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01-17 10pm Scoot Old tv shows and why we like them...

Jan 17, 2014|

Scoot continues to discuss Gilligan's island; in lieu of the death of actor rusell Johnson, who played the professor; ALSO.... who's the cutest? Maryann or Ginger?

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It's up party nights we're heading into the weekend. Whether you have plans are no plans of all I hope you are ready for the weekend. You know every Friday night rumor on the air we like to play this song at least at least part of its -- remind us that. It's the weekend and yes sometimes in this is one of those weekends are I really don't have plans and there -- a couple things going on have been invited to a few things but it. Sometimes -- like to just into the weekend with no plans apologists see what happens in maybe you've got plans maybe unit plans but again I hope -- largest. Ready for the weekend the NFC championship games are going to be Sunday we've got all the action -- WWL but right now just reach over and crank it up Isis which have been working for. And we have an abbreviated showed tonight at 101030 tonight do we have the NFL preview show followed by NFL insider. And the AFC championship game doing the patriots in Denver against the Broncos pre game is at 130 here and every WL Sunday afternoon to golfers at 2 o'clock. And the NFC championships it's the forty -- in Seattle against the Seahawks game time 530 you'll hear that game right here. Under the WL. I'd I'd still interested in the games you know the saints started and I'm I'm looking forward to both of these games should be really good to playoff games for the championship to get to the. The Super Bowl and then you know it doesn't matter who winds up in the super -- -- -- four really good teams that should be on a good Super Bowl game. The -- blog tonight is. Something I don't know if it's ever been done. On an electable. Mental analysis of why we watch Gilligan's Island in all of this is -- coming about because of the death of Russell Johnson who played the professor. -- silent this week also Dave Madden who played the band manager departure from the past -- -- this week. So we've been talking about iconic shows those the shows that provide comfort zones for -- I I didn't finish that story the last hour. But I had a real emotional bonding with. With the honeymooners when I was a young kid. And you know I -- suffered with a very severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder. My dad travels. And my dad would call every night to let us know where he wise. And I I always remember them after my dad had called. I always slept in in. My dad's -- -- I I slipped on that side of the bed. With my mom when I was a kid and the honeymooners came on at 10 o'clock. And I just always remember. That being a very comfortable moment for me because I was I was relax which tents most of my life when I was a kid when my dad was sent. Which was traveling and all that was related to the OCD stuff. But that was -- that was one of those emotional relationships that I developed with with that show. And it if you think about you your life you'll think about some shows that maybe have provided somewhat of a comfort zone. For use things that. That you emotionally relate to with with shows in -- matter how many times you've seen the show is there's certain shows that come on. You still wanna watch him over and over again -- world's marry your Adobe WL. Hi I would -- about the issue that I enjoy it what was the last vote. And I did it found it comforting because they only came back and everybody was happy in. That talent and and they came back in which it panic these things I mean you know. That's fantasy -- right -- At. Like eleven. You know you know it and gave it right well I know I've I remember him vivid memories of that issue as well that was it was fun. And then the other show I caught a few years ago and I hadn't been in the -- before that and the challenge that we dictated but the practice. The feel but the one that. She was injured man to death rate and it was felt we did -- but I laugh I mean even bodies polite. I thought that this. Very funny and the -- that it was announced. Yet there was a lot of slapstick I know I know it is comedy and. It wasn't that it would just I don't know to me I'd get that this can't happen to make -- Laviolette did. And then that the channel without definitely not in the soap -- at all. But one bad depends how to beckon call means you had on -- shatters. You know what I got a text about it earlier -- channels is on in the yeah I -- yeah. My sister used to come home every afternoon it was torture Adams. Look at that you know they have been moment that Tom and our and I hate that. That kind of soap opera but I've got to look -- If we get. In no they would like I believe that I didn't believe apparently did in now and get you know entered into. -- we -- it was I was broken door and down with an -- that. Aren't. That really because that was a departure of Mary and political showing you have a great weekend from Metairie Brian urologist who she'll. A good ratios Gloria. One for Asia because of the timing of the joke was always Arctic drilling. Two. Most of all colony where Annika there's -- -- You know as well and the secondary -- just get a good -- at their own spin off to you right. And that. Moment look black and white Perry Mason and that that brilliantly written show. It Russian I have to admit that I never really watched Perry Mason and I -- -- I guess since I didn't watch -- music as a kid I don't watch it day in reruns now but a lot of people on the show and I know it was a brilliant show. -- secondary campaign Perry Mason Bob Madoff goes. Probably investigate -- on directly after the break there. And that -- guy. I -- plenty of blame to share that waited so here's an update on our WWL party general opinion poll tonight it's a question that really needs no explaining. Ginger or -- and -- two percents they ginger and 78% say -- -- you know if if aliens word just suddenly tuning into the show our our monitoring what we're talking about here on earth. And they just heard the question ginger -- Mary and it would have no idea what we're talking about. If you're an alien I wonder which when you find more attractive probably ginger she cleared a little more than. And -- and here's a Texan -- Big Bang theory I think it captures the current youth and twentysomething generation. I also say that ginger all the way. As she was way hotter than Marianne. Again it's very subjective here's a Texan -- as a kid I wanted to be Jack trooper living with two girls. Well I have my wife and daughter driving me crazy thanks Jack three's company was my favorite. We touched on this a little bit last night but it it's coming up again tonight it's quite obvious that we think about it TV shows and that the very question of ginger. Or -- We talked about last night some of the new complaints coming into the SEC about the CBS series to pro curls. And it's because of sexual content. Even though it's different there were still sexual content they were still sexual overtones. In all of the shows we're talking about it. And a very question of ginger or Mary and a touches on the sexual overtones. In -- show is seemingly innocent as is Gilligan's Island. So even though. These shows did not present blatant examples they still inspired. The same thoughts. That show's inspired today. It's not whether a show inspires. Thoughts in your mind. It's how you react to those thoughts. It's what you do. Or what you don't do. And so that's why everybody needs to be taught to be responsible with their behavior it's not that kids are exposed to something or see something that might make them think about sex because. It doesn't take much to make people when hormones are starting -- -- -- -- Bubble up and their bodies it doesn't it doesn't take much to get them to think about sex and and long before it was -- on TV you know we all heard stories about. How erotic the Sears catalog was to a lot of people because of some of the ads that they had for some of the clothing in the Sears. Catalog and need not go any further than that. This is -- -- -- and will be right back on this Friday night on WWL. And welcome back to our show again we have a very abbreviated -- -- tonight -- we will be back on Monday night from eight to midnight are coming up at 1030 it's NFL preview getting used site for the playoffs following -- It's NFL insider and an all -- AFC NFC playoff action is going to be under the WL this weekend. Here's an update on -- WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight's ginger or Mary and 42% say ginger 78%. See Maryann scoop like tonight his title Gilligan's Island why we watched it and again it's -- it's the psychological analysis system -- we've probably watched aliens violent Janice -- into the WL. Economic Hispanic critic. Two in the amateur was angry at about ten tangy. Campbell -- -- -- want to. -- I think Donald what they're saying the things they're talking about such delicate broke off. And dentistry is is not an appropriate and as the entirety -- trying to protect allegations. Station. Well you know -- you don't know the difference between broadcast and cable. Well let me explain. How it's -- TV to them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- you said that some of the benefits -- people and the -- and and yeah. The dozen medical terms those returns that come up and doctor shows. I can't. Really look at what it's OK it's OK to it's okay if you don't like it. Happened. I think we're going round and you know like people made it seem common in the 1970s. Well. It just. -- On the Internet he found something and that it did working. Please have a talent that he has talent and I don't know -- -- god directed -- right -- with. And content contrasting that -- mentality about promoting the have -- the end obscenity in books magazines. Janice Janice I'm I'm gonna have to move on Communist and Communists are not even a factor anymore. Mean who has worked. I don't think we're concerned about Communists taking over and -- if you think there's some kind of Communist agenda to take over America I don't know she just awed by a red -- Paula -- -- WWL. People. Are heard about it via a Clinton operative Novo Russell Johnson. -- you. There -- particular if so. And an -- omni point but. Where the media were injured here is a bit as a -- -- critique all of his Q. There and how would -- and I would like that I would apparently -- Places with him. You know apple probably ginger are being away. You know -- and apparently -- -- -- -- immediately that. Although it would happen so it -- is gonna -- it would change. Oh yeah well as like you were talking about that don't -- don't we all agree that maybe. I'd Tony Nelson master and I Dream of -- didn't full take didn't take full advantage of which Cheney was offerings. Yet you're quite right but he. But you know there there was remember that episode of a separate gender. And considered. That is to -- it -- -- and the propensity -- Well and -- did you go here. Memo showed you a kid in oh wow I don't remember that episode but that would have been rather salacious at the time. Yeah and then act yet you know hurt cheering -- -- you know you know even -- here. They are mildly pro civil right. If you're. -- -- -- I know Paul those things just didn't make sense to those of us who were young and and watching. -- glad you -- the show and have a great weekend here's attacks Disco called a friend of mine to tell him about your Mary Ann or ginger poll. His response was. The professor. He serious. Well that's -- I mean if if you're gay. If you're gay male I'm sure you would have thought about it. Gilligan the professor or the skipper. If you are lesbian I'm sure you know did the same question that that I had which who has would be ginger or or -- Earlier tonight we're talking about a man in Texas who is -- fighting charges that he broke the law by holding up a sign warning oncoming traffic about a speed trap -- ahead. The guy at 33 year old Ron Martin has apparently done this before the police are familiar with him and when he noticed the cars were coming by waving to the police officers they figured the guy -- was on the other side of the bridge. And he was warning of the overpass and he was warning them that that there was a speed trap ahead so they arrested him. They arrested him on charge that he violated Frisco Texas is sign ordinance law. Which prohibits people holding signs and -- on private property. What about the right to protest. You don't have to be on private property to protest. This is unconstitutional. And I would think that the First Amendment would protect somebody's right. To freely warn drivers of the speed trap ahead. The goal should not -- to give -- ticket the goal should be to get people to slow down. And today is a First Lady Michelle Obama's fiftieth birthday -- by realize that many of you just can't put politics aside and don't -- wish anybody like they're happy birthday but I'll I'll wish her happy birthday and I think we should put politics aside and and have respect for the White House and I know there are many you'll say well. If if they don't respect. The country that on the regular stated I I understand all those arguments. But again I find it interesting that the of the very people who. Are disrespectful to the president or the very ones that told people when George W. Bush was president you might not like the president. You might disagree with his policies but you should respect the office of the presidency. So again Darian lies just blatant hypocrisy in this country. The point that I wanna make about Michelle. Obama turning fifty. Is that she looks great for fifty. And sort of a lot of people I was part of -- generation where -- was everything. But now my generation is redefining what it means to be mature. And if you're young and and Europe concerned about getting old -- I selected the severity of the day -- and she's like oh my god mechanically I'm gonna be 24 like like 24 to hold. No it it might seem old relative to where you are in your life but here's the good news when you get older. To carry yourself because when you get older life really can be even better in which you were young. There was a time in my life when I was younger that that may be I had more. -- physical material things in my life but honestly this is the happy -- ever been with me. And so you do have a lot to look forward to any fewer. Mature. Like I am I hope that you are finding as much fun in life now. Issue always -- what do think Jack Harris our studio producer tonight again I remind you on our blog it's on. A kind of a psychological analysis as to why we watch Gilligan's Island and its -- we're excited to be WL. Dot com. We will be back guide next week and if any reason we're not on WWL. -- 53 FM because is a game on where an 870 AM and will be on right after the games so. Have a great weekend what -- Orleans.