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1-20-14 12:35pm Garland: on Jindal's consulting firm hire

Jan 20, 2014|

Garland talks with state treasurer John Kennedy about the consulting firm Governor Jindal hired to tell state agencies how to spend their money.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back we're we're about code was generous budget some slight details begin to come out. Sort of the half -- talking about a Contra. The governor general and company have fun and signed with the a New York based company -- Rosa Marcel. That would do I don't 5500 million dollars in state savings. And there was so little but a brouhaha the media found out about it number of stores CB productions legislative watched all at. Imported it's up as a potential problem and today we have headlines that said -- general administration. They get them then the they're consulting contract. Or wouldn't -- look at the amendment the amendment is. To ensure. At least 500 million dollars in savings. Or identify. So that would mean. Identifying disabling. Were not insured before. The media got a hold of the contract. And tomb. He would do is not guaranteed the save and will be maybe he just insurers the identification. Their raw. And and again over the years talking to see you've been talking though it's own driver talking to. Treasury. Secretary. John converted talking to the legislate tours. We've identified probably a billion dollars and say and but the problem is when I talked to a lot legislators off the record. Those secured -- but politically you can do know the words. They could propose a -- with you the voters. If it's hour period at school board we're not for Apple Computer and whip John Kennedy would lose to a talk about budget know that the John welcome to the show. And if you don't mind -- Caroline city parks still had a question about via Alvarez Marcel Cutler tried to Carol welcomed the show -- Johnson. More early in. New. Mr. Kennedy is why. More now arms -- -- -- -- -- like crack the typical. Art school but in some consulting management arm like -- public school. Hundred -- And looking see it would be paid in one of the cabinet by the government. Are what -- thought the wind come on the -- No I don't I. Number one that improvement in the beating. Mean here -- -- what in what their carpet. When it it is prerogative to make the court -- the -- and at the -- -- jury will not match. The school. That gave them over 800 million dollars that school up and the money disappeared on there administration that's my wife and -- c'mon. Which Alvarez and -- now was first retained by the state. Under governor Blanco if you if you correctly point out -- do with them. Our public schools in New Orleans after Katrina. -- governor Jindal has continued to using them he used them to give -- advice and some some health care restructuring. Just recently of course these are and then two. I again I haven't I don't really understand their parameters but it makes saving suggestions. Look Alvarez and -- -- they're they're they're very competent people. I think the controversy over the recent contract. The Genesis that is is simple well first the count came out of the -- We went through a year. The leaders work of -- hearings and streamlining commission may over. Howland -- safety recommendations. To the governor about how we could save money and most of. We were told at war politically. Doable. Well politically doable as another waves in which scared to try because we might not be reelected. And now after going through -- that. The governor has announced well we're going to do it gains one to him consultant -- to -- and -- The question zapper and -- it operate more sobered very capable people. That the the question about her admirable woman. The legislature never appropriated this four point two million dollars to two power but not a consultant work -- On that -- number. Number two how they pay. I mean. -- did depicted what are there marching workers. Their battle reporting not do and he'll. Actually a perform way shall probably. Be too late. To implement the recommendations that are good ones in the legislative sense. -- I think it was as much the way it was done. As what was -- and they'll the other the other undertone here Garland we have so many consulting contracts. According to a legislative fiscal office this is not my number this is a nonpartisan legislative fiscal with just. Our count report to the congressional budget -- We're spending a quarter of our budget. On console which spent five point. 28 billion dollars a year. Out of the 25 point three billion dollar budget. We have 191000. The Department of Education not to -- example between 2000 and in 2000 -- Had 5409. Mean and consultants. They spent 615. Million. I'm not saying that that some consultants relative values. But. We don't need nineteen counts packages -- applicants some of the contract we don't you well. We can really say -- discuss expanding it pollution consultants. That would be 528. Million dollars. Recurring revenue every year that we could. Spindles -- or higher education or get it back the taxpayers. So I think that's what the controversy some back up. All right would trigger first break here won't come back I would get into the budget group -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that it -- that it. Four point two a million. Where is not in the budget and the legislate tours who voted on the budget don't seem aware of that. So wanna ask you there's some. On al-Qaeda in pocket of cash. That the governor can legally pull that Al -- Come on ride back double -- -- hoping he would celebrity among applaud the media and everything good about new reports governor -- -- sons -- report born two million dollar Contra GNU org please sperm. To look at our state departments. And by and 500 million dollars in savings. Publicity began to hit concerning whose contract. Today news. Headlines it's. General administration promises to amend. The consulting contract. And the -- they're amending it is now billion sure at least 500 million dollars in savings will be identify. Not taken. Just a bit -- blood which means. Both for. The media found out about it. This savings weren't even guarantee. Where book Treasury Secretary John -- Weathers who. It tells me that and ripping through -- said the same thing nobody seems to no more than four point two million came from is is thereof. A bucket of cash from where the governor and company can just pull that out of their legally. Apparently yes. -- can't -- acting it's been a news usually -- do you know of the such book. You know but that doesn't mean they don't exist over at the division -- administration. -- I have a budget and now this. I can't spend money that hasn't been appropriated by the legislature. To my knowledge legislature. Never appropriated four point two million dollars for a consultant. To tell us how to restructure government saw I don't know where the deep division got its money. I'd seen him. Do this sort of thing before I just under the current governor and underpants governors I'm not eight unsuspecting it and money squirreled away over the air. And in the and certainly can't help but trying to funded is one thing knowing about it's another how would hope that the legislature would. Just as a matter of separation of powers would would probe now you can just out of the blue pill. But no bid contract and we check in now operate as a more shell other good good people very -- one note. But I think it can chargers much about the process. Has about the people to. All right so let's go to our listeners editing in -- your -- John Kennedy thankful call. -- and you probably gonna kill me this is not -- department but I just wanted to know why. Art that department of revenue is sending media build toward 2009. Income tax saying and I haven't -- once -- 2009. When I have copies. So we're east filed. And -- a machine at the office broken so as. Well let me try LP that is separate department. I would sit down and take -- copy of the BO. Along with a copy of your returns and I would write a letter. To mr. -- -- BA RFI yeah oldies on their web site. -- and his secretary he's a good. I would explain to them look somebody in your shop -- in the states here. If you don't hear back from the minute with a regional -- -- call me. 225. 3420010. And now call the mayor and now -- to him they obviously made a mistake and I'm sort of put you through the aggravation. -- of those lifts lifts -- -- subject here the everything you read said we -- 163. Million dollars so applause. Last year. Now all the governor -- who's -- 200 million dollars in on allocated cash. Blood. We're talking about. -- to promote the use bear with me. Were talking about a deficit right. So how do we have a surplus and a -- that and 200 million dollars in care. When we closed the book good question -- question. What we closed the books at the end of genes are our fiscal year it goes from the in the -- to the -- -- -- will close the books and -- -- we didn't predict our revenues and expenses to appear whenever that sometimes moreover some times were under. We we have a sharp -- time about under 63 million arch. In addition. We collected. Sixteen about 5060 million dollars -- war in the amnesty program that we thought we would boring. So there's about 200 million. In one -- Extra money we can't handle that money be in there next -- and we hope that is what we can't scale. The governor would like to use that money. Two to feel part of the holes that we're looking at. For the next fiscal year which again shall enjoy I want 2014. He will have opposition that -- legislature. Because it is one time money. In its very dangerous to use one non -- money. To pay for recurring expenses. For obvious -- Our problem with non recurring one time money started. Back you know you know -- The federal government -- the state. Three billion dollar. In -- -- Stimulus money. I know many. Voters and taxpayers think we didn't take any stimulus money because there was some rhetoric but we do it we took about three billion dollar. Instead of using it. To pay down or pay and pension liability or -- wrote one time expenditures we dumped it and operating budget. And of course stimulus money. Drop out the match. We've had problems. -- percent. John. I think you and I should win an award for entertainment. It couldn't have been entertaining the audiences for about eight years now -- on onetime -- -- -- can recur. Departments we can afford. And apparently. Doesn't cause and -- actions so I think we're in the entertainment this. Well. I don't look tired saying I am not fans your show where in in the end up in aren't a lot. Should we are you bigots and gone and then maybe a goal and well. But really what has more. I mean the governor governor Jindal has his own management style own priorities -- these -- and all -- cheers and I think we all know with a -- about. You hear a lot of moaning in groaning in in criticism from the legislature and I understand -- but. If there are happy. They need to do something differently. Okay. It would seem that way about. Mean I've given them a lot about is some of them they've accepted. Some of them my house is accepted on the senate and it. But but you know. It at some point you have to you can curse the darkness only on you know I mean if you're really serious about -- company needle -- Campbell. Sooner or later the -- new -- home route John as always appreciative -- you. Score. This.

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