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Jan 20, 2014|

Dave talks about the Super Bowl, MLK Day, and nut theft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this now Rio area to yeah yeah how does that happen that twentieth. Of January 2013. It's Martin Luther King Jr. day yes and Monday -- Monday indeed it were back at it and schools most of them are closed banks a clue. Offices are closed stock markets closed closed in observance. Of the day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. football man quote a couple of good football game. Yesterday news tonight who is going into the Super Bowl coach and both the home teams came out victorious. Say there. And Peyton Manning in the Denver Broncos will be going to New Jersey to play in the Super Bowl Q we -- into that direction -- And the Seattle Seahawks Austin and beating me. San Francisco 49ers. And you head I had a half of half ride again. -- now when you start digging into things and look and it's not a lot of people discount a look at in they compare this team that team. You know that every time Peyton Manning. And Tom Brady of plate whether the home team has won. -- every single time. That's the kind of thing the oddsmakers look at yes and that's how they determined as you can -- alliance sale Broncos win. And in Seattle of course we know that the CI lost one game there and like these seasons in Seattle. They had their Warren John doesn't think the mental methods. There have been a -- all time their in the Rocky Mountains. Now I'd move to Seattle and I used to -- -- a -- dog on the Gaza but the of the -- the impressive orange jerseys in in the Denver yeah. And then Seattle scores you know they hadn't lost there in like two seasons now and the Seahawks were able to beat the 49ers and questionable officiating throughout that game I thought so. You know that one. And even the and you know -- heard the former. Official Mike Pereira downward for fox said on the kick. When they -- the ticket down and olden days -- his plant lag the rule says that the fifteen yard penalty. Personal follow automatic first down the San Francisco at a camp the bomb like it changed everything your -- -- would have should. Yeah all those things sanity and I was feeling pretty confident miners are looking pretty good year ago and am. Went -- last quarter but -- Didn't work out yes of their ego the Super Bowl is sat. Denver. And Seattle will be playing and like could. Polar vortex yes there's another one -- analyze coming back out I had the same as it another I don't another I guess it's a new -- -- -- -- it's not the same for attacks on it and that's -- award today phrase polar vortex so we're gonna have more frigid cold in India now -- you last and we'll see how that'll affect us -- forecast from the news forecast coming up here. In just a moment you know we we are seeing a Super Bowl with you know of the breath them and heaters and you could conduct is not used you know. -- now and we've never had not. Now the coldest ever civil this year. Yes it was at Tulane state yesterday wiser I've heard I was -- -- recently. Any going to be word yet -- strange and farmer's almanac is going for a blizzard. On the market -- -- Now that that's completely. Random acknowledge error voted and information is that really meteorological the way it is winners are going. Remember a lot of -- Well Selig a close thank you David we'll talk you. In about fifteen minutes more prisoners here at WWL AM diamond dot count. -- coming up Martin Luther King had a dream that all men would be judged on the content of their character not the color of their skin that we achieve that. Are we now all judged by who we are. Not our race will talk about that do you think the best two teams. In the NFL applying for the Super Bowl that it work out this year to the right to make it to the championship. We'll talk to Steve -- about that he's in nexus sports as well on WWL and your forecast. 5:17. On your Monday morning good morning I'm Dave Allen thank you for being part of the early edition of WWL offers news on this January 20 2014. Martin Luther King Jr. day what's the weather going to be like. -- you may be doing on this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday we're gonna say sunshine at a milder afternoon ahead 67 today. And then some clouds around tonight only dropping to about fifty as a cold front moves and to bring a slight chance for a shower overnight. We look keep a 10% chance for a shower tomorrow even though we start to cool down -- to say at 59. And Wednesday sunny and much colder highs of 49. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- And it's confident highs of 49 -- -- -- schedule right now we have 48 at the with the front airport 41 -- national airport in -- And Slidell ball go visibility just a quarter mile and 33 degrees she could have fog and frost on the North Shore today also on the west bank and -- today's quarter mile visibility fog with 35 degrees. Hammond clear and 32 right -- freezing down along Mexico's. We also have fog visibility is a quarter mile and -- bill and 46 degrees damn. Sports time now on WWL is that we welcome back Steve Garrett Steve I feel it. I am feeling much much better thank you it was a brutal week of dealing with the flu and Monday and Tuesday I've never felt like. I've been that sick in my entire life -- -- -- at that a week later you're back on your feet rip current and ready -- ago. And I was also glad that you properly predicted all four of the divisional playoff games you've -- got both of these championship games are wrong you cannot do it's well maybe it was the whole medicine head flew -- mapped out and that's why you got those and I will take that from Edmonton and now you -- those sports that W. Good morning everyone -- Monday the matchup for Super Bowl 48 is sick over the AFC Peyton Manning was masterful. Leading the Broncos to a 26 to sixteen win over the patriots. -- It's. Been good good time. There is tedious it's. He's seen Jane Lynch who's -- Manning threw for 400 yards and two scores. Over in the NFC the Seahawks held off -- 49ers a late rally to advance to the big game with a 23 to seventeen victory. Can't predict -- -- -- -- not looking at the end -- looking for trap treat them what do you think this. It's. Been. Hopefully reflection of the Seattle Seahawks. -- gonna go to Super Bowl 48. The interception in the end zone. Seattle's top ranked defense forced three turnovers on the today. Well the person with knowledge of the bidding process -- the -- so Associated Press that all for the NFL network partners. Will bid on Thursday night television package the league has used its NFL network to televise these games but recently put up the thirteen game series forbids. It was received offers from NBC fox CBS and ESPN. The NFL also has expressed the desire to Simon has the games on the NFL network. And women's third seed Maria Sharapova has been dispatched in the fourth round of the Australian Open. Falling through the bid because civil -- second seed Victoria as a regular remain on track for a third consecutive Australian Open title. Reaching the quarterfinals with a win over Americans Sloane Stephens number eleven -- help. Also reached the women's quarters with a victory over eighth seeded Jelena Jankovic. Today -- four on WW well you have a choice pelicans that grizzlies basketball 1053 WWL left them. We're here the second guess show from the silver -- casino on the big 870 AM. I'm Steve Geller which your early morning look at sports -- Grizzlies are tough squad sat -- and I'm not looking favorable for this team right now though the without a lot of other big guys -- leading scorer. And Ryan Anderson's -- basically the quarterback of the offense and Jrue Holiday their point guard is out. And they just lost Jason Smith for an undisclosed amount of time to with a knee injury. He's basically they're physical presence though a team that's really banged up and Kuerten at this point. Now let Kendrick and for the -- dances they try to avoid -- ninth consecutive loss do you think the two best teams in the NFL in the super ball. Absolutely and I think you can look at the records on the year both team's thirteen to three both the number one seeds in each division. What's going to be amazing is the classic battle of the league's best offense in the Denver Broncos will be going against the league's best defense and the Seattle Seahawks and we don't know what the weather will be like. Outside in New Jersey. On February 2 and that could be a factor in this game. Yeah which both teams or not -- team so that doesn't really play a factor I think it's not gonna be beneficial to either squad. Denver obviously in the mile Heil a mile high air used to the cold temperatures in Seattle and Denver proving they do have a running game. Right exactly so he -- -- to -- got a patent and now they they ran the ball like -- now and no no shot Marino did get nicked up waiting to hear more on his injury but they still have a stable backs they're also Monte ball. But I think it's a great matchup and it should be a great game your god given any kind of early feelings about this -- you know what I picked against Peyton Manning and I don't know why and I don't think I can get into a losing record -- in the playoff I don't they are going against him again just because he looks to be determined and that man on a mission right now. He's doing everything right and he looks on point Mac game against the patriots value east 5050 of. He's 110 loss right. Look at the -- a Big Brother little brother now that are running in little brother stadium you have exactly. It's the documents environment -- -- WW someone texted me this today 77. But it seems that made it to the Super Bowl both represent cities where pot is now legal. If this thing it's like get in the Super Bowl metrics here let's legalize. Now that's good logic that's why the Broncos. And the scene outside the Super Bowl was because voters in Colorado and Washington State legalized pot. That's why it happened 515 good morning I'm gave Cohen thanks for being a part of the early edition of WW golfer says -- -- forecast. On this holiday will say mostly sunny skies and a bit milder this afternoon highs actually reaching the mid to upper sixties today. Then tonight a cold front against an event truck tents to about fifty degrees. And bring it 20% chance for a shower then tomorrow a little bit cooler look for highs around 59 personally 10% chance for a shower. And much cooler on Wednesday we're gonna -- chilly Temps around 49 for a high. And some sunshine. From the Eyewitness News forecast setter I meteorologist Laura backed. Now -- -- thick fog across much of the region now Slidell reporting fog just a quarter mile visibility same thing in Belle chase and Booth vote -- out of a three quarters mile home about half a mile text messages and 87870. I want presence as they have frost and fog in -- this morning six -- in vivid. And fog clearing heading from dividend to home so there's a few people right now it's 41 degrees at the airport in -- Fog and 33 at the National Weather Service office in -- down line gave -- at the early edition of WWL first news. Today Martin Luther King Jr. day are very. Hi at Fordham. One -- in -- -- come what may not be. Probably about the end but the -- problem in the back -- Have we reached that day has -- the king junior's dream country who are people in the United States now judged by the content of their character. Not the color of their skin. Austin is racism still as prominent now as it was then. In for some reason driving in this morning and and I was pondering this -- I thought -- while the discussion about this on the radio I thought about this promo this trailer I keep seeing for the movie right along. And white you're white. You know -- Kevin Hart a black man telling two white people in the movie that they shouldn't be fighting. Because they're white. Is that racism. Is that racial stereotyping. What if it were a white actor tying two black man. Hey you fight you fight. Would that be any different. So cake is the black guy thing at the white guys. Where we -- with the race. Discussion in this country frequently when I do a story here in the early edition of WWL first news people text me and asked me and people on the story black or white. If I don't -- and sometimes I'm baffled by why they're asking that question. The race obviously still prominent issue as it. I was laughed -- wrong number tax summit texted WW -- 78 semi last night at 1130 day we expect you home at a decent time. Yes -- will be 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WW -- is -- January it's the twentieth it's 2014. Its MLK Monday it is indeed a holiday for most people but not for everybody most schools are closed the banks are closed that won't be any mail delivery this day this this afternoon. And -- going to be quiet commute for those folks who do have to go to war yes I'm hoping it'll be when we call it holiday light that. And we give a little fog not right here in downtown Holland -- -- there's no flaw anywhere. Right here and New Orleans or in east Jefferson and -- -- -- but it but it now are reporting stations houses a moment or sure there's some on the West Bank there's some repair pitches and then by -- purses. If you run into some fog this morning don't be surprised you maybe a little surprised by what happened at the box office over the weekend he now -- this story -- movie fans were taken for a ride. I'll ride along the body -- lake right along opens at number 141. Million dollars IE through Sunday. They'll see what it does today it's already the biggest opening ever for Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. And depending on what does naked be the largest January opening in the history of cinema Imus that and by a mile yeah well. You thought that the nut job got -- be number one ugly and a rambling oxman that. That predict that. -- came in at number three. Lone survivor of the navy seal from holds on the number two. And as disappointing opening for Jack Ryan have had a recruit I don't think they've promoted this film and not enough I think they expected it to him. -- generate a life of its own I don't think they advertised enough. And I it has the discipline pointing fourth place they'd be you may be analysis needs a little time to mature. -- I don't know maybe. That we Chelsea by that speaking of knots and then not job you've got one as this movie opens at number three we have a real. Not high east now. The crime is not says the AP and ask on Florida. Authorities -- and California pardon me excellent California authorities in central California have busted two men on suspicion of stealing more than. 400000 dollars worth of walnuts are you go along Wal-Mart boy that's and that's not an easy fast. You know that takes a lot of room. -- unit tracked a 140000. Pounds of wall oh goodness -- Not crimes are up. We edit content that like this not long million Louisiana I remember so as the crops have increased in value more people are stealing -- growers and processors. Formed a task force last -- crack down and protect the knots. The Stockton record reports that the suspects. Face a number of charges related to the walnut caper including conspiracy. Investigators believe the two men stole a double. Semi truck trailer. Containing the one hour and 40000 pounds. Of one month and it Larry you've got ten knots and I continue to see the guys in the interim -- at the. If the characters from the nut job -- and animated I think they might be suspect. And -- -- the court entered that -- but there is a growing problem of people's -- -- knots and cross the cut fraud and I need to do it by the truckload hundreds of thousands of not to be installed now. -- lots of money where do you sell this thing -- well that's the thing immediate what do you do with what you have -- 40000 pounds of -- that what you did you would have bag and a timer -- -- -- and a street corner with a you know with a trench -- at. Not one. And I did feel pretty. While that's got I mean there must be some processes you're buying them -- -- in and I'll -- -- -- yeah I way to get in my day and I got. As of just going store to store corner to corner -- you might actually in the long run make more money doing it that -- -- -- a long long run out you're gonna -- -- and good favor there thank you David. We'll continue to try to solve this mystery what you and not stolen not just not. It's WWL. And that's an attack on Chris Miller joins us coming up in less than twenty minutes when David went back with more going to be WL first news. The more the debate should. People who have concealed carry gun permits be allowed to bring them into restaurants that alcohol in which alcohol is served. Even you've been an Applebee's should tell -- concealed weapons -- currently illegal nobody checks the deep packet heat when you walk Guinness restaurant like that but. Should it be legal Chris Miller -- And odds let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning. -- -- meteorologist Laura but now. -- -- I'm doing well ballot night and one. So far so good at the holiday and you and I got -- are like now the little fog out there now we just a thought and a few spots and not right here in the CB DN. Metairie experts say yeah try to -- this morning I didn't see any but we're out of -- of a mile visibility in spots like. Slidell home belts Jason -- -- the depth we have them out there right to function not be surprised if they see that. Buy it now otherwise should be a pleasant day you know it really -- were a little chilly this morning thirties north and at low forties upper thirties out but. We get to 67 today. Here's senator John yeah the big difference that can I have a cold front that's gonna -- north of us today. We're just looking at mostly studies that you -- clouds kind of mixing and but it can't -- its mid to upper sixties. I like that I love it I wish there was more of it but now called front common and it's gonna coolest down he died at brings some showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. And it's we go through the day to mark things are too cold out -- highs tomorrow only about 59 and that it's chilly on Wednesday high easily at 49 so. Upper forties high today in the Ortiz. Yet another another I mean from lows on. And lows Wednesday morning will be in the twenties and they're to another freeze German war and lied morning you have we're not out of it's it's warm up after that. Not -- you know we stay in the forties and fifties for the rest that we the next sixty act -- comes on Sunday I 64. And we have to wait till Sunday to get back to the sixties and enjoy it today folks -- because they're going away and begin outside if you if you are kind of put off students and staff outside today that today's the day. What do you think about pause in the pews. About what paused in the pew result laws should you be able to bring your pet to church well. Well we know we've had this trend of pet friendly everything that goes -- everywhere now -- the restaurants. In your name it there's a pet friendly stumping in different stores. Well in Smith's berg Maryland yeah. Me reverend Al deal is inviting parishioners to bring their pets to the mountain Zion United Methodist Church in Pittsburgh okay. He's an animal lover thinks that there should be positive. Well I guess that says you know he runs the church and he's avatar to think that the -- with that you know. Then here's my question that you had they have like a cry room for the babies are nursery or whatever. Are they gonna have like a spot to take on -- dogs that they might need it got right. I could see some potential problems you know yes so as long as we have a place to bring the dogs you know and they. -- -- that look that everybody gives everybody you know there's -- kids treatment or whatever you know. You know we're -- yeah ever sat there in church and I you know I really resentment out with -- that really. I'm okay. And -- I'm OK with babies and kids stayed at her stomach and everybody be in a church but I you know I'm just not I'm just not. Out and that that they're going to really take my dog should be here with -- Todd needs guy I don't know how much you -- get out of -- you know again I don't know that he's going to be able to sit still pay attention parents are. Now under to be morbid distraction for folks that would that maybe don't get people who that and I think overall it's an effort to get people who are coming to church to come I. Her do you like the idea you know I'm happy that the -- pizza came with it that parishioners are OK with that no problem with -- that. I bring everybody it's -- -- -- excluding the bat. All farm. The cats in the -- than an evident that it -- -- gold finish what could it hurt and I thank you for all of that was part Clinton -- -- well -- recreate -- -- -- like -- -- -- and I want some. Have a great Monday. State to you -- -- outlined a direct from the Eyewitness News for us corporates with Steve Geller. Coming up next here on WW well we haven't talked about yet this morning so we'll touch on it Darren Sharper the former saint arrested and jailed in Los Angeles. Four rate. To accusations in Los Angeles and one new Orleans police investigating will. Talk a little bit about that speaking of the mighty Mississippi get a couple of text messages today 7870 that the visibility is so bad in the flaw in Gramercy and watches accounts of close down river road. A game Gramercy in watcher river road closed in my mouth that only eighteen closed off of the league. And also heavy traffic and fog apparently southbound on I 55. Brian from Hammond in two new world and so -- 55 from Hammond to the -- tan watch out for that. And what's up with sports. He's jealous that. I think. I feel a man that's how I feel -- on the back and ready to take on the world gas at them like gaffes finally get out of that house after a week of sickness to get him like hey Al ought to go to -- go to war yeah I was trying to push to come back Friday but the -- that note you're under quarantine until Sunday night. Corn yes exactly -- -- -- Well we're let Mueller is now on a Monday morning when we know which team to go to the Super Bowl. Yes indeed good morning everyone Peyton Manning threw for 400 yards and two touchdowns as the Broncos beat the patriots 26 to sixteen to win the AFC championship. And reach the Super Bowl for the first time in fifteen years here's the head up Monte ball. Fourth down wolves got a first down and this what is over. Scripts really good news. The Broncos are hit it me or -- they are the champions at the American football conference. A way to MetLife stadium in two weeks would put patent in the same company his brother Eli along with John Elway Roger -- black and a few others as two time Super Bowl winners. Over in the NFC Seattle didn't take their first lead of the game until Russell Wilson through which 45 yard touchdown pass to Jermaine curse. With thirteen 44 remaining helping the Seahawks become the NFC champions for just the second time in team history. Following a 23 to seventeen comeback win. Over the San Francisco 49ers. Wilson need to take one -- me has been snapped big city. And celebrate. Apple could stay -- it's hard NFC champions. Super Bowl 48. Is Seattle. And Denver. Joseph -- Lombardi trophy is -- Also of note Seattle's Marshawn Lynch ran for 109. Yards and a score against the niners. And men's number one rock you on the dollar advanced in straight sets over number sixteen KMR Corey at the Australian Open. Andy Murray also advanced defeating Steve stepped on Robaire. Women's second seed Victoria as a -- reach the women's quarterfinal. -- straight sets victory but number three Maria Sharapova was ousted by Dominica civil cold. They have four on WW well you have a choice pelicans that grizzlies basketball home 1053 WWL left them. Or -- the second guess show from the silver slipper casino on the big 8:7 AM I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. 52 minutes after 5 AM in the early edition WWL -- instant on and Steve Geller with you on your radio and and we -- exciting football games -- two good games yesterday. -- at first it seemed as if the Broncos were just methodically. Wearing down the patriots are just blowing them away but a late run by Tom Brady. Almost made it you know of one point a one score game but Denver Broncos able to put him away late problem was the deathly. Not as high scoring as I expected it to be but the the back and forth of the Seattle -- for San Francisco it was definitely impressive yet I don't think any changes some very bad call -- I would say -- -- -- kind of got a job in that logjam less -- there were several very bad calls in the game that probably did influences. The game in general and and may have influenced the outcome of we will never know obviously by. In the end the Seahawks did look very impressive in their ability -- get it done. -- and the -- so a lot of mistakes by young quarterback in -- tapper nick had two interceptions also he lost a fumble. Other Seattle defense though is the top unit in the NFL. And it's going to be interest in the C what are they get to be able to do against. The best quarterback in the NFL. And he had 55 touchdowns and only ten interceptions this past season Peyton Manning what's the best offense gonna -- against the best defense in the NFL it's going to be good to. -- I'm looking forward to the one thing I didn't get it and sometimes does things baffled me the 49ers. Comic -- and -- can't more than a hundred yards in the first half. Right and they had the lead at halftime. And in the second half he barely ran at all. Exactly and hosting in two days -- -- I go straight away from that I like change what works for. Yet a full half where you're being successful lots of design runs. For -- and act and then the second half they barely ran the ball. -- -- can't see if maybe Seattle made some adjustments that they had an extra spy on him but I thought the same thing in the second half as well why not just today. Stick to having your your main guy Colin -- -- running the ball so effectively and just keep chewing up the yardage and clock man. Now is whether this thank Steve talked about fifteen minutes -- -- here on WWL am FM and spokesman is a really bad fog out there text message today 77 he says nearly no visibility in Slidell analysis fog really bad and slide now. Others really batting Gramercy and -- in fact they closed down river road in both directions because of his abilities almost zero there several other areas around the region with thick -- but right here in the -- the immediate -- downtown New Orleans -- east Jefferson. Not -- -- whisper fog and also be ready for it if you're traveling around you may find it. On this Monday look for mostly sunny skies and 67 for a high later today. Tonight a cold front begins to move and it's pretty slight chance for a shower 20%. With -- the upper forties to around fifty degrees then tomorrow a little bit cooler highs around 59 for the class held stick around. Keep at 10% chance for rain and even colder on Wednesday -- start to see that cold air -- been sunshine and hyped up 49. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist locked out. I do watch out for the fog out there were getting conflicting reports about river road and LA eighteen being close. Be careful out there there and you may run into some places where when it's August August bank. Cops aren't Latin people and otherwise it's clear skies at the international airport in Canada no fog there 41 degrees bogon Slidell and 33. Tommy -- what you get for the next four hours. Oh hi Dave welcome another week thank you look at exotic. What would you talk about the NSA in what the president said on fried game where we go from here. And title football live Denver Louis Seattle will you know all analysts who were able. Don't talk a little -- -- announcement that the king day so we'll talk but little race in the. And also about some other stuff -- night Tommy Tucker here for the next or is fine if you missed it over the weekend. A lot of talk about Darren Sharper the former saints have arrested two accusations of rape in Los Angeles and one they're investigating in New Orleans. I knew what happened the first person I talked to about this a woman that I would have to rape anybody he could have anybody he wants. I don't think that's what it was about them violence. Thanks have a great Monday.

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