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01-17 sports talk NFL PLAYOFFS

Jan 17, 2014|

deke and bobby talk about who they and the callers think will be the two teams that will go to the Superbowl...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening time now hit damn -- forward. It probably on the West Bank when they've got some great deal is gone on. This time a year on a great saint -- -- indicated to you about some -- -- the -- in just the moment. We won't hear from you 2601878668890. Rates in the operated at whopping opponent Debbie if you had to account who are you picking to go. To the Super Bowl is that the niners and the Bronco. The nine as the Patriots. The Seahawks. And the Bronco. All of -- Seahawks and the Patriots. Can't you vote on line and if you do it you know that 2601 mates and he can take this city seventy eights in the email as a the chief executive you know dot com that call foot to great things in case you missed it and you -- lawless state coach on -- And also team Mickey Loomis. Give or take all the championship predictions for two yanks latest on the salary cap. Holiday is up on line and if you do if you fail. Dot com that all -- cycle big network will a lot of basketball -- -- following the pelicans in Golden State that is coming up at the -- man's actions -- at 7 PM and ended tiger fans take out LSU basketball. On 8:17 AM 730 pregame at 8 PM -- of all sorts of great things coming up this week in. In the world of sports at the B yeah yeah AM and then hand. Now -- -- -- it's the thing. Think if -- day rematch nattering Mets but he prior to hopeful that we soul in New Orleans. Which was the most lopsided two -- -- -- if you remember when the Seattle which in the when the Broncos played a 49ers. In the it was in 1990. And that was the 155. To hand in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. By Joseph Montana that they -- five that's now chances. In the superdome was the MVP. But right now 44% you're saying. -- Seahawks and the Broncos. 33%. You saying the following in the Bronco -- was it thing for the Patriots and they have a sense thing. Seahawks. Picked us yet big. I think that be the least likely. -- -- Patriots. I'm still like. Kind of flip vocal line. The -- to the 49ers. But I'd be really surprised. If if the Patriots. Would be to win that Denver. I'd be really impressive if they win -- that's the case and peca I was talking about. You know -- slow -- bit if you look at Peyton Manning in you know his mannerisms before every snap -- And verb really verbally -- express themselves and as far as calling different protections. Well the word actually means something. Our it is a dummy were about him playing at home. You know he's gonna use a lot of Burr ridge. And and and really trimester that he bit his head and I thought this is it just been in. You know kind of funny and it just goes to show you. That people are paying -- pitch -- every little detail. And you that would Peyton Manning did against this and they go charges in and what could come about. This game against -- England. What Peyton Manning foundation. You know even involved. You know he has a foundation for at risk youth. You know a young people and and -- it's called a kind of money for all the hall but you might hurt him a number of times. Against. The San Diego charges -- behind. -- -- home and home. Not that I heard him in any -- you speak it said well depending on the scenario he could be checked into a run play. Or he could be changed in the protection. Or couldn't be it could mean nothing. So you've given nothing away you know the media that what does -- -- we hear you say that all the time well oh lord behold. So there's Peyton Manning as foundations dollar bowel. They'll receive 500 dollar contribution. For every time that they have a Broncos quarterback shout Omaha to earn AFC championship game. Now. Peyton Manning brought national attention to Nebraska is the largest city. Wood is wild all the hall priest that calls turned a Broncos well when I guess that it -- San Diego last week in. Now the greater although -- Nebraska the great Omaha chamber of -- got involved. And their president and field David Brown announced Thursday that five all the hall based companies. Are combining to donate 500 dollars to Manning's. Payback foundation each time he -- all the hall. It's Sundays game against the Patriots. Now -- Manny said. If you look at what occurred against the charges he said all the hall 44 times in last week's game -- bit deceiving against the Patriots. Any any hit that number. That that would be worth 22000. Dollars. To his foundation. And I I don't know how many times do you say that probably guaranteed all the hall word. Will come about value look. These are companies that you familiar with. At that are involved with this all the hall of fund raiser a ConAgra Foods. Because you -- TV dinners and though you've heard of ConAgra Foods and you know. First National Bank a ball law and then. Mutual Obama haw I am out of game -- guess is that if you don't know why can't you -- Omaha although -- stakes because sale and net and yeah all lost big deal here that the eagle almost they continuing to Pacific railroad all -- to. -- ones yet so they're all involved with this this little fund raiser in what was their man. -- beatable. Because I guess he -- It's that I could seriously or I don't get as -- until all the hall while king yeah ceremony on our -- yeah that that's old school and does that still convincing evidence that something very. Yeah. -- you know before he had already different stations. I was in -- didn't give them you know you play that in the offseason like on Sunday afternoon. Let him yeah American amateur team like America's -- via American sports I think -- -- -- -- -- and it Obama now welcome enough about it is that there was some routine early early and he would be like. -- from the -- Mean Bruce Lee and yes means no you don't have the -- lowering -- -- fall behind him out wouldn't lose it in or come others I kinda. Well you know like a guy like they played I do. I -- -- -- talent mom yelling alongside -- that the guy -- didn't get not a conflict he would move to left and in mile and did it brother doing tonight. Mean like jump way -- privacy of my feet two feet tall that had become so it never matched their -- -- know it you know anglers -- rally and win because the undefeated -- And they were what made sound harassment in either of them but this is to be a viable way to keep -- that -- be I don't know what taught. But he mutual all while Cano. If you lost Luke show. And hand he. -- adhere to go to certain go to church in fact there me. Don't go to go get somebody you know back home B rate he'd he'd go to -- do you have to coordinate mourn and then have a -- relative like my -- -- that the Lawrence well. It in the being -- PBS is so and that's well within only had the minute I guess that I know you can't Berrian -- Czechoslovakian is -- you know is there and the ones and and the William Allen and that is to do audit that shows the big movies that. It be like a -- from Oklahoma so. And an ultra -- -- -- found it. Pretty cool awful awful -- -- -- they still have heat on. If -- its own it's already Andre he's probably on its own rule fall in atheism for the Cardinals Sunday is semi classic follow. I'll guess he's talked to Mac guy image -- you watch them by having to see they want all while Beckett thought deprived. The red lean and how we react out -- -- -- -- -- asking him well I love being out on a day that that did you achieve my. How diversified you or because here it affect you watching he hall India and you relatives that have been you know the latest rap. And -- is that yeah this is how how. Hum attitude to do it to the news that the values to the palace until like August who if oh okay yeah but I can't think. Late 70s80s. -- The right guy without if it was a CD I've got it on the -- is it not connection though that he'll surprise you still like and he ill on a lot of pain he always with them and do this now all he keeps it available to you Sam what. Would be with the big overall on CNN and do is Samuel caught five -- go to the -- is now that he -- or so ago -- it. You know string -- -- man AJ cloud used to be on man. I answer answer Lozada way to -- to be used to be on. Andy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who via Milan now weeks ago and I thought our guys I'm divert this go to Zach in Monroe on I want exact Bank of Scotland Debbie did yeah. Use it poking some pins that are I do it very. -- don't forget it's not my mom. Or forward keep. Went on our you know. Appreciate that. Where we appreciate for coming out like -- syndicate oddity is that -- ball forward a little you know hole. -- -- becomes is it down bonus that mean. In the night okay. But god I knew it two I don't coach appeared Montero and you know good -- note you know it -- golf is where you got to discuss what we. He -- opinion as well. Few -- GM and you go to college and it. I rolled to a good dynamic young young quarterback. Depict this dog Franco looked more and go to -- I would. I would take Russell Wilson simply because. I would trust them more. Because I think college cabernet is then I got more upside. That Russell Wilson but I think he has also more downside what I mean by that. As Russell Wilson is more Henne. He's more steady it if you look at it just look at Russell Wilson's gains that yet really. Had just we -- like terrific gains that may be cost. The Seahawks right you know I don't think he had -- maybe a surrounding cast who he's playing led. But then you look at Colin cabernet that I know he definitely had gains. That influence the 49ers. When needed when it. A perfect example back at Seattle. Ego. Well and adding that the one game day he -- is. But he might have been I got sacked six times in 97 yards past that and yeah and we had the Rams game and I come out to look up but the good thing if I I just seeing the same thing. Oh what we can't use that now can't use. If you look at as of late now that have in the playoff game to -- started playing better. I think it also comes the a case in point. Where. You wanna be steady you don't want to be too high eight or to be too low you can always behind if that's the best thing. Public venues each release -- at that level not to tell you my Andrew Luck. Now if you look at the young quarterbacks and I think. And his supporting cast and all that and you look went down. But the cup from the West Bank at the receiver regulate it doing now Reggie Wayne going down and -- all of a -- their leadership that he provided. And what the Colts had to do all I know -- Peyton Manning led the coach the quarterback getting over the Colts the Colts well 11 game -- and -- how I I drew luck comes on board how they turned that around. It two straight seasons so I would say with the young guys you mentioned -- make a Russell Wilson I would stand Philippe Mora the Russell Wilson. I'll look at the success. And how to keep communicating handle teammate would be get a North Carolina State would -- -- at Wisconsin. Oh when he dealt with Seattle but I the young guys though I think simply because what they've done. It was a put upon his shoulders. I -- -- -- -- up over all those guys -- because I think where he's at in his young development right now. 26018786688. And zero eights in the -- beat them a game all thanks for -- -- the -- that it takes big did that come -- right out of it OK but -- look at them -- that. You have highs and lows that you're always going to behind -- -- -- you know what I mean if you're gonna play it is if note don't go by that we didn't put you off the -- and you play. And that is socialized yet. While I wanted to got to take the -- from. While I got to Colorado -- or our human year Tyler -- and he's he's missed the name John showed the weaknesses of the team needs to gain this week. Was that -- time amounts of talent thank you so much him we'll have all the games -- this week in starting Sunday the early game and AFC title game between him or. And doing -- in the late game means the 49ers and the CO let's go to one now on line to what -- thank you for calling Debbie February. I'm not familiar the geographic cry. How do you expect me to concentrate and don't let when I don't know what land all's well what -- involved. Him and -- I don't is that. It's like the big medicine ball and I'll tell compromise went about things like that are very hollow I know you don't buy that there isn't exactly yeah you know the total fish -- limited. Know you you got to know lemon drops. Yeah OK I will haven't done well. There's a candy it's a big it's a big candy company Terry pain and -- Japan is the name of -- in the red hot -- -- -- -- -- make those when they make they make small ones and they got the flavor limit which most popular. Great apple CA. A great amplitude it -- -- image and Owens what do you make a big ones it's it's called like. I don't know if you see it one it's almost like this out the book of all atomic -- -- -- job breaking it though it's big events like this out of it I'm not I'll call it it's it's like big -- may come. In his bank and I got mossy what Rouse is. Army someone on -- that's what I want an album like that it. -- -- -- No man that can't be this is some like he would like a serious about by the sounds of all of atomic fireball to kind negated if they look broke -- -- -- And they come and all all differently was it that already settled around here to mold more of an -- than -- United States. That but candy but they do -- -- -- well but I got I got there are wrap up our folks around the you know. Well wideout can tell you what it speaks trying to hold on his youth. -- you delegate that as the -- as a little flaw I that I know he took that can -- put it in the exact cold soft drink. -- I did a day and -- -- when I stay at northwestern my -- Yes man yes that's exactly what it is -- that's exactly why I thought our there right now it's not like. Yeah man -- -- guys like that. No I just like to -- Eaton and I get a call. As good itself what matters is good it's good old Foulke can't NBA you're right about passed on that like -- young a tyrant what the chocolate -- well that you -- back -- haunt Campbell was speaking again here I am you could donate here -- for breast cancer. And and an inappropriate and look who look at a couple of blow pops on the -- -- little -- -- -- so we ice I think if -- anger like those big. Now we -- LSU. They have liked the ice is only came back in the -- cook. But the -- like Sydney to -- cold drinks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- support came in here. But it ain't the same innings that you know you got to live it came at the bottom but it caught in Newport icing on top of it and it's all the Houston up at the bottom of floor against by the chronic. It amazed us all a moral of this story is the ability alike showed all the things and I topic mostly it can be in those who -- acquitted him most upon. -- -- -- -- -- that he's ever have a sweet to be 20 I'd do good to meet the and it's approachable. And make it home on I want to thank you for. Debbie did you. Take it remote. On the okay nick almost losing weight now as you met him I mean -- All of those things. Out there. Okay hey you know what I'm doing good I'm still forgive me outcome I'm I'm at a loss for words through the season but the -- he would -- -- speak about. That's cool question about we got the one and stretch -- out -- or are you think about what they act and junior. I have it. Really done enough research to look at the draft would I be available with the 27 pick up by day -- -- process make -- at the next big thing in key by the crucial via all next week in mobile being able to the Senior Bowl at the that you start to give more of a key to Wear a draft board to be said. They come back and individual workouts this and you get more more of a slot. Now because you just got through you know what just a few days removed from right from having the final promised to let today be declaring I do have something for you. And we got to Chatham on a Mike Triplett. Look at the times that you and now he's with espn.com. He just put on their web site. Malcolm ivory juniors. First. Mock draft. You know they gonna come out went by about ten of a -- -- actuality rather. Well Malcolm I've Virginia has the Saints selecting. With their 27 -- in in his first mock draft. The massive Tennessee off of it -- tackle Antonio Richardson and his big name is tiny. The name I think -- about a six foot 6327. Pounds. And at those kind of their thinking. Was that it would make a lot of sense especially at the Saints aren't able. To re sign better right tackle Zach Strief. The because he probably can't get -- You know I like -- drop whatever you get more money somewhere else so be it obviously now. Even triple -- when it's. Not that be more journeyman. -- you go -- Harris out of Fresno state history please. Charles Brown when you move him they'll let that writes that aside. But you still need to get in need like three tackles let you keep in -- brought to back up Armstead. I'm not big he's also unrestricted free agent what's gonna come out with that but that's the tackle of that to pick a -- in 27 pick. That. Mike -- had milk hybrid junior. Going after Antonio Richardson. Who's known as tiny now if you look what he's done in the SEC the you got to say that he's battle tested -- I'm going on in reading this has faced some at a top pass rush is obviously in the country. When you're playing an SEC he had two big gains are to gain position ticket. A gets clowning. When they played South Carolina. Now he held his own against cloning in. In the 2012. A game with the and he struggled this last season against him so it's kind of been a watch we did a 5050 deal. But the game that tiny about a six foot six. 127. Pound the night was a two year starter at left tackle for the volunteers -- -- -- they. They kind of projecting him as a right tackle in the NFL and you try to run the ball better. The that ballot. I mean he obviously he'd be thinking about even late first round at six foot 6227. Apology was -- pretty tell him and a -- side street I think the Saints plan offense and not have a problem with getting a guy like that especially you know obviously draft and then you bring -- in as a starter. Come back or hear from Patrick Willis Richard Sherman Russell Wilson Tom Brady and Anquan Boldin named it more to Tom this big matchup. Between coaches and just don't like each -- Jim Harbaugh and Pete county NFC championship game Sunday. But first AFC championship game both could be heard right here on the home of Super Bowl 48 this WW. And welcome back is -- -- anybody fair I'd be here who are you taking it ran. The AFC NFC championship games did you vote online at WWL that -- tomorrow it's hoops action it is like a big network at the pelicans at home against. Golden State at the pelicans -- Tip off at 10 PM it flagship 1053 F fan attacked the basket LSU and Vanderbilt regained -- 730 tip is at 8 PM. Tomorrow night. On a 78260187866. 8890 -- -- -- is the number of game ball AFC and AFC championship game right here on WWR radio. These week in the first -- -- take a look at the AFC championship game here is quarterback Tom Brady of the New England pay. He's -- great player they got a great team and one of the best offense in history so I think what that means for us is we've -- appeared to score some points you know they -- score you and they can score quickly they can and got what you guys have caught a bunch of touchdowns so. You know what that means for our offense that we got regular matches. That's Tom Brady on Peyton Manning and the Denver Bronco the big game seemingly it's a very interesting on the Brady and Manning. Robbery goes back to two B that fifteen me however the rubber match these two teams last year. Duke it out and the -- will just a hair away from playing for the NFC championship game it was Atlanta hosting San Francisco. And it this year this is the third meeting both won -- each -- feed you the rubber match and the winner. To the Super Bowl here in Seattle quarterback Russell. Wilson it's going to be a battle. It's going to be a lot of enthusiasm in the stadium I think the thing is keep him slowdown can slow down the energy a little bit and just you know get back to playing just normal football and that that's the key. The episode and the -- the quickest and who can make plays and others on make almost by the -- It is the Seattle defense -- -- -- to consider the best in the league Richard Sherman. I think -- both teams were forms well it wouldn't be. They wouldn't be such an intense robbery. But on both teams are winning and they bait in season twelve for Quincy thirteen to three last year they -- season -- great record wins season with a record. And that's -- where you get robberies aren't both teams are -- on all cylinders. And perhaps the best linebacker in the game today and Patrick. Willis of San Francisco. This game you know especially. When he -- Know -- wrong team in our division who played twice he would and so comfortable what team they are and we just know I was gonna take to. -- -- And batted at its -- went but begin that's we're talking to Mike human and is truly amazing. That -- us that Koji you -- coach maybe one or or two or you know a couple of great players. But he's coached out to -- the greatest line backing corps. In NFL history that being -- took -- reporting on his big fan you. If you look at the adult patrol. Rickey Jackson pat swilling Von Johnson in the late Sam mills. Were big -- GO. Was coaching the outside linebackers he's associated with the linebacker has been more. Would Ricky Jackson and pat swilling. We're now all the -- 49ers linebackers he's. You heard -- it's a coordinator but. You know he knows how to play him in the right direction. And and to get it done in. And -- -- big. I mean you see a student of the game it might be like a 165 pounds soaking wet. There's always that like you look at. The Seahawks linebacker coach. Who's connected Pete Carroll I'd USC Ken Norton junior that's -- you know he played linebacker in the NFL and he looks like a linebacker. That's why it's amazing. A big fan GO as far as. His mind and how he calls the fences and and not getting the players to believe him and him. Very similar to what Rob Ryan did this year with the Saints defense. You know to two way street. As a player. You always want to feel like that you can always learn thome from your coach and that I mean trust and that he could put you position to succeed and then as a.