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1-20 9:10am Tommy, food stamp photo ID?

Jan 20, 2014|

Tommy talks to Debbie Weinstein, the Executive Director of the Coalition of Human Needs, about a proposal to require a photo ID to use food stamps

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I David Blake we're gonna do to fold into the -- here nearly a full day you can just -- -- and really careful. Nice bowl as I'm putting my recipes my self made recipes online myself and and and created in somebody's -- maybe I'll stick with Fitzmorris does you don't sound too sure viewers on. And I guess they're kind of right nearly nine times out of the whole lifetime of doing stuff yeah we like -- Tom. Has -- -- -- not -- yet we yes and also you know my swing for the fences on the Babe Ruth cook and sometimes. Symptoms or strike out sometimes it goes over the fence other times it. I'm -- at one time tourist oriented dig a hole in -- backyard here though because I couldn't put it down the drain because it would declined that are now. And I want to just leave it out there is god forbids that. Plus get to it was as I actually done real honest with it any good is supposed to be some kind of broccoli in cheese -- now. -- -- another Blanco it'd just went crazy and I literally want to dig a hole in the backyard get out that's when you know helping his gun ban that's a sign again when you can't even. Dispose of it normally like it's some kind of nuclear waste thank you David had a great years ago and he let me tell you one more time now we will will be on the bottom I good. -- is a move afoot to require food stamp recipients to have a valid photo ID. Hum. When they use that food stamps and in as one of those things that you know we've all been in grocery stores with. People use in food stamps or the card wherever it is and -- to really notice that they. They didn't have to do that so will last skews the audience at T 60187. Neitzel 38668890878. Should you need a valid photo ID. In order to use food stamps. Down on everybody agrees with this steady winds. Dying in Weinstein. -- Weinstein joins us right now the executive director of the coalition on human needs morning Debbie how are you. Good morning. Thanks that you look good thanks for taking the time with us now. Tell me why this would be -- -- up problem for people who who get federal assistance and uses for. Tom did to get groceries and food why would be a problem the use of photo IDs so. -- somebody else is not used in the colors -- Well. The problem is that many of the lowest income people. Don't have photo -- And while it may that costs money literally to get one. In you'd need documentation. To again and that could money. Until we know comments that means it's been done. If you will in state senators do in. It's. The photo IDs are voting. That is disproportionate. Numbers of African Americans Hispanics and older people don't have. Photo IDs 25% of African Americans. 18% of people over 65 for instance. And they don't. Some money -- to say -- duplicate birth certificate. Were if -- if they award -- the US citizens spoke naturalized. That can class to over 300 dollars. If they get married and that name doesn't match. The -- their birth certificate lives. It can cost between five and 48 hours to get a duplicate marriage license so it cost money in the most vulnerable people. Will have a hard time doing that. Not only it's hard to get to the offices for the photo -- the if you really don't have any money. -- might that have a card to get there. -- were. Not even be able to get their because of public transportation or because in the disability. So it's it's a hardship for the most vulnerable people. But I would say is that it is -- the problem that we actually have. The -- deal wise. That there was the problem. When. People. Is with it was a problem with the computers. And the problem. Resulted. In. People being able purchase more than they really supposed to. Problem cries spies contractors. Deprived country actors. Who get these systems the first states. That's what we. That people who. Have. This debit card that. -- -- I -- one senator guess she's the executive director of the coalition on human needs talk about. Requiring people who get food stamps when they use in the produce a valid photo ID and given everything you just said Debian I think the question I have is small. How do you prove who you are when you Gammon. They do what's the criteria for that how can you get food stamps of day there's no documentation of who you law are or what you make it's senator. Well there's a lot of documentation that's required when you actually get. Food stamps. You have to submit all kind of documentation. Of that your income and you have to do it repeatedly. To show every. At least six months how much income you have. As to where -- continue to qualify. But it's that's different. For and having to show photo -- every time they go to the store. So how did they know infected the person. That using the assistance. Or that's getting the assistance is -- today is based RE -- don't have things like a birth certificate etc. and that's when confuses me. -- required. If that is available for persons they require many other forms of documentation. You've created this show prove that you live in place. Things like that that shows that you really are please say you're. You have to show. A lot of people who get food stamps war but it's very very low wages they need to show -- From their places of employment. That is that documentation. That shows they are -- they say this year. Debbie I appreciate your time I really do and -- phones now and and I appreciate your input. Okay sure and a great day.

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