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1-20 6:35pm Second Guess Show: Superbowl

Jan 20, 2014|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk to Renaud Notaro who covers the Broncos for Mile High Sports Radio in Denver about the 2014 Superbowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Automatic that it's like against Joseph Mike it to you Bobbie Barrett this sort of a casino beach side and Hancock county. Mississippi -- welcome in regard -- a -- who covers the Denver Broncos for the mile high Sports Radio. In Denver and our thanks so much for joining us. Good glad we on the Renault. You all the. Okay. What are the things in this football game I think that's interesting. Is the fact that. If anybody that's had success. Against the Seattle Seahawks secondary. It's lot of backs that have been able to maybe spend the play a little bit me with their -- Because Seattle is. In -- a little bit about no not them -- a real crappy football team. One of the things I'm interested in is if this is a weapon if you gain. And it's it's open your physical game Seattle's not gonna change it -- how much he throws that I'm in law. A -- and -- old. Not a refuted that area of having receivers in the same spot. -- you hear the timing issues I think that's the thing in this football game. I think that really all you got to look at that it -- -- mom's not gonna change overnight you are who you walk. I think against Seattle really affect that the timing of the passing game with Peyton Manning. Lot -- gamble that they would pay out so well. In that he can on bullet and played in the U a couple of times gone so wrong again. The Patriots were -- and running play on there and been -- You know I think. You're you're known for its simplest Peyton Manning welcome that because. You got hot weather would Welker or whether Julius opposite. And then that just opened up things down the -- down the line and it. As far as whether I think that's the question your -- it -- the play department of I think what benefits your offense because the offense you know -- go so. I think the ultimate. Great defense -- are great football team defensively. But I think. And I think obviously would would agree with it's that Colin predict. It's not good at reading defenses. Being a drop back traditional passing quarterback and yet improbable and win it when -- hopefully somebody like Peyton Manning. Manning has seen everything and I guarantee you that last night in the game and it. -- step out and emailed me ignorant party that stuff on him. It's not so I think the hope they can drop back quarterback somebody who really knows how to read he senses. I've been Manning will be able to be. Yeah are you if you look at. That Wes Welker I mean Eric Decker Julius Thomas who look at the various Thomas seven receptions with 34 yards that you think. Richard -- it's gonna be on him. But UK double team everyone. So and page the does get rid of the ball quick I think Seattle -- You know Sacramento -- it all the all the all. They sacked him a couple of times even those mobility. But that's why I think -- is they'll win would be concerned. It still went 25 mile per hour while are higher than it does move the ball but. When I look top to bottom. That's on the Seattle hasn't seen is. Is that I've been receiving -- you look at Drew Brees how we wanted to throw a ball that being the saint. Who we don't have those receivers that the Broncos haven't and that's why I think truly okay you have to be concerned with Julius Thomas. They're tied in. And they've shut down Jimmy Graham. Looked they also with the 49ers. I mean and I and I think he was kind of shocked. Because he knows though Vernon Davis that he got kind of pocketed fifty got hit hard once diamond night dropped a bit. Mean that's that okay Wes -- Eric Decker. I think maybe even if they would shut out. Julie's comment to various promises that. Obviously to see that one on one matchup -- like that you keep double team everyone. If you look at the spot of the today's game for the the Bronco Peyton Manning. -- there that for a brief time with that with with taxes. And Q I don't think Julien. The -- Thomas and the Jets want to ball -- that. And in -- -- -- that -- the coincided. With. -- to a keep getting knocked out of the game but it. You know with back pain. He he he take what the defense you have them and it hit on the double team. The -- comment and that's why I think you know why. They. That will -- Albert comment. And -- than the other guys open and and the thing about -- he's not be accurate eight different receivers in the and they've been in the games. In the really. So it. Didn't look to go well so. You know -- -- well liked that sport you -- But Caldwell knows that he might be the optimum way but that could be ready to catch the ball with the Patten open and again. But no one of the things to me it's. Seattle you know your -- -- changed but his game at the one run the football I -- what's under rated. It's not a -- one. Now a lot of people talk about what a great job got a real is done in the cold season with this football team biased -- missing. -- released or player Von Miller -- yet this team has -- really been stout against the run. And there's -- getting a pass rush despite the fact you -- now one of the premiere guys in the business. Out of the lineup. That to me is a story. On a loss right now it's how good the chronicles the Mets desperately despite injuries. Despite the fact that. You know that was little bits of criticism national book jacket that would be an apple for it he's done a Wimbledon job with the Broncos especially post season. I think it's certainly not out there again. And not being in the being -- US. That he knew about it I took a getting on -- -- well. Bogeys in next man up that you -- that. It's like. They can and can't change it got to move on people -- -- successful people. You know but not a -- and move on him and and Duke you know try and correct whatever they did wrong you don't block on the for the Broncos haven't well on -- He's -- added to that is that the Broncos -- the beaten this year. Playing with Von Miller and a lot of people say. You want they want against inferior team. But they're 20 in the post up on Miller right now. You can so the bunker on the speed that you're out on the -- -- -- and you know that the talent they. He's he's not the lead the Von Miller enters my copy of the athlete like on Miller. I'm in the NF that is that -- you're at and Russian. But scoring plays of at least do it on. And -- let the other guys. Rush the -- Robert it was the first round pick them and the heat that yesterday. Parent not in pot wrote that. His teammate -- keep rushing ability and apparently it. Play of the game on that fourth when he decided he belongs no goal. And -- got sacked. You know so there letting -- run from other players and even though. But the time that and I and I finally. Week after like running the football you know the Broncos might huge number of running. With their money and getting positive yards and they really needed. How would you do it's -- and -- -- got what they want it I mean that this is really you could write a better grip. But simple don't Sunday with these two teams that contrasting styles between the two leveled the old met and you know that I've baby. Sort of putting you're racist Ormsby. Who would ever well Lotta peoples that maybe. Really was not maybe the greatest postseason but -- -- that with two different teams reasonable both schools to show you what type mentality got. What a great acquisition John Elway me when he brought in Peyton Manning -- then. You in the big free agent and well and you know every team that they didn't. Make it off on Peyton Manning -- they. Their quarterback is probably -- it themselves right now and you know it's just a week. On Monday but it. That I know -- hard time believing. I still -- that the kind of pinch myself. -- Peyton Manning is the Broncos quarterback it's it's really unbelievable person but -- Who got to see him play a couple of times in high school and followed his career and in college so I it's really unbelievable would be dominant and he's not a leader that it -- but he all of them. Note that so much we don't this we appreciated so much in. And it you won't win a little football game that somebody bet on every time. I don't know who covers the Broncos -- -- -- -- radio in him.