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WWL>Topics>>01-18 1:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitmorris

01-18 1:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitmorris

Jan 18, 2014|

WWL's Tom Fitzmorris discusses food, recipes, dining, wine, restaurants and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 -- cycles media home wave -- get this out yet. Fifty quadrillion -- watts of power extending its reach across all of America just about up to the Rocky Mountains in the off into the season around the world really every now and then we get a report from somebody who have been living on the opposite side of the world's and they were able to listen to -- station WWL. The -- 870 New Orleans first radio stations since 1922. And WWL 105 point three FM New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom that's -- The here we go with -- another hour the food show. Love to talk review -- where it is you have immediately leave -- The question you wanna ask about a restaurant -- about it this year about a recipe about anything if it's above food it's good enough please. Don't ever think that. Anything is too small or too large for this show will talk about anything here. Stolen. Is our first caller this hour I think anyway stone. You there. A stone can you hear me. And while put back on hold people get a minute minute 260. 187 that's the phone number 2601870. Well we have on stuff coming up with our New Orleans -- club group these are people who dying with me. Once a week. And we have about a third of them are people who come pretty often we have one guy right now who comes every week no matter what. Then we have people who IC you know 345 times a year. And then we have about 30% of the people who attend. Our first timers so if you would ever hesitate because you don't know anybody. You'll get two to meet some people. That's very social. We -- the budget gourmet snobs. That don't think there any Grammy snobs in our group I don't remember any help. And we talk about the food we're eating and lines were drinking and it's really a lot of fun we have dinner this week. Coming up at. Seven on full and that's the restaurant in the Wyndham hotel on convention center boulevard they have free valet parking so you would respect bring up the hotel -- That's a good looking place a casual you don't have the dress up or anything. Seventy dollars for a four course dinner with winds all the way through. If you wanna know more about this go to no menu dot com and OME and you dot com and click on eat problem and then they are you will be. Deceived stone showed up its. Push to see we stone you there. On her. Clothes backwards you need me motive at all. 2601878. At the very beginning of the program. I started talking. About the two new restaurants that are on the new -- come hell out of that West End. And four. No particular reason this is not something we planned it just kind of fell into place this way my wife and I have been to both of them in the last week. And -- we have decided that we think they're pretty good Wii -- we we like them pretty well. So I would say -- b.'s that's the one that's closest to Robert. It has the more in vicious menu. But it's the end the other one the blue crab. I would say he has a bigger -- And I would say that for the -- eating at both of the has been approximately. The same. In terms of quality. So two good new restaurants on the scene. At the lake front that's what got everybody excited about it they say that the pack in the middle there at both places. So anyway the the question I was gonna ask who is based on something I did their last night my wife and I Wear a -- -- last night. I got here a little earlier than she did she who's working on some things. And I figured on just gonna have a cocktail -- and all day long week so I had a Manhattan. And and that I have some fried pickles. It pre fried pickles go pretty good with cocktails -- -- even with -- sometimes. You gotta be careful of if they're to a city he'll get the weight but not usually. There was thinking you know what do people get when they when their asked by the way here. If they'd like something to drink at the beginning for example. -- -- Ron's. Hello -- welcome to our show. When I imagine them on your waiter OK just for a second here. You're sitting down at a restaurant table and you waiter and I'm about as you look at give you anything to drink what would you like. -- A sensor OK good good good start and it went well. I heard you mention that few months ago place on the North Shore that extra outlet. Char grilled oysters -- you were. The other two of them one of who's the acme oyster house yak meat does great grilled -- I think I get them to we get a just about every time we go. The other one is this fairly new plays well I guess have been about two years now so. Not so new the -- minds. -- room. -- is this is in Amanda bill amendments -- Covington right before you get to Claiborne hill it's over on the left side. Huge beautiful place but I think the to a -- the job with their oysters. They have two kinds they have one. That has blue cheese in nineteen bake it in it. That's not the one night though the the one I like it's just that straight ahead char grilled. Oysters on the half shell the song -- they have is a little different it almost looks like a broad. Like a light broth of some kind. But there's the cheese and everything else. -- like -- -- goes it would -- as good as Broncos but that's a pretty tight target to shoot four. But they are pretty darn good there there raw oysters are good all the time. -- there yard thank you. The food show I'm feeling. I didn't tell him what he won here. -- Yeah. What can get she did drink. They drink you know actually have a questions that you don't -- don't want. Our hair to her. Want. What I'm not a my doctor. What library in the don't value from the long one dollar -- -- -- match. And -- where grandmothers speak betrayed pie recipe try to make it to last year Chris. Didn't seem to come out right so I. Well -- -- to our -- to machine would or in an election and wondering. It's -- Schiavo altitude and her hand. It by now given verbally. And Hershey -- to achieve a certain -- like her grandmother's. A lot of media to take it from new world. Where it started anyhow what do you attribute it to about four that abolished and. You know if I remember. From my being out there it's not particularly higher than sea levels over there I mean wouldn't talk among hundreds of feet anyway. So that's not. You know there are so many variables when you do baking. That one of the worse is that. One person's -- set the 400 degrees. Will actually be 380 degrees in the other persons of the will be 420 degrees neither one of them is right. And which companies use you know -- you'll you'll have a big difference. UC it was bush. So this means that when you cut into it. Are you talking about the -- being very saw aren't talking about the -- Now practically surprised and she said that she can't remember her grandmother -- -- to keep -- that's -- -- -- where. So I don't know if she had too much -- there. That could beat but here is here is something that we do anyway. And I don't know I wasn't standing there when you're making it so I don't I don't know how -- but there is saying. A step called -- debate team. And the way you do it is it is. They were there are actually these little glass marbles you can buy specifically for this purpose but in New Orleans most people. Just take a couple of red beans out of there and draw our red beans and just put him right on top these -- dry red beans in just dried. Right on top. Of the pie crust and then you put the pie crust in the oven with no filling in just these beans and you base. For long enough that they get nice and crispy around the -- not not completely as much as you want ultimately but pretty close. What the beans are four is to keep the bottom from swelling up the symptoms of these bubbles will form that you and they won't go back down again as the problem but -- -- of the beams and hear what they want. And then after you do that you let it cool until it is barely warm just out in the open not covered or anything and then you put your. You're a sweet potato mixture in there. I would also fine whenever I brought into a pie that is too juicy in the middle. To Ronnie like -- pecan pie also has this problem. Usually this can be fixed by adding one more big deal. To the recipe so try that. But I'm guessing since I wasn't there to taste it -- I'd like yeah. I'll bet you if you did that blind to baking stepped -- section that that would solve the problem. Act I'll let her narrow -- thank you my pleasure CO -- it's our show Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here -- you talking about eating. You want a break already it will come back with more of the food show after first please that's PDT dvds while on ebitda. Hello hello hello hello it's the food show. Thirteen fifth of them there I go again. The big 87 WW WWO 15 point three FM over here is stolen. Stonewall I don't I don't good welcome -- what -- A primary question would be -- look now it's recipes and different is more than enough political question. Or here's what is the difference between and stallion -- Shalit an agreement. And -- well country. It. Let's go let's simplify it right -- the -- a green onion. And scallions are the same thing poker and -- -- a funny thing that not too many people know that a green onion is just. A baby regular onion that's all it is having you can plant them in the ground and if you have the right kind of growing conditions anyway which we don't really -- around here. It'll turn into a big onion just like a few ones you find that the word Shalit is an interesting one for some reason across a lot of America and certainly here I remember when I worked in -- grocery store when I was a teenager. That when we called the produce company to get the delivery of produced one of the things we get every week we're shallots but they weren't Shalit's they would green onions. A real Shalit looks more like a garlic ahead of garlic although it doesn't really have that taste. They mostly come from France are often called just wrench shallots but -- -- in this country they usually have kind of a little purple which can't. And they have a a really distinctive flavor. That -- particularly really like and you can get -- in the supermarket now for a long time -- they were impossible to find a but now they're in supermarkets they're much more expensive than either garlic or green onions. Incredible that that is very barriers that it. I've -- next to Libor -- You know so you're going to a little bit but it -- well the average takeover as well. Yeah I'm sure -- -- -- -- you have to ask Korman knew -- there's that thing that those guys hate to do is ask anybody forgotten. Artwork but -- ask him it'll usually -- will usually be in a little mesh bag about as big is your hand. And the usual B two is sometimes three of them in that little bag and they have them typically hanging off the side of the display with -- all the other and that's where they usually. Well this Cold War -- thanks very much. Thank you very nice hearing from you it's the food show on top of -- to. 601870. And here is fuels fuels welcome. Are you don't -- I'm doing great I had an uncle living jewels. And jewels -- you was the name of and one son and he was the guy who invented oysters Rockefeller jewels ocean -- Well -- on that. Car. Certificate that is rational. In which opinion that. So what's the rest jewels. Of okay jewels -- you -- Next the most. -- -- very good it's in the -- obviously. That's. Eight as. Kind of a northern Italian title to. It would so don't go here. To get lasagna with us and one cheese melted over the top or spaghetti and meatballs or anything that they have all of that but you know go to arrest like that. The possible goes to respect that finished issues terrific to greet field that should have ran -- -- -- popular. They have some boards so to lose. Very good on the costs though at the beginning. And it I don't know you're going with but if you like to cook. Or if the person you're with likes to -- They have counter that's right in front of where they do all the cooking and you can just sit there and you give them dinner right there. It and it doesn't you don't get any smoke from the other nor heat from the company's it's a nice spot. And you can watch them cook everything in this these ships will serve you directly and it's pretty darn good I've always. It's on it's on cedar street. 11100 block if I remember I think 1170s. Actress but it's a right across from the French market. And is that -- Oh yeah yeah everything's. Yeah how great Andre might look. Enjoy call me back and tell me how what you thought of it and now we're gonna ask you to call back and tell us what you think of this newscast that on names is about to hand this and who will be judging will be filling out the forms pumped up but even though. Hello -- it's the food show. Pollen the big 870 WWL -- WW 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris who loved to talk and you buy food that's the only think about all the time pretty much. Duke. Welcome. -- do you barely. -- like Iran yes. I was gonna -- on the situation -- of Kabul low carb diet. The right people in pretty -- and every morning. -- -- is very good product. It's -- shouldn't automatically. It -- 77 it but it. Seven -- time. Yeah I'm looking to plug a particular manufacturer that I don't want. You can go right ahead do it if you want to but but what's the how does it work is it exactly boiled or is it some other kind of math. Yeah they're it's it's a wept and product and the -- level. A little attachment that you actually puncture in the oval hole I -- -- Depending on how many actually want you. And a certain amount water. Amateur -- so organisms which is going on that switched. It and -- come up. It takes all the breaking out of it is perfect every time. Here is -- here is the question that was asked when this came up. A lot of people have trouble healing The -- After it's been cooked and it comes off -- little flakes instead of you know a big large sections of -- one time. So how does this handled that. Well up what I saw on the news. It is not the best way to do it is to cruelty in in the refrigerator after -- been -- I'm not really actually have not tried it. -- home after all the pot. Really no problem while Asian. That again. Clear. That was it is number. They -- you know birdies. OK okay well good ball. Well wolf what thank you very much for sharing them. I appreciated the food show here is Patrick Patrick welcome c'mon. They're Benoit RU -- Com. I had a mediocre. Restaurant reports -- -- your name or not. Let's wait until you tell me the story where we're -- what was it would you have what was wrong with. One of the stake out in the city. And we went it and bury everything very dominant. The batter on it. There it slows service to get you know even just to get water on the table very slow. When they -- Less I let my and it what not to be an hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- one of the one of these strange paradoxes of service news if the restaurant is he's. Not busy at all. That's when you get the worst service with its -- be the other way around that when it really busy that he that's when the service will suffer but it's actually way around. The good waders go. Right so we had a couple of they had a little bit special -- graphic or a bit on the and you -- all -- Old -- good. Yeah but every single bite -- little much. Com. -- And we had another -- Our current ballot which Mary. No doubt that -- Easter idiotic mean that more -- and and and they came they were. You know I've beaten at all about one thing you recommend this one be -- by -- test. Not mean they -- and here in a very tough it they did not seem like -- -- arm. All -- did you get them done. -- out there. What did when you told them about this what did they do. Oh he mentioned something about this. People. Com and and also on the especially at stake out. -- You know but I didn't mention anything about hey you know our first or that you know I mean will will happily go back and try it again but it would sure you know. Wasn't. Getting forty dollars or -- -- off. You know if it's prime beef that's what it's going to be whether it's good or bad idea that's -- problem but look okay what restaurant this. Oh really -- price to hear that mine my -- here is has been pretty good. And now way every one who is had less than perfect roll call and Alice that's only you know take that with a green and so but. What are. Write a letter and tell them to write a letter to Desi -- that's the guy's name and Israelis. And and tell on this and see what they do. Another funny -- that in the -- here are there. On the way out we give it got a ticket it is -- comes back with a car. And -- it ability. Put food on your car. And here -- -- at the opening up now so well that wasn't any room in a lot -- are were in this place. Don't had to wait an hour to get booed off the car manner. Yeah. This is this -- and a ice I suspect that this is the case because it's what is everywhere. Very few restaurants provide their own parking anymore -- contract with -- an outside company. And an era albeit action that's who it was but that's that's weird it right this Vega a letter NC will be. And report back here. Are what you see now ladies and gentlemen our final phone call on the subject of how to boil and eggs over the shell comes off these. Here is. Adrian Adrian welcome to the food show. Hi I'm sorry. A lot hog wild day on them out and bought out Utley and try out that everybody at a map that. And I had been checked all. I finally try that that is almost hard at all. I -- them. I play medal. Our that he is and -- it -- closer Condit hit him in the bottom eight hot. An -- water at the bottom of it. And put in about a picture. And how -- the top it then I. And and it should. And the. It's my life that's. They are very hard indeed have. -- Now and then I turned up. -- an outlet a detriment shop in and then I'll take them and -- program you know in -- want to. And I have eaten at that time and then you're right it. And it -- at eight. There -- crashed. It chicken -- and -- your oh yeah they're couple weeks -- I'll I'll mount saint. -- But the but the question news. Does the shell come off easily yours in Dublin to Alpine peace -- -- very early. Gary Gary so -- another technique by any. While Iowa thank you very much of that sort. It's the food shows Tom -- 26063. But there you but to do -- 187260187. You know why I I did and I was trying to figure out who's next -- not quite sure Obama go with Tim Tim Tim welcome to the food show AT abuse there. My opinion yes yeah we don't like them. -- a long time listener and of course our call the you were calling. Okay. I have a quick question about cooking steak. Who -- Make a long story short I -- Referral or whenever he works off shore. And leak here that minorities are -- love a good breaks. And I'm very good ruler and -- -- growing -- for. My son in law is not a -- The eke out their big -- scroll. Looking. Whatever record -- we use it I'm only what we used it. You know is -- charcoal -- gas. It again grow the economy is will be doing an -- anyway. OK -- they ordered it grow it sure are completely shark. Who can't forget about that let's move on to a different we will do our -- know. As soon. -- how eager to hear you make a good state. When you don't have a grill and outdoor grill burning charcoal. -- what you do -- you get a heavy skillet doesn't have to be a black iron skillet although that would work -- just heavy skillet. And let's say you have how many how many six we do -- here two or three -- four away when we are pretty. Three OK let's say their -- If if they're if there what what are they usually. We are. Okay revised revised take up a lot of room in the pants -- you might have to do to fans or or one really big -- It melts you melt about a tablespoon of butter per state. And just get it to the point where it's sort of bubbling in while you're waiting season -- the state pretty well I think most people under -- stakes because they. They put what looks like the right amount but when you talk about that much -- really needs a little board for most in most cases. And where you see that up put it down you put it down. On the in the bubbling butter in the pan and you just let it sit there it'll stick to the pan. But after awhile it'll break lose -- mostly you know who still a little bit of little stick. At that point you take. A pyrrhic songs or spatula and you turn it over. You move a little blunder around so you have this late what you're after here. Is for the gap between the states and pain and you want that filled with hot -- Does that give you a very efficient heat transfer transfer. Regime. And then you call the other side until it's about the way you you know you want it. And if you honey you have -- coat ideally can coat. Medium or coconut. -- -- Fine if if you want medium then you have to preheat your oven -- but 400 degrees. Before you started news and once that the state has seared on both sides you've taken out of the -- and then you put it. Onto opinion inside the 400 degree -- and just let it go for another few minutes but while it's in there. You can add some kind of liquid -- could be anything from beef stock water whiskey is one thing I like red -- another thing I like. Bring this up to a boil whisk all the juices that are left over in the pan with a -- left over butter in the pain and it'll sort pepper. You could put in peppercorns even you can do mushrooms you can do cream you can do waste issues you can make -- -- -- in this Pena and and when the stakes are ready you'll have a -- front quality -- coming out of that hand that didn't cost you anything and just didn't happen across. And that's it it's that searing that's the way. Most restaurants do stakes unless they have won those huge boilers like steak houses have. And that's the way to go I I that's that's second only to a charcoal. Grill to me. What are you -- your -- later it's the food show in town that supports that weren't and given out. The most often given out recipe on the show and will be back with more -- -- in a moment after first -- this. New TVQ hello. The food show continues now on the big 870 WWL -- WWL 105 point three FM Tom Moore is great to be here what you're talking about food. Here is -- he'd welcome welcome. A year plus he broke compared. -- Yeah very. A ball hey cut -- fresh water from -- me. Chester. And I unique vocal at the bottom of days. And that you -- street and it's. And you've got apple battle in the paper that he took a paper clip. That you bought pretty volatile owner. And -- unit Kamal good. Pressure that would. You will continue with more of the food show in a moment but first please that big 870 WWL. -- WWO 105 point three FM. Well we somehow have gotten through two hours -- this already -- that went quickly only we have another whole hour to go. Well all next hour. After we check in -- some news stuff. Then will be back so think about it when I walk up to your table and say what was -- like the tranquility and tell me. WWL. Radio New Orleans and WWL FM -- our New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies including WWL. FM month. HD one from the CBS the Columbia broadcasting system at 2 o'clock stay tuned.

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