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01-18 2:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jan 18, 2014|

WWL's Tom Fitzmorris discusses food, recipes, dining, wine, restaurants and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Andy and duty duty -- -- you content. Welcome back to the third chorus of the food show on thirteen fifty. -- there I go again on the big 870 WWL I WWL 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris a yet passing as a cultured person. And every afternoon we talk about eating. On Saturdays I'm over here. On weekdays I'm over -- same time though noon till three. On thirteen fifty that's all during the week neutral party. And over here on Saturdays and notices some sports contest on that won't -- in the way it. -- 21260. One late seventies our telephone number. I'd love to talk with you about where you've been meeting where you wanna go with harassment you looking forward issues. You love to eat that that you maybe can't find anywhere lately. And it in if that seems like it. Speaks to you and what you know of by eating around town. Or view of the idea. That everybody already knows about the places you go to him in the -- you get surely everybody gets those issues. Because you like them some options that you get him all the time so. A -- but why even bring -- will really here's the truth. Most people. Do and and have never -- To the restaurants that you like best that doesn't mean their stupid or you are either one it just means that there are so many restaurants and so many people. That the combinations are almost endless. And you can best believe that if you call me up. And tell me about a dinner or lunch or breakfast or anything that you had an -- -- no matter how famous or infamous that -- -- That most people like 99%. May be 99.9. Percent. Most people listening to -- will not have heard what you have this. And we would love to hear from you for that reason alone just so you can share all of these great. Culinary adventures that you've been ought not to -- too. Fine point on -- but all all of these great restaurants that you've enjoyed one let somebody enjoy him to. You can't keep arrest and opened by yourself you know. And though it's not gonna go to hell with everybody finds out about it don't worry about that. 260636826. Old Mitt -- very -- 2601872601870. And if you -- right now you'll get right in. And also if you're looking for a recipe or trying to figure out why something rather -- your cooking isn't coming out the way you wish it would or if you may be if you. If it has been coming up beautifully we'd like to hear that -- 260187. It's the coolest time of year. And culinary needs are different this is that time of year when. I don't know but you but I'm always thinking about getting -- roast duck somewhere. I'm always thinking about a played a red beans and rice that's a good ribs sticking dish you know as much as we. Love it as of one fired native -- one of our favorite need to additions. I like eating in more in the wintertime and I do during the summer night eat red beans here around just about currency but. One week two anyway. What else do you like at this time a year what's with the what's the favorite issue viewers my wife lately has been making chili. We got to talking about this on the other show couple weeks ago. And my wife -- and I heard you talking about that so I made it that you actually. Came up pretty good. Should cheese -- 260. 187 me this bunch of people calling but nobody on hold yet Donnelly and you're working I'm not complaining. We have and each club dinner coming up this week on Wednesday. About thirty -- I guess thirty people somewhere in the neighborhood will convene. In the dining rooms of harassment called seven on full and it's in the Wyndham hotel right across from the river walk downtown and fears signal at a downtown. But no problem they have free valley parking at the front door so you view park your car. -- park it for you. And then you walk right in the -- across a lobby in the here's the -- -- very charming look in place we have a four course dinner you have choices. Of both of the two appetizer courses. This is turtle soup is Syria. Shrimp and crab -- and artichoke fished there is and fried oyster you dish in the midst of sweet -- news. Is that is fried sweet potato best. And there is a spinach salad to get in any to a goes. And then we move on to three countries were having -- ducks speaking of we're having a fish dish whatever the frustration of the day is done with the red glue of the level which is too delicious. For something like that. Or we have a state and then we have for the -- I'm sorry for the desert it is. Going to be crates stuffed with creel cream cheese in the sauce of a creeps who -- Seventy dollars tax -- wind -- every court's. All the way all night long and a lot of fun and and you get a chance to listen to Laguna I can really be. 260. 1870. Let's see where army whose whose first years that Mike. Mike is. -- -- Well they were Mike welcome to the Fallujah -- -- one. Step. Charlie didn't Aaron and I -- open I'm in the a lot of car you know anything about it. The we've -- been getting lots of calls about it what apparently has happened. And I haven't talked to anybody haven't been myself of course it's much too soon to go to a brand new restaurant that they had a soft opening yesterday. And that the people who owned it have bought the building to that's what I heard and but they are the people who run the VIP. -- -- further -- Jefferson highway and that's always been a pretty good place so these are real professionals and business. There is going to be completely different menu from what frank writes and was doing there he's not involved that all -- totally out of it. It's gonna be it's still going to be a seafood restaurant in season they'll do all the boiled seafood that you know -- fishing crabs and all that. And they I hear that they've renovated the dining room a pretty good bitten so I've heard it's very nice looking but all of these are based just on reports I've heard here. OK good well. Hadn't heard anything but I don't need to chancellor and all the time but. Let -- you know we're. We're skating on the edge of disaster here about ready to go off but the air -- your one call that saved so thank. It. Thank you sealing its food show I'm Tom Fitzmorris -- here is Maryland Maryland welcome to our little our little get together. -- -- -- And logic -- -- Copeland. Now more on June. And went -- and you. What I pensioner. Copeland have partnered. Yes they there are a lot of rest answer. Getting together with boxers. Europe and I had department and producing these special menus that are low fat low sodium you know how your -- yeah. Anyway it was really want to and we get them as Jewish. Oh. Popular -- marathon. Ultimately it's a perfect launch a outlawed then where we -- -- by phone -- important. Also there's people who were trying to eat more healthy that rats over are doing. Thank you very much that concludes that she went to the original ones the years the day before it -- Here's James -- while. -- are minor. -- Aren't our. When you hate strong hammer about a week ago. Earlier parts. Remains below -- -- and Ingram Chucky. And that is great eastern restaurant camera are sure bar. Spelled. CH OOK. Back in it. -- -- -- As you know. I was six years there were grow it to learn -- live in new place in the universe it was -- Mac Donald. Yeah and 30 in any part in naturally not. The food that. Okay -- -- good to know tricky so stick it in the back in my mind I don't get to him -- too much but once in -- Yes I did well look at radar picture here or -- well that's a good thing polished them. That you. Thanks for sharing that was in Hammond here is picky -- well we'll switch ago Peggy is just about talked. And with him you know and this guy in the window if you were on hold. If you are on hold just now they were two people on home. Call right now you'll get right and I promise you. All of a sudden we have a whole bunch of people call the same time that's when -- had that make you wait so long. We will return for the food -- just moment but first please this. Hello. It's seafood show it's. Bill Gates have any WWL. WWO 105 point three FM. This is Tom the -- nice to be here with you talking about food owing to his talk about food here. And please if you would have eaten anything good in your entire life so -- -- Especially if it's been kind of lately in the it's probably still clear whatever it is that you love so much. Were always on the search for a new things. Speaking of you know and this morning and also last weekend. I do a lot of work on my website on the weekends. But I was updating. How we're list of all opened restaurants like maintain what I believe is to the best list the most all in. Game and including list. Of restaurants in the city. And when I got to adding all the ones that I knew had opened gleefully. IPhone that I had thirteen 191. Of them. This is an increase of almost forty restaurants just in the last three months. Or so believable. We and we only had sixty new restaurants -- well it's the only but that's not bad actually sixty new restaurants in all of 2013 here -- -- were not out of January yet. And this list is gone up to thirteen 191 and so we're going to be at 14100 pretty soon we had 809 before Katrina. Think about that. 2606368260. Menu. -- if you wanna look at this list because it has a phone numbers ratings. Addresses everything you need to know I have been arranged by by yeah style of food I have a range by neighborhood. Or Ana have also just -- alphabetical list it's all know menu dot com and then you just click on restaurants and they are all the information it. And here is Bob Bob welcome. Bob -- here stay you're. OK I don't have that -- -- commitment wrote stock. Yeah and I want to thank my parents out -- anniversary in my but they had little duck or goose and. I'm looking for -- Peking duck. Peking -- that's a little harder to come by. It do you know if they like that tradition particular. Okay but this the best places for Peking duck I believe are the five happiness and I would call a day ahead of me even two days ahead. They've always been a beautiful job with that I think also the cafe east. How in the Metairie are right it's right across from clear if you ball right. They think it was something I've never seen anywhere else typically when you get a Peking duck that they bring -- the -- they show you the whole roasted -- that they just finished doing. And then they bring in the back in the -- -- it up and they take all the skin and they put it in a pile over here than they take all the meat they put in in a pile over here. But most of that is coming off the breast and they still an -- a fairly good bit of duck meat left so they take the backbone and all that stuff. And they stripped of the ball them the the left over duck meat and then make a stir fry dish out of -- -- mushrooms and stuff on the side. And that's pretty darn good. It it's enough for two people. And go or did it will be appetizers before I like getting it is an appetizer at the beginning of the meal and then moving moment. -- I had five happiness how to date. How did they serve it. They do it in that over the way that just about everybody else does it up to the point where. They carve off the skin and then they have the meat and then they bring it out on a big big platter and you you you just. Pick up the pieces. And excuse me a duck. And you rap on them what they call pancakes they're not. Would you not know. About it and I'm looking for it -- itself. None of -- you don't understand this is the classic way this is served. You're right at all it's it's a it's a very very thin. In little. Rapper is more ball like what it is -- opinion -- And you put the duck pieces in the -- this -- sauce that you sprint in the -- and you sprinkle some green onions and you roll it up and eat it felt like the eve of a read. And that's a very elegant classic. Dish from the Mandarin. Cuisine in China. Very famous. But. There are there a lot of other good duck the issues around well. That's delicious I would put that up against almost anything. It's that they give you a half a -- And they've they've -- it. They rotisserie roasted first. And then when somebody orders that. They flash fry it we do like it like a few seconds in very hot oil -- you wouldn't even know that they do that unless you watch them yeah. And then they have a couple of different sauces and a lot of going to issues that is it delicious dish it's a great price. And very very -- to concede you have all these side issues that corn grits in the green -- in our world. All right how many how many years is this. And years yeah how long they've been married. Or 71 years. One well that's great. For them tell -- said happy anniversary. I've certainly will and -- -- on that I have one more question. Yeah which can't remember what it is. Thought about it I'm -- put you on hold. And I'll come back to you if you remember. In the meantime while we're waiting. Mark. I'm sorry Mary and I could see that quite Marion. Well -- do it Q -- have quite -- about salad dressing. But it -- Atlanta at Connecticut's ballot. Oil. It. At my house we use extra virgin olive. But aren't you don't have to you could use whether -- like. Okay we'll have a problem wouldn't it make this ballot. And I think -- ballot with the artichoke hearts that they buy back. End. It's become who did. Chris -- is -- not put too much. Oh wait he did you mean you're putting the dress you putting all the artichokes and everything else in the dressing. In this out. Derek -- the Ohio editor. Edit it will fit. So what can I do it. How long is it sitting between that. Doesn't like right away. Well what I would do I would ever make a vinaigrette. I always I I just me it instead of doing -- at the table because it doesn't quite well and right. Well here's just a quick recipe for. Who might be the best thing for making salad dressings you know those good seasons. Things where they -- You can get. The -- crew with the little bottle and has a snap up on. You know what I'm talking about it comes with these salad dressings that come in an envelope. Good seasons as the brand name and they were I I don't like the envelope stuff but I do like the shaker. -- -- But oh orca actually what late lately because I broke all of them I've been using old olive oil all bottles that were. You you put in but a tablespoon. Of mustard. Any kind of mustard you like from yellow mustard to what I uses creole mustard here. And then you then you put in a pot of fourth of a cop. Of vinegar. Some good kind of vinegar red wine vinegar balls sonic vinegar would -- like I would use just plain old white vinegar wife you know cider vinegar is good. And then you add a while a fourth of a cup of water. And then you then you come back -- about three fourths of a cup of oil whatever kind of oil you. And you have this all in this shaker and you screwed the cap on. And you shake it like crazy or you can put it in the bowl in whiskey with a wire -- or even use. A beater. And until everything will kind of blend together it'll fall apart later in the refrigerator. But you can always shake it again and get it going. And then -- puts on this on the dressing and toss the dressing with the salad. And do the olive oil will protect. The greens from being. Wiped out by the vinegar as anchor is very -- you know vinegar can you can -- things in vinegar. Attitude and soul of. That it. Will. -- You got that that's who that would be my first guess not having been there and watch you do an -- -- for sure but my guess is that that's it that's would sounds like -- -- So you really should put that -- that like last. No just me. Either in the and you just use and then pour it over idea. Over the salad and then take a couple of forks just toss it around in the bull and the -- of the -- right away. Yeah trust god that I -- -- -- Water agree. No no you don't need to work like you know usually shake it off pretty well they aren't there but no I don't think so you need a little water in a salad dressing anyway. It makes it taste that strangely. It's okay. But -- -- about it it would. A little mustard you will find it is all every French chef. That they Stew will their basic vinaigrette salad dressing it's starts with a about a tablespoon mustard and in the fourth of 54 of a cup. Of vinegar fourth of a cup of water and then three fourths of a cup of olive oil that's that's the basic thing they could always had other things too. In -- thank you so yeah. -- if this guy though that is a question. Rob I mean yeah Bob said yeah did you think of it. Yet but it it's uncle Bob and you get little club quality work before. But you have to outnumbered that day. Now man. Don't you only do that on the other station that's all kinds of federal rules of. 10 Mort you know what I'm one of the -- the. You -- if he called me and I'll I'll get you in about thirty seconds. -- Thank you that's it well I was. 2606368260. They added 260187. Mean you need to break he probably due to. Let's do it will come back but more the food show it -- first please this. Good they don't own bed and I don't. And low low low it's the food show on the brigades have any WWL -- WWO 15 point three FM this is home to more it's great to be here with you talking about food restaurants and stuff. 2606360260187. I'm sorry keep doing that I can't help it it's it's my brain is on auto pilot a lot of that is the number for the show that I do all wrote all the rest of the week same time noon until three. But on a different station on thirteen fifty. Three WL is what we call that thirteen fifty come on over listen we've -- -- buddies. We have a program in the mornings. Called the double coverage with the Bobby de Beers on T Bob. And and who's in America. Kristian -- and I don't. Anyway that's on. Weekdays 6 in the morning till 9 in the morning. Double coverage and then I'm on noon to three with food show and then -- comes on three to six with this bunch. Which is inevitable 260. 187. -- a program is sponsored by and ones and I don't know if you heard the bad news. A lot of people have told me that they've gone and once they've ordered. At lunchtime that lunch special that they do consisting of three courses. I'm with three choices in each of the courses too so there's a lot of variety here pretty pretty good -- menu. Three courses 33. Choices in each U cores. For twenty dollars and thirteen cents is in the price. Well a good thing can't last forever in the price has gone up. Starting a few weeks ago it became twenty dollars and fourteen cents. And here and they also changed the contents of it just so you wouldn't get bored it. Char -- oyster used to start off with though with the garlic -- and olive oil sauce and little Romano cheese or their lunch salad which is lettuce strawberries in -- carrots and cranberries and walnuts. And feta cheese and a strawberry vinaigrette that's quite a salad. Or shrimp this that's something we've always done this is old styles creole shrimp gets dark -- not cream. -- -- Beautiful beautiful pitch. The entrees a stuffed pork tenderloin when -- stuff with your loan business. Undo. Right up the middle. Of the pork and that's a great idea. With a champagne reductions saws or drum fish Saint Louis that of oil drum fish they serve a dog. Peas and corn top with the cardinals thoughts that it -- -- saucy -- usually use them crawfish. Or chicken Florentine breaded chicken breast. Over the Florentine right school spinach in it and any sauce than for dessert pecan bread putting Antawn style cheesecake -- blueberry sauce. Or them are running glossy which is really an unusual dessert there's this little ring of a ring this debate very slowly it's hard like a cookie. Anyway all this is that once it's all of twenty dollars and fourteen cents and wait there's still another good deal on this lunch. The specialty cocktail of the day. Is a quarter. And yes you can have more than one. But please drink responsibly. This is it -- 1713. Saint Louis street the French Quarter. If you've never been you're talking here about the oldest restaurant in America. Right here in New Orleans since 1840. And of restaurant that has invented a lot of dishes that had been picked up by restaurants around the world most notably oysters Rockefeller but there are others. In all the world there is only one -- ones. 260. 1870. And here is Clayton Clayton welcome. Thank you to say that -- what two in an orange and increases think Hebrew. -- You know the on it is an Italian -- for the first country goes there -- sort of meat balls to get where which we have people. And should decide what goes bad back here. So my question being -- Where is that this these posts beauty of it. I don't know I think meatballs and spaghetti is a ridiculous that shoots for kids. Yeah. It's a serious. First of -- but here's some amazing. If you if you go to Italy. You know you'll never see that this served anywhere except in restaurants that are catering to American tourists if they if it's a restaurant. That is really going after American tourists you'll see spaghetti and meatballs on on the on the menu. If you go to any other restaurant. You will Nazi. That's that's that's that's unbelievable. -- Are probably. Election. If I sit down and have a good meal and -- -- out happy that's a good restaurant if I don't walk out happy. It's a bed -- it's very simple. This no magic formula. This no you can't judge I I talk to people who tell me things like. I remember this one guy used to work for. Years ago he used to run the radio station I was on he told me that his measure of a good restaurant is if you walk in and the border. Was nice and soft so you can spread it on the -- That's where it doesn't take much to please you again muted as art and to let the. You know -- -- -- -- to. You god that's the consulate. Is that you know what markedly off elbow. But we don't we go to something or to pressure there or amber. You know or I don't -- my my wife and daughter still do that. My daughter's 21 and by what why can't tell you how -- by my office. But. But but these. Yet -- hamburgers and taking over the world again amid the see who we thought that there were as many hamburgers is that could possibly be in the world but now they keep coming just this week drive goes opened a hamburger. That's. For it well. Well they it's right next door to me -- pretty much so it's not that -- Well don't we have enough Amber's. What. We numbers will mean new account the good ones immediately. Closed out even if you count only the good ones we. What seems to me to be ridiculous number number please. Where -- Stretched out. -- run in the world. But it appears to show. When he let our group. Right there you go all right thank you. It's the food show him going to them before too we where's Margaret Margaret Margaret you there. Margaret -- -- I I can hear you just fine England has to wait wait wait wait. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait hang on just the second. I'm good I need to do something right now lawn tech -- second. I wanna see home any hamburger restaurants here or in New Orleans this does not count any fast food restaurants at all there are. 59. Hamburger places around a war okay now that I've done that welcome to our show. And a -- and calling it. And I think you know. And make it that hard pan am common -- anything at this point my television news on the bank. -- I've read and -- out to you again you. I wanted to let you know that I know I love you. I mentioned at rest and civic Yemen and came -- that calling him out because my son and a it fits them. -- And I -- playing -- you've been an thank you take that in any -- nickname and ten. And -- -- -- you know. On he's a terrific chef feet aren't right handed and men that honor I'll know he couldn't tell you that he but. -- no bad but the thing and it is back and I I'd -- why did he what you thought about it. His food is terrific it's ask -- good the best fried chicken around. Those oyster dishes he does -- really good the that eight -- thing with the crawfish sought at in the patsy and Griffey finished. -- a good food place. I have I have yet it's great good good quality local catfish. Well -- -- Pakistan -- -- now I'm going to be on and and that. Paul really -- and Mandela went and go to. You realize that I don't want I don't wanna hear anymore about this okay we'll look thank you thank you very much nicer and William a moving along who's running at times like here's here's JoAnne. Mary is next -- It. Come on him. Yes hi -- and welcome to our show. -- into have you called did you call to go on the year with a radio show it -- okay we're here we are we on here you are and I am then let's go. What I wanna know it had to make rash stress and. Rice dressing there must be. A thousand different ways to make right stressing what you have in. The one that has the give let's send it from a month earlier chicken -- and have a. We'll save all your -- blitz except for I don't know but the heart to a lot of people like Turkey courts in chicken hearts to kind of tough to beat but Glenn put him in their if you want to. Put a little bit olive oil in a skillet. And put -- chop up some a little bit onion I might even use green -- that rather than wait. And a little bit of or Reagan though. And some creole seasoning. Do all this to your personal taste and just cooked on everything in the and and I think at chop up but let's stick parsley and not parsley. -- Included in the -- -- just go down. And a little list issue is awesome cook at it with although in -- -- the -- to within you let it cooked until everything gets nice and tender. And you in the meantime you're steaming your rice over here. And you take the two things you put them together and it's awesome round with a couple forks and and that's and then you know if you wanna add some a little more salt a little more peppering you you can do that. But that's it's one of these things that he could basically play within -- you get it right. OK let's. All right that was what I was trying to find that is what you food and it -- how to do it because I've never made it before. But I batted it to Christmas. And apple it's everything open it -- Salaries so well that wouldn't be that would be my idea you can. All of the things that you would get out of -- that you would get by just cooking the meats and everything else in the -- with some vegetables and little bit of water in a little -- a red wine where you know is all kinds of different ways you can do it like -- say this must be a thousand ways to do that. Well look thank you very much good luck with that and we will come back with more in a moment but first please.

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