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01-18 12:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jan 18, 2014|

WWL's Tom Fitzmorris discusses food, recipes, dining, wine, restaurants and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bump bump bump bump -- of this is the effervescent voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And here we are with the food show on the big 870 WWL. And WWO 105 point three FM. And on WW well. Dot com. And on WWL. HD 1105. Point three FM HD one that's right isn't it. I'm just guessing at that but I think that's right. What's nice to be here. On a Saturday again you know we can we get beat up a lot by the football season on veterans say that they should be that way of course you know of course it needs to -- But it's great to be back again on some kind of regular basis where from now until the moon around July. We'll miss a few here in the air for basketball and baseball and stuff but most most weeks will be here. And it's great to be here there really is that love being here whenever I can this even on a Saturday. 260187. Is our telephone number. 2601870. Is is that when we were told free as well it's 866889087. All right now you get right ended being the very beginning of the show. During the past week. My wife and I. Went to two restaurants that at least on the casual side of things. -- -- you always have to make at least one cut there where you have the the high end. 75200. Dollar purse and kind of places. And then another list that has restaurants where you'll spend much less than that he liked when he maybe even less than twenty. Anyway on the casual and the Lee who lives less expensive side of the program. I made up a top twelve list of what I thought with a best new ones that had come about it during the last year. Publish them a couple of weeks ago on my website and still get there are no menu dot com click on. See you would visit. On lists that's what it's -- anyhow. We went to the tool that we're at the top of that list is in effect that had him tied for first because they couldn't decide. Which of them was the better. They're both pretty good and know very welcome. Both of these are restaurants on the moralists on the Lakefront there actually on the new base and canals. We're as the old base in -- wonder if anybody knows. Anybody know where the old base and I'll give you disclosed in the end no more. But they are there is evidence of where it used to be anybody know don't look it up though Google don't Google it okay. If you know. Called me and tell me in the show costs more anyway. -- these two restaurant's front or actually gave back up to is more appropriate. The new base in canal and infect both of them have pretty big. Outdoor dining areas with the umbrellas in them in a very nice setup lots of boats surrounding very scenic. And if you look in the right direction which would be to the right. Exactly. We'll see Lake Pontchartrain peeking in here in the -- -- one good sized swath of it over there to your left. So we have restaurants. Along the Lakefront again we only had one we have blame injuries but you know. That. So now we have to locally owned restaurants. Doing classic New Orleans seafood and then some and they are a little different from one another I would say. One of them leans more towards. A little little oil on the fancier side and the other one is a little more. Down to earth they're both about the same price I would say. And I would say there -- about equally good which is why I gave from a tie for first place. But I wonder if you've been too -- of the names of the restaurants are -- -- BR -- ESP apostrophe suite where they are last night. And the other one is the the blue crab. Which is a little closer to the lake and but both of them are up on the second floor because of flooding issues. You know you don't you don't wanna be on the ground anymore around there. Whether any kind of restaurant that they do have elevators so it's no problem getting up there. And both very nice. Looking restaurants. Very casual it's not a -- table -- can have a place. But I wonder if you've been to a man and what you think of them if you have realizing that they've only been open -- Just a little over six months may be almost a year maybe. But we have we've been with the to both -- just in the last week. That was coincidental. That we -- That the the food was so it was pretty good few things that they need to work out but just normal stuff that new restaurant. -- the question about that. You are free. This as an effect. Where your view country. To talk about whatever you have in your mind about eating about drinking about restaurants cooking wine. Anything at all about enjoying yourself. In terms of nourishing your body with them with food. He may as well they eat the good stuff because if you eat the bad stuff. If you eat the real cheap stuff. Here's what's gonna happen to. You will not be satisfied your your brain in your soul will not be satisfied by what you eat if you give this new huge piles of food for real low price. And you get fat and -- you won't be any happier. You want if you get the good stuff if you go to the restaurants and you insist by god that they do the local seafood. Fresh not frozen. Cooked to order -- sitting under heat playing football day. Not everything fraud. If you go for that you'll find. That you don't need to eat this much and you'll enjoy it more I'm telling you I. Patsy on absolutely convinced that. 2606368. To call let's talk about it or or or anything oh I'm sorry I gave the wrong number already. -- deal is I do a different show same show actually vote on a different station. All week long and and so custom dissing that phone number that it just -- so without my even realizing her giving a phone number. 260187. Me Dave -- street that's out of retirement to it you know we'll have to have a contest when they see how many times. In a three hour show why I make that particular mistake. Here is JJ welcome to the Puccio. That Utah I was just curious as the old patient can now actually -- canal street. No canal street is never had to come now not elaborate. And it is. -- They were gonna put one -- -- the plan -- one happened. Was on. This was it was a very progressive thing to have a canal light up the middle -- -- boats could come up and and carry people and goods into the middle of the city. But before that. They started -- Along team. Things like street. Man and and all and in cars is particularly. And nobody it's -- you know boats what do we need votes coming -- to the middle of the city for and they never did build the canal a canal street now are different but not on canal street. -- -- Well -- Jack crap you -- new restaurant there by all. Right. I -- -- their -- locations like oh Barbara I find it very clear at all authentic Mexican teachers call tacos and beer. Cockroach in Beers now near at least circle airport in -- award in -- And now they just opened a location. -- you'll -- -- circle believe haven't been -- that yet but it. It Shea -- -- to our franchise. Servicers pretty much going to be able which there. But very very correction in all it -- Mexican dude you have for shall stroke. All -- the -- are very -- which. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh chopped onion -- in a larger it to Beijing. Out a reasonable flavors from the other really either. -- -- That sounds good I I can't tell you that there and quite a bit more you. Are right that explains you're six it's. Okay what tacos in -- -- the -- of the one year this dispute Slidell. When he went 421 street -- That yet. They -- couple years maybe not that. OK well thank you for the tip I. Artsy. You you want legally Huey. -- in. My -- my most has become the size -- narrow. On -- welcome to the food -- At this point anyway basic and outlook. You do look this up in the book that you yeah look at that I went. When I was a kid you no kidding where was. I came -- a lot less and boulevard when openly call way to have a delivered these shows and all. That they brought them and that's the -- base and now. What. The old days and now. And all there was an old base and now. Before there was the new base in the new base in -- where the -- and is now. And -- that's that's the one -- thinking of -- -- all it went all the way to Italy to west. Or down. Bottom downtown Rite Aid -- it started right around where the super dome is now. And then it went up where the I ten is now -- to punched in boulevard in West -- and all the way to the lake but that's the new recent. Oh I'm never -- it obeys the canal. Ha ha what actually you know they got askew an easy question -- -- you. Don't look at Iowa -- thank you for for that. 260636. Would be fun. We might do Sunday. History review show. Here is -- You. Mario Mario -- we. -- -- -- -- -- laws you know that's not true. And what's it's well. Well thank you up for art and make -- patient. Out Carol. I've ever talk about it and I never even heard about strong International Paper -- -- should probably just curious what was your take on direct. Have you -- yet. It. Okay. It is a restaurant where whenever anybody calls me about it an old old but your call will be an exception but you because you haven't been there. Everybody who ever calls me about it. He loves it just loves it it's a little tiny place it's right across the street from the old -- And it is so small infect. That the tables are very close together and I would not recommend sitting at the bar because the the way they built the bar there's no room for. The upper half of your legs. Connected to be able eat at the same time. And I find the food pretty good but I don't understand why -- people get so worked up about because to me it's pretty straightforward and and you know reasonably good -- find their prices a little high. For the compared with some mothers Italian restaurants in the general area. But. Again I tell -- I I give -- gotta keep coming back to the affected anybody whoever talks to me about it is crazy about it so but there you go. But I tell you -- called me back and tell me what you think. Okay sure will what do you eat when you got there. Well I've had just about everything they've had a panel pasta. Couple three pasta dishes I think if I thought about it long enough ahead of field shot. Once that was super expensive but -- chops or expensive. And I had a chicken dish once and then I had a fish fish once. And the the portions were nice of the quality of the food seem to be okay. But but did not not what I would call brilliant and again I tell you I find the place just too small to be comfortable. So but but -- let me know because. Really I wanna keep giving the other side -- this no joke everybody who ever tells me about this is a huge fan so. Whatever that's -- Yeah please. Thank you. It is the future and take one more Coleman will take gene welcome. I'm doing great you. The they now believe as we open -- trouble now -- from India by Saint John in French for 200 what was what. Yeah that's true. You you've about got that it started with a municipal auditorium is now. And it went up basin street -- it was the -- for which basin street was named. And it went up more or less where the railroad well that railroad tracks don't come all the way in anymore they root them out but where the railroad tracks. Where a long look feet avenue that's where the old base and can now went. And it went to the it went as far as. -- by you seeing John as you said but he went a little bit farther yet I ended there was a lot of trade up and down near there were boats coming in. And of course at that time up by using John was inevitable so boats would come in with fish and you don't blogs and all kind of stuff. And they floated in and out of that that's what we have before highways. I don't remember. Well no I mean it's as it was before anybody's. I don't think anybody was still alive. Who is still alive who remembers that it's good to Leo great spiritual usually it's right. She'll open by train right now. In -- 08 now. Exactly right you're you're exactly right. There you go congratulations if I have a prize a -- See you later. We will return with more of the food for -- that would be a bad idea -- history show everybody loves. Talking about the history of course that he. One of these days we'll come back with more of the food show after first please this cute cute cute studio but hello it's the food show. Okay here's what on tacos and -- this is a guy who called earlier. They have two locations have been able to nail down one of the news in Slidell we have that'll -- -- first street Slidell the other one is in Hammond. I don't you find anything on one here in town I wonder if that might just be slightly different. Anybody know he said it was around -- circle. Can't find that the evidence. Not saying it isn't there of course Joseph welcome to the Puccio. Hey Joseph. Yeah. Yes I can come on it. Well all of probably I want it all -- but he. Holy to him are. You know you're right Mo Pete is the equity. The -- utopia. You know so that this is a question that gets asked on this show about once every three months. And it's just long enough for me to have forgotten. The answer to the question. And because I never -- legs. -- for some reason I just never boil -- my wife spoils legs all the time but she doesn't care about that kind of stuff that she just rips him. But -- the only thing I can remember is that if you have very very fresh eggs. They're real hard to appeal. Its old eggs that are really that. That are easier to appeal but there's a cup there are a couple of other tricks and I will throw this out to the crowd if you can keep listening you'll hear about -- -- tell -- about twenty different ways to make the news -- come off easier. All right may -- that problem I can't remember. I can't remember all all 21 of them so I don't remember any of so Heidi I'm -- -- hard boiled -- so it appeals easily. I'll -- done Ames knows but he is not gonna bring himself down to that level. And he's here because he's got much more importance for instance we have to and we'll lose but below. It's the food show -- thirteen -- you know it is and either it's the big 870 WWL. And WWO 105 point three FM the stomp that more is okay I've found tacos and -- -- -- saint Charles avenue. A block and half uptown. Melt the meanwhile register. Who did. -- that Matt wanted to tell me okay Matt go ahead and tell me that match. A child that morning good afternoon we leave effect went to attack doesn't the year yesterday and it's up right next Samuel -- pelican. Explore. And and -- terror and it's it's in that building that used to be why is. The brunch place yeah yeah yeah beat neck in Providence. It if only it was good it was -- I like about I have Mexican beer -- It was a real violence and Pacifica. -- -- good I was looking over I got on to their website I was looking over some of the pictures of their food looked interesting anyway. Tacos for a dollar. But those these are those little street tacos and you have to -- like five problem. Yes yes they've been there's fault that they feel really well. Yeah that's what I hear. We'll -- this is a -- went on me I haven't -- been on mindless. We'll let you. Excellent report CO. I tacos and beer who were loaded -- -- a here's James James welcome to Fuzhou. -- -- I'm my question propped up by your opening comments and finding good local food cooked fresh. And and I a couple of rights issues that our time finding. That are all for action local ingredients. Actually retreat at the top to work on crop -- -- today and gamble. Which. I'd been muted for -- Is a bit the blue cross fishy to pay that's an easy question to answer it simply that crawfish have a pretty well proscribed season. They are around right now the -- -- So what early start us off few of them right before Thanksgiving and and they went away and then they came back then they went away and they came back to -- when -- came back again. And I think the are now going to be here through the rest of the season but com. June. July 4 oh goodness it's over. And so there are no fresh crawfish out -- to behead and that's all right with me I think eating things in season is a hell of a good idea. So. But once it's out there are a lot of restaurants haven't I have no problem finding and on menus assault on. Often -- it -- -- -- -- that it takes its you know suspected Chinese crawl there. It just didn't -- very good. Here's how you can -- I can handle. I always ask. If I'm getting ditched its dominated by crabmeat or crawfish shrimp. Trip is the least likely to find a problem but it's right. Or lately at finish. I ask him where's this from where's this coming and if they hesitate even little business which can you find out. And you know the Chinese crawfish are pretty easy to pick up because they're bigger than ours. And they have no effect at all which means they have no flavor at all. So yeah I need him to. But some of the places that led to a great job on that. The -- -- they always. -- polls he -- does Greek cross fishy -- -- and one visible places that as a really good and hopelessness to. As the it's the older places that an -- I don't know why I think it's a -- it's ready to make them the other one was a team. On the wire which it. Aren't -- aren't good jump a lot. It really use and I don't exactly why partly in the big jumble. Is on any -- very few restaurants carry -- all except the tourist joints in the French Quarter and you know you're getting it right. Here's the best one of it in my opinion although I would check to make sure handed because the menu this restaurant. Turns over. The -- That's a five star restaurant with the added that it has three store may be needed to store prices but the quality of the food. Is way up here. And the way they do. Is they use like really greats -- -- lead the -- shrimp and oysters league once the cram everything that goes into this is. First class. And they bring in the big copper. And they put it down in front of and it's nice and fresh and the issues. And without being gussy up too much for an upscale. But that that would be my -- Closely and -- another odd ball version. This is Iceland banks -- couple blocks behind jazz with high school called. The crescent society. And sausage company. They make a jumble echo bay at Bart Bart as one -- owners. -- jumble it speak Q -- a little bit in that it has so little black beans. -- It's not it's not a huge of what it's it doesn't become a bean -- that does -- close that but there's you know they riddled into the and then you know of their own sausage in a bunch of stuff -- think that easy rate Greek jumble. I don't really. That's an early get a ticket to ride him right away -- and it's it's -- is -- its lows of like four dollars were big bowl. It is about real issues they're usually pretty cheap that's true no I'm Irish I appreciate it hit our thanks a lot. Thank you thank you for calling. Few minutes ago someone wanted to know how old do you Boyle and Hague so that the shell comes off easily. I get asked this about once every three months I can never remember what the answer is because I never -- for a and I don't care but here is that -- who who -- ago. -- -- -- And you ansari would -- you to. The little -- while oil company. That's a new one on me but if you say it works that's good enough. -- -- how much how much let's say if we haven't. Half gallon of water in the pot would Lou how much ship breaking out. And solid I'm sorry -- so. He. Split. Okay. All right well thank you for that. -- Anybody else I have -- to make the eggs easy to -- -- this when I'm absolutely sure of but it's kind of a negative. Kind of a thing that you can't exactly make happen and that is if you have very fresh eggs. Who knows. Knew what the story there actually are usually pretty old the eggs are that way eggs don't go downhill all that much of up to a certain point of course but. Like there's a lady across the street from me. And live -- in the middle of the woods in the field and everything is a lady across the road road is a better word the streak for -- passageway where I live. Who raises chickens and she has your -- for sale. And they are. What they've been played the last big -- so. With that from her chickens and boy those are the most beautiful -- to poach in the most delicious because these chickens run around all over the place need bugs and things. And so the -- the -- jokes are very dark orange is there just to Lucius -- adjusts great. But if you boiled one of those things you going to be picking it off with tweezers they shale in case it really sticks with a fresh fresh pressure. It's on networks and will come back with more of the food chilling moment but first if you will this. But I'm pumped up. Hello hello hello it's the food show on the big 870 WW -- WWO 105 point three FM I'm looking for somebody who knows how to boil an egg and have the shell come off easily. Someone asked me that question. You can never remember what the answers. Or the answer is we will -- many of them today already have -- one have never heard before. -- put baking soda in the water I've never heard. I'm not saying it's not doesn't work I just have never heard that 260. 1872601870. This is the eat should know the food show. Was speaking of eating. And I don't bring this up. Too often on this show on Saturday show but I ought to I don't know why -- Every week just about every week I'll order listeners and I get together. And we have an -- Usually have about forty or fifty of us. We do it at the different restaurant every week. The chef puts together a special menu for us we have wines paired up with a menu its release something we call -- the New Orleans eat club. We started doing these dinners about twenty years ago and we do of just about every week so far. We this year in the month of the January we will have five of them which is unusual. Have five and a month but anyway. Our necks when is this coming Wednesday night it's at seven on Fulton -- cool what. Seven on full that is the hotel restaurant of the riverfront. Wyndham hotel. That's on actually fronts on the convention center boulevard it backs up the Fulton street that they that there's an entrance over the years so they they thought that would be clever. Anyway it's right across from the river walk. And they -- free valley parking if you have dinner there and we have a we have a pretty nice pretty nice meal that's gonna come on of that. And I would -- -- be joyous -- move around from table to table and -- with everybody for awhile. It being the beginning of the year our attendance is a little bit lower than you'd usually is probably around 3035. People. But that gives him plenty of -- time to go around and talk to everybody and if you're interested. Go to no menu dot com and OM BE and -- dot com. And click on each club and you'll see the menus for all the dinners we have coming up we have three that are on the schedule at the moment which is -- for us. One a week and that is what is coming up. This coming. Who's coming on Wednesday. It's a seventy dollars tax tip and everything is included including parking in the hotel. If two choices and each of the how many courses that we have 1234. And a wind -- each one. Lot of fun and compete with this and by the way we have a lot of first timers every time -- don't don't think you'll be a stranger among friends like that. JoAnne welcome to the food show. -- Seal and successfully. No but there's a guy who called me a little earlier who does so well let's do it for his sick. Top -- -- the -- or whoever -- today. You have to start with a that are not Rex Crumm more. That's right away I knew that that's so that's the new. Yeah that seems to be apps does all the authorities about cooking -- that so I don't know eggs that were laid by your chickens yesterday. How I. Do I stop with -- you know her at. All. -- you know one. Ear you know -- Doubt -- they at least we had a baby now well. Eight and it term I put him in -- surgery and didn't. Know what we. -- cold water. Pot. Bring it doable now. -- -- To automatic bid to get there and it. You're. -- it in. Say you know. -- And call water. During. Okay well there you don't know we've got another answer that's how why it would actually I don't ever boil eggs but my wife boils enough of them to. To keep -- on my toes but that that seems to be the way that everybody does does it. They -- that thank you very much that we will be back with more of the food show in a moment but first if you will this mother of -- -- up up and up Bubba Bubba. All gosh hey we're creeping up on the news here. I gotta stop for a couple of minutes but will be back we have two more hours in the future of coming so we can figure out that egg conundrum. By the way have you ever had an egg conundrum it's a -- -- And will be back with all of that and some more delicious stuff right here on a little radios no it's on a big radio station on usually on Leo little radio station this a big win WWL radio New Orleans. And WWL FM can -- New Orleans and WWL. HD one -- New Orleans. With a -- loses next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system at 1 o'clock stay tuned thank you.

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