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1-20 6:20pm Second Guess Show: Superbowl

Jan 20, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk to Seattle Times Seahawks Beat Writer Bob Condotta to talk about the 2014 Superbowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lot of activists that gets you know Mike to you Bobby bare witness also concede the side and cut county Mississippi on the line with the -- got a Seattle Seahawks beat -- bought the Seattle times spot thanks so much with -- -- -- -- -- the question I guess everybody's ass all. All all -- all you got the -- Richard Sherman. Throughout his career with the Seahawks very Smart very articulate young man. Also somebody's got to block it burns pretty hot. Where you shot. Well while his comments at in that game -- -- Andrews. No not at all -- he's death. That's that's -- Richard services you know but I think the manner in which he delivered them you know I think he apologize little bit today and at some. Not just -- to music and people think like. Apologizing for an. I wouldn't the united that you haven't been paying attention to -- term and if you're surprised by that and oh yeah I only got to the -- got this point. Is playing without sort of attitude. And everything and so you know I obviously -- up in the moment and that's a pretty big moment you know -- -- -- -- -- Tricky -- people are going crazy stuff like that side and he forgot -- -- in it -- of the moment. And what he's done but you know he didn't I mean you can break -- you know anything. But you know -- That controversy. You know sort of dispute that Michael Crabtree and certainly if you could say that you should be a little bit more Greece's. And that sort of moment I think you know I did the people a lot of times what we get him -- he just looks and it ties in twenty minutes after the game after the proposal out there. That's -- you're wondering sometimes with these guys really like when playing on field. And all of that he got a little bit the taste of you know -- put them with their emotions like right in the few moments. Now about this a two part question. Oh what is your I think in our. If you can speculate. The availability of -- Hartman. We'll have a couple of weeks that we get ready but it's doable and then. Talk about also the performance which I think is outstanding considering his production Doug Baldwin. Six catches 106 yards and you look all that meaningful plays the 69 yards a kick off return. Really job -- -- thinking changing moment what you think apart and I had the momentum but and then ironically but this is this is where I didn't know this that. Doug pollen and Richard Sherman. It will play the Jim Harbaugh at Stanford. And I think now they competing it is goes. And to show you but -- talk about the media availability of -- Harvard and also. -- ball where he's that in the comments level he's playing with. Sure yeah I Hartman. I try -- and now he's abuse them like Duke he just -- penalty throughout our property and the expectation that you practiced one day in. I'd go from that point forward you know openly available so -- he does practice. And one day in and so I feel them vehicle expertise that -- ten days -- games without you know something happened to practice or whatever. He should be able to go. Yet turn the ball you know that that -- -- -- that is similar you know as a -- -- a lot this year the only. I'm pat and other guys doing that including Harvard a couple of times. But that's the kind of followed him did some injuries and some of the issues there. But the only stop in terms of in the can play it in the receiving game and he's he's done that a lot this year he's he's. He's the guy -- the two. I'll be physical little bit because -- apple at first you aren't any sentiment outside of the -- there into the right well gone out as well -- he is cool and it increased to change a little bit to become that like I did not let you know that that the peak at it one yard. Starters need that kind of thing. You know he takes that the play -- kind of broke down and just -- and I'm the odd. Russell implied that they have a little. -- chemistry is that the we're used to deal between them to sort of known each -- India is like actual -- But not the first time we've seen that this year would it mean -- the clay when it when it's sort of looked like everything broken down. Now Bob I think NFL obviously. They got it right it's pars that they've earned their right to be the suitable to -- one season. Like your opinion and maybe you can enlighten me are coming think would be different -- I think two categories. It's nothing as the if you look at Seattle average of 174 rushing yards that's tops in the NFL and the Broncos rush defense only given up. 64 and a half yards allowed that also leads the league. -- you look at obviously all the weapons. In the passing game. But the Broncos and I think it might have the best receiving -- top to bottom. What you also put Thomas that the tight end that you look at Seattle's secondary. Bo Hart I was really. Had ultimately that I could -- Drew Brees does. You know put up the yardage been on I think it was garbage yardage that they still in the game. But for the start to finish. That data we -- via the success -- I think the -- pick up the play. I think it beat the Seahawks best interest just because how Payton and the Broncos wanna throw the ball. And that if things like let -- weather is nice are are not nice. That this is the ultimate go to play the same but what is your take when you look at when you got the best of the best. And goals -- as far as though running and a run defense that passing and it passing the. Yeah -- was -- your current events is there any games -- a little bit. He did get on today. -- category aren't. So. I think we'll -- pretty confident about -- opponent and -- The the other companies were treating that the Denver it's a pain. The passing attack the you know five guys to secure more receptions -- and more touchdowns this year. Going against oh lead in -- secondary -- you know it's it's it's maybe a prayer time yet. So it's pronounced you know that's such an -- he sent a opt out offensively and you know and start pretty. Passing offense and then. Pass defense. You know the week he passed so much these days apart that you can be -- passed -- days. That he needed and nobody -- law and united going to be rate that high that the the I think in the general sense and I think. He senses of the oxygen is among the -- on time. And that second period and so you know both. Talent and I don't know that you use and he'd do I think intro. Yeah and active enough so ball as -- go against upside and can be a lot. Bob thanks so much -- Jordan is we appreciate it and yet it broke up what they wanted they got a real show. Noble and all Mets up against the number one minutes tailor made brother. Aren't --

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