medifast is. Is an important thing to do so and -- little colored sugar on Kirkland collapse hit a chubby kid and I don't have time that I heard another mortar round arm. I personally like to I'll I'll feel a lot -- And in -- -- like -- -- pass -- me carpenter because like -- what he normally drink what do you like. And from there I'll you with what's available to me I'll make him a drink. But I mean it is fun to experiment it is fun especially when you fonts up and out where someone teaches you -- drink arm. We have a drink -- at a restaurant called Tokyo it's it's probably one of our number one sellers and we had a regular guy came in governor named -- -- Was -- working on movies down here and we met -- -- is coming in order to cutesy. And I would here's tickets in it. You know when I was on the West Coast or when I traveled. Other states I would -- people order but I've never heard up until then come and I passport and people come newborn -- would see his drink and really what is was like that's too cutesy and what -- -- -- -- is essentially it's a Long Island iced tea. Armed substitutes -- settled -- Coke. At this hour and I splash in the dory and -- on economics it's pretty strong. Smile goes on quick and it's a good cause and -- you could go oh yeah and a lot of people like it and it's actually since you know because of an insurrection and and it's something that we put on our menu and people. People come specifically. I have some servers before they go home they'll come -- born pretty. It's -- guilty to go. It's like I -- Only in New Orleans can I get it to go just -- what time did you get off last night. I got home because Russia and around two and mobile her looks like her K you've been at the end of the night so a lot of time cleaning stocking up. So I got I got off probably around 345 through thirty. I -- for 5 AM probably made it home about. Six and then to map for cannot -- Say an and that's what we have to remember all the good stuff and all the fun things that -- talking about it is his job. And and you have to write yet to get that -- ready for the next day and organized. Just for fun to give me a ballpark. Of what a bartender can make. Really depends on a venue depends on the crowd and tonight. I mean there's some nights where we didn't do very we didn't do much of sales but. You know I have a lot of service industry and I have a lot of you know you know customers come in really appreciating what they've you know the food and drinks and you know some -- I walked I would 300 somebody to walk I would -- Depending you know I mean like a settlement for money part timing. -- -- -- -- The fact that you don't know I I think it's something -- would put a lot of people off this job but for the people who are in this job it's actually sort of one of the perks you go in and just. You could make anything tonight and it's all a bit and it's up to luck but a lot of it's up to use there's there's really no limit to it. Which. You know it is also one of the good things for for the fund -- there's no outside an attempt she can do running a given night but I'm side I think it appeals to sort of in a way gamblers and get away people who had -- want to have more control over. Who feel like they can actually walk in there and there's no I'm gonna make this a better night. Yeah for years and. Let me ask is it -- is it. Correct to say that you are in a way responsible. If you see somebody who has just way over drunk. That you have to stop. -- stop serving. Absolutely. You know and it's unfortunate you know I was like everybody wants a garden -- good time but it director comes to a point where it's like to -- -- I I cannot. You know. To not give you anything else on the Japanese which is more -- -- -- its -- installment. Like I cannot serve you would drink at this point you you know I'd love to call you look at how you know if you need a ride. You know won't it will rain soaked in -- At this point and I mean what is that -- tipping -- is what's really great about my department's one is we get a lot of people that come out to really support us. Our home the last shift that I had to varmints one shift I did fantastic. And you know what -- the support of friends and you know customers and everything you know. I mean we can't do it -- fun without. Wonder bartenders most importantly our client's right to -- With the the were -- thing having parts and a lot of different places it was. News to me when I got here and down at that we weren't legally responsible for what happened in these -- states once they leave your -- you you can be sued Franken they do it happens. And while it is a lot of stress off of me is as far as that's that's you know not really -- -- case here it. I still sort of keep that Whitney and try to do need to be thinking about where are they going after desperately want to be doing. And are they going to beginning in cars and they and yen and most of the the good -- and I would do do that but with with -- not actually being required around here that aren't you certainly some as -- and I'll see some real serving and I. My -- I would I would not certain I -- -- -- national law it's not. From what I understand I'm not I'm not sure I can't comment on I think it's just a little like I could be wrong. But. I'm British yachtsman and told -- and really to do because I was gonna take care of them whether I was required to -- -- so it's a matter. Have a good conscience about it to some bombs target you know to get him into account of a lot of cabs don't -- a cab drivers will will not and it's kind of upsetting to exits like you know. This is a safety issue now discuss got to walk two miles to get home. In an intoxicated man and you can refuse him service. You know it's it gets -- sometimes they're afraid -- -- throw up in the camp I've had a cab drivers tell me that nav but also we've you know. Yeah I mean it's -- It's it's a gamble you know -- You know it's a lot of times like look you know stay in a corner trips and drinks water it's up to me and I actually interested I -- that's what's it's like you know where you see somebody that's like. -- -- you know let's let's keep -- you know or keeping a front for that matter. It's eventually the the bar is not closing around here is that you had -- you. Can always get them home and a lot of places around here you can just kind of -- put them off somewhere where you don't have to deal with them for a minutes at the muscle and just. Let him sleep it off in the bar -- as opposed to. You know other places where you got to shut down and two and you've got to figure out something to do with dispersant. So the that is one of the perks of things does not close and. I have -- love talking to these young men. Excited about your lives your really excited about what you do and that makes such a difference I don't care what did you feel like going to your job. And obviously you do when you proud of and that makes it special to. -- are also citizens of the community and I'm just wondering what your thoughts on kind of where we are in the city. As I am and where we need to go were -- you were not here for Katrina -- we've come a long way since Katrina we have we have come along and -- do you have any concerns about. About opposite. My biggest issue right now -- roads at the fact that I know -- and suvs so. Just because the pothole situation crummy Rhodes yeah. I mean of the -- I mean. And really bring in the tourist and our economy is getting somewhat better. You know -- sources. From what I see them with the conventions and everything come -- and I mean we. And doing good so far from what from talking servers that come into Russia you know like saying hey we do business monitor we've been slowed us tonight. Com of course -- Ross coming up so that's going to be Jazz Fest French Quarter fast. Lot of conventions coming and somehow I mean this is a busy season coming up. -- home and we'll hit that peak all the way up and so what many. Yeah yeah poet. And initial lol during the summer where it's more just locals. You know -- different topic technical technical. Bum. But yeah I mean it is just I don't mean. The ball seems -- fortunately. From a -- welcome and we got to pelicans -- you know been seeing a surge of people coming out of pelicans game can arm which is which is great. Home -- aside you know right now it's preparing for martyred. Well I wanna thank you both very very much and I want to applaud you again for the garments on your final thoughts on the varmints farm with about thirty seconds. Well I just feel like how you can sort of make money where nothing else will be -- -- and we're additionally a child's wish that we donated to they've already got their people are giving to that they're people who are doing outreach. And we're reaching people they wouldn't have reached and finding my they could have gotten to. And like wasn't sort of multiply like I if I can only afford to give a hundred dollars in a month. I can either hand -- hundred dollars or could donate tonight when I would only made -- dollars a really slow night. And by advertising -- I can bring in 300 so I've only given up a hundred yet but they're getting 300 and he sort of make this money happen out of nowhere I understand it's we applaud you. And thank you it's been great getting to know you. On the -- at the bar stay with -- we're going to be talking about what's happening activists.