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Jan 20, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk to WWL listeners about NFL Football and the Superbowl 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back here on this -- -- show our number through this issue Bobbie there Mike Terry. So we'll look at -- -- side and Hancock county Mississippi near normal business. Will be on until 7 o'clock that night at 7 o'clock we -- that Johnny Jones who LSU head basketball coach at 8 o'clock at night you know b.s and -- can over there at the Johnnie you know -- well one -- we talked about the first hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As much as you can't not a place on the table I think the X-Factor. Especially if the weather's good. Will be mercy market. You can see that this is not picked up ball would go -- there's -- commentators saying he wasn't no one -- Europe. None of that got no one but -- bottom line is. What it's been all the old crap what the money on -- -- -- it well no more ball mark was gonna be you know one receiver right. He is a heat -- -- that you saw this I am all they really taught the popular the book. Well all 10 is it is that he's not a normal one and obviously it goes limitations but he had six receptions. 506 yards and a very very meaningful kickoff return. That that -- -- Hartman. That -- reputation had economic team would be ragged on him or. Simply because you know it it -- That -- ball when he's not getting more recognition now. I think get -- good sign. Seattle Seattle and duck volley and his confidence. That a person Robert goes back that can help them with McNabb at the Broncos. -- -- -- that you also have golden throne but yes he was somewhat -- yeah definitely it really got any yet receptions 31 yards you're human. But to -- -- with critical. And like talk about timing. -- -- -- on fourth down play it and go -- -- I'll play that also like to kick return you know they how critical it is. Look the party niners had no chance. That ball -- 89 yards deep. And look they pick up for the party niners to the Boston must build off that all the time. He was kicked it all those case could be return you know kind of scenario and the ball solidly beat Oregon has bought the ball -- that no way to look at times. -- cabernet gets Haiti fumbles Donna could go pick it up being two yards. And those different things that the pollen that's there early on and gave start it would help out that Seattle's way you know within that big kick off returner. Balling out. A big big reason why is he ultimately though we became a big time. Gotta think to me is near the goal line you get a call your way. When it was obvious that are out Obama. Actually recovered it you get it back and Marshawn Lynch fumbled the football. That that's like eight out of justice that I think I was little I you know you're buoyant and happy because today it -- at the Seahawks would winning score that. You can practice on I don't know hockey and -- -- addressed that with the competition committee. -- -- -- -- re gonna have a review yes and it is a -- it will wouldn't talk about not only pupil. So they gonna have to respect that you wanted to get that right. Think about that how is it all of a sudden that the party niners the a couple of big card over now -- talented and get him back with that and handle. But it -- seem like it would have been right. In Seattle did it it really lost the ball in the that they scored it. But it them getting it right because -- getting right back what happen. Colin cabernet in that don't have made it even though it they got to back up on the -- the spotlight he cannot. Turn over the ball against the Seahawks. And if you look at it might be an end and this shows you how good Seattle was at home. They've now fours. They've forced ten turnovers. In our last three home wins against the 49ers don't believe it apart guys have tried it and we got the Atlantic county Beckett to go to -- a one -- a lot of -- Just look at that. Number but I think to me is -- the pointed out has won this game. You play Peyton Manning without the horrible. And you know law like you potty. Who's really -- -- -- -- that's all right I don't want the best guards in the league Manny you. Thought about at all I can and arguably. The best guard that's linebacker. Navarro -- even -- -- -- -- the recognition how lethal and hopefully this year it is you hope we come back. And now news is that that guy wasn't that terrible. That looks like knowing really who knew he was hurt in a particular case that a -- -- the contrast in coaches at the narrow such a magnate. -- the ball. While -- not a that compensation and get John Fox we talked about it in the in the personnel. The east on so far out of the limelight John Elway gets a lot of credit and certainly -- Peyton Manning. Says Thomas back. Not Rolen and no we know how political coach you wouldn't you. Getting Carolina locally well we definitely -- that -- -- -- and and that's how close -- Bulls pulled my game I'll. How did not hit more crazy you on that on side kick that basically on us all bad question today this set -- a short you'll. A bit and know that you can't do. And the count I had a great chance to win the that the mythical stuff. Special teams at nickel -- pick in this football game that's where I get the advantage. You win -- I think -- coverage units or as good as anybody's in the week. All money lies. It's not that. Go go well one thing is it at the few -- because in this league outfielder and hot though it meant they don't mess -- I mean I've got -- those -- weather conditions. Also the story told -- yes I Wear a helmet at all. Like little like. -- -- however. -- you grew up in North Carolina ride all the Colts but the Atlantic. And one of the things that that why Seattle didn't -- you know. With the notes now that I'm at the other way. What was that North Carolina and Connecticut all those other everything coming off the Atlantic and just which well yeah -- a few -- and in this Damon by. But when he just lets hope I'll be honest with you what that good of a peek at North Carolina State. But he really development up big time player with Seattle and especially the derby late in particular we talked about it so much. Northwestern State to -- maybe -- best monitor their return game when it got everybody healthy he's really good. I think it is not an affair. Does he gets special teams we saw what it's like wanted to know not look that big chance on an onside kick. But all of its specialty Garrett for field goals that game. Right way that you looked up but yeah -- -- -- the 49ers the sound on special teams but the big return all all with. And yet you gotta get -- -- -- hit you are you with his coach speak talks about that all the time. That -- is doable depending on the weather conditions. That you could you play new position. And the one thing this -- to with the close game. That's obviously dogs play all the time so that that that's kind of their -- That that might even ability they have a great record picked the best in the NFC. They don't really crushed people all the time with the if you look at right now -- what they've been involved. Seattle play in nine games. Decided by seven point are -- -- Don't think -- 1970. Points or fewer and and that that they involvement though that tied the game. -- -- not used to being in high scoring a doctor you're people it is structured it is not built that way the rock beat that type you know. -- schools and were structured like this simple yeah and haven't got a good pedal to the metal plate in the left hand related traffic we pass that you look. All the events it has its moments but almost it and that's the most surprising port. I'll play all football to watch with Jack you real without spot or has it done. With that he -- he doesn't get a lot of credit but he Hewitt. We have a lot more here on the second -- show right after the traffic report here on the big 87. Welcome back to this -- -- -- -- -- to you Bobby bare but it's a close look at Messina beat side in. Not counting Mississippi talking about Super Bowl also -- over the Saints need to be talking about. All of the upcoming season at this point deliberate body. That -- Christian Derek and -- awful that this -- you fully mobile QB given reports. All won the activities and work -- at the Senior Bowl and bought Bob. That was at the I'll get your opinion on this if you McCarron. If it -- -- doable but that is that you make guarantee that you really like nick you know what you're Iranian guarantee. This second round pick I don't know who was giving you that advice but they used to go to the scene people that play here -- -- today. Everybody talked about him as a possible were from picking schools opening and blows it up -- -- -- pick Robert -- from southeastern Louisiana. Alex this is small college cover cornerback he's not that good is that being the second round pick up what he does in the Senior Bowl. -- -- goes from central Michigan. Everybody talked about game -- early to mid first round pick. Level and he's the number one pick in the draft and I'll make it repaired scene that maybe on the other that well in the NFL. Look at quarterbacks. Why would I not. Go even if I don't play well I've got enough time to recover yeah in the backside public individual workouts Alabama wrote to all the other stuff. I don't know who's given that buys these guys in less AJ was hurt her yeah that I think that's a different story. But why would you not do what Derek car's doing. For Fresno state. Not important Clinton and I -- really made a lot of lot of hate Jimmy drop below from eastern Illinois out of -- -- room to had a great. He's flashlight game and now he's been invited because it opened the -- -- hill. He reminds me a lot of -- lot of anti golf more than does open up an early second round pick because of. Well I mean if you look at the bowl game you know what occurred -- like he had a great outing. Now well no love about winning quarterback think you McCarron there's record speaks for itself but. It's things like you wanna get that export exposure and proved that NFL that they should draft but now maybe maybe you wanna get exposed. If all of a sudden they -- in the work -- -- really about Charlie or I mean but like you said it even if he didn't. Get it done at a high level what do you witness Caroline -- to -- I wanna do yet -- to recover and you pro day. Or. That's the you can go to to come in and just take a physical and not actually throw out. It was a bad decision made by him as a decoy agency that help him not go there because you had an opportunity here elevate yourself. I don't understand what. It was that you know not to do that and I know this is agent from the world are you with them every day on this it would not have. They get here -- Beasley is in -- different things you can only hurt yourself in. My thing about it is upon the Senior -- east west front I think if you don't wanna come here it's doubles gospel without a thought it -- unions. Rush I'll let you know what you don't want to come here. They've -- your blades that are willing to come here and do this and I'll -- yeah I think that would change the minds of some of the senior players. One of the things in this football game Bob I think that really -- Well what do you know more of ideas and they get pressure. You know talking about you -- I mean how much out of you get pressure all the -- all Manny. Because that's the thing that I think it's interesting we here where Michael Bennett. Blaze in has been shut this -- to tackle we saw how much pressure put on the sites where you hit a big guy and take -- hit. The San Francisco bought an honest and eight. As locked in that even if we got a nice day. I'm not yet. That opportunity that sort of football with his timing especially Nolan the defensive backs with Seattle a gonna be scrappy all game all. Well if you look at as one thing. And at times things like -- had all -- now the ball coming out against New England. But might that they didn't make him -- -- -- -- -- -- at times -- -- Broncos -- after Tom Brady. We're ahead it was a crucial down but Patriots and then. The Broncos -- that in there and end up getting the -- where. If you look at -- crucial -- and things like Seattle become public big plays. A look the ovals. And you see that tomahawk chop when they get to the quarterback. That night and it -- April memories come in and knock anabolic I hit it -- -- and then you look at our throughout the state if you look at the past three games though. You know college cabernet in the you know what's happened. You know when he's played against the Seahawks he's got -- now seven times now they. I guess there -- I think at times people want that ball too long -- you know. Yet this capability any -- that a number of times but he still got sacked seven times and three game. When things to his late nick gain what I was impressed with him against that defense. That was probably the other than that it. Together a nice drive under a lot of pressure. In that spot game he was he was dead accurate not yet we talk about that final play. That had the ball had a little bit more I don't and it's like you that anytime the ball on a flat out every game I had an opportunity to knock it away. You really piece together a nice drive at this decade. Play good we talked about it all week within the wins he's got a late great. Yet it now. Yet not as good you can have both tunnels in the fourth quarter. That that Labonte Ricky Sherman. Like big Patrick Peterson from -- out by this thing we did an article that I take that street corner not Manning the other ones. How athletic -- around in them myth and that ball and -- it goes to show you know Richie chairman you like it or not not think. Obviously sound like a championship wrestler. In -- -- game. Is that it taken advantage of opportunity a couple of artists who global in our outfield class with these from a rough neighborhood but he did go to Stanford. What you think he knows the right is that he's very Smart you know the right thing to say it. He talks back and one day you want all the back it up but right now he can't but if you look what he's done. But the 49ers. Then and yet up to -- that two interceptions. And if you remember he had nine ER block you will return for a touchdown in in the previous to me whom gained first the party niners. And he led the NFL -- eight interceptions. You know thinking about the limited time single afternoon he was still able to get eight -- Think about the Houston Texans season there winning it beating Seattle in Houston. Mix all the -- and I think they'll want is games that Max that was that put the Texas Gary Kubiak. And that shop yet it ended it all three double. Would be back with more of the second guess -- right after this news break what do. On Saints I didn't think he gets you -- -- you Bobby bell but that was conceived to be excited it got down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah poppy. But not comparable because you -- All our ball incredibly strong enough people on the issues that really got out. And it shows apple involved Wall Street. You have a hobby is a lot articulate that night. Be it got within our -- You know you're you -- good communicators and not. Whatever has been completely up to correct it. Well -- of -- Football -- brought him yeah. Was in 48 I was six years old this backward yep -- -- radio and we hurt well. We go. -- -- -- -- -- Been in the and you in now jacked the arm on -- And you could name wrong there's no not nineties. And the doctor's office -- thing. This and do what he thought it -- -- that the important thing out a lot. Right well you know there's like Saints fans I mean come on how we're so passionate about the team. I mean that they can tell you every position. Who you want a key who you think they'll all be on the team next year. But back then there was a lot of movement. Right okay that's really an accomplishment when you could they've all those players like that because it's a -- leave. Book -- thought it back to Joseph -- I don't worry I'll box. Catapult Beckett who I -- -- that this sort of -- around a lot -- character so. -- talk but it is. Explained it people say it you know younger but he's a very. Well the thing is it in radio -- -- visualize and it was and everything was on TV now. I mean you'd think about the exposure. And and everything involved with that. I mean it's unbelievable how now that evening fighting. I got his semi built over Thursday night football not not think about this and I'll bring that up look at right now all of for the NFL's network partners. It now bidding on Thursday night football Thursday night television package now. We all though the league guys -- NFL network to televise the games. But recently now they've put up the thirteen games -- -- a bit. And what you know it because it's always the highest rated show that ABC fox CBS and ESPN. All bidding aren't even harder sport is getting involved now the rumor is better -- -- against their tonight football that they possibly. Put it on on AB CC. And I and it because you know now Monday Night Football champion college with yet on the exactly what they want decade he needed him. And then I solitude on network ABC -- those are all you. Just goes to show you don't exposure. That you have now compared to -- Where -- you would -- -- radio. We're now and even Australian Open I mean even if you don't like him at the Portugal like ovals that the audience into the carrier -- every game. Every match. That I didn't yeah. That's what I'm trying to get across -- is it equipment implement it you'll do well coming. You gotta go fast look at the -- -- -- listening audience -- don't know I don't know they wanna -- -- story. Oh yeah it appealing. But that might call what is it in -- -- in Iraq War but all pro football. Broadcast the light you know. It had to happen for our. You know I thought crap but not for that. Yet I -- I timed it. The Johnny -- jacket nordic team in college football with my loyal support -- -- public -- multiple Hart right guard Damon. But we got -- -- -- that is I think it's pretty and I also walker -- Golf you know quarterbacks like -- I don't -- him and Obama and -- It didn't matter -- well in Italy -- -- -- it right here but the bottom. -- -- Edmonton is very good football. Well well what's happened it's not a call I. Am pretty. No way it plays that a mass audience DP is may -- -- football and that's why it's on if you wouldn't get the audience. They would have a -- -- -- that's body lay it on the and that's what they won almost every day at a week. That -- goes back at a time Colts exactly it is changing the world inning as took off. And out that the one thing -- anyway because the gambling in Vegas that's why they NFL executives are more concerned with -- anything. Is that they want the -- to be legit. They do not want like the fix is on like I saw boxing back then yet that the -- this that they want these games. -- -- it in theaters and how they call -- that if that officiating crew is. But even more than performance enhancing drugs and all that -- they worry more about as a player who you associate with. From a talent that aspect that they won those games have you legit and his -- on the field and I think that. Not that while the majority -- what. Will be back with more of this recognition go right at that is -- to -- that. In thinking it feel like to you Bob via email I haven't missiles casino beats not counting misses it. Personal life changing weather conditions lineup but definitely -- text alerts this text the word whether. Now 8787. With Miller money message and data rates may apply and the possibility of us know. In south Louisiana Mississippi later in the week so and you wanna get that type of it makes you really do Rollins will you know Ottawa Bob and -- -- you know on -- happy you know in my in England. Your preparations for gains in the past what like -- game. On field. It's -- he battled through greens. On practically. With a few possessions. -- -- we feel like he was able to matchup. Against the Seattle so I think that without. That is our goal with those concerns film. And really gotten what you -- -- won't be out of the challenges. Note dogged it don't take a look at every game and I thought that they think you look at they have enough time they get a break down every game. That's who lacked success against Seattle and now both the teams didn't have success at. Yeah against them so. And but but I think you know we Drew Brees and our receiving corps compared to Peyton Manning. And the Broncos -- team record of Broncos got better receivers. That that they got more weapons if films. Who's gonna win I can't double team everyone -- didn't commit if you win that they don't match up the -- now be -- to see Richard -- I mean that -- a meal and all -- actually beaten him I mean I can't recall -- I think he's invincible. But in the top -- German gone out putting up against the Marius yet this area's become big physical back and I want him up against him. And I'll try to backed up somewhere else but -- you have enough. The bits of backs. That match up what you got Welker and Decker and certainly to use Thomas I think that's going to be that's going to be Earl Thomas want don't want. The thing what is going to be wrote -- time will one of the things at a belt teams all of you today you have a guy who relies. You know you -- game the game with blades -- -- on its theories on that down and distance. If they had success than not they have that information. The way. Saw today in the way it's done. They got it that day on that type of the provisional wouldn't work. In what network against certain teams that gets out of would pit work that supported that. With network against that you meant to put it that. Yeah that and you know and he's got itself and you know having -- down and distance situation. And now what what like for instance that they gonna break it down -- and let's say third and six. On third and seven like -- what particular but they plays there's -- Peyton Manning like to run. It -- is that it's that chess match you truly. But then when I say though it is like OK when you look at all the receivers but the Broncos looking. -- got to like his chances -- when it's not unbelievable. No one on one match up Wes Welker. I -- you with big west bako has experience and complete the leading receiver as far as receptions. Now the pats had fully years before you became the Denver and that you look and also Eric Decker. I mean that that that's why it's going to be to me -- because the okay. You know get with the receivers they get it. -- the Maxwell and he asked me to get a throughout the tools to try and -- -- -- not gonna go out there Richard Sherman I mean it would it would make sense you would think that you have -- other areas -- trying to force it. Just think Barrett navy Richard Sherman though I don't -- -- move the -- well. You go the better matchup will one of the things that -- part of that is why would property -- laughter Richard Sherman in that spot late in the game know who's going to his best -- -- receivers that it didn't matter at. At that point because you try to make a play. But the breakdowns and all this is all of -- We you don't find that matchup deficiency. And they saw it yesterday with you went to a because really to be honest with you it was almost like watching a skeleton real. I mean the already touched the ground in the receiver dropped the weight -- Manning must go to football they got no pressure on him at all. Right in. Here and what is that the New England secondary was so you I don't know that the defense was so -- And like you look at how Drew Brees can. He was so. Quickly. And I just thought it would be. And will be on those kind of matchup Seton Hall. Think one of the things early in the Saints Patriots game was a key to leave. Yet but I think -- nets -- the Saints got addressed in this offseason. Now what's happening now we -- -- to putting their best cover guy on Jimmy Graham saying you know what beat me beat me which outside god we got no fear of. -- made are realistically have that you Kane and -- in his things that coach the Patriots defense at all CL a the only that. No ot I think Peyton Manning not gonna have success but if he does as a is that Seahawks because in this horrible the biggest stage of it like getting better and that. At his age with a well on the back from that entry on people will thanks so much but I'll we appreciate that chuck wont be right with you right after this break Q on the big east that. Mr. you know appeared out of the this I guess showed up a bit city tuchman finishing it out. My brother -- bad because you guys go there all right you know Mike. -- as what we've -- about. Prepare and you know -- -- years ago I kept up with the opinions of then you've got one coming in now which is being able to counter it with Payton made. A big big ZQ did you ain't coming out. We've still cannot take away all the receiving options and so what I think is gonna open up opportunities for him to run in Beijing and on the ball. Nobody done what he's talking about Denver public access and put put a broad coalition Andre Hall yet though it goes without a doubt it if you look at. I mean even in the NFC -- we dealing with you look at the party niners you look at the Seahawks out there structured. The party not a -- a third -- the league in -- to Seahawks report or if that's what I thought well that's the old school football. Proposal here but -- Who come from -- to -- -- all. About it hey it's affecting -- -- -- -- out -- bowl between them all -- as it is. Think he had that nickel defense. And could leave you with the puck hit the ball he controls the game and I agree with chuck thanks so much but I'll be back with more smoking yet it is you.