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01-17 8pm Scoot Show tolerance

Jan 17, 2014|

Scoot talks about : sexual orientation tolerance of NASCAR drivers, plus keeping guns away from children.

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It's a problem. -- the weekend together. Every Friday night of the show we looked at play this song just to get us -- we get them if you need any extra inspiration. But this is what you've been -- before he's worked hard all week could be if you're gonna do some work over the weekend -- if you're working right now. You know what it comes to Friday we just kinda develop that. Weekend Friday mentality. And it looks like OK it's going to be cold tonight -- away so sure but it looks like it is going to be great all weekend. So make plans to get out and enjoyed. And as we head into this -- -- together just reach over. Crank up your radio just a little bit because this is what you have in worked. Top eight at eight spirited tough -- things we'd like you know which we begin our show to. Nights on WWL. Number eight. -- dynasty return to the -- any network after the controversy over comments that are made about her gaze from. -- did Phil Phil Robertson last month we talked about that a lot. So -- controversy really benefit every one -- the fifth season premiered this week attracted. 28%. Fewer viewers. Than the premiere last season. Villa premiere this week attracted eight point five million viewers. Which is 40% down from the August premiere last year of the fourth season which attracted eleven point eight million people which I believe it was a it was a record. The third season in February of last year attracted eight point six million people so you know again. I still think this controversy benefited to -- dynasty. Eighty and -- Robertson. I it to mobilized at two sides of a continuing controversy in this country. And you know who knows that they may have actually had fewer viewers had they not had the controversy. Eight point five million still very respectable -- audience although you know at at some point these shows for the most part. Run out of steam. They kind of brought out of of of plot lines and endless it's a show that can continue to regenerate their different plot wise. Also if he could have something to do it affected this premiered in. January and the of the premier was in August so -- are a lot of different to a lot of different factors here protect dynasty back on the year with the original shows. The fifth season opens with. On an audience is 20% down the opening last year number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A -- study shows that overweight Americans. Who drink diet drinks. Actually eat more food the said he was -- Johns Hopkins university. And the lead author Sarah bleach says that artificial sweeteners might actually. In hits people's metabolism. And increased their cravings for food. But she also said that two to drink diet drinks may not make a lot of sense because. If you eating more solid food then the switch from a sugary beverage to a -- average should be coupled with other changes in the diet particularly in reducing snacks. So if you're drinking diet drinks thinking that you could have an extra slice of pizza. Well it doesn't work that way you see you just eat the pizza that you're supposed to eat or how much. Serving you -- half of of of any thing. And then you add diet drinks to that if that's if that's your choice for you you can drink the diet drinks and -- and eat more food and younger people and affect you know what I I think I'm guilty of this myself. I'll get a low fat or low calorie items. And it's it's light or since its low calorie or not that I tend to eat more off. Had less of and so you know I that we have to be aware that it not necessarily eat more or something because it's low calorie because you're. Ultimately taking in the same amount of calories or fat grams if you -- less of the stuff that was. More caloric you more fattening number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. President Obama today in a speech -- it said that he's calling forcing changes and operations of the NSA. Essentially acknowledging that the information exposed by Edwards -- led to these changes today the president said the task force now. Is greater than simply repairing the damage done to our operations. For preventing more disclosures. From taking place in the future. The president said instead we have to make some important decisions about. How to protect ourselves and sustain our leadership in the world while upholding the civil liberties and privacy protections. Our ideals and our constitution. That they require that those things require. On the president did not wanna talk about Snowden who fled to Russia as you know and has been charged with violating the Espionage Act by the United States. The president said he's not gonna dwell on mr. stone's actions -- motivations he said our nation's defense depends in part. On the fidelity of those entrusted with our nation's secrets but the final chapter of this has not yet been written. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Race car driver Danica Patrick Sanders that NASCAR. It's a very southern. Republican. Bible Belt kind of sport. But she says openly gay drivers might actually be accepted because it's 2014. Danica Patrick since 2014. And with the way we get our media and the amount of it she -- I feel it's becoming a little bit more acceptable. Well maybe a little bit more acceptable but I went -- the topic comes up with the show and no it's not totally acceptable. As she goes on to say that the most important thing in life is that your honest with yourself I'm sure everybody would be okay. Well unfortunately not everybody is OK with people being totally honest about themselves. -- now there's no active NASCAR driver who is gay. But -- NASCAR driver Stephen Rhodes who I've decided to leave NASCAR racing to help his partner with a cafe. Said that he made no secret about his sexuality. And he said that he really never had any confrontations with anybody. So I guess that that the point is that. There were people who knew that this guy Stephen -- which was -- And and it was in a big deal and is that the interesting thing about about sexual orientation. It's also the interesting thing about race. When it comes to our personal relationships. If you know somebody. You have no problem with. -- on -- talking about you or me and -- opponent to just talk about people in general there -- people who. Who don't have a problem with. With people of another race that they know or people of another religion or nationality or -- people would with a different sexual orientation. If you know somebody than it is it's all okay. And you can vicariously know somebody if you're NASCAR fan and there's an openly gay NASCAR driver you can probably say that's that's great. But that when it comes to judging everybody who's in net in that classification. They're tends to be judgment. And that really isn't that really isn't -- and quite often people say well you know I'm not against this because I have friends who are you know in that group. When it comes to our personal relationships. Everything's fine. But when he brought us out to the entire group that people can find fault with the entire group and stereotype an entire group. Which really is unfair and again I I I remind you that. That as a nation. We made up of individuals. And we can be no better than the individuals who make up this nation and so if our individual relationships are all okay. Then we should be OK with an entire group. That is represented by the individuals. That were frankly. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. First Lady Michelle Obama is turning fifty today. Now putting politics aside which I know is a challenge for a lot of people. She looks -- fifty. An insult to a lot of people. Didn't Jane Seymour recently appeared on the cover of magazine in a bikini. And I think she 6061. She looks great. I was part of that baby boomer generation. It's a part of it would generation as part generation that promoted -- everything. I everything about usefulness was was important and they get a gold was it was a tragedy. Big jagr one point we talked about -- I and it jagr said at one point and it's like hurling his career I don't want to live past thirty. And that was the mentality of that generation there was also -- movie that we've also talked about on the show called wild in the streets and the main character was Max frost. And next frost. Was a -- musician. And he became president of the United States and one of the first -- in this reflected the mentality of that young generation that is now the establishment. One of his first -- is president was to collect everybody round everybody up over thirty. And tournament concentration camps. Can you imagine if a movie like that came out today the controversy that would surround that movie. And yet the baby boomers to accomplishment today was part of a generation that had that mentality but. If it's especially if you're younger. Don't think that getting older is necessarily -- obviously -- sometimes there are health issues but you know if you if you if you take carry yourself. Chances are you going to be far right. And and getting older has so many benefits had -- I love the idea that you can get older without getting old. And when you think about the youthful attitude of so many baby boomers today. They jagr Paul McCartney's rod Stewart's Stephen -- to the list goes on and all. When you think about people over fifty now. And how much fun that they're having -- it if you're younger don't think that maturing is necessarily a bad thing. There have been times in my life when I've had more things. In terms of material items I had more in my life at times. But I don't think I've ever been happier with myself. And if I can go back in and tell myself something along time ago I say hey you know what just relax. Don't stress over every little thing that you're stressing over just. It enjoy life and so if you are younger tell you to enjoy life and if your fifty if you're if you're over fifty. As you know you can still enjoy life at this point so happy birthday to the First Lady politics aside I would hope that you would wish any First Lady I'm happy birthday. As for those of you who would not want to wish Michelle Obama happy birthday they -- beat those who would -- wish Barbara Bush -- One of the -- happy birthday and they would tell others hey you might not like the president but go ahead wish the First Lady happy birthday today. I think it's -- it's important for us to sometimes talk about it recognize. But you can be fifty or above. And still be just having a blast in life and and and there are a few people that I've by no who art are younger and error. -- They're not looking forward to turning thirty. I estimate recently -- And not too long ago is oh my god I'm gonna be 24. -- thinking. It's really not that old and neither is fifty. And neither is sixty. Or beyond because it's all what's in your head. And what's in your heart and if you are younger to carry yourself if you're older continued to carry yourself. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Well here we go again. A four year old girl shot and killed a four year old boy when they were playing in the bedroom watching television. The girl found a rifle under her grandfather's -- and shot the boy once. In the -- -- happened in an area of Detroit. The kids were playing it was a four year old girl a four year old boy and his five year old sister. She found the gun under the bed picked up the -- reported at the boy and shot him in the chest he was taken to the hospital pronounced dead at the hospital. Family friend was the only adult in a home at the time. So here's the question that we have once again it is of course it's tragic. Wind. When parents lose a child when a family loses a child. To a shooting. Of course that tragic. But is. Dealing with that tragedy. Is the pain and the grief. Is that sufficient. Punishment. I don't think that's fair. I don't think it's fair to say that it's sufficient punishment. And investigations on going to determine if Georgie should be filed. I think this is very basic -- -- if a child gets a hold of it adults gone. The adult should be charged. With a crime if the kid does something wrong with the guard. In some ways it's really not the kids' fault. And I guess I'm also still amazed. That that kids know exactly what to do with guns. And some of that may be modeled after behavior that they seat in the -- household. Until we start holding parents accountable for things like this. And parents are gonna continue to hide behind the acceptance of society to say all of their grieving parents I understand their grieving parents but -- grieving for the four year old kid whose debt. Why not hold parents accountable if -- kids get a hold of -- I would think that -- and gun rights advocates would be in favor of that number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I'm in Texas is fighting charges that he broke the law. My holding up a sign warning oncoming traffic about a speed trap they had. You know what's -- while this comes up -- I guess one of the questions is just the First Amendment protect warning drivers. About speed -- This happened in the north Texas town of Frisco Texas. 33 year old Bryan -- last October was arrested so this is the case is coming up again. He held up a sign that said police ahead. He was on the opposite side of top of the bridge and it literally -- decided to -- warning the drivers. Beyond the police officer said that. They were familiar with this guy because he's done this on several other occasions. Pulling up a sign warning drivers. The police -- you said that they observed a couple of cars. Traveling by and they were waving at us. So they had an indication that there was -- speech wrap up heads of and they went and found this guy Ron Martin Nate. They gave him a citation knew he was arrested. The guy says he's not opposed to speed traps but he thinks there there are unsafe practices the police officers and use it in speed enforcement. He said they hide behind signs and these -- motorcycles sitting in the road on -- going down without lights or or any. So he said he thinks that this is unsafe not only for the citizens but it's also unsafe for the police officers who were doing their job. Now this guy I was apparently violating Frisco texas' sorry ordinance. Which states that people holding signs can only hold signs. On private property. -- about the First Amendment. Would abouts protest. How would how would this not be part of of a protest. I would think that it's pretty clear that the First Amendment would protect motorist. Warning other motorists of a speed traps ahead. Do you flash your lights at night if you see a police officers. And participating at a speed trap and we we called a speech -- mean they're there. There enforcing. They're forcing to speed when it but for. Just are a recent -- call it what everybody knows it has which is a -- -- Is it okay to warn drivers ahead. About a speed trap if you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. And this is something that you've done if you warn drivers -- a -- I have. I've I've I've put my lights. Like my lights where it was like seeing officers and -- I'm hoping that that gets people to slowdown and and isn't that really the point. The point should not be to write a ticket to. The point should be give drivers a slowdown. -- so if you get drivers to slow down. My holding up the signs that slowdown that hasn't that achieved the ultimate goal. Of the speech. Should the First Amendment protects. A citizen warning other citizens of a speech wrap up -- -- or and in this case the police are saying that this is infringing on the -- police operations. Again demoted should not be to get a ticket. The Modi should be two Mexican drivers to slow down. If you and enjoyed our showed knights are numbers 2601870. Till 38668890. Point seven. And it takes over 677 and already Texas coming in a derogatory text about Danica Patrick the race car driver and we talked about with her just a few moments ago so we'll. It to that here just a few minutes and finally tonight's number one. On tonight's lists. Of the top eights at eight. The passing of Russell Johnson who played the professor on Gilligan's Island and Dave Madden who played the pushy. At the -- manager of the Partridge Family inspires memories of both of those iconic TV shadows. And that the scoop block tonight is. Is about Gilligan's Island why we watch why why do we watch Gilligan's Island. I think there were a lot of things about that show that that made us watch and and maybe there were some things have consciously did that touched you that you don't consciously realize that they actually. Actually touched you. Gilligan's Island why we watched that's the blog trending on our website that invited Debbie WL dot com it's also our FaceBook page of the order -- -- -- aren't there nugget to Samir. A FaceBook comments in just a little while. With no -- have been -- disrespecting the Partridge Family. That was of a fun show at the time but there was something about Gilligan's Island that became such a common denominator in in in pop culture. And you don't even have to explain the question. When you simply asked the question which is our WWL party general opinion poll question tonight the question is. Mary. -- -- -- I'm sorry. Ginger or Maryann. You don't even have to explain the question ginger or Mary and everybody knows what the question it's. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com and it would give you an update on that is we have followed that -- about Russia tonight we have an abbreviated version of our -- night at 1030 it's NFL preview. And following that to -- it's an affiliate slider so those pictures on tour 1030 tonight. And we'll be talking about the NFL playoffs this Sunday you'll hear all the action Sunday beginning at 130 with the pregame with the AFC championship game right here. But to -- WL. If you wanna join us for your opponent tonight -- numbers 260187. Eighths. Toll free 8668890. Except that he. A text number is it's a pizza. This is this to show its flight from New Orleans and we'll be right back on. -- -- -- Him and asked. Tongue in the I. Question is ginger Marianne. Think any event it's like clutch but it really knows what it means ginger or Mary answered WWL parties and -- -- tonight. 92%. Say -- and only 8%. Say ginger give us your opinion -- going to website habit of you held accountable for example. Throughout -- to buy -- I realize that this is only four. Those who like women whether you're male or female this would be about those who appreciates. Women and think about being with with women. And I guess maybe for the women we should have a question. A -- dynasty is it to is it field -- side I guess we could maybe do that. Question tonight as well. If you wanna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight on numbers 2601870. It's all free 8668890. Insanity. In a text numbers it's a Saturday here's a -- reason yes the idea is to get drivers to slow down -- this is about the guy who was arrested for holding up -- sign. Warning drivers that there was a speech -- they had. The Tex goes on to say but by a warning them they slow down for two minutes but issued them a 200 dollar ticket and they slow down for two months. Okay will may be celebrates added two months doesn't really solve the problem does it I would think that the the point is is. And actually. You get people to slowdown and -- I've talked to law enforcement on the air. And they said that the point is to get people slowdown not to actually write them a ticket all the old. What they don't say is that every city every State's needs the revenue is generated from writing tickets. Here's a -- -- the Supreme Court has already ruled it is legal to alert drivers via flashing your headlights yeah I would think that this is clearly. A First Amendment issue a failure on the -- showing their BW oh beating bill. I'm good. But at. Gate thing yeah. Maybe some -- you -- the only issue. Or gay people. To determine who. Actually. -- And I didn't feel particularly. Good like. Everybody to shut. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bill it's it's not about forcing them to like what somebody dies it's about it is about not discriminating against people because of what people have been fired because it's been discovered that there gay people have been. Condemned and criticized because it's learned at their gay. And that's wrong and and that is essentially the parallel between the fight about sexual orientation. And the fight about about race equality. -- it would. That was actually all right -- but unfortunately. At the actual. Couldn't get it. Back and play it. Everybody to shut the way I looked close to. Portugal I'm not hiding it. Don't -- as long as long -- I don't. As long as you don't try to stop somebody from leading their life. Then then you don't have to accept it you just have to accept anybody being who they are in this country. And it. Appears. We're trying to do too. Cool to teach you that. Couple. And -- like. It. People want to talk. Much about it so yeah I mean -- Sure sure sure -- registered schools it and I don't know that school starts this I don't know that schools should be teaching tolerance. Mean our society should preach tolerance in general. On do you do you think that their children. Should be acceptable of of people who get divorced. I don't let that -- well. It divorce is says something that did might be morally wrong to a lot of people and and there are kids who grow up in and I divorced families and they only have a mother or a father. And I would think that those kids -- should not feel ostracized in school any more than if kid and it's rare if a child grows up with the same sex parents what what difference difference does it make. That it definitely go to -- -- -- religion. I guess -- does -- help build the religion has nothing to do with this this is about rights under the constitution this is about. I told us and -- are talking about -- about it worked -- the big edit it in relation. Or. Great. -- it's a sudden -- -- it's a sin and in many related they're in the in the Bible you're supposed to separate. Only exactly picture of what to do. But okay bill like that but bill that is the the point I hope you understand his point that the point is. Children should not be taught to ostracize. Anybody and kids should. Yeah -- actually looked at him and glad we agree with. You. -- And -- all the old. Guys. -- -- -- -- -- That's what you. Are. Doing this thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nobody's gonna change your mind and and that's fine but this is not just about this is not just about gays in the same way that. That the fight for civil rights in this country years ago was not just about blacks it was about whites and blacks it was about -- that didn't like the idea of inequality. I'm a straight guy so what would you say about me -- promoting the idea that that homosexuals. Should be except. Well popularly accepted. Unique week. I mean nobody should they condemn you don't have to agree with their lifestyle that you might not agree with my child. -- I. Can't get them. Cannot tell you that I I don't. Go out there. -- ever -- whatever I mean you can you can condemn whoever you want that's going to be between you and. -- Opened the door and today or discriminate get there actually liked it. -- -- -- deal I'm glad you called the show and I know a lot of people agree with you but there are on a lot of people who agree with me as well if you're on hold stay -- who -- your calls here in just a moment. Got a text. About Danica Patrick. I mentioned just a moment ago on the topic today. That race car driver Patrick Danica Patrick. Assisted NASCAR is a very southern Republicans and Bible Belt kinda sport but didn't openly gay driver would probably be accepted. And Texas funny how Danica and says be honest with yourself. But she's the only she's only in NASCAR because of her gender. Because it's definitely not her talent. Well no -- Danica Patrick is in NASCAR's because she attracts. Sponsors. This is this good show and we're coming right back to your comments on -- WL. Yeah sure. There's this week at the deaths of Russell Johnson who played the professor Gilligan's Island van -- magically be afforded the band manager of the -- fortunately -- expired memories of these two iconic TV shows for the past. Gilligan's Island and departure certainly. That brings us to are going to be WL pretty -- my opinion poll question which is quite simply ginger. Or -- 13% he ginger 87%. Same Marianne. And I have to admit Marion was always like toward the white is that why did we watch Gilligan's Island and why do silly people still watch it in regards. That's the subject of the -- blog you can read it's a common Allard if you like in their share with others it's a turning on our website at WW dot com -- a silent. Some analysis of why we actually watch the show and it made -- think subconsciously. That -- to watch the show that you didn't really realize it anyway we've got all that in the and the blog tonight. Had isn't a TV show that you will watch in re runs you're you're channel surfing you see you show laundry -- Particularly watching anything ND EC is a surely you've seen. Hundreds of times it -- -- it is practicing countless times in three runs is there a TV show that you will watch no matter how many times you've -- agreements. Talk about that tonight Israel if you wanna join us -- your -- tonight our numbers 260. 1870. -- 3866889087. In a text numbers a 77. Ross are talking about a man in Texas who is fighting charges. But he broke the law by holding up a sign warning oncoming traffic of the speed trap ahead. From saint Rose Arthur you're on -- Hello Arthur. I -- put our third most if he says still there somewhere in the causeway Bobby welcome to to be WL. -- Went -- college ball. Only. About the stories that people thought it would but gone on an -- on. -- -- a bit older and it. Everybody. It. Tickled by it and hit -- at. -- some serious money on -- night. People in the -- all come out that old boat all of the ball. At all. And like I'm -- ever got out of the place that. I would like to see people at the forty and -- I'd -- and it -- Like you know Inge a break in -- -- -- got up machine and which Uga. Should be. Yeah about a retired for somebody to shortest we're talking about a four year old girl here we go again -- shot and killed a four year old boy they were playing watching TV in a bedroom and she found the gun a rifle it to her her grandfather's bad it took the -- reported that the boy shot and it just wants to be. He was pronounced dead at at the hospital. And I I can only imagine what grieving parents would feel and people believe that that's enough punishment but who speaks to the four year old kid who is dead. If four year old kid is dead because of reckless behavior because of negligence and if if we allowed grief. And sorrow. To be punishment for crimes. Then our prisons would not be nearly as covered as they are a lot of people are very regretful that things happen but we still hold people accountable for their actions. Exactly and and not have. Nine and ten year old and a thirteen year old daughter made up when he -- it -- -- -- -- -- and they are very. You know executed it dawned on me and everything like at like. There's no way I would have thought. Let them know that combinations that may or even showed them how to work. And an at bat and they get older and an ideal advocate and how badly don't child. And it showed a -- dorm they need to have a lot else to step. Well that's the other thing obviously these kids to get a hold of guns. Why are they casually playing with guns why are they pointing guns. And at and other children why they point guns at people I thought -- this thing that you were always taught is. Don't point a gun at anybody. It back when you can be on when -- brought -- when it all out right there extra you know. Current thought I'd see -- -- you know a lot of people ball. You know. Well some people at -- protectionist. If you're gonna show. And shall -- is a lot in the RB thanks for being a response -- Or. Are. All. The -- -- -- the -- Back in arm. Which a little bit it just hurt you look back in the -- Work finally -- -- -- culture and more like. Remember. That oh. Yes of course -- -- she went out a little -- right now. On there are. -- -- -- -- the year and here again. Oh that's that's great well we're still still -- friends today. Exactly I'm glad you're back in the law there are acting like I got hurt at bat in the bottom up about the you know. Column about -- -- -- year ago and not I still remember that but I'm -- and Eric and when did you think you'd been up my dad. Went out certain -- is what I've -- start. I'm going to call Bobby and and a have a great weekend are good things. I would -- about it TV shows that I guess -- kind of comfort zones -- TV shows that no matter -- -- -- -- scenic and remind you watch it again if it's on. There's a text smoke in the band and I can't help but watch it every time it comes on. In other -- gun smoke. Another text I Love Lucy in the golden girls. There's attacks Stanford signs Everybody Loves Raymond here's a text TV reruns the Beverly Hillbillies funny sitcom ever second I Love Lucy. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Until -- 8668890870. Text is it 7070. We'll be back. Among other things on our show tonight we're talking about -- and TV shows there's just total comfort zone scores. It TV shows that no matter how many times we've seen them in -- -- you've continued to watch them again and again. And we're talking about this because it two iconic actors from my cutting TV shows and passed away this week. Russell Johnson and Dave -- Russell Johnson played the professor on Gilligan's Island. And Dave Madden played two the -- very pushy and an issue it's a a -- kind of maniacal. My manager in -- -- -- and that makes us think about the series shows. I I did some thinking about why we watch. Gilligan's Island why we were so infatuated with that show and not everybody liked it but just as a as a nation it Gilligan's Island became. A common denominator. In pop culture. So I looked into some reasons why we might actually have really liked that show. Reasons that maybe we didn't consciously think about but subconsciously there were some things about that show that. I think we can all relate to. Maybe some things that you didn't think about we'll talk about that coming up after the news at 9 o'clock and also his era a TV show. Then it's you will watch whenever -- no matter how many times you've seen it. -- I have a few Sunday night's 7 o'clock on antenna TV. I love Colombo. I've seen it countless times I know what's gonna happen but I love the show. This is the -- show -- coming right back after the news on WWL.