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Jan 20, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk to WWL listeners about NFL Football and the Superbowl 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of the second yet yo Mike you that you Bobby -- but this couples at the casino -- -- Mississippi. Will be on 7 o'clock that night. And then we'll go with that don't show right here on the dictates of these schools follow at 8 o'clock wanna know what your body today. At 4 o'clock basically. Where you have a choice you can listen to the pelicans and the Memphis Grizzlies basketball what what point -- now. Or you can if you right now -- in this event on this issue -- -- that those things Monday's hornsby but. Get an opportunity certainly to talk about -- will talk about him or Brewers. That game I'll be honest with management that will be awesome minute football game. You saw Tom Brady all. Throwing the football you brought up an interesting point now -- stadiums or in that the all of their -- radio movement it. Like it does that's why kickers I mean Osce -- Aniston make a seven yard field goal and that's why prayed about it and you go -- it like three out of five times no you you're young when you play in that environment. This that you could normally throw it like six yards all the sun. You'd -- it 6566. Or do you feel younger and that they Arsenal then. And the way that the ball travels but might get have to say that. If you look at it truly in the number one seed did mean something. And and I think we are seeing the two best teams in the NFL playing one another their bowl what fifteen at three. The conference champs hit the best record in the league this year in and so when you look at it when all said and done now. If you look at it the first time the top seeds have gotten -- -- that 2010. Yeah yet on the ten game in and filled the Saints yes thanks coats that that we. But -- saw -- get that -- always happens is considered a once he that you're going the -- put. If you look at the Broncos and their tradition now that seventh doable trip the -- with that prompt with the plane now with their. Third title. And in if you look at the Seahawks begin their second appearance though we'll -- they're trying to get their first doable crown. And I think. On the stated before -- kind of Broncos and the Patriots. That was going to be crucial we don't know how the weather is going to be yet. But the words that whether -- be talking about this I think you would definitely benefit. The Seahawks the way it's structured. Now suddenly has the -- If you look at Seattle they average 174 yards rushing that was double in the NFL -- you look at the Broncos rush defense. They gave up 64 and a half yards allow that led the league to. So you got extra -- extra and everything you know -- Peyton Manning and all those weapons in the and you look at the Seahawks double in pass defense though. I think it's gonna be a very that meaning. Great game. And and if you look out New England has of late how they were able to run the ball well not -- basket Denver only had 64 yards Russian. It that you look at the balance even though Peyton -- before yards they still had a hard seven yards Russian. So and five to seven total that you look at time of possession. What about the -- you going to get. Drew Brees does ever Iraq is Peyton Manning Tom Brady that the world even Payton said this that you possess the ball and have long drives when they had the ball 35 minutes of 44 seconds. To the Patriots only twenty or a minute and sixteen seconds you could see that happen at the temple the ebb and flow of the game. How that came about that that was critical and whatever that occurred. You can see why they came out on top -- that. It if you look now the chronicles. What -- what and that being the highest scoring team in NFL history. And now. With the -- and again. If you scored it one advocates out what you do and a great -- as being a -- look I think games that they lose or don't win. Like -- bylaws and -- seventeenth game when they loss at San Francisco. Bloody seventeenth I mean it it if you Pete get like high twenties. And I'm died in the Broncos that a team that could do that it gets out of the -- that nobody else. That's been able to do what you look at time of possession -- what Peyton was doing. He had a 93 to eighty yard touchdown drive. Each the last pit board and seven minute. And the first drive in the second half the what you would never -- now Mike there's so why everything was rolled Paula it down and away. Those two drives where the longest. Drive time -- for the season and brothels. So talk about having an at the right time and their depth or you keep it Tom Brady on the bench but. You know I talked about the time of possession they were dominant but they were the reason why they were seven at thirteen. On third down conversions. And now we all of you but that's all you gotta go to convert on third down and that was the key why that bit from top to bottom -- -- the Patriots came back somewhat. Let that doubt that dominant before but then there. Entries on the caught up with them a key areas defensively no Gradkowski but I think you know I've got to give him props using get a lot of recognition today. What a great job Jack Del Rio he would he's got five starters missing from that then we're chronicles the Mets out of the last two weeks look what he has done. With that defense team. Yeah I think a lot of but today it's all about Peyton Manning it's all on LA John Elway Richard Sherman would happen there and the great coaching job. You're old -- Jack Del Rio didn't didn't -- Jack you know real well without a doubt and and you look at it why it was a critical because if you looked at the late. How the Patriots restructured. Their average -- 200 yards on the ground the past three games win here they get sixty floor. That number that's a big difference you get over 300 a 200 yards restricting that you only get sixty or. So I thought that that was nothing. Lucas about it and now I don't think this will be the weather in New Jersey -- -- -- -- mobile when you look at it. Mike I don't know if everything is kind of game in Denver. It was it was 63 degrees at kickoff. And then you look at it I mean it was like me. With -- listening to actually do. OK but -- one back well and certainly. In this duel between the two. Use all Peyton Manning out and Tom Brady now you might see what he's got more weapons and I'm Michael debate that there's no doubt he's got more. I think it was a lot of pressure on me in that game you saw there were -- are huge reaction act in that game that was a lot of pressure on Peyton and -- I'll put this up yesterday that at the 49 has won that game and then won the Super Bowl. It would've been the first team since the 1972. Miami Dolphins. The -- -- Super -- one you win at the next and how hard it is to get to Super Bowl Peyton Manning scored his third. Yet at any knowledge that he says he realizes that it's even more impressive now coming back now from the neck injury. You know via beating -- to play in the play at that level lately Denver. I mean that that's that's an amazing but -- know I'll. You know you look at coaches like who -- coach Peyton Achilles heel is the Baltimore Ravens in a long what. What you look at Bill Belichick. Mean nobody -- against the Broncos on those different that are different coaches you just seven and eleven. Never has this is all that element. Alatas because -- -- -- everybody does but you don't you have success against every once at a time and lost eleven in. And you look like okay you wanna give Tom Brady and how he was dominant over Peyton. You know and all the neglected game he leads the Singapore. But come playoff time the world team now -- well we won it with him. So whoever -- the home team and we admit that last week at come playoff time. That that shows you you'll feel makes it different no matter if -- like that Tom Brady. All our Peyton Manning that actually right at its best. And this -- you think it would have liked the -- chances. If Seattle would let the companies with that I want them there this -- to beat Seattle. Do you realistically. We got the habit out of that you -- -- ever to that. I don't think so we actively blocking are never to go back at our little bubble we don't take it away they had three. Over that but at the airport water. -- haven't got that yet played great and I UK played good at it and who they play -- beat the what you look at it. It's. The passing game he was fourteen point 8453. Yards with that you look at him like I was in the third water and it likely look -- -- -- I thought -- the -- so. Speed is deceptive speed up a -- eleven carries a 130 yards and nobody an advocate that Seattle at the bit. But they -- over. And look -- that -- -- of Seattle I think at the beginning of -- play. Russell Wilson uncle -- I think it operates and you know it like that are. At but it all about it I average aren't any kind of play normal that all the what it's Seattle. Or the bugle. Today's -- you know. We're ready Jack -- opinion poll. If Peyton Manning wins the Super Bowl -- beating Seattle's top ranked defense. Is that good enough to rewrite his post season history. -- can make it all on the -- L dot com also give us a call on your opinion on that. Interesting question and they open the question asked for the next week and I 'cause I think all of us agreeing. Regular season he is maybe the greatest of -- that's not -- -- but mostly -- it's a different issue. That's why I'm cares that Peyton Manning and because I've played the position not so much that he's from you all -- -- you know that. I didn't hear that Payton could not all the hard work and that discipline that it takes to have the success that we need -- -- game any game on the regular season. That's unbelievable to me. I am not knuckle and it any irony that if the Patriots report that yards but that lifted you almost all of our hard work you what are we wore them. And it is but ethical -- to do with it can be its delegates out of the. But it does the web that guy L you know not yet the big part of a lot or you're on -- second -- -- -- up is break unity them. Welcome back in the second guess he'll likely that your -- with the snow with a casino. He -- Hancock county Mississippi you remember you can picture it would definitely helps a lot listen to the podcast anytime there's like if you BR. Go to everybody -- got now but with the big pot pass button. On the right hand side on our of our front page are. Upon your paper most notably more shows and schedules click on the name real simple and so convenient. Podcasts on -- Libya but now -- We talked a little bit about the legacy if Payton man wins this game and how that. It his third Super Bowl but winning -- problem right now what that would do because -- barrel unfairly judged on. Big gains well -- you know we ready you hear on the nation. Call Payton described him that the greatest regular season quarterback ever. Now to me he's able to overtake Seattle's win that game witness who Bulls even be in a class by himself -- what I mean by that. Is that if you look at it he knew he could become the first start at quarterback. To win one with different teams. So think about that -- nobody else has done that nobody has won as probable with every team that I think class -- -- -- the class of one. And that would be him. Now live and I think it's going to be a tough challenge against Seattle having to play outside and all the meadowlands that it's going to be in the team arts know well what's gonna come about. But if he's able to win that each -- only quarterback. To take it differently this -- and when it. Obviously. When he got along with the Colts and then winning one with chronicles now you look at it make it decent good karma. And -- Payton now I'm not Peyton RT in Olivea. Their parents they got to keep it to themselves. If if you look at it's that physically it's and it's and that is -- -- -- what you wanna call it. Two years ago Eli Manning won its second global championship gets -- at the whole field of his older brother. Peyton when the Giants beat the Patriots in Indianapolis. Now pay them. Gets the goal for its second through bull dogs that I hold at that I've stadium -- -- New Jersey. So back -- -- at that is that's unbelievable. I don't know which does admit defeat but whatever you want lady luck whatever you wanna call it. But truly. And I'll argue that it's over and over and gave him an Olivia Bulls they feel so blessed. But it's not I'd. Look at are not only. And they're not starting NFL quarterbacks but let's say each what happens horrible winds. Nobody else -- it is like. All going to be dead in my opinion not even play prepared America -- light weight on the -- that'll never happen that's like unbelievable. And you know. -- and an alternate and now Libya mean articulated at the right thing. Read and -- but it has also come from within. And into the fire has the -- that that I respect. About Peyton. Is that I know you put in the time to be -- is that it -- me lucky -- lucky and it people hate on and he is Ellis the you know albeit Peter. Mean these are all -- he's done he's heard. Hard work and dedication that I think we I heard I imported into the president. -- two weeks about Drew Brees yet everybody wants to point that finger at hill. All you got hit me. You just not looking at this game right it's easy to blame the head coach all on why -- wouldn't -- -- five wins that. That we wouldn't be where we're at in the Juan. Now I don't know I don't know is that right now -- that we got a ways to overtake the point nine in -- -- that's why don't make at different playing enormity Carolina's going to be a talent that your. But I think we should be within the -- of that is before. If -- -- Don't McCain beat the top six quite got to be in the top six at the end of the now might take part in that when it went in at these alvare a Vietnam will want to see the way that things going. But you can't tell me that I think you look at the NFC. We're we're probably Alexei. I'm a third of four public look look on what I sweet -- don't think we're Benedict count on a public -- -- structured. Like already know we can't do nothing you can do better you would create yeah yeah it hit but it now you look at Anthony. That that and you gotta put the Broncos and whoever you Nate. The Patriots I think we played -- Patriots at home we -- beat him up there so we are in that number of wins that number even the whole NFL. I stay in NC. Three years or you look at the whole NFL we definitely you know like -- arguably the top eight because and their fault because why. The way out the bit to structured. What we've done it the fifth and I think Rob Ryan we gonna get better and and greens being healthy that's like no we don't make the playoffs next year. The defense -- a bit and I think that's unacceptable. That that we should it be a playoff team now I don't think you know when a -- would Brees again. Over and behind. But it's going to be a big challenge to me to overtake the likes of Seattle -- -- That's why you can beat itself so much -- -- one mile that and I'll gotta go you had a better football team did. You know nine or -- on the second guess show went out that is news break left on pains. Welcome back that it's I can get a feel like -- to you Bobby -- was supposed to the casino beats not inning pat Browning missed that you gonna go to picked on in the city. They've done -- Ottawa poppy in Mike. They get there and gentlemen how are you all right you. Well first of -- wanna make personal shout out to my number one who bet my life my daughter Madeleine who's going to be twelve years old tomorrow -- -- -- -- 24. Secondly. I'm not sure -- -- NFL's could be -- Richard Sherman anytime soon give talks about him out of here -- go after they win. -- noted below his action is definitely something that the place and Jews but. Order a copy of a little bit over the top for as good as Rico. It's not -- -- also -- about it you know what. The network set that up themselves. Having to tell me that Eric and rules wasn't hope Bob Watson executive. You get down there and interview Richard Sherman at the -- that -- -- -- to go get Russell Wilson -- beautiful gonna get. Not a reaction you look at how he grew upping now all of poignant that it think Brackett and you can do with not only not a bit politically correct. But he didn't say anything by L he'd heard that hurt us any of that sort of. It was a well a lot of help him get back that would have been a perfect opportunity. I can't believe them Miller -- bull in. He just missed an opportunity. But there's a lot of emotion that's why. It like it timeout at that time where you do it and use. And I still think this evening later that -- -- yeah yeah but. I mean I -- Obviously from the our respective. Everybody knows he's the best the best light that it felt the people know that. Well I think he's Gary EPO. And view if you actually it -- -- doing it. And he I mean and it used to them about is how much those two football teams don't like each other important right where I was just -- them line would. Would develop a little bit more and as you know toward the Dow opens and towards some -- the other is. But stalks and Kubel and and probably -- -- a lot to the respective fan base in the sub freezing temperatures. Won't be an interest include Peyton Manning against Seattle that compared to. -- and you. Outstrip our amateur football that was. Spoke and so opponent in the game and we -- Looks like a really intriguing. 201. Offense vs number one -- -- -- European picture snapped between jobs are. And -- I'll tell you real quick. And Denver's not Marshawn Lynch. -- no doubt that Seattle's offense they're not gonna win it would Russell Wilson throwing the ball X back to Percy Hartman. What does he bring to the -- what you might all he's only played like one and a lot of games all of note is this night. They tried to him the football -- of that game and he barely created a lot of so I think it. What's the battle is still run the ball with Marshawn Lynch and -- -- slow it down turnovers. While. Yet not a -- over. About it now if you look. And that's what really with the 49ers bit been outlined -- two but he game they had three turn over the network water that was crucial. I mean that the -- at least but when you look at it like Mike said. You going to be a couple of areas best of the best Marshawn Lynch and you look at the 49ers. Do you know that. They had. Had gone 22 games straight before given up a hundred yard rusher. -- well Marshawn Lynch in and you bite you stop him now with them but to stop on the whole team it will was critical and and they weren't able to do it if you look at it. Know what he ended up with. You know what a 109 yards with 22 carries -- look at that balance though. And that's going to be to keep a Broncos -- the brothels only given up 64 and a half yards and shut down. Is shut down the Patriots and it said that the Patriots came to the eighteenth straight game they averaged over. Over 200 yards and he only hit a sixty stuff than not you can think you're in the catch doubled at times trying to keep -- the Broncos now that you look it. As far as passing the football. You got the legion of boom that's secondary. And who's truly had success. Into the whole game pass etiquette Seattle -- people take gladiators technical college have predicted a pretty good at a 153 yards passing. You know -- you know it cost -- home. Against them being ain't no don't now you'll not belong and where is that ticket but it but you know like. The speed at seventeen -- that he had four interceptions but he's still that's the -- right right like it at this but he's throwing the football every. Now you've got picked off but I was able to not a Pickett dusty picked off a pick and not factor in this game. How they -- all wrapped real wise. They have been letting them get away with a lot of things. Not you've got some footballs on the native of Seattle's that's what it and it went up a little help you know what grapple we'll look I'll go. Force them to make the penalty black -- I'll take calls and whipple's -- is not a critical if split Seattle. Sonics get away with it would all season long. And then this would be a physical football team beat you -- they do on this knowledge you. It's -- -- what Peyton Manning get that ball up look at the timing passer one little bowl ads that. The stop that we Seabrook not a it is -- All they get a call this game by -- -- -- rep read it I think that the big. I'll put out without a doubt and you look Peyton Manning nobody's had more success than him. And come playoff time and having big passing game now talking about yardage. If you look at eight right now my he had a four yard pass and somebody to come at 300 what you look. He was number one in the NFL complete games and now he has nine. 300 yard games in the playoffs not. So I mean it it at these around -- -- or -- -- not think any debt turn over the ball I think you have to be bad news but the Seahawks. Because then I think if you have an iconic game passing. And then all of a sudden he beat those John Marino. Has success and I don't know that I was surprised. That they date. Is that I don't count cavern excellence does not traditionally run and they shut up Frank Gore. A Frank Gore didn't do anything might if you look at him question of well he had eleven carries fourteen yards and -- -- that they've gotten it yet did you. They shut down and I think everybody brings up to the pool. Well what do the guys got that nickname well Bryant Browning in the in the lineup. Acosta should definitely Maxwell and got our backs well with the number three guy complicit in Germany Italy and -- -- or not -- were not lessons -- Louisiana. Think when it with those guys not -- -- -- -- nomination. Unbelievable big -- next to call you guys -- a lot or you're on the second Daschle right up his break you negates that. Welcome back to the thinking gets you like that your -- ever gonna go right back up an awful -- -- like Elton John you know -- -- with Bob and Mike. Thanks a lot Mike and Bobby found Payton was terrific Rocco were to repeat every race and I wish it Colin -- Of year in and hope Belichick in the unique and great coach I respect that -- and the bought him some credit. Arm. But anybody who would it take people talk about -- playoff record. He played with the green in the deep end and -- player but -- had -- equally we're equally we're 10 cool supermodel. I mean I knew they were the player and he has more talent around now I think that separate. Don't know what do we have a little -- now I -- I think a lot of times quarterbacks. There are you know they can separate themselves but it is a lot of well the talent around this guy next to me that he had every right. John Taylor. Wesley walls eight. Depleted global well and Montana have that the -- -- in the world low rent payments. I hated that that it a pocket hack it out with receivers when they're more like Andre rising. Would Aaron Martin. Michael Haynes the thing it's got my point on the back in a couple of the young Michael Gaines you know Richard. Melanie. You know article at the ball yards after the catch all Latin that -- The Seattle beat -- back in his second there -- never been challenged. Like we could be challenged. That you can't double team everyone. And now you look at the whole receiving corps with the chronicles and ain't gonna spread it around you look at Wes Welker because the piece that probably had four catches. 38 yards Eric Decker. Five catches 73 I'll be interested to see who lines that you're tied it German Maria at that -- who they're tied in. Now when he Julia Thomas had eight catches 85 yards that -- Earl Thomas out because static in Seattle it will mean it is Thomas. More credit because the Seahawks shut out shut down Jimmy Graham obviously and burning deep so only -- some of the big game. And how we talked true or not the Terrell. Who covered the chronicles and thin on talent that's the guy that he. Collected a Patriots -- guess what he Letterman receptions -- -- in the -- by. You -- and he yells out to play in the sun night game but discipline and yes. That didn't get him back you know who's helping you play good team -- it now but. Job we can bring up but he's a good point if people round up a lot with it and backhand and now but wanna take anything away from race because he's not it would. -- -- Of -- the building a little -- this year I mean these they'll put him and that that's great you resentment but. In those not a hate days of both Colts Patriots. There is no doubt that the medical treatments. Now with no doubt it was Brady of the Patriots. Might well. You know I hope that we have great weather effect you have some concern that stadium instead of a lot of swirling wind yeah it's really cold. I don't know how that affects -- I'll let him. But what I'm talking again but I -- UPE -- thing. And I hope that did you know this is ridiculous because I don't column we did a -- and I called the -- you know grant and call. And that's close. That's closed on there really aren't -- -- yet done that. Well my longest careless with -- get in -- this plan thanks so much but it all we appreciate it will have a lot more on this shallow right. Epic race here on the east them. Back here on this thinking guess he'll finishing up our number 11 week from today we'll start -- 1000 dollar national cash not this sign up now -- Doug Bibby helped -- contest alerts. Text the word can't you 87870. And we will look and fifteen minutes before each pole award is announced to remind you to listen. No the cold weren't into -- it evidently felt dot com slash cash and you can win 1000 dollars starting Monday January -- -- seven. Join out definitely helped you asked cook the date and remember message and data rates -- about what things we talked about all the -- Was Richard Sherman and we would be matched up against I think it's gonna be the various Thomas will most of this game. I mean he had in seven catches and 34 yards. You think. They might -- okay we got you gotta lock him down. And and not going be surprise that he hit it but it's still have enough weapons to go Wes Welker Eric Decker Julius Thomas that that's it. When you actually look at it like we city K double team every one. The chronicles is not even close to -- the best that advances fours the wide receiving depth that they have. Can't you protect me Payton all the edge but you know what when I'll watch his game estimate to the site where Michael Bennett was getting pressure. Up the middle. And if you look at it the past three games. The Seahawks sacked college Kaplan and with mobile but he'll hold -- ball of a long rally. It they sacked him seven times. Why it's in the championship game it had a five times before the championship game. -- a lot more in -- deciding Castro right up there is huge break on the big 878. WWL first news at 5 o'clock I'm -- names on your official weather station WWL AM FN dot com. Look for temperatures to start dropping zone bother -- -- even you're gonna have some mostly cloudy skies a pretty mild temperatures.

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