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Jan 20, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well yarder in the forecast there is at least the possibility of some snow may be on Thursday. That doesn't happen very often around here but there's that possibility it will keep you update on that we've got the full story our web -- right out of your -- -- -- ledger with -- tonight to President Obama said that pot is no worse than alcohol. And he also says he would not let his son like pro football. Also kits are snorting something brand new we've got this story for you and an actress what's the F bomb fly during the sag awards over the weekend. However the sensor was on the button and they did believe that but. She still set. As a will -- we'll talk about some hypocrisy. That. Might be the reason that we're not hearing more about this also. Earlier today that we talked about this on the show Friday. It was a marathon today and TV lands for Gilligan's Island because of the passing of Russell Johnson who played a professor on Gilligan's Island. And I was watching some of the old episodes -- on the back rollers and ours were on the show Syria if there's anything wrong with tonight's show is because Gilligan's Island is on and in the background. But I -- I was noticing this is in that the black and white shows. I was noticing Mary and shorts. Those shorts. Are shorter than anything I've seen Miley Cyrus where. Those shorts are shorter than anything I mean if she had to be. She had to have the shorts painted on her. Truly amazing and you know now I remember why. As. A young person now remember why I was so infatuated with -- -- was all covered up and Miriam was wearing those. Extremely tight shorts so. You know again if you're if you're quick to criticize. The Miley Cyrus is that the world wearing short shorts and Selena Gomez and anybody who shows up the short -- remember. Then we had our share of that when we were younger as well. It's time for tonight's topic today -- the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our shooter nights on WWL. Number eight. Demille I'm. Italy has given birth to a baby boy a 31 year old -- said she had no idea she was pregnant and only -- some stomach pain her fellow -- said that they were surprised and shocked. As well. OK we all know enough about biology. So knowing gives birth. That leaves only one of two possibilities. -- the first what is obvious. The second what is another immaculate conception. So you know I don't know maybe this. Maybe this nine heads more than what kinda have a number seven point tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The Seahawks Denver Broncos will meet in the Super Bowl and -- only two states that have legalized recreational use of pot are represented in this year's -- rule I wonder if this is a trend. All right so the two teams in the Super Bowl come from states that have legalized recreational use of pot licked the jokes began. In effect spied who is on afternoon's three to six on our sister station three WL. Has Sarah are great cartoon and you could see that on our recited every WL dot com you can take a look at it and share with others. But the Seahawks beat the 49 -- with an amazing. Interception in the end zone with that with Richard Sherman. Sherman is is known for his six -- trash talking. I he did not disappoint. Following game because there was a there was a -- right after the game. Erin Andrews of fox sports was on the field with archer chairman mean it was a spectacular -- it looked like the forty niners are coming back. And the ball's tipped and Richard Sherman grabs -- and he's kind of a trash talking kind of guy and apparently there's some history between him. And to Crabtree and the receiver for the the 49ers. But this is so this is how Richard Sherman responded right after right after that play with there and interest on Fox News or talk sports. Now able -- he didn't let any F bombs fly now Sherman a little bit later not that this wasn't an in the in post game this was in the locker room but this was this was post game. But this was some a few moments later after after that a passionate moment right after the play. When he talked to Ed werder of ESPN. Last drive batting the ball away -- game clinching interception. What I told the crowd to a mediocre. So I would never let him -- -- game -- only. Why you're there you heard -- described as the best defender of the bailout in football but did you send that. Well again -- want to -- that looks like we'll have a great day. Local version of the Lambeau leap. Would that feel like that they'll bring up bad desire to get this win. Home gold you're the number one defense in football they Manning as the number one offense in football what's that matchup going to be like -- Obama hasn't. Britain -- go to the Super -- -- nothing wrong about it. Yeah a lot of people are very upset with for his his passion but I I would say that there was it was passion I think of part of what goes along with the game is that that bravado that. That attitude like I'm the best to -- beauty if you don't believe he's the best to what you do. They don't do it now some people are more. More outgoing with talking about the fact that they're the best of the people are a little more subtly just simply prove it on there on the field I can't imagine Drew Brees. Going noticing I'm the best even though he is among the best but this was in the the the passion of that moment and I don't blame him for doing that. Which is passion appropriate says it's been a lot of talk about that talk of a -- the show tonight. Number six on tonight's list of -- rates at eight. In Rhode Island estate behavior health care administrator says. There is a trend for kids snorting. -- -- -- You know those little and those little Brown's side that there are I guess in a decisive die maybe even smaller than a dime. There's thicker than a dime that's -- that it ended the kind of miss the sweet sour kind of thing I used to get those -- -- -- the first time I was introduced to those wasted during Halloween. And at least a loved as a criminal. At -- -- A rapper. Well kids are starting to sort them in in Rhode Island the administrator of the at Rhode Island state behavior health care administration. Says that this is a trend that is serious and dangerous. As most inhaled drugs. Snorting sororities. As dangerous as most inhaled drugs because she says. Snorting Smart -- can lead to irritation. And infection. And I guess she would consume a few calories in there as well but immediately she didn't talk about addiction. I mean it can you imagine if we've these stupid kids now. Young kids. Before they even have a chance to get addicted to cocaine heroin or anything else alcohol. They're getting addicted to some parties. So keep that in mind when you like candy. For your -- number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Controversy with New Jersey governor Chris Christie new Jersey's lieutenant governor today denied claims by the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey I believe that's Frank Sinatra's birth place. They Chris Christie tried to. To hold back -- and the relief funds. And tie it to approval of a project to develop several blocks. In Hoboken, New Jersey. You know I I I guess anything is possible. But as nonpolitical. As Chris Christie seemed to have been. In the aftermath of super -- -- it's hard to believe that he would withhold funds. For politics but again there's a lot that we don't know -- Chris Christie is critical of MSNBC he's attacked MSNBC for attacking him. He claims that the network is by us. Who else but that shouldn't be a surprise to anybody of course the network is biased fox is bias and MSNBC's -- So if if fox will go out of its way to attack the president or Democrats than MSNBC's gonna go out of its way to attack Republicans like Chris Christie. You know there are a lot of people music a Chris -- -- done and he he's not going to be a candidate for 2060 because of this kind of stuff. I don't know why I don't I don't think that disqualifies him at this point and when you think about the magnitude of of the bin Ghazi. It's a tragedy. And the the role that the secretary of state Hillary Clinton played in that it she's being talked about as a candidate for 2016. That's a lot more serious than anything Chris Christie has been involved at this point but again. Anything happen in politics and I I said this on the show one day last week I think this is good news for the Republicans because she can't become president analysts are some kind of controversy. And so this could mean that he's the right person for the job number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I was talking to. Someone over the weekend. Issues visiting me and I told her. Saturday night -- -- really have concerns. About safety. At the Winter Olympics coming up in Sochi Russia. This is why would you think that. Nestled deep of that there there are there are so many pockets of a terrorist type militant groups. They used to be part of the the Soviet Union so that right you're bordering on Russia they're right there in that part of the world and it just very close to. Very close to Russia. And I at -- just not as good as we are when it comes to things like security I hope they are. But I was really concerned and then I turn on TV Sunday morning. And it's the talk of the of the talk show us so obviously a lot of people are starting to think about this in US officials now are considering rescue plans. In the event of a terrorist attack during the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russian next month. So the concern is is is mounting. And there's a source from the Obama administration saying that. No matter what happens the Russians are not going to welcome with open arms intervention from outsiders especially. US troops. Russian pleasant president Vladimir Putin has said he's gonna do everything he can't no matter what it takes he's gonna do it to make sure that. The Winter Olympics or safe and successful. And he says about 37000. Russian personnel are providing security in the Sochi area. You know I I hope this says I hope this'll works out fine in an. I think there's every reason to believe that it will mean let's let's hope and pray but I barely over the weakened soared to get this feeling and apparently I'm not the only one because a lot of people talking about it now. That that there there are some reasons to be seriously concerned. On about about safety there. And I I guess it's. I guess if you couldn't locked down one area it's easier to do that deadlocked on a whole country put aside I'd do. I do have my concerns about data -- I hope the Russians are willing to allow as much as two of the US intelligence and a military and intelligence in this is possible to make it to to make it very very safe and and there's a militant group. In on southern area of Russia. It has a posted a video saying that they are threatening to strike -- that Winter Olympics next month. And they -- for the tourists to come. There will be oppressive so I mean it does sound good but again it could be a field it could be veiled threat. I guess that this the toughest thing is to figure out. How to. How to stop. A suicide -- Mean -- how do you stop somebody who's willing to give up his. Or maybe her life -- more male suicide bombers and female suicide bombers but there's no need to make this -- gender specific. It's. It's it it seems like it would be almost impossible. To stop somebody who's willing to to give up their life but it. Hopefully all will go well it was an interview with that one of the the athletes. And she said that they are just going to be focused on what they have been working their whole life sport. And that is the Winter Olympic Games it was just hope the players and there's no no trouble. Number three tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- -- Actress Rita Marino received the lifetime achievement award at the sag awards over the weekend it was televised. Which you got to the podium she dropped the F bomb. The 82 year old actress said I am so blanking thrilled. Then she said I hope the man with the sensor button was there. -- a censored did catch it -- the F bomb was bleeped. But I couldn't help but think that even though it didn't get -- in the year. It got a lot of reaction in the audience. A lot of lot of laughter. If a rock star Horry hip hop artist. Had done the same thing. Would there be more criticism. Or maybe there would be any criticism at all because it was it was bleeped. But I I can somehow hear people saying well even though was believed he still sent it in its still wrong. But where's the outcry for an 82 year old actress Rita Marino. Getting up they are dropping the F pomp and she knew she was getting this award. If it's not like it was a surprise it was a between her and anybody else she knew she was getting the award she knew she was walking up to the podium she knew it was going to be live on TV. Maybe she even alerted the sensors. -- -- I'm gonna say this I guess there's there's that possibility. But again I've I like to point to things like this because if it was somebody else. I think there would be harsh criticism of what they said. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Obama made some comments in an interview with New Yorker Magazine the president said he believes that marijuana is no more dangerous. Then alcohol. And I would have to agree with the president how much -- we talked about them on the show. Talk about the legalization of pot in every time we talk about that I bring up the idea even know I don't smoke covering up the idea that. I don't know how you can argue that pot is something that should remain illegal if if alcohol is legal. Alcohol seems to me to be much more devastating to our society. Then marijuana -- the president says he believes that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol and that's or WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you agree with the president. Is marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol can -- opinion by going -- website WW real dot com vote will tractor -- on our show. And so I give you an update coming up in a few minutes. The president also said something else that was was -- -- oh by the way to the president's opinion of pot. Does not coincide with the official US government's stance on marijuana which is marijuana is as dangerous as -- Which again that comes from the government that seems to me to be just totally. Out of touch. But the president also said something I thought it was interest he said I would not let my son play pro football. And he was talking about the new concerns over concussions in the NFL. He would not let his son played pro football. Now I'm thinking that by the time your son gets to the point where he's playing pro football. Which is that your -- would would make the decision about what he's gonna do how much control which you have over your son. When your -- -- to the point where -- playing pro foot obligation to keep my Little League. But if you went off to college to play college football it was a talent that he could play college football and and going to the pros. So I just thought it was a guessing nobody's saying he's he's talking about how he would -- A lot of fought two of allowing his son to play football but he did say I would not let my son play pro football and kind of thought well by that by that point. President Obama I don't think you're gonna have as much control over year -- did you think he doesn't silence is that if he had a son so that prints that brings to mind is this question. Would you or did you. Allow your son to play football. And any regrets. Yet you can get a concussion from football. You can get a concussion from falling off your bike. Have you or have your kids ever been injured participating in a sport. And did that stop you. The last discussion. I had coincided with a fractured ribs and it was snowboarding. In Colorado. Now how soaring -- still ended up with a concussion and fractured ribs. Didn't stop me. As soon as I healed I went I went back to about. So are we overreacting -- -- I'm I'm not saying that the NFL should not take these. Concussion studies very very seriously. And they should be vigilant about win and win not to let players back in the game. But it is a violent game. The president even said that he believes the game is gonna change. For those who watch it it might be a little less exciting but it will be. A safer for the players and he said that those who watch it might have to. Not have to work so hard on -- they're conscious their conscience windy they see how violent this game is in -- enjoy watching it. But would you or did you allow your son to to play football. And any regrets and have you or your kids ever been injured in the sporting -- the Fed and would that stop you for participating. My -- and it's no border it was a skate boarder. And he broke his broke his collarbone skateboarding. And I didn't like that. But I wouldn't have taken skateboarding or away from him. Give us your opinion by going to our whip -- -- -- which -- we're talking about the on the showed right to call us at 260. When I seven I believe it like to note if you or any of your kids were injured during a sporting event. -- any kind of sports activity snowboarding. As anybody for danger playing golf. Gastric and happened and now -- -- -- -- Have you been injured and in a sport. And did that stop you for participating and do you agree with the president you wouldn't allow your son. To play football. Give us your opinion it 2601 point 78 toll free 86689. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is 878 Stephanie and finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. And -- innings. Today is an actual holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. whose birthday is celebrated today. Doctor King. Had dreams. Now everybody should take time today to think about the message of Doctor King even those who were quick to discredit his life. And his message. Let's remember that no man is perfect. And even men who are imperfect. Can still bring an outstanding message to the world. So since there's a Tennessee to judge so many news stories and events along racial lines. I think today we're reminded that we still have challenges ahead of us. Racial segregation in 2014. Is not as blatant as it was when blacks were physically segregated. With separate schools. Separate water fountains. Separate bathrooms and for many of you listening and this is almost impossible to believe. Banned from lunch counters. Relegated to the back of public buses. But the progress realized. In ending the most obvious aspects of segregation should not make us blind to. Big continuing in more subtle forms of judgment and discrimination in America. Martin Luther King junior's famous speech should be remembered and celebrated as a message about the promise. That in America every one. Every one. Is created equally. We should all have dreams about America. I have a dream that in this increasingly divided America. We can realize that we are human beings first. We're human beings before we are Americans. Where Americans before we are liberals. And conservatives. And so many things indicate that people -- defining themselves as conservative or liberal first. American second. And human start but we're human beings first. I also have a dream that. That all Americans who come to understand that freedom of speech protects the rights of others to say things you disagree with. And that disagreement should be appreciated his what are the unique freedoms that we have in America. As a radio talk show host I sit here every night and I I would -- a growing disrespect for freedom of speech every day. -- disagreement over issues so quickly becomes a reason to hate. I have a dream. That Paris will once again learn to be parents. You can always be your -- best friend. You always have to be your kid's parent. For those of us who went live in a civilized society. The message has to be clear every parent must teach their trail right from wrong and that there are consequences. Always consequences for negative behavior. I have a dream that parents who bring children into this world will understand. That their child cannot be good and everything and that failure and loss. A part of life part of the human experience. But we learn from our failure to our losses we learn how to be better at things we are better act we discover what we can beat the best act. So let's talk about our dreams and also. What dreams. Did Martin Luther King Jr. have -- he gave that speech fifty years ago what dreams did he have. They have come true. And fifty years later what dreams did he have. It has not yet come true and what's your dream for America. This is a great opportunity. To talk about our dreams. Beyond. The political. Rhetoric beyond the Talking Heads on TV telling us what our dreams should be. And and I hope that you don't think that our dreams are being fulfilled by what you see in the media. The media quite often separates us consider bringing us together so what are your dreams. On this day we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven he text numbers it's -- -- Stephanie. This is the -- show live from New Orleans and we'll be right back on WWL I -- check just a moment ago about and number eight on our list of the top -- at -- tonight the and -- and Italy and -- in Italy gave birth to a baby boy. I know I'm I'm a little confused about that too and I'm anxious of the about the immaculate conception. And here's a text FYI immaculate conception refers to the conception of Mary so she was born without original CN. As Christ could not be born in -- sin. So Mary was not a virgin. See I'm I'm Catholic and I tell you this is really new. This is really new news debate were also talking about something that the President Obama said in an interview in New Yorker Magazine. He says that he would not allow his son to play pro football because of all the information about concussions that the snow coming out. And I'm wondering if if you or your kids were ever injured participating any kind of sport individual sport group sport team sport and did that stop you. And do you agree with the president you would like your son. Play football you would you -- your daughter -- something where she might get injured. If you gonna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number -- seventies have also we're talking about it today being a MLK day. A few years ago Martin Luther King Jr. delivered to one of the most famous most studies speeches. Ever give -- on American soil the I have a dream speech. What what dreams that that he had. Has come true today. And what dreams have yet to come true. And what is your dream for America I think your freedom of speech -- get your calls are just a moment -- -- -- freedom of speech is one of my dreams and here's a -- -- freedom of speech are you joking. It depends on who you war. It depends on who you are only some people could say what they want and get away with it. You may say that on the year to make yourself feel better but freedom of speech. For every one is a bunch of blank. And you know that. You can say whatever you want. And I can say whatever I want. We are held accountable for. For what we say so if you if you say the wrong thing in the wrong way you held accountable for that. When I talk about freedom of speech I'm talking about the freedom to express opinions of what I see from my standpoint is a radio talk show host. Is I see this mentality that if you. If you don't say what. People agree with what certain people agree with they don't think you belong on the year. Which are really find so un American it's it's -- it's appalling that people would actually have that attitude and have that mentality. And think that their patriotic Americans. We can disagree. And disagreement should not always lead to hate the way it does today from New Orleans -- you're on the -- show under the WL. -- -- That kid I don't think Aaron. That port issue you -- equally. Important export. Any thought or -- an injury. So especially. So it can't export. It wouldn't be called -- export. Alive. You're taught in. Order taxing things so as -- -- and -- they boxing. I think more ignorant -- most. -- although the president even touched on that -- says he he he kind of implied in and so many words that he felt guilty about watching boxing the 'cause he knows what it does. And you know we're gonna hear this with all the -- -- the cage fighting and all the ultra rightly challenged tiger aren't on today. Everything that I got that if you put yourself. In our sport you put your -- entering pre itself on a football field of basketball court a baseball field was permanently at commanders. Yeah I mean what what part of what these guys do -- now in this ultimate fighting challenge stuff what part of this doesn't make them think that they might be truly very early in life. I do it's it's it's sad but they do it voluntarily I I agree with making. They don't know I think -- sit -- and add to it I'll let a quick comment about it backed McCain yeah and his injury and in an apartment his speech he said. He had during. His children being done by a content of their character not color the best in him. Going internally. Company. Pessimistic but I believe that any part -- straight and has surely prompt relief from. It actually because. And well we live in a world where. Color does not matter. Yeah and it really -- and racism crosses all of -- Aggregate them and kids who are races. -- -- -- -- So I can tell you that we truly live and color blind world which we do not live. During that. And that. -- -- Yet we made we made progress in in terms of the physical segregation we we we have made a lot of pro -- I I agree with you. But in terms of the the overall the overview of the philosophical message of a Dr. Martin Luther King. We have not only failed to make enough progress but we've actually added to it because now and it -- judging people. And not by their content of their character. But by their sexual orientation or or or wore were whatever why judge somebody based on what they do privately in their in their home. Right right here you're right we've we've added big -- that. We get we have so many in Bernard could well apply at the dictionary does does not contain an instant. And panel. Edits and it is says senator Nikki I'm glad you called -- -- America recession. Are you too if your -- stay with a -- you and join us with your thoughts tonight are numbers 260170. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text number is 877. What this is the last -- when you wanna listen to if you just went through a really tough break up. This is the script. I -- time when she got freedom. But it was just listen a couple resorts here. She -- hard breaks you don't break even. Some. Yet this song and you try. And it's Monday and the saints are -- the playoffs. -- just went through a break up when I'm playing this song or. Well things. Yeah well yeah this is the school children will -- Today's a Martin Luther King Jr. day today we celebrate his son his life and his message -- it does it mean -- this was a perfect man but there are imperfect people who. Do great things in this world. I his I have a dream speech still one of the most famous and studied speeches ever given on American soil. -- blog tonight is title MLK day. What is your drink. Do you have a dream for America as one of the things were. Talking about to August -- showed tonight and from Georgia do we welcome to our show. -- -- -- -- -- -- Little girl I had a book through but it -- virtual -- But we're very lose depth of -- not a lot of people questioned. And you know it's got dropped into such horrible war church. Well yeah I am I'm getting a lot of them are getting a lot of text about this site I mentioned at the beginning of the show and -- in the -- later date data and none in Italy gave birth to a baby boy and so I'm thinking -- we played the song like a virgin. In the background and what I was always under the impression there was virgin Mary said sarcastically all I guess so I guess Mary was in a virgin now I'm getting checks of people please correct this Mary was a virgin. Cable that was my point exactly I realized that it -- at the immaculate conception may transcend. And just Mary's virginity. But it is always been my understanding and eight correct me if I'm wrong. But the Catholic Church teaches that Mary was a virgin because quite often I hear the words. Virgin Mary in church so I don't know what to -- if somebody has to pick up on my sarcasm. I can't be held accountable. We don't -- all the northern. You so they're not perfect it would just like senator. Opportunity was not perfect. But Barkley. And the city call all the major order we're not the case was coverup and locked and later -- Each other very well here well suited. Oh boy Arabic and I -- about my agent normally -- -- it strictly your vote at work here. But soccer in record correct land and you -- All he simply due to ask questions why aren't we -- and -- and -- this final round and other documents and so you know. Already you know documentary. And it it and it would vocal last it is always. Also there's a lot that is says this understood about about the constitution. From the from the very people who proclaim to be patriotic Americans. I don't know question. I -- I -- -- execute proper world unbeatable why exactly did. There or been -- Hillary Clinton do in the bingo Libya playing Colombo when personalities are so Libyans are pretty much. Very -- pop -- back into that Libya and got a tax credit back. At Italy's. Well there were ever there were some peaceful people there but there were some people that had other other thoughts in mind. The investigation does continue into exactly what happened but it did happen what she was secretary of state and it it it now come out -- There could have been and should have been a more security at the union did the compound there. That came up there earlier and it was lack. Funding for more security. Congress passed funding for a certain more security people there. Doing -- that the idea of the dust is not settled but there -- I don't have an economy but there was a little bit of new information that came out to recently about this and I just think that. I think she's gonna have to deal with that in a few other things and and I believe that Chris Christie's gonna have to deal with his his controversies in their being doping controversies -- -- first of all you you know if -- can't speak for Chris Christie but it is possible that if funding didn't flow immediately. Somebody would perceive it as being held back for political reasons I -- know the truth is everybody does but we'll have to latency. I gotta get to a got it to break here. I got a text -- somebody said they would not allow their son to play Peewee politics. While I agree that. This is crucial if you're -- stay with -- are covered right now -- -- more of your comments on this Monday night. On WWL look at nektar -- as somebody nights so the Super Bowl is set it's the Seahawks and the Broncos. It's really the game is really in New Jersey but everybody says New York it's right across the river from New York it's it's technically in New Jersey. And I think it's interesting that the two states that legalize the recreational use of pot. Are represented in this year's Super Bowl so that the a lot of jokes about dead -- and as spud McConnell has -- we're very creed cartoon it's on our website at WW dot com buddies so on our sister station three WO three to six in the afternoon. From Knoxville -- secure on the -- good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- usually sodomized a calculator. Now mount up you know insisted that it. You know I'm not exactly sure. What that was by it rather than letting go on to the point where we probably could let it go on validity will Politico also tonight we talked about -- Richard Sherman. The Seahawks. Defensive back -- -- he's known for trash talking he was very very passionate immediately following that play. And was it's a -- -- -- he he he. He gave Michael Crabtree. The 49ers receiver a pat on the -- right after reader sent to the past. A great pass corporate and have been a moment of passion I wouldn't of acted that way but isn't at that moment of passion isn't that. Isn't that just part of the game and and do you think it was appropriate or inappropriate as something elsewhere talking about it like a cult in your under the W -- good evening. Very -- you don't do it. Well I don't know you know racism. Discrimination. I don't know what the word race in the beginning of the English language. But. Throughout your tree though and some sort of conflict between one people weren't on the based on Tuesday and look like it was rumored so. 01 other thing was no. Chrysler discriminated against because to a major you know I mean so their war. I don't know sausage and drain my point is that as we. As Americans discriminated toward. -- -- the way they look and we do present everybody who -- you as a while you're slot you know and they automatically. Bush you mob I'll have a great smile on more because you know problems and I definitely they're some are you know I know that it actually dispute. People perceive me you know I don't have a good smile so well. Everybody's previous posters. You know soap opera look. I deal little world that we don't live in. You know I don't know. -- I I I agree with -- various there is judgment -- racism but there's judgment on so many different levels -- gonna have to get to and who's pregnant and are really going to call the show and good luck guys getting things have better if that's what you wanna do and no nobody should judge you based on. The fact that you don't have a perfect smile. But we talk about racism I think we force ourselves to talk about how we're so quick to judge on so many different levels this is -- show and we'll be right back into the WL.