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1-17 2:10pm Angela, Fun Friday

Jan 17, 2014|

Let’s Have Fun Friday! We talk about the Oscars—favorites, surprises and snubs. Out of all the movies nominated—which one would you recommend…and which would you tell other movie lovers to avoid? (American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, Her, Nebraska, Philomena, 12 Years a Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street.) Angela and Ian were joined by Movie Critic, Jude Bourque.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rory wonderful cohost on this potential with that you know. But we frequently have sort of been talking about football football and and all the other things in our area that's going on in -- many festivals center. And all of a sudden if you just mentioned there isn't football you know all the sudden the -- kind of modus operandi for what's happening on social media on the website you know we're kind of changing gears there's still played sports to cover -- It's it's been kind of -- change for me having just you know coming in this position recently some have been trying to recalibrate and figure out. Exactly I'll Wear my attentions and energy you're gonna go but I'll still always be your -- I'm an -- depend on that I look forward to it to me too but I also think that it's interesting. Again we are rich in this area -- with incredible talent. Who do many wonderful things to entertain us. On every level. And so may be without the sports will highlight some of those other things a little bit more I think that's OK I think -- OK I do think we have a responsibility to do thank you Ian. We are. We are having a beautiful weekend. Our magnificent. Louisiana philharmonic orchestra which I cannot talk enough about I always say I have to be very careful because I am on the board. And I'm proud to be it is an extraordinary group of people who are very very talented very committed to the city. When Katrina hit they were spread all out. They came back they flourish now. And what's very very exciting as the number of things they're doing beyond the classics classic will always be the heartbeat of the LPO. But they're just doing some fun exciting other things. And with us now is Sean Snyder who has the marketing director of marketing and communications director for the LPO bullish on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And with the acrobatics it takes my breath the way to think of that music and people flying to the year. I'm telling you we we're very excited to have this show come to north that's the first time that we -- so like of this nature to to this city and and the musicians are are equally excited because they eat it it just takes them outside of -- the norm for them you know they're used to playing a classical concert with the conductor and now it's. Men now we've kind of -- a different element on top of that the concert setting in and it just Colombia a fantastic shows for the ears and -- guy. I think what's fun too is that the lead female is from New Orleans she is -- seven time national acrobatic champion. Nationally recognized. And she grew up in Carrollton. Do we in my office. Yes I -- these these aren't folks that are just you know on you know playing on the -- these these these are people that have gone just prestigious. Colleges and universities to learn this trade. And they're they're bringing it and you know I think the one you're speaking -- specifically has performed for like Ricky Martin men. And and lots of different pop culture shows so they they've been around then and we're really lucky to have them. And they are really flying through the air on these magnificent. Silk. -- for lack of a better word and right I can just I can just see and I can just see that. And feel the music of the LPO and see these beautifully talent to people flying through the air at -- -- Jackson and those performances are. They are cut tomorrow night's Saturday. At 7:30 PM and Sundays at 2:30 PM and them we're encouraging families with children children can get him for. Ten dollars if they come to the door now making get those tickets then. As just can be a great time. I wonder shown if you can kind of up to paint a picture for me a little bit in terms of it is fun in the audience at them Haley Jackson. You know where have you -- orchestra play and where's where's the acrobats and and where is kind of my on my I going to be drawn to an office. Short while the that you orchestra I mean -- -- stage at the theater is its you know monitor themselves. The that the orchestra will be set back and probably -- not everybody knows is -- the magnolia happy. A stage that lit up and down. They lifted they they set it down for many shows me that chairs on -- but if they need to they can lifted up and it provides a lot of extra space there. At that the beginning of the stage. And so those acrobats and suppliers will be positioned in that dead space between and the orchestra in the audience. So these these people won't be flying I mean nobody will be endangered with -- you know somebody flying over top. Our secure our audience member I -- I wouldn't be distracting for the orchestra members I would try I mean I'm not a -- professional musician I would be pretty attempted to look up to. I imagine absent. Yeah. They'll get beat the audience should stay you know they'll -- the front -- the artists do being there. They're saying and then behind them you'll see and hear the orchestra led by -- Langdon. You're also doing something I think very incredible next time senate or the phone since Saturday February 1. Culp played debt. What year nearly inviting. -- young people thirteen and up who wanna play in New York extra. Right and for those that you are listening today is the final day to register -- looking for its string players and maybe your heart history to. But we've had a really tremendous response to play that and -- it's an opportunity for the LP go to to call out to a local musicians to play orchestra instruments. To comment spent the day with the appeal and become a part of the orchestra and Karl at the media create who is going to lead. And -- personal slam final concert and it's going to be a great show. I'm I'm Q can you rattle off -- if you know what are some of the classical pieces that they orchestra is going to be playing during August. During played that they're they're -- I'm sorry I didn't mean to I -- be going back to -- to listen. I'll start to a well they they -- appeared it was short pieces that lend itself opted to kind of circus style music. And so much so here's some cuts cherry and Mike's favorite bands. -- speech he can't can from our -- critiques from -- Tico -- which is a very front piece divorce shocked that they looked toward Norris from -- So -- you know -- -- very upbeat and in describing music that people are likely to to have. Sure there yeah I got ya know maybe not very -- and composers that people recognize the certainly the melodies are in the right exactly exactly great. In our final little bit of time here. Something huge has happened and that is that the to -- his foundation has bought the orpheum theater -- -- of course was the home of -- PO for many years. Destroyed by Katrina but in just been sitting Merrill Pakistan. Penalty box right and it's such a little Jules and to have the announcement. That the LP only have a home again brings tears to a lot of people's lives. Yes and we know financial -- we're very excited to to be able to say that you know. Barring everything -- everything gone correctly with the written the renovations and the purchase of this property we're very excited two at the African -- be able to go home. I'm just statistically superior. Call that there everybody come to know the -- musicians to patrons alike. Well we cheer you on we are excited for you this weekend and also for the played dad and we thank you Sean very much. Thank you thank you look at. Bravo wonderful LP -- well you know what we're gonna talk about now and it is not just to movies but the movies who made the cut for the Oscar nominations which. Of course came out a couple of days ago. Jude you have to be in your glory. Except -- until Friday night as you know lies float in the pursuit of happiness money. 2000 -- personal and I'm so happy you're on the border deal PO RIA had a chance to perform with the symphony chorus. -- or freedom is the highlight of my life. I hope you all aren't there very soon so -- had to get shut out. Thank us thank you very very much. They're wonderful but the Oscars yes Oscar nominations came out yesterday -- lots of surprises. Lots of accolades to beat Louisiana films that were. Com set here filmed here produced here. And couple notes here and there still countless -- -- Yeah. Let's start with the snub to -- 'cause. -- -- -- It's not that he ever violence go there -- this Friday and -- you know Tom Hanks did not get the nomination even though he was talked about it too. Big movies captain Phillips. Nominated for director nominated for best picture. Supporting actor I gave it first time limo driver. Got nominated it's and he got left off the list. It. What back in public be explained. Because people although they like -- did not put him number one on the list. There's so -- best actor. Is the most competitive field this year. And if you can get your needs people voting you number ones so that you peek at it guaranteed spot. You got that tall and I think that's what happened with him there. -- -- was phenomenal in in captain. Captain Phillips was -- need -- ready to. And also another great actor left -- Robert Redford. For a his movie where he's you know cast out all alone on the C. Did the whole movie all by himself. Com. But he didn't get nominated is it's really ironic. The people who were nominated great great actors Leo because DiCaprio for the local Wall Street he's sort of the new Hollywood. Not a surprise he's made the list. The lead twelve uses slave. Everybody loved this actor did probably. The toughest job acting so surely -- -- -- and that movie Tokyo this slave nine nominations second note that everything from this year it is probably the front runner for best picture. So a clear easy choice to be a factor. Matthew McConaughey per gallon buyers club. Great actor a movie with Louisiana bases here filmed a lot of it here. That doesn't get a phenomenal job did one of these aren't going to pull all stops out lost all of that Wake Forest. Clearly he got a nomination and you don't see his. Acceptance speech at the golden. -- yes. It is going to -- I mean really if you had not seen the movie just wanted to see it -- to have sought him. That is why he is going to be one on front runners to win it is because of that performance at the Golden Globe. -- it's not that he won it but because he really gave voters. A reason to cheer him. But the two other people who made the list Christian Bale an American couple. They -- movie that -- it has to nominations so. Front runner gave little bit David O. Russell American couple. It's getting a lot has seen a lot of potential of that audience -- this story. So Kristen Bell and people like -- -- he's gonna make it. But they love the movie and so they've voted imminent. And that reason Bruce -- as a -- flopped. -- -- 77 years old has made movies for ever I think the last nomination he got was. Back in the seventies for supporting actor nod for coming home. He has never Warren. And his secret and one of the reasons he may win. Jack Nicholson. Is personally calling academy members. Also known as is -- -- People on his speed dial. And telling them to vote for him. -- so it's he's not taking ads out he's not. Having parties at his house he is literally calling individuals one by one. And Jack Nicholson. If you see him at the front -- of the Oscars. I would I would say Bruce -- is going to be even money at that point to win our best actor. That is a statement. Phones that -- saint Matthew McConaughey. And all five of the nominees and even the other I think all of them deserve it each one can say they deserve it but. Dude you're right this is clearly the toughest category because. But they were all excellent Christian Bale an American has a finally got to see you didn't say terrific movie and I know that you told us last week you saw three times the -- I I -- see where I would see it again and I don't see movies the second time very often attack each character in that movie was phenomenal. Couldn't you know now best actress. There was just not there Emma Thompson for. Saving mr. banks the Walt Disney movies about. Walt Disney making Mary part of opposites. Everyone said it -- -- in the Thompson as the issue. And she did not make it and Amy Adams was the person people think that -- in instead of hurt and again from American hopeful. A great. It's hard how can you see one -- the other. You -- here's my explanation why in the Thompson didn't make it and no love relief for saving mr. banks -- -- picture no writing directing. My mother went to see the movie and she was bored. And I think Hollywood may have done it. Did she call her friend at the academy and all the not to out persistent efforts to -- -- -- through it. Well no but but but we in this little occasional woman goes to see a movie and it doesn't grabber and and the level. Yeah I have a feeling that down in the craft. Area a lot of the craftsman a lot of the people who vote. Like. You know I don't have a reason to put her and -- when it's a close category but that's just from nominations. Best actress. The the speech that is going to be given. If it's not like -- -- in Fallujah and then that would be huge huge huge upset. It was. It's going to be coming out on dvd soon if not re released. A beautiful movie a great performance. And are stealing it from someone else. I didn't think -- and not give in. Not part but it is a role she played basically blocks to law. From streetcar named desire. And it's an uptake and that. Roll. Fall from grace wishes to move in with her blue collar system. -- it's a great show and great performance. Given -- actually. By. Yes forty huge stakes I mean that's. The -- and she was well probably her best performance I loved her and gravity I -- gravity. Gravity also nominate -- Oscar. All of the technical fields and you'll see this one getting. All of the early awards end probably. For best director. Never once saying Alfonso -- on who has made only a handful of movies. Because it's been with so technically. In advance. Can imagine he had to make up categories in the technical expertise and her unbelievable. You have felt so it will mean for for best picture. It's going to be a -- but I think between those that we are just been talking about the twelve years of slave which you know filmed here in Louisiana. -- -- -- An important movie. American hospital which is a lot of fun and and gravity which has all the technical. Superiority from all the other films. It'll be it's also between the three of them I think it will be really interesting to see how academy goes. Well I cannot wait for you to join us again next week. Because you're gonna give your predictions on who you are picking up. We are absolutely and hold you to account that as well we're gonna go down check by check check the -- -- drew -- -- junior it. Thanks Ed very very much they found a great week YouTube didn't but I in -- my wonderful cohost parodies. It's. What are you doing this week. Tonight I'm going to see a show that was originally mounted it during the new orleans' French festival -- call we talked about -- back to yes -- -- All the different kinds of weird offbeat off the walls Peter presentations -- put up from all over the country a lot of those local acts that were in the fringe festival. Are now getting an opportunity to put their shows back up. For an audience it's a little bit easier to crap there's such social -- a lesser degree of competition and here right now so a lot of those people don't renounced. I'm gonna -- see Tyler with the T. Which is an original piece written by John Broder who works -- and it weekly does a lot of the -- and entertainment awards and playing stuff over there. And some good friends might Alex Wallace and Sam craft. If those names -- Miller Alex's he played Romeo. And -- projects Romeo and -- the year before last stand same craft is that one of and one of many members of the couple really great bands here in town. Namely sweet crude which is kind of a new young and that's really not blown up the local folk music scene so the show I don't understand very much about it but he got such great reviews during the fringe festival. And now three mounted at the shadow box just a couple blocks away from how also going to go see that. It's in the neighborhood yeah he has just write down what you described by -- eaten crab and drink and then go right into the show. Saturday night I think I'm going to build my new bed I ordered a bad. This yes this has been on the hunt kill because artistic process so much fun stuff to do -- New Orleans and building my bed frame on Saturday night that's cool that's called real life yeah it's got to -- got to talk -- -- -- a Sunday night and actually in a performance and doing an improper -- new movement feeder. I called press pass. Which is one of the new kind of weird formatted in -- shows that we have going on down there where it's all waste on news Atlanta to the new movement feeder. Which is in -- -- -- -- triangle just a couple blocks off for Frenchman street. Anybody wants checking out issue go to T and M comedy dot com he should get directions and tickets -- and the show's -- press pass. It's it's basically an in -- show that kind of re packages and makes fun of the news media. So you know there's an improvised press junket and and people doing -- scenes based off of headlines and it's getting inspiration from things that are taking place in the world's even up until you know Sunday afternoon so. I'm really excited be apart that blends two things I'm really passionate about which is the news and in -- comedy so. And let me -- it just really -- to find fun and beating up the news media Alia is it's not so hard for -- -- I wanted to remind everybody because it is Monday even though it's not this weekend that it is Martin Luther King Day. And there are several events going on on com this weekend. At Christ church cathedral that's on saint Charles avenue. They are going to do a commitment service it is going to be Saturday at 11 AM. And everybody would they would lucky to go and also. The Jewish and Muslim communities and new -- -- gonna come together Saturday and Sunday. For short of the interfaith dialogue. And prayer and community service. And that is going to be at the mosque of the merciful which is at 1238 Johnson street that Saturday at 1 o'clock. And of course all. Kind of other things happening on Martin Luther King Day on Monday and we must not forget -- -- they can also be very enjoyable can you believe that it has been. Fifty years. Since The -- fifty years this is un believable to anybody who was there is the very beginning of their. They're great thing I wanna hold your hand. That was their numero -- that was fifty years ago but it and number are now just in 64 then. Get out of censorship or that's right gotcha but this is fun not able to that much time has passed and anybody who is of my -- will agree with that. And they really were a revolution. When they hit. And I was very lucky in. Delegate to Stephen in Houston. And I thought you know I like them I thought they were terrific but and I have watched him on Ed Sullivan like everybody else. But I never understood the hysteria. And you know mania and the little mania and see that the films lean on the -- good. Of these girls passing out yeah I want you know this wasn't the astrodome. Essentially that -- Houston don't know. Literally. Before they came out. It built up. All of a sudden understanding on the chair screaming screaming -- meanwhile are hard to pass up but all of a sudden you understood. This it was something that took a life of its own. They were very good and there is no way that anybody could -- heard them. Because everybody on is just what's going on forever how funny yes it is was very funny how I'm looking I don't know -- -- -- I couldn't hear it I was there I. I was glad I was there it was a moment in history while but I gotta tell you. There is going to be a fabulous tribute and it's going to be at the -- theater this group called the -- rain which is the but the the show itself. Was that I didn't realize it was here in Q 2010 and they say that they've added and changed some of the songs. But John it's going to be presented by east Jefferson hospital and Broadway in New Orleans it is this weekend. -- Friday and Saturday. And Sunday at 1 o'clock at the singer theater and if you are Beatles person I would bet you'd be able to hear them. -- affect people will not be standing in their chairs dining not at this thing I'm sure they'd be shown so on the door behavior apparently Tommy Tucker has not been done. Well -- I think time I understand Tommy Tucker may have. Been standing -- -- -- well. You know me why not maybe hugest most any gestures -- Because he's so adorable. He's adorable he's nobody tells -- that what he loved it and I'm sorry that we couldn't get him on the attempt. He absolutely not the performance and and that's quite a statement. Oh that's cool. You know I've had a makes you wonder you know fifty years from now. What it's going -- -- I mean are we going to be -- I'll remember. Let's -- Fall Out Boy you -- or something and I don't know who knows I don't even know who the revolutionary musicians are now it's it's kind of a hard thing depending on I mean I'm you know I pay attention to tap Taylor Swift. Sure yeah -- -- you see there's all these great musicians put. I'd RD gain changer is at the same level of the people's her or even The Rolling Stones I don't I just don't see it happening -- don't see that really happening and the any genre of music right now so. Really leaves you wondering what will have to talk about 46 it will let me tell you a minute self promote here in the next hour we -- having. One of my favorite people on the face of this earth adds so yes -- decision how cool Allen 2% has been. At six decades. Of contribution to music. And maybe we'll ask him that question. What -- what will this era be remembered -- I -- I'd be in particular curious to hear him say what local musicians do you think are having. And influence it's been greater than just New Orleans, Louisiana you know some of the local acts that are making impact nationally it. You know might shake things up a little bit but he's an incredible man and a great I was kind of man kissed. Anyway we're lucky to have on more Hubert gonna talk about -- you know what there's a really cool concert that is happening tonight I'm not going to be able to go see it because I'm gonna go see that show we're talking about but the radiators. Are getting back together one of New Orleans yes -- greatest bands of all time it played. Jazz Fest I think a million times the first time I ever saw them was in my -- ball in -- 2007. Or something like that. And they are so much fun. And they've gotten back together I think just for one concert that I'm aware of right now they're gonna play it tip the team is tonight at 10 o'clock with Johnny sketch and the dirty notes that's wonder so that's. I mean if you're going to you don't REM play last night at the radiators I I couldn't recommend a a local and more tightly -- -- -- so much fun to watch and Johnny sketch and dirty notes. What a great set that's going to be. So I would I would definitely recommend people get out there if they don't have anything do they wanna go here's some great my local music I'm sorry it's not tomorrow night because and you could say apple put my bed together nominee after the -- I'll spend one more nicely put on the floor I'm gonna this concert. It's ridiculous. Just and then of course you know I couldn't put together by myself concedes it queen size bed in my arms -- dialogue. If you can do anything. But it'll be done to take a picture in. Share it now because I'm the most happening guy that knows there are fun stuff like you know to yourself carpentry with the dead and gone on Amazon dot. You know these wonderful. Gals. Put on the that pussy footers put on the blush ball and it's always called a party with a purpose. It's going to be Saturday night it's at the cannery at 38032 loose and it's a fund raiser for the metropolitan center for women and children. Tremendous organization metropolitan center for women and children. So that will be nothing but fun and it's a big Sam's funky nation. Big chief month Boudreau and while magnolia is one quickie mart and performances by the pussy footers. This is all again tomorrow night at the cannery. A party with a purpose. Also I think just about every other musician it's not -- cannery is going to be across -- -- -- offbeat. What is the best of the people have been voting on now all fall long I think and -- -- -- the list of people are proof it's sort of like our -- yeah exactly that's exactly I mean we're not you know really wanting for. Music awards ceremonies to get out here that -- pizza priests Smart strong republic yet publication on top again. Except that they're gonna do a great job by honoring these people and we're hearing some good news about the radiators somebody just attached -- that they're going to be playing Jazz -- good good good I hadn't heard that yet I think they've gotten you know sides and the Jazz Fest lineup sometimes comes out so flashy. -- you get it captivated by one -- another band and then you go back and take a second or third or fourth or fifth look at the outline of piecing all. It just gets better every time -- better and better and I can't wait for them to put out the cubes. So I can put that together you know I wanna get this soccer planned out as can be huge Jazz Fest I'm really excited about a lot of the bans are going to be either. And you were finding out that all good things happening at the awards event -- had the best -- the below -- again about Glen David Andrews and -- black and a couple -- people the tickets are actually still available if you wanna go to -- be best to -- awards you can go check that out -- website offbeat dot com that is tonight on science tomorrow night tomorrow night yes or is it tomorrow night. Shoot yeah it is my -- shot in Kenya -- takes a village too much fun on this tomorrow night and there's still tickets available it's 35 dollars. You get to see all these -- seek to kind of rub elbows with although the music brass. But then also. Free food. Free -- -- 125 different restaurants all over the city. Are all going to be in there is dishing it out so you can I mean I think it's even forty dollars at the door acting forty dollars is a pretty fair price to go and see all those bands and have a nice time like that and get to eat as much free. And as -- -- a great talent that's going to Xeon -- O yeah free food that's called a party. Yeah -- just on our final second this has got nothing to do with what's happening but I'm just I was so moved. One of the stories that I thoroughly enjoyed doing years ago some years ago for five years ago was. Dad's house dad's house is a rehab for dogs and I met a dog who hit two legs his name's Cole. Anti ultimately got a wheelchair and we followed a -- Dad had. Such beautiful heart and understood he had no back legs and didn't stop them he enjoyed his life. He dated rehab on and he got his little wheelchair he played with the other dogs and he just sort of represented -- never give yeah I'm never give up on anyone. And yesterday he pastor way of cancer. But just a very beloved animal and done by a superb group of people looked anxious and so I just listen my heart's with the ball with us coal and with tanks press release -- Thank you for joining us missing near Angela may I say one more time I cannot wait for the next hour because it is the great Alan Toussaint stay or else.