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01-17 9pm Scoot Favorite old tv shows

Jan 17, 2014|

why did we like Gilligan's island and other old tv shows that we never get tired of watchng?

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All right it's a Friday night. Beautiful moon hanging up in the -- talked about him listening to us it was full. Mean I hope we have good players as we get sometimes the best plans -- to have no plan at all. I look and a weekends -- I have had no plans at all whatever happens. But it is -- -- glad you're with us on this chilly Friday -- is going to be very cold on the North Shore and -- -- our -- well -- throughout this area. And we're gonna get another really strong blast of cold air. Next week. Congratulations to everybody who helped bring circle who's back seven -- historical food store we open today. And just congratulations to everybody who was part of that that effort which and it's so much of that community. You know stores like better or more than just place to to get items and and service community but they also just serve as a service as a hub. And it's really great that the circle were furious and has come back the NFL conference to play a service -- Sunday. And a Deke it's got some interesting information about that he'll give you his analysis. There's a lot on our website at WWL dot com the AFC championship game is said Sunday the pre game is at 130 year old Demi WL it's the New England Patriots in Denver against the Broncos kickoff is at 2 o'clock. The NFC championship follows with December Cisco 49ers in Seattle against the Seahawks game time is at 530 all of that action. Right here on -- VW well. I saw on the news earlier today that -- a young woman. Has already gotten a -- Of the Seahawks logo on her arm. Attack two of the Seahawks logo with the Roman numeral for this year's Super Bowl. Don't you think it's a little premature to do that I mean anything can happen and why would. You know it's it's it's it's like getting a -- of somebody's name on your body. As much as you must must must love that person as much as you care about that person as much as you think that person's going to be part of your life for ever. It doesn't always work out that way I did I was really surprised to just -- this young woman with his. Seahawks Longo with the Roman numeral of this year Super Bowl -- They haven't even when the NFC conference championship. Yet. We're talking about the -- -- passing this week Russell Johnson who played the professor Gilligan's Island and Dave Madden who played the manager of the band of -- band of the Partridge Family. There inspiring -- to think about to iconic TV shows in the past Gilligan's Island was on CBS from 1964 to 1967. And the Partridge Family aired on ABC from 1970 to 1974. Both shows -- continue to error in in in reruns. And we've seen him an -- syndication. It just a moment I'm gonna talk about it as some of the reais in some of the psychological reasons that we we we watch Gilligan's Island and that's the -- blog tonight Gilligan's Island. Why we watched. I really what you know that I went into some very in depth thinking about this. Analysis of what really attracted us. To Gilligan's Island. I will talk about their dead in just a moment we're also are talking tonight about the TV shows that are actually comfort zones -- I I love to have. Something mindless on in the background you know while on writing while I'm working I'm working on the show some time so I'll I'll have a show water when I get off the year. And midnight tonight they are the -- shows that a wanna go home and and and watch and one of those is cheers comes on at 1 o'clock Frazier follows that. I think it's on now I think that's Hallmark Channel but I'm not -- not sure. I love the re -- afraid I'm enjoying free for more now then when I actually. Watched it when it was when it was -- And also and another show it's a real comfort zone for me. Is the Andy Griffith Show. And and I'd I'd I'd like cellphone in the background sometimes and he silence -- -- -- it is one. Something on it's something you don't think about it is it's it's it's comforting and you've seen and you know what's gonna happen you've seen it countless times. But there are still these TV shows that we love to watch no matter how many times we've seen -- What show was it for you if you -- and Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text ember is 87870. For Harvey chief you're on the -- show good evening. Yet ready to thank you -- on a delicate balance show do you know what the Baptist name was. A look trivia question that it hurt the other didn't know I don't remember the professor's name and name -- Roy being Roy Hinckley yet. And that the skipper was something like Jonas from the year something like Dan. Right and now so this solved itself. When it first came out. That's it never -- would not in the lyrics. It was a raft ought -- now. That's true why and I remember sitting at a green re runs. Right and and it's four years like you showed that you talk about like honeymooners. And -- priest who just and it is game overall is a classically a key season ginger or Maryann. At. Well no and now that note program that the bag and I get an -- go with ginger. Ginger and keep the -- -- -- -- him. Agreed to turn what that means knowing what I know now if they get -- to go with ginger. I was always bigger fan of -- and I here's a -- hands down Amos and Andy would win all kinds of awards these days here's a text while sad to say but I learned how to dance watching American Bandstand. And soul train. And a local nature of the John -- show. And I don't know if anybody -- -- dance on the dance show that I did in the eighties it was only on for like I don't 1213 fourteen weeks of intense. Called Airways which was certainly a lot of fun to do we -- we got to figure out a way to put together and Airways reunion sometime soon. Here's a text about it TV shows that were comfort zones. Mash. Taxi cheers. And the Rockford Files. Another 19 -- assisted on mash here. Here's a text FF troop because it addressed with humor serious native American -- or assimilation issues. And repercussions. Another text I Love Lucy here's a Tex signed filled and The Sopranos watch it every time I get a chance. Here's another text Marianne is the only one. Making money for the reruns. Interesting. Yes that's or WW a pretty general opinion poll just very simply. Ginger or Mary land and we don't even need to get defined the question because everybody knows what it means give your opinion by going to WWL dot com. -- from New Orleans BJ welcome to dispute GO. -- -- -- -- and I would get them shall go in and show. And now the end McAnulty you know I'm not -- -- Not at war and it's all gonna think look at that -- you know. Every other word and there early in those days are only three major networks it was ABC CBS and NBC that was it. That's right that strike capability that will -- the company to go out. That's right -- argue that they would do the it's like they would do the star spangled banner or I have this recollection of my jets flying through the year when they would they would yet the TV would actually golf go off the year. That can you imagine young people listing the show. Having no concept. Of TV going off the year at -- -- right. We looked at zero. At 12 o'clock that would be typical debate. Adobe that may be reason that may be one of the reasons that the baby boomer generation with such a large generation because our parents my parents as a baby boomer my parents stated -- TV to watch after midnight so. You know they might have been -- babies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stanford's. No matter what we. Have -- It was if there was a funny show and I loved his relationship with -- on -- Write you. A I DJ -- I'm glad you called if you -- to join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy our text number is 87870. Here's attacks I watch Gilligan's Island so much. That I could tell from the opening scene I can tell from the opening scene what episode it will be. -- -- -- The classic. The classic theme for Gilligan's Island. So why did we watch that show why do people continued to still watch it why has it been such a reference point in pop culture. The reasons why we really watch Gilligan's Island. Coming up next on the -- show -- WWL. Somebody mentioned F Troop is a show that they love to watch because they've learned about native American and assimilation and the repercussions that came from. That'd settlers that white man and native Americans are trying to to work things out yeah we actually did learn things from from TV shows in the past. This is a -- show -- ledger where this here's a text the 'cause we show I can relate to the sibling rivalry. The according jokes -- of a dead the long laying down mother. And the love that came through disciplined family role models. And France. And here's a text. Star Trek. Run Barry was a genius. Here's another text all in the family and the Carol Burnett -- of the text and Mary Tyler Moore might working mom and two sisters made me watch it. Here's a text it to their reason Richards of comforting TV shows. As a small child watching gun smoke wild wild west red Skelton show the -- -- show. On the floor. My grandmothers did. If you wanna joys of the -- and I were talking about among other things it's it's a Friday night so we try to have as much fun as we -- on Friday night. How what TV showed you love to watch even though you've seen it countless times in -- Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which 76. Of receipts every -- coming up just a moment and analysis of why we watched. Gilligan's Island from -- -- your under the WL. Our chemistry student you know John. Let's not wanna pay a couple of little -- your. Pretty much -- -- personal -- ever irritate me we're expecting for the night from about borders and -- really appreciate -- Ryan I appreciate you saying that John you know I've realized a long time ago in this business that. I'm not saving anybody's life hand if -- somebody tells me that two that I made their drive better or the time that they -- at work or just help them occupy there. Their time horrified -- somebody thinks and that's the highest compliment I can be -- thank you. There are so -- epic problem that is so personal earth view standard and her a lot of famous ghosts in the I don't -- turn the channel listening. A -- reverse. That thanks. Oh and I think. Department gender or some as excellent and and the always residents if you have it could be accurate you'll have the option you go to the red absolutely -- tomorrow. I'm trying to think the you know these shows to me -- -- know. Media experts say. Let's sit back and think about the awards were so country. They have a common theme. Taking real difficult situation on the Korean War. Not security Hogan's Heroes. And they -- the mimic certain people like on -- problem. Then. You know and Nazis. Keep improving heroes and prisoners were Emeka horrible situation. Funny and watchable and power organs say. That the show I would and I am 42 so. You know my mother Tuesday. That -- can remember has watched each. We will fortune. And the I never understood that when I was a kid that's as far as -- you know you know you -- latchkey kid. -- and -- realized there amongst the power much to a fortune in the department imports. -- -- -- -- -- And right there you know poll. You know after the assault of course in the that it that are art either way there in the kitchen. And should be trying to figure out this postal. -- art -- account of Omar. Looked at me at the compound housing. Oh. So we've got to chew on that chose. That's a great great story John. But up partly older like Erica. Now but I have kids in my then. You know she's getting -- -- -- about you know almost arms. I did well in school from. New world now press that I cheated a little bit Mara you know seeking your approval against the -- That's a great great story. John have a great weekend again getting a couple of text about golden girls yeah that's it that's a fun show -- -- it just goes to show you that you can. You can get older but you don't have to get old and last night we were talking about the the criticism of the FCC's received complaints from people. About the sexual overtones in CBS series. Two broke girls. And somebody sent a text last night and in the states so much sense to me. What about what about blanch. On the golden girls and and and all of those women were interested in sexual hook ups. And there was nobody more sexual on television then then blanched and it was very very overt. Which she was interested and and they made no. It made no it needed highlighted at all. If one of the obvious scenes of the show so if you're critical of sexual content on television and -- totally hypocritical then you'd also have to be critical of the golden girls. There's a text Petticoat Junction another six Perry Mason twilight sort of the Twilight Zone it and it seems like that comes on. I -- that comes with I'd I'd never know exactly windy to when it comes on I mentioned earlier that. My Sunday nights I've you know I I like and I liken an early Sunday night even -- I don't have to wake up early Monday morning atlas of doing Tommy show our Garland show. There's not gonna have to wake up early Monday morning but you know I just I just have this happen -- a warning to be settled Sunday evening. And I've I've discovered an antenna TV at 7 o'clock Sunday night Colombo sought. And even though I've seen the show is in effect I've even seen reruns of the reruns since I started watching it recently. I still to slowed to sit down in and watch the show. Now since I know what's gonna happen it it allows me to think about other things. And I'm always thinking about this show and things -- to talk about. But I just I love having their -- it's a real it's a real comfort zone for me. Are rolling your under the WL. And -- -- Talk about. You know I play that well. Bogut yeah oh yeah. But -- a couple of months before it was -- He didn't let it -- It will be here. Well that is that's what that's what came out it is ever called there was some interesting. Story surrounding the death of Bob Crane and things that he was he was involved in. Before he died and it seems to me that there was some kind of adult film pornographic -- there. In light of all of that that was exposed. Actually isn't good enough. But if you didn't you know would you let. -- -- Like in the state -- the civil. Eco. You know it I don't -- -- I -- you do. Easy. And it -- -- -- -- you did. You it's interesting. -- -- I would do it and is. That. Bob -- -- a couple of all of you. That. All right Roland that's a good night I appreciate you calling -- show it's always a good to have fun on a Friday night. Here's attacks always loved Little House on the Prairie and highway to heaven. So the news of the deaths of Russell Johnson who played the professor Gilligan's Island and to -- -- played the band manager of the Partridge Family of inspired us to think about these iconic shows Gilligan's Island. On CBS from 64 to 67. And departure -- on ABC from seventy to 74. Both shows have been in in re runs and people continue to watch the Partridge Family centered around a widowed mother who was raising five children. The Stanley formed a band and David Cassidy who played Keith partridge. Who was a Shirley Jones who played the mother her stepson. -- he became a teen heartthrob and she'll watch his solo career the guy who passed away this week and Dave -- played the part of the pushy manager Ruben Kincaid. But the two shows Gilligan's Island had a much bigger impact on pop culture. The premise of the show was this small sightseeing boats. There was caught in -- store. During a three -- -- landed on and on chartered -- Each episode revolved around different opportunities for the castaways to be rescued and and return home. But every episode ended with the same outcome they never gone off the island. What was it about Gilligan's Island it made it's a -- a pop culture phenomenon for not only in my generation but for several generations. So the lingering question is. Ginger or Maryann and we don't even have to explain the question because everybody knows what that means that that's -- -- W little party jaguar opinion poll tonight. Give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com Google update does that in just a moment but the very question ginger or Mary hand. I think. Spoke volumes about the obvious sexual overtones in the show. The idea that too attractive girls stranded in definitely. On a deserted island. What's the males fantasy of considering which one guys which used to be with if they were on the island. Ginger. Or Maryann. And they both represented distinct styles of girls they couldn't be farther apart in nature ginger the glamorous starlet tightened. -- the stereotypical. Girl next door. Now while ginger would seem to be the obvious choice for people who would love women because she was so overtly sexual. It's the more wholesome image of Mary and the -- seemed to make her the the unofficial favorite I haven't seen any news specifics. In terms of nationwide polls but people that I talked to most of them say -- answer choice over ginger. In our -- -- project opinion poll tonight has been very lopsided it in the in favor of Marianne. So give -- another update on that coming appeared in just a few minutes. So may become -- could -- cents. And may be watching it I'd like to Mary and better because maybe we could just sense. That ginger would be high maintenance problem. I mean this was not going to be an easy woman to satisfy. Or maybe -- preferred the extremely short shorts. Did Mary and which painted into every episode but a short shorts worn by -- in the show. Where as short or shorter than anything I've seen Miley Cyrus where. If only -- would have known about working Pakistan. I don't think you I don't mean girls watching Gilligan's Island face the same to limited that I -- unless of course you're -- lesbian and you probably the same. Question your mind ginger or or -- But I don't think girl's face the same problem that guy's face to me what with the girls choices the skipper. The professor. Gilligan. When he was seem to me that the only choice there would be the professor. But in addition to the sexual overtones of Gilligan's Island. There were other things that might have been more sub conscious other reasons why the masses could relate to the plight of these these cast a waste. Maybe we found something comforting in and watching the survival instincts of the castaways. Usually with the help of the professor at the castaways. Had modern conveniences. That were created to two. To give them all the comforts of home created out of just basic resources on the I'm going to professors genius creativity. Led to one obvious question is the professor could make all these things from coconuts and bamboo. Why couldn't he fix the three foot hole in the boat. Another redeeming message in -- Gilligan's Island I think was that the blending of different socio economic groups. Thurston Howell and -- how old they were upper class snobbish millionaires. The professor was an intellectual and a science teacher ginger was a glamorous starlet. Very sexual in nature. Marianne was was wholesome although she did where it usually short shorts. The skipper represented blue collar workers and Gilligan was the typical underdogs grew up. And yet with few exceptions they all bonded over their dire circumstances. And the common goal of getting off the island. While the characters on the show lacked real diversity in terms of race religion nationality and sexual orientation. Their backgrounds their interest were to first. May be the the ultimate message of Gilligan's Island was dead if we focus on what we have in common. Rather than what separates us we really all get along. So. With that knowledge that they that there was some subconscious things about that TV show. And then of course you know we we watched the TV show and we were hoping that they would get rescued but we knew. That they the episode would -- and they wouldn't be rescued because if it was if it was a TV show how could they be rescued and it would. Still be on the year. TV land is planning on Gilligan's Island Marathon Monday from 8 AM until 8 PM. And the show is on them Monday through Saturday from 6 PM 8 PM our time. Antenna TV is honoring a date Madden with the Partridge Family marathon and it's going to be tomorrow Saturday from 12 noon until 7 o'clock. Now considering the premise of the Partridge Family especially Gilligan's Island. Anyone would be challenged to find intellectual justification for investing time every week to watch -- show. -- in continuing to watch the shows in syndicated reruns. But sometimes maybe the redeeming value of mindless television. Is that it's a mental and emotional -- It against -- -- of us. So as we honor the passing of these two actors from the news Iconix it comes from the past. I guess we can think about. Which if any sitcoms today will survive the test of time and continue. To provide memories and escapism. For audiences in the future. If you gonna join Russia with a comment and among other things -- talking about those those TV shows -- real comfort zones for you what. What they showed deal love to watch me even today even though you sought as a kid you've seen it over and over. You know what's gonna happen but you find it comforting to watch the show today what show was it for you are numbers 2601878. -- 38668890870. In a text numbers 877. Here is a text to reach -- for Stanley was based on the council's. In fact. They wanted the councils to do the show but they were too busy on their own because they were they were on tour. And Susan council. Was your new worlds and I know I saw her at. One of The Beatles tests that the telecast put on with other local bands and not this year but the last year. As she was at The Beatles fest at house of blues and did a song like I don't remember the song. -- -- James -- WWL. -- how you don't scoop agents. I've been -- the -- of the united seven -- -- appreciate digits. It'll Alibaba Mary and I -- booty shorts. I want this thing. Bit seeing your missile if it did you know me well he chronic. The -- -- and turn into a resort. It would be into tennis. So. I didn't see that there had been taken courses millionaires. To cool -- them magical tale but it I don't mutually. And they came back -- -- and -- in the typical early April but it would. I thought it had never I never saw that it's an interesting spin the ball liberty and shall happen it was similar -- that he's real. Whether it was important to me at the -- different. You know when you don't know -- Arnold Arnold the chocolate state school. It will -- -- does go on and we'll open it I don't open them all equal. Are sort of not -- but -- -- well you know. James ugly to -- a showing of agree weekend. If -- -- -- -- -- -- told vehicles you're just a moment also have more of your text there are coming up. The Kennedy assassination in November of 1964 actually had an impact. On Gilligan's Island. And I'll tell you about that in. Just a moment also more vehicles are coming up if you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. Tech's number is 87870. I'm scoots and we'll be right back at a VW golf course this is the theme from the Partridge Family. Gilligan's Island wide we will watch it only this year we're going to deep psychological. Analysis of why we watched Gilligan's Island that's the -- blog tonight it's on our web site. And -- WL dot com you can read it and share it with others. I misspoke just a moment ago -- a got a text directing me to Kennedy assassination was in November of 1963 yeah that that's too I was thinking 1964 because that's when Gilligan's Island. A first went on the air. But here's an interesting fact about Gilligan's Island. The department for the show was titled -- And it was filmed in November of 1963. But that was the month that the Kennedy assassination just gripped the nation and and the crew continue to work on the the the pilot episode. In in November of 1963 -- after hearing at the shocking news that Kennedy had been assassinated. So of the departure of the middle. It was actually -- November the 26. And apparently if you you look at this you'll notice that all the flags in that sequence are flying at half staff. Because of the Kennedy assassination. Which is -- -- -- I did I don't know if I've ever actually seen. They -- the pilot which was called you know but if you do run across that to all the flags are at half staff. I -- a couple of these sick comments on our FaceBook pay feature we've we've got the blog and comments are going on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio you can join that conversation. This is from Jim and Marianne -- Betty rubble and Judy jets and when Judy jets and legal baggage she would have been. Meeting. Here's a comment from Chris a TV land is running out and -- -- Gilligan's Island Marathon Monday starting at -- a union scores we did mention it. On Mitch says ginger is is in the answer to a question of ginger or Maryann. Stephen said. It was always a win win situation Marianne was the one you wanted to take home to mama ginger was the one that you wanted to take home. Here's a comment from Craig Marianne Lawny Marianne Brenda I always had a secret crush on the professor I like Smart man. Bob says ginger Tina says GT this is ginger. Okay eighteen and that's okay that's cool lag Gordon says Marianne Eric says Marianne. Richard says I think the professor. The largest put it this way he says that I think the professor was with a ginger. Here is. And other comment mrs. Howell. -- somebody was into cougars. If you wanna join -- from the comet tonight our numbers 2601870. -- 38668890. Point seven protects -- -- -- and here's an update on Aaron WWL forty general opinion -- Ginger -- Marion. 21% say ginger -- just making a come back here setting 9%. Say Marion. A promotion springs Matt you're on WWL. I could do without bill good. You know human. The fact that area it was a short short properly done robberies and has. You could take those banana -- pot like no one could -- that every Apple's. There was a banana cream pie involved in some scenario. Arnold they really they really have all the comforts of home thanks to some incredible inventions from the professor but they just couldn't fix the vote today. Yeah I think while -- -- -- -- in there and a payment to minority and are one of the commentators mentioned as martyrs -- The pop tarts -- war was supposed to be that was one of the biggest plot holes it was so that he can never had both my without party. The problem lobby I would have to pick your. You know I mentioned in the blog that you know maybe guys see as young as we were when we were watching it -- -- -- we had this the subconscious feeling that that ginger -- is gonna be really high maintenance and impossible -- mean you could you ever have enough money to make ginger happy. -- right writer and founder and original. But I don't just you know and first one and does its first article from the occasion. You know it was a it was a interesting show and I -- as stare at a local question for sure you know it and treatment met the council. Yeah bomb do you know what does ultra. Things on their payments saying. Yes yeah they they did they did the song from from hair they did from the Broadway musical hair. We're not quite but I also. I think Gardner she's an American style they were group that China the and certainly hope in part. -- I didn't know that I remember I remember that show. I was I was young but it was a she'll be all about sex. I met a value of a great weekend and it's. All right I will here's the attacks that reason may be friends and signed failed. For more moderate series also cheers were talking about those. Those comfort TV shows that we find comfort and watching it no matter how many times we've seen him in reruns even though we've seen the episodes countless times we still love to watch and -- from coming to keep your on the -- shall there be WL. Screw you it's great great to be within -- WWL. Lumber yard pass well as it was. Our government -- man and that of boo and on the the old man married. And it is why. It was audit would prefer out of the capping Gilligan. The billionaire was set Thurston Howell the third. Yeah -- has ownership in the movies. It's a mad mad mad world and he was so Larry move you know. -- -- She and activist Jim Backus was his his ruling. All of that but well -- here on XP my most favorite TV series I'll bet you that he didn't comment on this with a hundred. You know I love that show and I I looked -- as special relationship with him to go ahead T. You can see that anymore. I don't know maybe it got that locked up but some do. It's -- it it comes on occasionally I'll find it. I think I wanna say Sunday night on antenna TV I I don't know when it's on -- can easily catch it too late on a Sunday night and it might even be midnight but but it does occasionally come on. Jackie Gleason and our army army that. That's got to be all saying TV that there. You know what was great about that show is that they they really did that. -- state they film that while they're doing it -- and you can occasionally catch mistakes in the show and they just they just gold they don't stop and -- take anything they've they just keep darling. And that's why they call him integrated society Jackie Gleason back in the day. Keep them glad you called a show factual -- When you're when you think about comfort zones for TV shows that really makes me realize what a comfort zone time. The honeymooners was for me. Especially as a kid now a play about that we -- back what TV shows a comfort zone for you. And is it ginger or Maryann if you enjoyed -- right on numbers 2601870. Told free hate 66889. Series Saturday -- -- to receive 7870. And you heard this week the year 2014 lined -- for Jazz Fest includes. Bruce Springsteen. Yes -- again we get the full line up on our -- excited to BWL dot com. Is that we remember for the past TV shows that we still -- when I get off -- midnight quite often times I go home and their cheers comes on at 1 o'clock and and following that it's it's Frazier which I think is it is truly a brilliant. Brilliant show a from Atlanta Marty you're on -- WL. And -- Are you ought to have a remote up but they don't. Envy you bought -- -- -- -- department. Ago. That's right and got a couple of text about that did you Backus was a voice of mr. ago. Yeah and it did today. And up all of it might not be getting up and kidnapping. In -- Ike -- it's certainly relate to that show because early in my career that show came on TV Mario got to get to a news breaker Glaser called but yes I can totally relate to. Debbie -- Europeans is it not that there was any reality about that she'll be there were a few things about it they were real. And by the way. And I love Frazier died in in all honesty. Did talk radio is really not like they depicted on go on Frazier because when I get a call -- say. Hello caller I'm listening. I'm scoots we're coming right Deborah Moore and -- -- well.