WWL>Topics>>1-20-14 11:10am Garland: on cops and crime levels

1-20-14 11:10am Garland: on cops and crime levels

Jan 20, 2014|

Garland talks with Tulane criminologist Peter Scharf whether crime levels are connected to the amount of cops on the street.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think this is some big -- each and every one of it even if you aren't in New Orleans and Baton Rouge and Florida. Here in Texas losing to Chicago. I think you've heard the same thing. Or bug and as we don't have enough police officers. Leo and is for read you a couple of things and and I think that shows a little bit important. Because it'd it'll provider of permission well maybe you're aware of but I wasn't -- -- -- and shows us. But let me give you an idea of what we usually. We've got an -- and -- -- mayoral candidates are debating right now Alter your Copeland said. We've we need 16100. Police officers we've got about 12100 -- -- the -- wing -- sixteen and staffing. Is -- even your more in this city budget won't we need. Sixteen and and it and he goes on its. Six years. Officers have resolved and retired and fired. At a rate of one every three day says it's in the voting record over two Americans were losing policeman. -- -- 112 departures in each of the past two years. Plans to hire 530. Member recruit collapses this year wouldn't that fewer than forty additional officers. And ordered all about Euro -- now. Bad idea it is to let the police for forensic. I'm not saying. It's not bad and I'm just saying. There there's a whole of the side businesses from professor. John Jay College of Criminal Justice decades -- -- search. Show little or no correlation. Two in the number of officers on the street and the -- and -- This professor. But on chain would take -- ago. It's politically incorrect to save these things. What they're doing mean please shoes and politicians. What they're doing the typical played two of the emotions routine. Reports -- Camden, New Jersey. Among those -- move -- violent cities where crime rates fell substantial leeway here even after the Sudanese police department. Was this man. And replaced by a small regional sports. So there's a wall eagle and grocers -- born Briton -- The doesn't actual relationship with a number of offers you. And you're him break. Even go down to new Orleans police -- global -- shocking for a big city but regarding a PI figures. 2012. New Orleans ranked thirteenth per capita. Among the nation's hundred most populous cities. New Orleans ranked 27. Out of the 100 cities and the number of officers for violent fraud and and thirteenth. And officers per property crime that's cording to 2012. Cent and senses. Two of albums think about that we go to war criminologists doing university of Peter sharp Peter welcome back this. You -- you loan to. You know monitored here when I'm -- throw -- appreciate the time. So what do you think Horton what is it what time we go home and couldn't -- who put his -- when he movement we knew more people on the other side we're here. None on this ship. The researcher David Bailey. You refuse to fuel the debate for the full -- the 33. And his conclusion is that. Increasing cost them we don't. It doesn't have -- -- it doesn't have the impact you think. The this is funny you know John chain -- the person you quoted. Indiana friend and and this relates to -- story when he's teasing me. -- their power sharing how we solve crime. And reminds you that that's the vagaries in this measure and so he sends it down. Of the right by the -- projects in Newark as were with the Newark police that time. And of its of its of burnt out crater. And he said look we solve crime. There were no people there was one -- knows Michael burnout. So. You know some does all the goalies in these two what was his point we can -- lower crime -- -- no there's no Israeli. You know drilled noting -- there -- other things that would Camden the five hopefully for you know in the very similar in some -- the whole community briefly left. And a deep population thinking influencing opinion and true sense of a vague measure. The finger it's you know -- but it also depends your base -- what are you comparing it to. -- com if we look we we look like within the pack. Violent crime population. Budget those kinds of things missile that sold down as the compare these the comparison race. But if you look at murder. New York City has closed 50000 constant foreign fifty murders. Right we have on three to 50000 people 150 murders and 655. Whatever -- ends up being. So you know we are wildly. Under police to use the homicide indicate. Incensed people you know have been suspicious of every indicator of murder it's hard to lose a dead body. On you know the most conservative measure to anticipate danger and capacity might be the the murder statistics. And if you look at that number we did a study in 2004. On this. We -- is that you know at the time and with the police foundation. And Susan now hiding under. And and and so depending on what indicating you -- you look at. It's difficult -- -- believes correctly he's looking like a formal police forms. You can get close to -- to. And the question for the for the city leaders who pretends surpassed. Is at what point you hit -- And you know and and the the critical issue with through sponsoring. And -- some scary numbers of how lunatics think. -- it loose or -- -- come back and pick it up right -- respond relate. Hold that thought talking to Europe Peter sharp criminologist. At tooling. What do you think choosing 0187. Lead told three and six that ended 9087. Do you think we need more police -- it would seem commonsensical. But more police received a list crime would have. But again I'm looking at reports three made to report to -- singing. That suggests that there's a little correlation between numbers of police and the actual crime rate. What do you think Europe policemen out there listening you want to be a policeman. Or your just a concerned citizen it was called. To Sid 01 needs heavily comments or questions. Governor bill -- seventy and -- 53. All right a lot of people wanted to talk to our criminologist. Would appeared sharp with the news criminology student and developers. We're talking about. He gives if we're hearing because of the mayoral -- and we are forever. We need more pleased with the -- too few police from the losing -- you know big budget. And and I stumble across -- three apparently fairly good reports that say. -- Pewter report -- going to via phone calls. -- these reports isolated. Can anybody look at these two crashed. Read different political death of David Bailey BA handle you wise in funeral Albany and even through through through in his career. Looking at this issue that is the larger -- smaller apartments in this that's an important break. You can get to meltdown one is feasible safety. You know and what we used on a thorough case. Can you get critical -- for the -- superintendent John it's or is he with go through -- and the Dollar General on fine -- In what would it would be in terms of back not the that was the cause of that injury. Who's -- death with an injury but can and you know -- the -- and we flow through. In certain situations. Where. You. Don't have enough police officers and in his perception there. In and then the other issue is I think. You know on their certain kinds of offenses we need me half of police officers. And in the superintendent who you know based on when and stand. He thinks we need more police officers and probably one of the factors is not an unwillingness but its budget. You know we -- -- the money to hire until now you know partly because the economy's turning out. Those kinds. Issues the other thing the other confounds the consent decree which cost 55 million dollars or five years. Which drains your path that lead to higher food at some point somebody from the thing we don't police or some of the money. You know who is apart from the other thing the elephant in the room that's what kind of we thought. You know we used to this is where uncritical of the studies -- -- because. They're old thinking you know fight -- battle phoned home if you needed elsewhere acre. Square mile of a combat with a way to think about that. You know technology. You know education levels you the ability to be adaptive. You have efficiency what kind of restaurant what kind of business. And fame stuff loads in 2014. In 1984. Almost none. Right we used to media personnel dependent economy and now we've learned through technology efficiency. And the same thing is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can't question I have a grandson who graduated from Loyola and communications. He has tried numerous -- get on the police department. And apple copied back. And Alice I'm doing that real. Aid policemen. Are I think just putting out the thing that as accurately true. I'm a communications. I would think could be buried. Helpful to the police department. Your -- -- well you know one we've had low hiring list through three years from there he knows. And now -- the superintendent had an open house. It is inviting applications in the -- they're gonna trying to hire -- 150. People. You know one of the issues through lots of pieces to making an effective police officers there with integrity. Players and the prior. Errors in judgment let's say there is maturity here in the social physical physical aspects of the job. So when you're a grandson. You know applies. Don't really get in this on the one -- a web site now that really talks about the qualifications. To make sure that he really Neitzel qualifications. And who do a lot of running in bullying and the bullets from the restaurant before I went to any kind. To recruit training. Where do you what you're talking about them looking and inclusive Wall Street Journal. Police officers explain why I'm Melinda yields make terrible costs. Is new and they say things like quote. What's -- as police department looking for the defense men on the hockey team rough guy who can prepared to do -- of violence. On the bad guy who would do was or remote place where. The university graduate and all columns with the news entitled attitude. That. Highly educated people don't pretty good -- for a mean we keep. Hearing about recently used to college to get their college degrees once -- become please but once again well. That the police officers that will get hired in the 650 going to be completely different. Than the police who were hired in the 1980s. In the 1980s. Usually US employment with the oil field. You know literally looked and you -- do from work at that time. In. You know it's the industrial workers in fact the best police officers scheme. At times when oil employment was too low levels for only these two bit in the oil field. We're qualified. On and they were industrial workers in the way he told him Lou also a lot of the differences one. They wired into -- well. You know thirty years from now get a pension in the American play golf you know and that that notion. Of secure thirty do you your employment the -- They'll think that way you know they were undefeated for the steppingstone. They they don't give the organ war motivational loyalty -- demographic referred to minimal. On the other thing is they're skeptical authority -- highly educated. Very very bright. Here in the air -- the other thing this whole issue of technology like the NO PD. Is now in you know the soup kitchens and criticized actually support among the third issue. You know that that you've got to be a technology literate. Predictive analytics you know predictive analytics is the new race where you can predict right in this league get. A young millennial. Applicant. And they've got to fit into a high technology economy environment that values thing and skills. Things like predictive analytic. As well from the traditional. Police values. Now the the issue this going to be a challenge for the consent decree. How do you -- fifth of qualifications. Of a young millennial we thought through Waco -- grandson. And the ghetto if you look at the old industrial. Virtues. Getting their own time. Following authority. Listening to you lieutenant. -- you're you're gonna miss something you know and and and we're maybe new territory. And this is the open this year. On how we feel if these people went to a speech. FBI director Mueller gave them and I asked them over the FBI list. And if that will what is FBI agent of the future look like in -- he speaks Purdue. He knows JavaScript knows how to talk coupon is -- about alone that. Again moment it is again number of questions on and Paula and abilities and players and on. They're brought remotes and Noah talked Peter sharp would come right back. Debra bureau -- celebrity and immoral 53 yeah yeah I really -- think this can be an interesting conversation started out. The idea of the show once -- -- a lot more cops council says that the the one running for Merrill's. Ten. Then I had dual reading over the week you know -- threes that are called me to reports thing. And everything do with the number of please and now we're talking about specifically. Who. Or the policeman of the future room watered what are they gonna have to -- we give him. And -- sharp with his criminologist. Ruling university. Forward about two of -- is offering its more called -- Euro and governor bill appreciated call you repeated shore like there. -- -- Mixture and the only. -- that. In order and -- -- which indicate. Unlimited numbers of police who. Not nearly eliminate crime. Are least well. There are many issues which cannot be. I asked why the police the police cannot be held. On accountable to take to -- On that. Other areas. Need to educations from the -- -- that on the mr. chart. I talked about. The definition of policing. Need to be disseminated to the public and form a reasonable. Public expectation. And that and cancer to a bureaucracy. Which. Tend to want more want more money more equipment to increase the standard of living pretty opposite sort of thing. Now on the head of police president in calming for the public so. The numbers are good to hear it's good to see police out there. I think there. Here can beat stature and acting -- Com. Should they can be broken down -- spiritual aspects to that. People who were here here you all would like the police are on their corner and would think that that might protect them from. -- harmed by their home on the lot one for calm. Even hearing -- about something happening. Outside their home -- in their -- So I think -- expectations. Need to be -- And I think that. After a certain number of police officers. That. I won't say that their -- I will say that I'm not sure that they can. They will be able interest crime the way some people seem to want. We'll learn how much loosely about reasonable expectations. Peter if punctured -- critically correct me if I've missed and so. We're gonna -- young pleased with predictive. Analytic us. We're seeing reports from Walter journal. Saying the -- deals. They don't pay attention to authority. They don't believe in the pension systems can be there. There are only you and and dropped for three to five years and then there on. So we're looking for young. Knowing technology. Predictive analytical skills. Who ten under way to go along with command authority. At 35. Thousand. Right on the other I don't -- -- -- -- that well first thing clear those wonderful comment in what we -- through act quickly clear of comment. You know I think -- fit he had never dealt with the issue -- -- The great thing which is what the battle of the flow of -- the -- In terms flu prevention and quality of life education and police. And you know people theme from the store does anybody know what that is well you talked about I think I think defenses -- under -- -- in the points right now. In we've been through the first issue you know. What's the rational point where the economy turns back up you know remember when Pennington and through -- through there in the late ninety's. You know you got two point murdered -- impediment for only 2%. In the economy just went crazy. You know and you know who on of the that a restaurant fill in the new restaurants opened. A -- and go around the economy comes out tax taxes increase. -- who's the point. Where you can reinvest savings. You know in terms of more protection but what is the protection -- -- -- very important point rhetoric. The unions you're right a lot of things have changed from when he first -- to you know yeah you know you have more. I gay lesbian. We -- authors. You can. You're gonna him. Hopefully many more minority authors. You're -- highly educated authors. Home and the food. When you refused to deal is in police officers I guarantee. A quarter million people does said. Would would mean you're you're gonna have a much more diverse workforce of can be like the workforce from the growth in the country befitting. And you know you you know you that you're the stereotype of the you know PD officer you know macho man -- white -- -- to the people whatever offense that's going boom boom doesn't think when we're not bush not talk to police off the -- And it should look you're not respected people figured you'd you'd have all gone bad publicity would shrewd and what are you doing this at the low paid -- doing. Because I can dollar supporting -- a good prediction. Now we're saying the -- it was look at that book. On the door. I get a report Ryder. Battle over police pensions in the US cities take currently earned. Conserving the police. Talking about legislate towards having electronic tracking device and put -- under the call after sitting. Production should be reduced. Another -- was target of intimidation. When he tried to curb police pension. Gays and lesbians his and that movement in the old. Predictable. Analytical person that you let me immediately some of that you know. In a thrilling thing to do with the B and Alina analogue would decline in education. And the biggest factor was. That people -- -- -- from the Atlanta schools went to work for. IBM Coke color and you've got the kind of CNN. And they get they're sucking -- this time with -- of some of the intellectual talent if you don't have corporate loyalty you know -- record pension when you have to -- -- going to be very ball and you learn these technologies -- How things change one of demography who's gonna do. The second thing is just as you're saying. That -- 35000 dollars won't keep you in that child once you've mastered the technology knowledge economy and skills. You're out -- right you know good do you feel better. Governor -- break your lips come back and does Billy can be you know actually with a because I'm always toe. And when it's a wall Bible -- of people in Seoul and more. Who pay taxes and who's gonna read of that old at the moment right back. Governor -- -- celebrity amoral 53. Are -- -- Bob please somebody bringing the running short on time listening to Billy Billy Euro and governor bill appreciate it. Hello caller. -- emergency -- three years. About pushed for four years region. -- three years believe mr. you know a lot of corruption not at the bash who owns -- on the put crumble concerns -- -- politically so that we still have and it might be corrupt. In you know try and expansion how much ground next to me. Please options. Over the years I mean a lot of -- tendered the cause muscle and these -- But recently -- saw you know what country so well. But I think that's sorely been I think that's always been a big concern -- Peter I don't think near as much now. -- -- -- -- meaning you know some of the cure maybe words from the disease in some ways. But I think we've very cautious with part right now. But the the the the opinions -- this -- -- Billy is a concern there that you have to deal with. The study by John in the end and so the proof you know go into the academy of great attitude. The minute they hit the street they get social life into the existing organizational culture and that's something I know superintendent through path is very rare. Kind of how do you get ventures for a trainer trainers field training officers. Who. Can I mean team. The character traits that the these new millennial school of coming into -- going up to three feet. One thing that is through the organs occupational culturally you know he's very strong and nowhere near -- one of in the eighties and early ninety's from going through Katrina. But you fill half of those issues you know failed with the way he felt about them -- ultimately really the way it works. In that something funny how you create a new culture. Round these new counted. On the when he flew hopefully they'll be able to recruit. And so we're gonna take a break here about. -- when we come back home if you about duke could send the primary care world we're we're told we really -- his who's gonna make everything from which that are. The big concern via police monitor of 500000 dollars -- bills in the -- Implementing your part readers critically consent decree says that's. No problem she'd run on -- Jews have gotten two billion dollar budget than the mirror some of my goodness. Were -- so much trouble with the consumer group consumed reminding is the answer more painful than the problem we're trying to say. Are trying to -- round override -- -- -- very fair very good about our police department Peter sharp criminologist. Who in university. -- Peter consumed entry costs and a whole lot of money can we keep -- we need money to get a better police department. Consent degree good idea about it. Well the jury is out it really depends on how it's implemented in the outcome. Will you know he. For these millennial sleuths is a rock and a hard place -- there's this wild kid you know and coming out of good I leave school wherever -- mean. And all of a sudden the consent decree is gonna folks are gonna -- gonna mile and all the systems to monitor. His behavior or her behavior very closely. In this little bit of tension between sort of you know the monitoring profit from all its forms and you have. Monitors monitors monitors PIB and you police on food and police monitor. -- to vote in the consent decree -- And you know and the thing that worries you what we have the chief thing. Problem that was. You know and their failure remember all the -- he did. In the 1980s when you have the rabbit beat of prisoners -- drills like around and all of the two which was true that happened in the it is -- what -- -- -- First great. You know when. So you know what it would really. With the current issues. That are most important to be addressed and how do you -- positive culture. You know through come you know after the rehearsal warned physically very. Racially polarized that's not right at the Wright issue is how to get a new new knowledge economy efficient police department. And it's gonna take a lot and and give the supervisory your retirement salary. When we did our study in 2004. The biggest factor for leaving with supervision. That's who's under different administrations. Get to get the supervision protestors style respectful styled Bonnie and file. Dole and helped the -- -- -- police officers are thought to stick. We'll I hope we've got so movie answered again details after an hour. So I was like me learning -- room and would be easier than -- and weigh in only to hire new police but keep him end. Have crime rates. Peter sharp fall it was a pleasure gonna show you have a great day you give me back. We're coming we're coming -- an uphill brigades seventy immoral 53 at.